Thirty Under Thirty

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The Red Alert Politics fourth annual “30 Under 30” list highlights young, right-of-center people who are making a difference on their campuses and in their communities. The people on this list were selected for their passion, their dedication to conservative principles even in the face of opposition, and for their influence across the country.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the nomination process. We chose to exclude staff members at our sister publications (The Weekly Standard, The Washington Examiner) from consideration. We also opted not to include previous winners in this year’s list in order to give other young leaders the opportunity to shine.

To help feature this year’s honorees, names will be unveiled 10 at a time, chosen randomly, on a rolling basis. The announcements will be made July 10, July 17, and July 24.

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    'Blurred Lines' model endorses Sanders
    Bernie Sanders rallies just got a whole lot hotter — and it’s not because of global warming. Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski, made famous for the music video of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Ratajkowski posted a video to her Facebook showing her introducing the Vermont Senator at a rally in New Hampshire […]
    Super Bowl 50 ad: 'Bud Light Party'
    Things got a little political, well sort of, from Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen for Super Bowl 50. In light of the divide from Americans when it comes to politics, the two comedians declared they were forming their own political party, the “Bud Light Party.” The ad also featured actors Michael Peña, asking a crowded […]
    Jesse Watters talks with Sanders fans
    In the spirit of Bernie Sanders having “captured the imagination of some younger Americans,” Bill O’Reilly sent out Jesse Watters to talk to some of those younger Americans, at the University of Oregon, “to explore the Sanders phenomenon.” As is usually the case with Watters World segments for The O’Reilly Factor, the responses are both cringe worthy and hilarious. […]
    'Lenny Letter' dismisses GOP women
    While I consistently find myself stuck in an inner battle of liking HBO’s Girls and disliking its lead actress and writer, Lena Dunham, I nonetheless signed up for her “feminist newsletter,” Lenny Letter. I don’t disagree with Dunham on every single political issue, but I do on most and find her comments about the Republican […]
    Matt Damon praises Gen-Y over Gen-X
    Young fans of hearthrob Matt Damon may have even more of a reason to like him now. As GQ mentioned about the talk they had with the actor, he’s got “an unpopular opinion” in that “Damon Prefers Millennials to Generation X,” his own generation. Damon believes “this generation seems so much more dialed-in than mine,” […]


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    What will Bernie fans do if Hillary wins?
    It’s hardly news anymore that young people support Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. But, with Hillary still considered the Democratic front-runner, the Christian Science Monitor spoke with students, wanting to know “Young Sanders supporters: What if Clinton wins the nomination?” They managed to find quite the bunch of students. Kalyn DaSilva is an excited Sanders supporter and a […]
    New study reveals massive youth voter impact
    The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE), in conjunction with other organizations, has released a useful and interactive study on the impact of young voters on the 2016 election. Rather than releasing a white paper, CIRCLE created an interactive index, the “Youth Electoral Significance Score,” which measures to what degree the youth […]
    Bill Clinton calls 'Bernie Bros' sexist
    When the “Bernie Bros” began, it was the far-left media suggesting that young men supported Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton because they were sexist. When it was outlets such as Rolling Stone and Amanda Marcotte writing for Salon who furthered the notion, it was tiring but not all that surprising. But now it’s Bill Clinton […]
    N.H.: Clinton's gender campaign backfires
    Hillary Clinton’s final push to recruit women voters before Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary may have backfired. Over the weekend, she campaigned with a large group of female lawmakers and activists including New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Gov. Maggie Hassan who have both endorsed her, along with equal-pay activist Lilly Ledbetter, Emily’s List President Stephanie Shriock, […]
    Women would 'rather go to hell' than vote Hillary
    Hillary Clinton supporters Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem recently called out young women not supporting Hillary. And, these young women are reacting. Not surprisingly, these women are not jumping to support a candidate whose surrogates told them that “there’s a special place in hell” for them — or that they only support Bernie Sanders to ‘meet boys.’ In Esquire, Britt […]


    Trump attacks Jeb! Bush over eminent domain
    Donald Trump is serving Jeb! Bush a taste of his own medicine. The Hill reported that after weeks of Bush’s criticisms over Trump praise and use of eminent domain, the billionaire finally clapped back by accusing the Bush family of using the practice to build a baseball stadium in Texas. “Eminent domain is a very important […]
    Study: Income inequality drives Gen-Y 'narcissism'
    Income inequality might be shaping the millennial generation and exacerbating a decades-long trend of narcissism. More income inequality correlates with higher self-regard among individuals, according to Live Science. Thus, as a wave of individualism-driven narcissism continues unabated in the United States, a greater inward focus in Americans continue. That doesn’t mean the terrifying image of […]
    Thanks Autocorrect: Now millennials can't spell
    A texting app turned off its spellchecker, and people became very lax with their spelling accuracy. When Blend, a group texting app, paused autocorrect for 72 hours, about one-third of all words were misspelled, according to News 1130. Blend has a heavily young user base, and “weird,” “definitely,” and Budweiser were victimized. Double-letter words, misspellings […]
    Even Millennials see themselves as narcissistic
    Millennials are much more self-aware than is generally assumed by their crotchety grandparents. They view themselves as more narcissistic than previous generations, but not as narcissistic than older generations think, according to Live Science. A new study fleshed out how millennials view themselves; unsurprisingly, “millennials do not appreciate being called narcissistic and entitled,” Joshua Grubbs, […]
    Critics could kill college's shooting club
    It is said all the time that gun control advocates don’t actually seem to understands guns, and thus the issue they’re fighting. Well, we have another example. Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, offers a Shooting Spots Club. And, as the Des Moines Register writes, “Critics take aim at Simpson College shooting club.” The club is supervised by a […]