Raz Shafer





Hillsdale College, 2009


Regional Director for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz



If you would have told Raz Shafer five years ago that he’d now be working for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) – who served as the state’s solicitor general until 2008—he’d have told you “that you must be high on something good.”

Shafer is what you could call Cruz’s man-on-the-ground in Texas. As a Regional Director for the Senator, Shafer helps facilitate communication between Cruz and his constituents.

“[I] make sure he’s got things taken care of in Texas so he can do big things in D.C.,” Shafer said of the Tea Party star.

Shafer started as a political activist at age 10. The lifelong Texan was home-schooled by conservative parents, who taught him what “makes the principles and ideas of the Founders timeless and their pursuit worth fighting for.”

“If I could do something to fight for what the founders fought and died for, if I could go out and get votes, then that would be good enough for me,” Shafer told Red Alert.

Before joining Cruz’s team in January, Shafer trained conservative activists at American Majority. He then worked to elect conservatives to the Texas State House at Texas Action, where 10 of his 12 candidates won their races in 2012.

Shafer offered two pieces of advice to young conservatives looking to emulate his success. First, work hard. Shafer’s political activism in college led to a job offer from American Majority immediately after graduation.

On the other hand, Shafer encouraged young people not to sell out for the first job that comes along if it clashes with their principles.

“I know a lot of people who work for someone they may not necessarily agree with,” he revealed. “If you’re taking a job for a paycheck, go do something just for a paycheck—go flip burgers at McDonald’s or something.”

Thirty Under Thirty 2013


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