Creator of 'Festivus' hates Rand Paul
When he sat down with HuffPo Live on Wednesday to discuss ‘Festivus,’ Seinfeld writer Don O’Keefe did not mince his words. O’Keefe was asked if he noticed Rand Paul celebrating the holiday over Twitter, as he has done each year. Within ten seconds, O’Keefe said “I hate that guy.” And it gets weirder. O’Keefe continued to say, “I […]
Tina Fey not apologizing to the Internet
Tina Fey is done with apologizing to the Internet, and even with the Internet itself. Such a decision comes after she drew criticism on her Netflix show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. On the show, Jane Krakowski, a white blonde woman, turns out to be a Native-American who is trying to cover up her ethnicity. As featured […]
SNL re-creates GOP debate
For their most recent Cold Open, Saturday Night Live re-created the GOP debate of Tuesday night. The sketch was similar to the real thing, including some of the actual lines from candidates. It did contain a few twists, however. All nine candidates were portrayed, though as host Wolf Blitzer started off, only five of them […]
Weekend Update on Hillary & Millennials
After defending Hillary Clinton’s front-runner status for so long, Saturday Night Live finally addressed her failure with Millennials. Sort of. Co-host Colin Jost blamed her failure to win over younger voters because “mainly because in polls Millennials keep choosing themselves.” Jost also pointed to a campaign slogan for Hillary to use to connect with younger […]
WaPo makes Star Wars/Ken Burns parody
The rush to spoof, critique, and emulate Star Wars has reached new highs as the film opens, and now it has a more academic parody. Star Wars, if it were the basis of a Ken Burns war documentary, was produced by The Washington Post on Friday. A lone fiddle to set a Civil War-era tone accompanies film stills, expert […]


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Shock: Jim Gilmore is actually 'winning' something
He may be the most unlikely presidential candidate out there — but Republican and former Governor Jim Gilmore is actually winning something. For the second time since the GOP primary debates started, Gilmore qualified for the undercard debate. On January 28, the night of the debate, Philip Bump for the Washington Post wrote “We just lived […]
If Hillary gets Berned, will she pander to Gen-Y?
The 2016 primary process begins today with the Iowa Caucus. While the Republican field remains deep and competitive, the Democrats have only two realistic choices: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The candidates have been working hard to secure as many voting blocs as possible, including the ever-elusive youth vote. The Sanders and Clinton camps have […]
Bernie fans steal logos from Ron Paul's Revolution
Bernie Sanders voters have a lot in common with Ron Paul supporters in 2012 and 2008: they’re overwhelmingly young voters supporting an old ideological purist. At the #MarchForBernie in New York City on Saturday they also had another thing in common — nearly identical logos on their signs. Bernie Sanders supporting carrying Gadsden flag in 2016. […]
Is race over if Trump win IA and NH?
Tonight, real people will actually vote (or walk around to corners of a room, if you’re a Democrat). After all this anticipation built up for the first state, do tonight’s results in Iowa really matter? Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined Fox and Friend First this morning, arguing that Iowa and New Hampshire have […]
HuffPo begs youth to support Hillary
With the Iowa Caucus looming closer, there is one day left to see if Hillary Clinton will repeat the mistakes of 2008 or emerge victorious against Bernie Sanders. If young people have much to say about it though, Hillary is likely to lose. In perfect timing then, or at least obvious timing, the Huffington Post […]


Shocker: Millennials hate the DC Metro
It’s no secret that the DC metro system, WMATA, flat out sucks. And so it should come as no shock that, as the Washington Business Journal reported, most millennials drive to work, and most do so alone. This may very well have to do with WMATA, since when asked about the DC metro, respondents described it […]
Climate group using kids as pawns [VIDEO]
“There is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five, by constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity.”–Arthur Schopenhauer Unfortunately, this statement by Arthur Schopenhauer (a German philosopher in the 1700–1800’s) has been proven […]
Obama's SOTU target audience: Millennials?
Tuesday night marked President Obama’s last State of the Union address. With the president in his last year in office and with him being a lame duck, the speech wasn’t so much a laundry list of proposals this year. Rather, it was an actual State of the Union, or at least Obama’s disjointed opinion of the […]
Are “millennials are ruining the workforce”?
Another baby boomer has written an “old woman yells at cloud” thinkpiece, blaming the decline of the workforce on millennials’ “obliviousness.” This time, it’s Sandy Hingston at Philadelphia. Weird name choices and a reluctance to accept hierarchy in the workforce has Hingston concerned about “how millennials are ruining the workforce.” Part of the blame is due to how […]
Rubio supports in-state tuition for DREAMers
Marco Rubio has doubled down in his efforts to be the anti-Trump candidate, trying to draw a clear difference between the two on the billionaire’s key issue of immigration. In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Rubio was questioned about his support as a Florida state senator for in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants. Rubio […]


