Thirty Under Thirty 2012

From the launch of Red Alert Politics, our goal has been to Inform, Engage and Activate young conservatives across the country by serving as a platform for young people to receive news written for young conservatives by young conservatives and to present the opportunity for aspiring young journalists and activists to make their voices heard.

With our inaugural “30 Under 30 List” we’re adding another pillar to our objectives: Inspire.

Every person who was selected for this list has a unique story about just how influential young people can be with hard work and a can-do attitude.

Choosing just 30 young conservatives, libertarians and Republicans was tough. We would have profiled hundreds of young people making a difference on their campuses and communities if we could – we’re already looking forward to compiling next year’s list!

For that reason, we chose to close the list to Red Alert contributors and Clarity Media Group staff (The Weekly Standard, The Washington Examiner) in order to be as fair as possible. We think every single one of our contributors and the writers at our sister publications are doing stellar work and we’d have taken up the entire list if we’d included them all.

We hope that you’re as inspired by this great group of young people as we are and are encouraged to go out this presidential election year and show the country what our generation is capable of accomplishing.

Red Alert Politics Editor Francesca Chambers  



Hungry for Power Games: Bye Cruz, Kasich
Now that the GOP race is down to its presumptive nominee, Stephen Colbert treated viewers to a double edition of “Hungry for Power Games” on Wednesday’s The Late Show. John Kasich was the last to suspend his campaign Wednesday, though Colbert quickly forgot about him. “Yes, John Kasich has ended his bid for the White House. […]
Colbert mocks Kasich til the bitter end
John Kasich will suspend his campaign, but is doing so after weeks of losing. He not only trailed behind Trump in the delegate count, but also Marco Rubio, who dropped out five weeks ago. “It’s like the old saying, quitters never win, but they still beat John Kasich,” Stephen Colbert said during Tuesday’s The Late Show.  Kasich’s Super PAC […]
Heidi addresses Zodiac Killer theory
The crazy conspiracy theory that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer has gained attention from Cruz’s wife. “Well, I’ve been married to him for 15 years, and I know pretty well who he is, so it doesn’t bother me at all. There’s a lot of garbage out there,” she told Yahoo! Heidi also believes such material is […]
Presidential Trump is drowsy
Donald Trump has given America a glimpse of how he’ll lead as president: in a drowsy state of mine. In the latest installment of “On the Road to the White House,” Stephen Colbert discussed Super Tuesday 4 on Wednesday’s The Late Show. Tuesday will eventually be known as “Day 1 Year Zero of Before Trump Time,” Colbert claimed. In […]
Minaj dedicates song to Trump, Biden
During her Tuesday night TIME 100 Gala Performance, Nicki Minaj gave a shout-out to Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Washington Examiner reports that Trump, unfortunately, was no longer there at the time of the performance: “I’m very political, and I would like to dedicate a song, just in the spirit of unity, to Joe Biden and Donald […]


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I was right about Trump all along
Staff writer Ryan Girdusky and host Michael Koolidge discuss Trump’s big win in Indiana that made him the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, and what’s next for both parties and the #NeverTrump movement. Girdusky has predicted Trump’s victory from the beginning and explains why the establishment doesn’t understand about the American voter. Check out more of the […]
Do Bernie Bros define misogyny in America?
Author Thrity Umrigar has been so deluded that it’s taken Bernie Bros for her to recognize misogyny in America. Umrigar admits that, until Bernie Bros, she “happily, blindly ploughed through my life, with no interest in labeling myself.” Then she saw how Sanders supporters behaved. “Killary. Shrillary. She who yells too much. And a million other slurs that I see […]
Can the Libertarian Party rise among GOP disarray?
A presumptive general election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could give the Libertarian Party its best showing in decades, led by a former western governor or a cybersecurity pioneer. Democrats and Republicans who have found themselves politically homeless in 2016, however, have been reluctant to look toward the LP, even though they talk about […]
Sasse: Draft an 'adult' third-party candidate
Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse is leading the charge for an independent-conservative 2016 candidate. In a lengthy Facebook post published early Thursday morning, Sasse addressed those who are unhappy with the presumptive Democratic and Republican presidential nominees, in other words, “the majority of Americans.” The 44-year-old senator criticized both entrenched political parties that have left Americans […]
Trump economics: raise the minimum wage
The newest convert to a higher minimum wage is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Donald Trump expressed a change of heart toward the minimum wage in an CNN interview on Wednesday, according to The Hill. “I’m looking at that, I’m very different from most Republicans,” Trump said. Though it’s unclear whether Trump would endorse a […]


Are these new regulations the end of e-cigarettes?
A state and federal campaign against e-cigarettes threatens to restrict and ban them, though they’re a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. In California on Wednesday, Governor Jerry Brown signed “a package of bills” that increase the legal smoking age to 21 while adding restrictions, regulations, and prohibitions for e-cigarettes and tobacco products, according to The […]
Suspended conservative professor sues Marquette
Professor John McAdams, who was suspended at Marquette University over a blog post defending traditional marriage, has followed through on seeking legal counsel and is suing the school. McAdams wrote a blog post standing up for a student who expressed views in support of traditional marriage in an ethics class. He argued that the student was censored […]
Georgia governor vetoes campus carry bill
Georgians will have to hope for better luck next year if they wish to carry guns on campus. Republican Governor Nathan Deal vetoed House Bill 859 on Tuesday, which would have allowed permit holders 21 years old and over to carry guns on campus. The bill contained exceptions for residence halls, Greek houses, and sporting events. In […]
The minimum wage unites Americans, but for a price
When confronted with minimum wage increases, small business owners avoid laying off workers, but they pass off higher prices to consumers. As one ice cream shop owner told Here & Now on WBUR, the minimum wage has unintended effects. “I probably have to raise prices, and if I increase prices, my concern is that it […]
Campus gun bill passes in Tennessee
A campus gun bill passed in Tennessee, but it neither applies to students nor pleases opponents. Senate Bill 2376 was returned on Monday without Governor Bill Haslam’s signature, who would have liked campuses to have more control, The Tennesseean reported. “I have long stated a preference for systems and institutions to be able to make their own decisions regarding security issues […]