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Red Alert announces first ten names for 2016 "30 Under 30" list

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Millennials are a perfect fit to join the GOP (they just don't know it yet)

The ideals and concerns of millennials make them the perfect demographic for the GOP to target despite the fact...

Grad students at private colleges win the right to unionize

Student workers at private colleges and universities across the country can now join labor unions....

Snowden: Technology endangers minority opinions

Edward Snowden teamed up with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the American Civil Liberties Union to discuss whether technology is...

Clinton's 'Fight Song' is awful, annoying, and driving people crazy

Hillary Clinton likes to think of herself as a champion for women and someone who's willing to punch through...

Ironic: Report finds Democratic states have the most student debt

LendEDU a company that helps borrowers refinance their student loan debt recently released its Student Loan Debt by School...

ISIS in America: Attempted beheading in Virginia

On September President Obama referred to ISIS as a JV team and put down any fear that they might...

Pro-Clinton groups use Buzzfeed, Elite Daily to target millennial women

Hillary Clinton’s super PAC has debuted a new ad campaign designed to target millennial women The half-million dollar campaign...

Rand Paul: Clinton should be in jail, vote Trump

Rand Paul made a plea to his fellow libertarian-leaning voters Don't throw away your vote on a third-party candidate...

Not Libertarian: Johnson supports a carbon tax

Don't look now but Gary Johnson is once again spitting in the face of Libertarians and dumping the party's...

College professor under investigation for mentioning God in class

Professor Hien Van Dong who teaches the Madison College ethics course titled Leadership Principles Practices and Contemporary Ethical Implications...

Utah college allows students to play on sports teams that match their "gender identity"

Westminster College in Salt Lake City Utah has announced that it will begin allowing transgender women to play on...

What to expect from Trump's immigration speech [OPINION]

Donald Trump is expected to give a major speech on immigration this week and the media is already speculating...

Libertarians hilariously troll the Federal Reserve's new Facebook page

Ron Paul ran for president back in and on a platform that included auditing the Federal Reserve and although...

Rio Olympics 2016: Biggest highlights and scandals

We look back at the biggest highlights and scandals of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro after Sunday's closing...

12-year-old bullied for supporting Trump, now running a campaign office

Pundits who say that Donald Trump supporters are all old men have clearly never met Weston Imer Even though...

Bipartisanship: Democrats praise Trump for visiting Louisiana

Donald Trump earned some much-deserved praise from two high-profile Louisiana Democrats who thanked the Republican nominee for visiting areas...

Poor Michael Phelps: Olympians may not be taxed on their medals much longer

They’re American heroes but when they get home from Rio U S Olympic medalists will be heavily taxed for...

Introducing 'Gab': Free speech Twitter alternative

After the revelation that Facebook manipulated its trending topics section and a series of suspensions of conservative Twitter accounts...