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Jonathan Bydlak




Princeton, 2005



Like many young conservatives, Jonathan Bydlak entered the political arena because of a congressman by the name of Ron Paul.

After the former Texas Representative entered the 2008 presidential campaign, Bydlak abandoned his plan to attend law school and came onto the Paul for President campaign as Fundraising Director instead.

“Ron Paul was someone that no one had really heard of, and we raised $30 to 35 million,” Bydlak recalled. ”It was a pretty great achievement.”

One of the reasons Bydlak says he was drawn to Paul was because the libertarian congressman was serious about asking, ‘Where is the money coming from that government is spending?’

In May of 2012, Bydlak founded a conservative nonprofit to answer that question called the Coalition to Reduce Spending. The Coalition is the only national organization that advocates exclusively for reduced federal spending.

“In the last few years with the rise of the Tea Party movement, people are much more concerned about the national debt and runaway spending,” Bydlak told Red Alert. “But there wasn’t a group that made that its sole focus.”

The Coalition’s ‘Reject the Debt’ pledge asks candidates for public office to go on the record with their commitment to reducing federal spending.

“A lot of time people say they’re for cutting spending, but when you get into the details, they’re not really serious about it,” he said.

At the same time, Bydlak said it is important for conservatives to let people know they care about the American people, instead of using what he calls “the sledgehammer approach” to “beat people over the head” with their beliefs.

“A lot of politics is about the story you tell,” he said. “We need to show the economic problems we’re facing as a result of poor government policies, and their effect on youth.”

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