Lindsey Kolb

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Missouri State University, Bachelor of Science in Socio-Political Communication, Press Politics Certificate Program


State Chair of Missouri College Republicans, managing the 21 College Republicans chapters in Missouri




Lindsey Kolb is a senior at Missouri State University majoring in Socio-Political Communication and Press Politics. She is graduating in only three years from college this July 2015. She is the current State Chairman of the Missouri Federation of College Republicans and a member of the College Republican National Committee’s board. Kolb gained national attention when an LGBT rights group targeted her with a petition calling for her to be removed as a university ambassador after she stood up for religious freedom.

Previously Kolb interned for The Heritage Foundation in DC, The Missouri Republican Party, and for a Secretary of State campaign. More recently, in spring 2015, Kolb managed the social media accounts for the largest conservative conference in the nation, CPAC, and served as the social media coordinator.

Why is it important that at this particular point in time, right-of-center youth become involved publicly, whether in politics, media, their communities, or in other capacities?

It’s especially important during this era for conservative young people to get involved because it seems that as time goes by our messages are being diminished by the left’s agenda and progressivism. The current narrative from the left is that being progressive is the “new sexy” and being conservative is only for intolerant, rich, old, white men. This is not the case. The conservative ideals are far more than just a fad that may come in go, but it is something that is treasured and revered by future generations.

The U.S. Constitution talks about securing the blessings of our liberty to our posterity. In order for that to be secured we need to be able to pass down our freedom and heritage to our children and to their children as well. As Millennials it is our job to make sure the blessings the United States’ heritage is preserved and that this country is still great when our grandkids are around. It’s our time to get involved. It starts with making our communities strong, teaching others about our heritage, and being good citizens.

New and innovative ideas and products of our generation need an open economy to flourish. Millennials need to see that this is constantly being fought for by conservatives, and not progressives who love big government to stifle innovation and business. We need an open economy to create and foster economic diversity. Millennials have the opportunity to get involved with politics and policy to help allow these innovations and ideas to flourish by eliminating artificial barriers that stifle our new ideas.

What must elected officials and others in positions of leadership do to make a right-of-center message resonate with the Millennial generation?

Elected officials need to start making their messages resonate with the Millennial generation by using language and messaging that we can relate to and understand. Elected officials need to be constantly interacting with younger people on social media, meeting them in person, and listening to issues that matter to young people, and they need to be giving them opportunities to get involved with the political process. If a Millennial feels like that he or she matters to the elected official, he or she can be sold on the policies of that leader, bringing them along to the conservative movement.

Millennials enjoy talking about how policy affects each of them personally. Those in leadership positions need to hone in on these messages and topics that affect Millennials and explain with clarity how the decisions and policies today will be affecting the Millennial generation the most in the future. By making politics and policies real and important to young people, they are more apt to become engaged and informed.

Where would you like to see the conservative movement in 10 years — and how can it get there?

In 10 years I hope to see the conservative movement continuing to multiply and to spread to the younger generation all across the country. In 10 years people my age will be finally old enough to run for public office and will be able to make a remarkable difference in our communities. I hope that in 10 years people will truly see the implications of the bad progressive policies of today and will turn a new leaf and understand that the conservative values and priorities for this country are what truly keep it together. I think that more people in the Millennial generation will start coming around to being conservative as they start having kids, getting married, and paying taxes. I hope to see the Millennial generation as the advocates for innovation in technology, cutting red tape for businesses, and eliminating big government programs that stifle innovation.

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