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Red Alert announces second group of "30 Under 30" winners

Evan Feinberg





Grove City College


President of Generation Opportunity



After receiving an introduction to The Heritage Foundation’s “Index of Economic Freedom” his freshman year at Grove City College, Evan Feinberg was hooked on conservatism. So much so, that his first job out of college was at the very same organization that introduced him to the ideology.

“The conservative movement has the moral high ground. If you want to help the poor and offer fairness to all Americans, principles of limited government and economic freedom is what offers that,” he told Red Alert Politics.

At Heritage, Feinberg worked on education policy, a subject area he continued to work on as a staffer in Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-Okla.) office. All the while, the issue of economic freedom stayed near to Feinberg’s heart and eventually led him to accept the position of President at Generation Opportunity.

Feinberg said he believes it is essential for young conservatives “to study and learn economics” and “understand that our principles are the keys for making life better.”

“There is no greater opportunity to make this a freer nation than mobilizing the under-30 population to fight for their economic freedom,” Feinberg told Red Alert Politics. “If we can bring those voices to Washington, we can change the country.

“Right now, [young people] don’t believe that anyone in Washington cares about what matters to them at heart,” he later said.

Feinberg himself sought to be one of the ‘voices in Washington’ just last year as a candidate in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.

“[E]ven though I lost to an incumbent Republican in the primary, it was my proudest moment to look around at the Election Day party and see dozens of volunteers and campaign staff who put their hearts and soul behind me,” Feinberg said of his campaign to unseat GOP Rep. Tim Murphy.

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