Karl Marx: The most read economist at US Colleges
Everyone knows that the foundation of a good education is reading, writing, arithmetic — and communism? Market Watch reported that Karl Marx is the most assigned economist in U.S. college courses, and his premiere work The Communist Manifesto ranks among the top three most frequently assigned texts. This data comes from the Open Syllabus project which tracked the […]
UT Prof: No guns in my class or I'll retire
At the University of Texas at Austin, a Nobel Prize laureate wants to ban guns from class, regardless of whether it would violate state law. Physicist Steven Weinberg announced that he’s willing to face a lawsuit over his ban, proclaiming that the presence of guns in his classroom is a threat to “constitutionally protected free […]
MLK not inclusive enough for U-Oregon students
One of the lessons we learned entering 2016 is that college kids will complain about just about every and any kind of “microaggression” and need a “safe space” for anything you can possibly think of. Everything needs to be inclusive and P.C., otherwise — it must be banned. As Katherine Timpf with National Review reported, not […]
Mizzou anti-free speech prof. charged w/ assault
University of Missouri Professor Melissa Click has finally been charged with assault after demanding “muscle” to help physically remove a student journalist during a campus protest. While she won’t likely receive an educator of the year award, she will be able to keep her job. Campus Reform reported on Monday that Click was formally charged […]
College GOP 2016 murals vandalized at U-Denver
In a truly immature display of ideological disagreement, unknown vandals have targeted murals of GOP candidates created by the University of Denver’s College Republicans. The local affiliate, Fox 31 of Denver, reported on the vandalism, which started a few weeks ago. When the DU College Republicans put up a painting of Carly Fiorina, somebody wrote […]


What's next in fight to defund Planned Parenthood?
On Tuesday, the House Oversight Committee held an extensive hearing on funding for Planned Parenthood, with the organization’s president and CEO Cecile Richards as the witness. Since then, the committee, in addition to releasing videos of the hearing, has released takeaways. From the committee’s hearing wrap-up: Planned Parenthood does not need federal subsidies. Planned Parenthood […]
Top RNC member calls on McConnell to resign
House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation last week created a lot of buzz, and many are wondering about the future of the Republican Party. For some, this isn’t just confined to House leadership, but the Senate as well. Top RNC member Roger Villere posted on his Facebook that “McConnell needs to Resign!!” Villere is the Louisiana GOP […]
Rep. Trey Gowdy to retire
Just recently, there were whispers of Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) becoming the next GOP leader. Not only will Gowdy not run for the position, but fellow Congressmen say he will actually not be back in the House at all after this term. Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) told C-SPAN that “Trey wants to go back to South Carolina, and […]
Pelosi: Boehner retirement a sign of GOP failure
At a press conference following Speaker John Boehner’s retirement announcement, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.) used the announcement as an opportunity to denounce House Republicans. Pelosi called his resignation “seismic” for the House, and related the timing of Boehner’s announcement to the current fight to defund Planned Parenthood. “[Boehner’s resignation] is a stark example of the […]
Senate fails to defund Planned Parenthood
Once more, the Senate has failed to defund Planned Parenthood. The vote after Pope Francis had addressed a joint session of Congress earlier that day. In addition to defunding the abortion provider, the Senate proposal would have funded the government until Dec. 11. Had the spending bill passed though, President Obama would have vetoed it. He has vowed not […]

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Millennials fuel new fad: Adult coloring books
While it’s common for many adults relieve stress by going to the gym, the bar, or church — a new fad has grownups turning to coloring books. The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that coloring books for adults have seen a huge increase in sales and currently occupy eight of the top 20 best […]
Why most millennials dread holiday parties
Instead of being an opportunity to blow off steam, for many, holiday parties are another source of stress. You might notice friends or co-workers on their phones scrolling through Facebook at the holiday parties you attend this season. Or, there may be those who choose to spend the majority of the night with a drink (or […]
Top 15 insane things liberals said in 2015
This last year was full of chaos from Syria, to Paris, to college campuses. Throughout all the ups and downs of 2015, liberals were caught believing in myths. Here’s a brief list of 15 of the most insane things liberals believed in during 2015: Obama underrating ISIS: Last year ended with President Obama stating that […]
If Bernie Sanders celebrated 'Festivus'
If anyone should be celebrating “Festivus” — the fictional Seinfeld holiday where people are suppose to “air their grievances” — it’s Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Sanders is by far everyone’s favorite curmudgeon politician, who always finds something to be angry about. Since he is not celebrating, here’s a list of things the socialist senator should be […]
GoFundMe: A welfare alternative for millennials?
Despite conservatives giving up hope on the millennial generation, one bright spot is how the internet generation has developed useful alternatives to the welfare state. Michigan Live reported that Ramone Williams, a homeless 26-year-old senior at Eastern Michigan University, was down on his luck — he maxed out on pell grants and owed about $10,000 in federal […]