Thirty Under Thirty 2012

From the launch of Red Alert Politics, our goal has been to Inform, Engage and Activate young conservatives across the country by serving as a platform for young people to receive news written for young conservatives by young conservatives and to present the opportunity for aspiring young journalists and activists to make their voices heard.

With our inaugural “30 Under 30 List” we’re adding another pillar to our objectives: Inspire.

Every person who was selected for this list has a unique story about just how influential young people can be with hard work and a can-do attitude.

Choosing just 30 young conservatives, libertarians and Republicans was tough. We would have profiled hundreds of young people making a difference on their campuses and communities if we could – we’re already looking forward to compiling next year’s list!

For that reason, we chose to close the list to Red Alert contributors and Clarity Media Group staff (The Weekly Standard, The Washington Examiner) in order to be as fair as possible. We think every single one of our contributors and the writers at our sister publications are doing stellar work and we’d have taken up the entire list if we’d included them all.

We hope that you’re as inspired by this great group of young people as we are and are encouraged to go out this presidential election year and show the country what our generation is capable of accomplishing.

Red Alert Politics Editor Francesca Chambers  



The Late Show 2016 commencement speech
Rather than travel to a handful of college campuses, Stephen Colbert gave a commencement speech on Monday’s The Late Show. It’s college commencement week, “the time of year when the highly educated think to themselves,’what side does the little tassel-y thing go on,'” Colbert said.  As Tony Stark is not real and can’t give a commencement speech, […]
Oliver's viral rant bashes DNC system
  John Oliver takes a harsh view of the primary process for his most recent Last Week Tonight, but, as he explains his reasoning, it’s not hard to see why. For both parties, there have been questions about the winning candidate earning fewer delegates than competitors. That includes Louisiana, where Trump won. “The thing is, I […]
Hillary and Bernie return for SNL finale
It seemed only fitting to have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (played by Kate McKinnon and Larry David) on for the Saturday Night Live season finale. The last Cold Open for the season had Hillary and Sanders discussing the state of the Democratic primary at a Los Angeles bar. “Well bartender, I’ve done it, I’ve won the nomination. I […]
Did Trump fat-shame Chris Christie?
Recently, Donald Trump appeared at a fundraiser for Chris Christie’s campaign debt. Christie had endorsed Trump in February, which Stephen Colbert noted for Friday’s The Late Show amounted to how Christie “stood behind him  wishing for the sweet embrace of death.” Trump also spoke for Christie at Thursday’s event, noting that neither of them are eating Oreos […]
Drake invited to Drake University
For his upcoming tour, Drake will be performing in Des Moines, Iowa, home to the Drake University. And the university couldn’t help noting the connection, Entertainment Weekly reported. The university released a statement on Friday about the tour dates, full of references to the rapper’s music: Drake University students have lobbied for years to #BringDrakeToDrake, and we’re eager […]


Poll: GOP hemorrhaging Asian American voters
  History may be doomed to repeat itself for the GOP, at least when it comes to Asian American voters. In 2012, Mitt Romney lost the demographic worst of all, earning only 26 percent of the Asian American vote. Trump may lose the demographic by even worse numbers. Young Asian Americans spoke out against Trump, and […]
Poll: Clinton and Trump are “snobby, arrogant"
Party loyalists are starting to coalesce around Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as their likely presidential nominees, while independent voters continue to hold both party front-runners in almost equal disdain, according to the latest wave of data from the Reputation Institute’s 2016 presidential election RepTrak study. As a Hillary Clinton nomination appears to be inevitable, […]
Dems can't understand how GOP millennials exist
Questions about the mindset of some voters naturally come up, but Bustle may be taking it one step further by trying to turn conservative millennial voters away from the GOP. “9 Questions Liberals Have For Conservative Millennial Voters, Because They Might Be Less Conservative Than You Think,” Melissa Cruz’s headline bluntly reads. “It’s no secret that a majority […]
'Bernie Bros' promote new anti-Hillary hashtag
Despite the attempts by Hillary Clinton’s surrogates, the Democratic establishment, and liberal writers to create a narrative that Bernie Sanders’ supporters are abandoning him to campaign for the former First Lady in the general election, millions of the Vermont senator’s followers refuse to give up. Sanders supporters began tweeting #Slogans4Hillary on Tuesday, and almost instantly it […]
Gingrich: Trump will reach out to younger voters
Trump supporters Ben Carson and Chris Christie have been in the news and parodied for their role in assisting Trump. But, Newt Gingrich has also been close with Trump since endorsing him earlier this month and is at the top of the short-list for Trump’s running mate. Gerald F. Seib of The Wall Street Journal spoke with the possible future […]


Study: Millennials raid their retirement accounts
Millennials are choosing much different methods of investing money than their parents, a shift that has come about as a result of economic changes, job market development, and generational growth. After their experiences with student debt and an increasingly competitive job market, millennials are not making risky investments, at least any time soon. “They focus on short-term needs […]
Survey: Millennial can't afford big cities anymore
North American millennials are cost-conscious and fleeing their cities in droves, but they’re not running to rural enclaves just yet. A global survey of urban millennials from YouthfulCities found that young workers in America and Canada have the itchiest feet and think their city governments are most responsive. Breaking slightly from the global trend, they’re […]
#FightFor15? Puerto Rico's fight for $4.25
Dire economic times have opened the political window for radical economic ideas: Puerto Rico could lower its minimum wage for younger workers. “The provision, part of a larger bill to save the island from its $72 billion in debt, would give Puerto Rico’s governor and regulators the authority to reduce the minimum wage from the […]
Gen-Y lives with parents, not significant others
Living with parents has become a lot more socially acceptable, desirable, and/or necessary than it used to be for many young Americans. According a Pew Research report released on Tuesday, millennials are the first generation of U.S. adults in 130 years who are more likely to be living with their parents than with either a spouse or significant other, […]
Time for all states to ban "Free speech zones"?
What are “free speech zones” and why are they on our college campuses? According to The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, one in six college campuses have established free speech zones, also known as First Amendment zones. These zones are areas reserved for political protests and typically share a few common characteristics, such as […]