2017 “30 Under 30” Finalists – *Readers’ Choice Voting Open*

Emily Jashinsky




Washington, DC


Spokeswoman, Young America’s Foundation



Emily Jashinsky is the spokeswoman for Young America’s Foundation. Emily can be seen often on Fox News and heard on radio stations across the country representing the millennial viewpoint and promoting the good work of Young America’s Foundation and their student activists.

Emily has also successfully promoted the Fred R. Allen Lecture Series featuring conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, which triggered protests on college campuses across the country by leftists trying to silence conservatives. She works tirelessly every single day to help students expose the biases on their high school and college campuses.

Her activism started as a student at The George Washington University where Emily rebuilt the YAF chapter on campus. She organized several events with conservative speakers on campus and brought a different point of view to a left-leaning institution. Liberal outrage over their events landed her YAF chapter in the national news numerous times.

What was the biggest factor in your success?

Earning the respect and trust of people with the capacity to help me achieve success was key. For me, that strategy took the form of developing a strong relationship with Young America’s Foundation as a college student. After I graduated, I was granted a big opportunity to represent YAF in the media, not because I sent them a resume cold, but because they knew me. Finding success at a young age involves earning the trust of people with the power to give you responsibility.

I’m thankful the team at YAF works so hard every single day to help young people like me discover how they can best promote conservatism.

What advice would you give to other millennials?

Last year when a statue of Thomas Jefferson was vandalized at Mizzou, YAF encouraged the campus conservatives to get out and physically defend it by draping TJ in a giant American flag. For most students the impulse would have been to tweet or write an op-ed about the vandalism, not hold an event. Yes, their actions earned media, but more importantly, the physical gesture itself sent a powerful message to the students on campus. Do good work first and then worry about press. Become an expert, then become a pundit.

Millennials, myself included, love expressing their own opinions. Nobody else cares until you prove why they should.

Does the GOP have a future and why?

The violent protests that erupted at CSULA after the school’s YAF chapter hosted Ben Shapiro on campus made big news in the Conservative Movement. What many people don’t know is that after the chapter stood strong, droves of other students came out of the woodwork to join them. The chapter is now massive and actually 60 percent Hispanic as well. If conservatives stop trying to rebrand their ideas and just be straightforward about commonsense principles, people of all demographics will realize they agree. President Reagan advised conservatives to paint with bold colors, not pale pastels. He was right.

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