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Barack Obama’s Creepy Father’s Day Card

The Obama 2012 campaign is out with a creepy Father’s Day invitation today from First Lady Michelle Obama asking supporters to “Leave a Father’s Day note for Barack.”

The intent of the Father’s Day card is obviously to collect email addresses for the campaign’s future Get Out the Vote efforts, as The Washington Examiner’s Joel Gehrke points out, not to wish Obama a Happy Father’s Day as part of the annual US holiday taking place this Sunday, June 17. But the idea of sending the President of the United States a Father’s Day card still seems a little odd to me.

Once the sender of the “note” fills out the required fields on the page –  his or her first name, last name, email address and zipcode – he or she also gets to send a quick note to Obama. In order to see the final page I sent this Father’s Day note to Obama:

I know this Father’s Day you’re expecting me to give you a gift, but I was hoping you could pay off my student loans. Thanks!

After the sender has sent his or her message, the sender is sent to  this screen, asking him or her to send it to 10 friends with the promise that the campaign “won’t hold on to any of the email addresses you use.”

I immediately received an email from Obama campaign organization Organization for America inviting me to send a card to Michelle, too, with a link to the website launched in May asking supporters to send the First Lady a Mother’s Day card.

After adding my email address on the main screen today, I wasn’t even invited to send Michelle a card. Rather, I was sent to a screen asking me to contribute to Barack Obama’s campaign, including the following message:

The next six months are going to be harder than any we’ve faced yet.

Show that you’ve got Barack’s back by taking the next step.

Make a donation today and help grow this grassroots campaign.

The Obama campaign’s Mother’s Day card push that doesn’t actually allow you to send Michelle a card is another blatant reminder that the President doesn’t care what you actually think or have to say, he just wants your name and email address so he can call on you in November to reelect him. Send President Obama a “Father’s Day card” telling him, “Barack Obama – you are not my father! And after November, you hopefully won’t be my President!”

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