Connor Kurtz




The Catholic University of America


Vice President, Daniel Boone Area Board of School Directors




Connor Kurtz is the vice president of the Daniel Boone Area Board of School Directors in Berks County, Pa. He was elected to the school board in 2011 — while still a senior in high school — after winning the nominations of both the Republican and Democratic parties in a competitive four-way primary election. His victory was highlighted in USA Today and other newspapers, on television news broadcasts, and on radio talk shows in Pennsylvania and across America. Upon his swearing-in, he became one of the youngest elected officials in the United States. Kurtz also serves on the Board of Directors of the Berks County Intermediate Unit, a Pennsylvania state education agency that serves the 400,000 residents of Berks County and many others throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In addition to his work in Pennsylvania, Kurtz is the student body president at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.



Why is it important that at this particular point in time, right-of-center youth become involved publicly, whether in politics, media, their communities, or another capacity?

Young Americans need to be involved in politics because our future is at stake. Runaway debt, fading international influence, and worst of all, a lack of attention and leadership from politicians in Washington makes involvement of conservative and libertarian youth critical today.

Conservative and libertarian youth need to seize any opportunity to become more engaged in the political process. Whether this means running for office or just running out to vote in each election, young people must remain active, informed, and engaged.


What must elected officials and others in positions of leadership do to make a right-of-center message resonate with the Millennial generation?

Elected officials and other leaders can connect with Millennials by advocating for and implementing conservative policies, as well as communicating to Millennials that our movement is the movement of limited government, innovation, and free enterprise.

Conservatism is an inherently attractive philosophy. Limited government, self-reliance, free enterprise, and personal charity are principles deeply held by the vast majority of Millennials. The conservative message doesn’t need to be focus-group tested, manipulated by pollsters, or sugarcoated by “spin doctors.” When conservatives stick to what we believe in, we win.


Where would you like to see the conservative movement in 10 years — and how can it get there?

I would like to see a conservative movement that is engaging Americans from all walks of life. We need to be the movement of those and for those who believe that America is a shining city on a hill, a beacon of liberty unrivaled in all of human history.

To get there, the conservative movement needs to demonstrate that it is a movement on the offensive and not the defensive. On issues of personal freedom, economic advancement, and cutting away bureaucracy, conservatives should be at the forefront. We must not be afraid to set the narrative and steer the course of American politics, media, and culture in a positive direction.

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