Stewart: Millennials will defeat ISIS
The U.S. has inadvertently defeated ISIS, comedian Jon Stewart claims, and it’s all thanks to the participation trophy generation. “But in spite of their reputation as lazy, superficial, basement-dwelling parasites who have been told they are special little snowflakes and deserve their own reality shows, this group of young people could be our greatest weapon […]
How Colbert said goodbye to Congress

"I've skateboarded with Jackie Speier, I leg wrestled Jason Chaffetz,” Colbert reminisced. “I've tossed salmon with Jim McDermott, I've drank beer with Russ Carnahan, I've shotgunned beer with Dan Maffei, I've funneled beer with Jared Polis, and I've dropped acid with Maurice Hinchey."

Colbert grills Obama on the midterms

Colbert hosted President Obama on his show Monday night, and he got right to the point.

Obama fills in for Colbert
“I could be a politician like that (snaps fingers), but a politician could never do my job,” Stephen Colbert quipped as President Obama took “The Colbert Report” stage Monday night. But Obama decided to give it a go anyway and took the hot seat for Colbert’s “The Word” segment. Interestingly, this is the same segment […]
More Democrats nominated for Grammys

Another round of famous Democrats has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the event's "Best Spoken Word Album" category.

White House

Obama defends his flip-flop on immigration executive action
President Obama may have denounced the very executive action on immigration he ended up taking  more than 20 times in his presidency, but that’s not stopping him from ardently defending his actions. Obama appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and host George Stephanopoulos grilled the president about his the contradictions in his words and actions. “You […]
Obama: Voters want ‘new car smell’ in 2016, Hillary would be ‘great president’
President Obama still has two years left in office, but with the GOP overhaul in the midterms and his waning popularity, most people are already looking to 2016. Including, it seems, Obama himself. He said the best part of running for president after a two-term president is that “you can stake out your own positions” […]
Obama spurns GOP with expansive immigration orders

WASHINGTON (AP) — Spurning furious Republicans, President Barack Obama unveiled expansive executive actions on immigration Thursday night to spare nearly 5 million people in the U.S. illegally from deportation and refocus enforcement efforts on "felons, not families."

After multiple hacks, the federal government’s cybersecurity plan remains on hold

The federal government is not having the best time with cybersecurity of late.

Obama to announce executive action on immigration Thursday

President Obama announced Wednesday afternoon that he will unveil his unilateral plan for immigration reform to the nation in a primetime address Thursday.


House rebukes Obama on immigration

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans have passed a bill denouncing President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration and declaring them "null and void."

Rand Paul introduces declaration of war against IS

Sen. Rand Paul introduced a declaration of war against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) Wednesday, attempting to provide congressional authorization for what President Obama already ordered in September.

Harkin on Obamacare: 'We blew it'
Echoing one of his Democratic colleague, Sen. Tom Harkin,  one of the coauthors of the Affordable Care Act, now says that Democrats made a mistake pushing Obamacare through. “We had the power to do it in a way that would have simplified healthcare, made it more efficient and made it less costly and we didn’t do […]
Reps make 'hands up, don't shoot' gesture in House

Multiple lawmakers took to the House floor Monday to make the "hands up, don't shoot" gesture that has become a staple of the Ferguson protest movement.

Pelosi and Obama versus Schumer and America

This is like one of those times a member of a professional wrestling posse turns heel on national television and sets off the drama.


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US co-opted Cuba's hip-hop scene to spark change
HAVANA (AP) — For more than two years, a U.S. agency secretly infiltrated Cuba’s underground hip-hop movement, recruiting unwitting rappers to spark a youth movement against the government, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. The idea was to use Cuban musicians “to break the information blockade” and build a network of young people […]
North Korea recommends UN investigate the CIA

North Korea, which has been dubbed by the UN as "without parallel in the contemporary world" for human rights abuses, has seized on the recently-released Senate Intelligence Committee CIA torture report to condemn the United States' record on human rights.

Harvard prof defends harassing restaurant

Ben Edelman, an associate professor at Harvard Business School, sent a series of extremely intense emails threatening legal action over a family-run Chinese restaurant that charged him $4 more than he thought they would, since they had failed to update prices on their website.

Massive $1.1 trillion spending bill unveiled
WASHINGTON (AP) — A huge, $1.1 trillion spending bill funding every corner of government faces its first test in the House, where conservatives are unhappy because it fails to challenge President Barack Obama’s immigration policy and many Democrats are displeased because it weakens the 2010 Dodd-Frank regulation of risky financial instruments. Another provision drawing fire would […]
Feinstein releases CIA report on interrogations

WASHINGTON EXAMINER -- Sen. Dianne Feinstein brushed aside an urgent 11th-hour plea from Secretary of State John Kerry and opposition from the Obama administration to release a report Tuesday detailing the CIA’s extreme interrogation of suspected terrorists in the months and years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.


Cuomo: NY insurers must cover sex change
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) wrote a letter to insurance companies this week, warning that they will no longer be allowed to refuse to cover gender reassignment surgery, hormone therapy or other treatments needed to change a person’s gender if a doctor deems such treatments medically necessary. In the letter, Cuomo highlighted a state […]
GOP looks to close foreigner Obamacare loophole
A group of House Republicans have introduced legislation to undo an Obamacare loophole that allows foreign diplomats working in the U.S. to be eligible for insurance under the exchange and even to collect taxpayer subsidies. This loophole has been around since the law was signed but it finally came to light in late October. “According to the Department […]
'Cromnibus' bill cuts out NSA reform
So much for progress. The only National Security Agency reform to get passed this year was quietly overridden in the House-passed “CRomnibus” spending bill. The  bill essentially takes away the legislation passed earlier this year that prevents the NSA from conducting “backdoor” searches of Americans’ electronic communications, the Daily Caller reported. “I’m watching the will of […]
Obamacare ads to appear on 7-Eleven receipts

According to The Hill, the department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday that Obamacare advertisements will appear on the bottom of receipts given to customers of 7-Eleven convenience stores.

Poll: Majority favor gun rights, a first in 20 yrs

Gun rights supporters outnumber gun control advocates for the first time in over twenty years, the latest Pew poll found.


UC students launch sit-in to protest tuition hikes
Students at the University of California Berkeley are taking the Board of Regents decision to raise tuition by 27 percent over the next five years sitting down — or rather, sitting in. Calling themselves “The Open UC,” around 200 students have moved into Wheeler Hall to host a sit-in in protest of the new tuition hike. […]
Professor dons Dick Cheney costume for Halloween

Can you imagine one of your professors dressing up as President Obama for a lecture on executive overreach?

Probably not. But dressing up as former Vice President Dick Cheney is fair game.

Students protest annual UC tuition hikes
University of California administrators have voted to raise tuition 27 percent by the end of the decade and UC system students aren’t taking the decision lying down. The Board of Regents voted Thursday to approve tuition increases of as much as 5 percent in each of the next five years unless the state decides to devote more […]
UC Davis violates First Amendment at registration
The University of California Davis is now requiring its students to complete  a mandatory “Violence Intervention & Prevention” online program, which requires them to agree with the school’s stance on what constitutes “harmful language,” before they are allowed to register for classes. The issue? All of the language included in the program is constitutionally protected. The […]
College enrollment up, graduation rates down
More first-time students enrolled in college at the beginning of the recession in 2008 as compared to earlier years. But this bump in enrollment surprisingly translated to lower graduation rates. According to new data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, the number of incoming students in 2008 grew by 12 percent  to 2.7 million, up […]