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What stops Alec Baldwin's Trump impression from being truly funny

Saturday Night Live took another shot at the President-Elect in a sketch featuring actor Alec Baldwin this time picking...

Video: DC groups plotting shutdown of Inauguration events

Liberal groups are literally doing everything in their power to sabotage President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration They're even willing to...

Google botches MLK Day, prioritizes Robert E. Lee's birthday in 3 states

Across the country people are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr Day for all of the amazing accomplishments and civil...

4 things millennials can learn from Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I have a dream
Everyone has heard those words from Martin Luther King Jr 's Dream speech it’s...

(Not so) fun fact: The minimum wage has a racist history

Increasing the minimum wage is all the rage An April poll showed of Americans would like a higher minimum...

Flop: Georgetown's anti-Trump "resistance" teach-in attracts little support

With only days until President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office liberals and social justice warriors are strategizing ways...

Senate Democrats' most embarrassing confirmation hearing moments

Last week was a doozy for Senate Democrats in the confirmation hearings for President-Elect Donald Trump's appointments...

Paul Ryan gives millennials hope for the next 4 years

Last week Paul Ryan’s Town Hall on CNN covered a variety of topics such as healthcare mainly repealing and...

Pro-life groups to crash 'Women’s March on Washington'

On January the day after Trump’s presidential inauguration hundreds of thousands of women will convene in D C for...

Report: By all measures, millennials are worse off than their parents

The millennial struggle is real
In a new report from the Young Invincibles millennials are earning lower incomes...

Liberals try to politicize (and sexualize) Monopoly

The board game Monopoly provides American families the wonderful experience of getting to spend quality time together and fight...

Professor: If I could, I'd carry a concealed gun on campus

After the Ohio State University attack in November state legislatures around the country are debating whether or not to...

Teen Vogue's pathetic attempt to con America's youth into opposing guns

Gun control guru Shannon Watts founder of Moms Demand Action is now doing everything in her power to con...

Dear conservatives: A peaceful transition is a two-way street. Let's not be rude.

I have seen many comments on social media emphasizing the intolerance of the left and I have seen people...

Study: (Liberal) student loan policies are hurting women most

According to an ORC International survey commissioned by PadillaCRT student loan debt is causing millennials particularly women to feel...

Students at my alma mater want to purge "the white curriculum"

I was lucky enough to attend graduate school at the School of Oriental and African Studies SOAS A university...

President-elect Trump will give millennials more economic opportunity

It is not every day that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and President-elect Donald Trump see eye-to-eye on policy As...

University president rejects student demands for sanctuary campus

Randy Dunn the president of Southern Illinois University SIU has rejected a resolution from the University’s Student Government that...

Paul Ryan is 'out-of-touch' with young Americans? Millennials disagree.

During a town hall in Washington D C last night CNN’s Jake Tapper asked House Speaker Paul Ryan what...