Justin Caporale




Washington, D.C.


Senior Advance Lead, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.



Justin Caporale joined Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. in early 2016 working as Lead for the Advance and Operations team building events, press conferences, and fundraisers throughout the United States. In 2015, Justin established District Programs, LLC.,  a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm focusing on advocacy efforts, event management, and strategy solutions.

Prior to starting his own firm, Justin served as the National Director of Operations for Concerned Veterans for America (CVA). There he worked to create America’s largest conservative veteran’s advocacy organization, where he led the charge for several national outreach and grassroots advocacy campaigns, and facilitated almost 200 events which fueled the movement to advocate for real reform at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Before taking his national position with CVA, Justin served on Capitol Hill for his hometown representative, Congressman Richard Hannah, and later served on the board of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the American Association Political Consultants.

Justin was born and raised in New Hartford, NY, is an alumni of the SUNY Institute of Technology Business Management program, and is known for his “see something, say something” attitude on Twitter.

What was the biggest factor in your success?

The trust and guidance of family and friends is the single largest factor in being able to successfully identify and pursue any goal. I have been fortunate in the opportunities I’ve had to work with mentors who did not hesitate to offer constructive criticism, positive advice, or keep me in check when needed. 

I’d also be remiss in not attributing a portion of my success to the Obama Administration. President Obama’s heavy-handed government and failed policies have provided an excellent opportunity for me to engage in and lead various efforts to restore and defend freedom and prosperity.

What advice would you give to other millennials?

We have been tasked with being the voice that will get our country back on the right track. Finding the right balance of give and take is incredibly beneficial as is knowing a few things; you don’t have all the answers, mentors are important, and humility goes a long way. 

But the most important advice I could pass along is to be true to yourself and never back down in standing up for what you believe in. 

Does the GOP have a future and why?

Absolutely and especially with millennials. The millennial generation will carry the burdens of the Obama administration for years to come.

Millennials have heard candidates call for change again and again but it has never been enough. This year the Republican Party put forth one of the most outsider candidates in history, and that speaks to the motivation of our generation to put substance behind our desire for real political change. 

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