Jayson Veley

Jayson Veley




Eastern Connecticut State University


Student and founder, Junior Factor Nation




Jayson Veley started his broadcasting career in 2009 with The Junior Factor, a local access television show that he co-hosted with a friend and aired until 2012. Shortly after, he took on a bigger project — launching a network called Junior Factor Nation. The network consists of several different talk radio programs, all hosted by conservatives in their teens and early twenties. His own show, Factor Talk Radio, airs from 7-8 PM on Monday and Thursday nights. Veley plans on continuing with radio after college, hoping to become the next Mark Levin or Rush Limbaugh.



Why is it important that at this particular point in time, right-of-center youth become involved publicly, whether in politics, media, their communities, or another capacity?

Right now, we are seeing our young people being indoctrinated with liberal propaganda like never before. Both the mainstream media and the public education system are conveying a false narrative — that the Founding Fathers were nothing but a bunch of racists, the Constitution is outdated, and America really isn’t the greatest country on earth after all. Once these ideas have been ingrained in the minds of the youth, the whole notion of conservatism is essentially eliminated. The progressives are succeeding in their quest to make things like income equality, socialism, and political correctness “cool” among the youth. That is why right-of-center youth MUST become involved immediately — to combat this indoctrination, which is destroying our future. Now is the time to speak without fear.


What must elected officials and others in positions of leadership do to make a right-of-center message resonate with the Millennial generation?

If there is one thing that I have noticed, it is that young people do not like authority — they don’t like being told what to do or how to do it. This, believe it or not, is the key to successfully conveying a conservative message to the youth. If Republicans in office reached out to the Millennial generation and said “we are the party that believes in staying out of your way,” while at the same time saying “the Democrats are the ones who want to tell you what to do,” I believe that we will see young people abandoning liberalism by the millions. To deliver this message, I think more elected officials should be speaking at high schools and colleges at every chance.


Where would you like to see the conservative movement in 10 years — and how can it get there?

10 years from now, I want the conservative movement to be stronger than ever. I want the values of personal responsibility and liberty to exist in the heart of every American. I want the people to be well aware that tyranny is never more than one generation away, and that freedom must be defended constantly if we are to remain the greatest nation on earth. I also hope that the definition of conservatism is not altered in any way. Right now, we have several Republicans in office who call themselves conservatives, yet stand for things like gun control and amnesty. This is not the definition of conservatism now, and I hope that it won’t be the definition in 10 years.

Thirty Under Thirty – 2014


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