Mattie Duppler




University of Wisconsin


Director of Budget and Regulatory Policy at Americans for Tax Reform




Mattie Duppler is the Director of Budget and Regulatory Policy at Americans for Tax Reform. She joined ATR as an intern in 2009 and returned to the company as a Manager of Government Affairs in 2010. Mattie most recently became the first woman in the firm to gain the title of Director in a policy position. She also serves as the Executive Director of ATR’s Cost of Government Center, which focuses on reducing government spending and fighting excessive regulation.

Mattie’s analysis of budget issues is considered influential in federal lawmaking. Her considerable experience building cross-disciplinary coalitions has proven consequential in significant policy negotiations. Through coalition management, incisive analysis and an enhanced communications strategy, Mattie has expanded Americans for Tax Reform’s focus and influence in a variety of critical policy areas.

A highly skilled communicator, Mattie is a frequent panelist and featured speaker at events nationwide. She is a regular commentator on MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network and CNN, and has been a recurrent guest on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Mattie increased Americans for Tax Reform’s earned media exposure by over 100 percent, helping the firm reach diverse, new audiences.

Duppler’s work has been featured and cited in a variety of notable outlets, including NPR, BBC, Forbes, and POLITICO. A native of Appleton, Wis., Mattie earned bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Philosophy, accelerating her coursework to graduate with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008.


Why is it important that at this particular point in time, right-of-center youth become involved publicly, whether in politics, media, their communities, or another capacity?

The Age of Information is binary — Millennials are as concerned with exporting their own experiences as they are with consuming the thoughts and interactions of their contemporaries. What’s interesting is why the rapid transmission of even the most banal activity is important to us. It is, I believe, because we are a generation engaged in building our own brands; not in a showy, “give-me-a-reality-tv-show way,” but in the sense that each of us is concerned with maximizing our potential for impact.

Engagement, therefore, is not about articulating a point of view that can be applied broadly; it is about appealing to an individual’s intuitions about his or her own value. Young conservatives are at an advantage: the message of free markets and free people is inherently appealing to a generation focused on elevating itself. The widespread failure of central planning should embolden young conservatives to try to behave in a way that reflects the virtues of individual empowerment. Typically, the question of whether the center-right can reach youth has been approached as a problem of lacking widespread appeal. What’s more appealing than having a vision that empowers you to be yourself?


What must elected officials and others in positions of leadership do to make a right-of-center message resonate with the Millennial generation?

Be authentic. Be as concerned with strategy as you are with policy; without vision, you are not leading, you’re proselytizing. Millennials can show each other why limited government is the answer. Politicians need to act to show the next generation how it can be put into practice to be the solution.


Where would you like to see the conservative movement in 10 years — and how can it get there?

In a decade, I would like to be a part of a conservative movement that believes in itself enough to reject the notion that a homogenous movement is a successful movement. For all of our eulogizing of classical liberals, we are still only timidly embracing the real challenges — and assets — of democratic societies. In 10 years, I hope to be a part of a coalition that believes the diversity of its members is its greatest strength.

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