Kanye: I'll only serve one term as POTUS
Like herpes, Kanye West’s dream of living in the White House just won’t go away. The Daily Mail reported that during the final episode of Cocktails with Khloe on Wednesday, the rapper received words of encouragement from the Kardashian family, but said when he became president, he’d only serve one term. Sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian egged West on, […]
'House of Cards' predicting 2016
The fourth season of House of Cards premiered on Netflix last month and featured a contested convention. Despite the likely assumption from people that they “ripped it from the headlines,” the fourth season was written a year ago. “By the way, this has happened every season,” Kevin Spacey explained on Tuesday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. “And then just before […]
Colbert 'dine-and-ditches' Hillary
With the intense campaigning surrounding Tuesday’s New York primary, Stephen Colbert invited Hillary Clinton to lunch at the Carnegie Deli, “where they serve sandwiches as big as a baby’s head,” in order “to get some insight into this election.” While Bill Clinton is a vegan, Hillary assured Colbert that he’s not “a smug vegan,” and […]
Coachella: Music, drugs, and Bernie?
This year’s Coachella music festival will feature music, arts, recreational drugs, and — thanks to Bernie Sanders — politics. Sanders introduced Run the Jewels, which includes Sanders supporter Killer Mike, via a video message. Sanders spoke in front of a “Bernie 2016” backdrop: One of the highlights of running for president over the course of […]
Bernie Sanders says 'Do Do' a lot
“Bernie Sanders was very adamant” in Thursday night’s Democratic debate, but, as Jimmy Fallon pointed out on Friday’s The Tonight Show, his particular phrasing had others laughing, including Hillary Clinton on the stage. “This is what you do do, what you do do,” Sanders claimed during the debate. Fallon continued the joke by pointing out “no wonder Bernie […]


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How Trump can dominate the millennial vote
It is no secret; the American public has a lot of negative feelings about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both of the major parties’ nominees this cycle have net favorability numbers well into the negatives — something that is absolutely unprecedented. Those numbers are multiplied even further when examining the preferences of millennial voters. According to […]
Playboy voter's guide to the important issues
A lot of voters feel confused about who they intend to vote for in the upcoming election, and due to the unpopularity of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, many are looking at alternative parties. With that in mind, Playboy Magazine revealed where the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and Green parties all stand on the major issues. On the issue […]
PAC wants to draft a reluctant Ben Sasse
Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse has disavowed the idea that he’d run an independent presidential candidacy, but a new PAC wants to persuade him to do it — for America. “Due to Donald Trump effectively winning the Republican nomination and the exit of Ted Cruz, they [are] calling on all Americans to chart a new path […]
Trump looks to instagram to win Gen-Y
Donald Trump has a problem with millennials and he knows it. With polls showing him severely behind Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the general election, the presumptive Republican nominee has decided to take his fight directly to millennials on Instagram. The billionaire released his first attack ad on Clinton, Tuesday. In the video he criticized […]
How does Trump win? Young voters stay home
In a November match-up against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton’s path to the White House may not be as easy as has been suggested. She and Trump are in a dead heat for swing states of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, according to Quinippiac polls released Tuesday. “It’s too soon to say Trump will win. But it is not […]


Austin loses $29 million by banning Uber
The expulsion of Uber and Lyft from Austin comes with a price tag: roughly $29 million in lost revenue for drivers, not to mention taxes collected by the city. In the name of “safety,” Austin voters cost the city fund, funding, and lives, according to Courtney Powell at Austin Startups. Powell heads an Austin-based startup, […]
4 states have had no private job growth since 2000
For Illinois and three other states, private-sector job creation has been unheard of in the 21st century. “Illinois has not had a net gain in private-sector job opportunities in nearly 17 years,” Michael Lucci noted. The situation for the state is bleak. Public-sector job growth remains flat, Illinois residents have left for better opportunities outside […]
#FightFor15 ignores 100 years of economic evidence
The shockwaves that hit after minimum wage increases across the country could be brutal. Recent studies on the minimum wage make the artificial wage increase look costlier than the rosy future portrayed by supporters. “Raising the minimum wage will cost jobs, particularly those held by the least-skilled. Economists have written scores of papers on the […]
CEO calls for $28 min. wage (pays his workers $9)
Leading by example is harder than giving speeches and glad-handing other rich liberals. Seattle-area venture capitalist Nick Hanauer has actively promoted raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour — even going so far last week to call for a $28 per hour minimum wage. “[I]f the minimum wage had tracked the wages of the top 1 percent, […]
The empirical evidence on the minimum wage
The belief in the $15 minimum wage to defeat poverty borders on the religious. Empirical evidence casts doubt that the benefit will be so smooth and so unequivocal. “I can understand why some people look at the evidence and disagree with me. What I can’t understand is the high level of certainty that some proponents […]


Debt: College to close thanks to Sanders' wife
A bizarre story about Bernie Sanders and his family members redistributing their wealth has found itself back in the news. Burlington College, once run by Jane Sanders, is set to close later this month, “citing the ‘crushing weight’ of debt incurred during her presidency,” The Washington Post reported. As was previously reported: During the time she served as […]
Milwaukee Public Schools fund #BlackLivesMatter
Despite facing millions of dollars in cuts during the previous year’s budget, the Milwaukee public school system has chosen to invest nearly half a million dollars in #BlackLivesMatter. The Daily Caller reported the Milwaukee Public School budget for 2016-2017 includes $471,073 of taxpayer money to implement the goals of the race-based social progressive organization. #BlackLivesMatter […]
Illegals demand Georgetown disinvite DHS secretary
Unauthorized immigrant students are mobilizing themselves to issue demands about which commencement speakers are unacceptable to them. Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson was announced as the School of Foreign Service’s 2016 commencement speaker, much to the discomfort of some. Apparently, Johnson fulfilling part of his job description is enough to produce claims […]
Justice Thomas gives Hillsdale commencement
As university commencements take place, many students may be force fed one more dose of liberalism before they leave. Those at Hillsdale College, however, had the opportunity to hear Justice Clarence Thomas on Saturday. It’s been nearly 50 years since Thomas graduated college, and he admitted he finds it hard to relate at times to recent […]
Towson presentation: 'White people are a plague'
Towson University has featured a presentation on “White People are a Plague to the Planet,” according to Hypeline.  A former SGA representative from the university sent in a photograph of the slideshow presentation. The topic itself was more specific but almost as eyebrow raising as the title, since it focused on “the historical historical ties between homophobia […]


Girdusky: Paul Ryan can't unite the right
With the demise of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Cali.) bid for Speaker of the House, many on the right–including Erick Erickson, Mitt Romney, and Speaker Boehner–are calling for the 2012 vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) to jump in the race as the only man they claim can unite the very fractured Republican Party. Ryan’s cons […]
Don't want to be Speaker? Resign from Congress
How many Congressmen have turned down the chance to be Speaker of the House in the last few days? Most of the Republicans who could get the required 218 vote majority have chickened out of running–from Jim Jordan, to Jeb Hensarling, to Trey Gowdy, to Paul Ryan (he may be reconsidering), and others. Our question for […]
Erick Erickson: "Paul Ryan will be Speaker"
Earlier today, news broke that Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) had been asked again by Speaker John Boehner, Mitt Romney, and other GOP leaders to run for Speaker of the House. For weeks, the news had been that Ryan refused to run–but that was before House Majority Leader and Young Guns coauthor Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the […]
Who should be the next House Speaker?
Speaker of the House certainly seems to be a thankless job. People are actually running away from it rather than running for it. Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation, effective at the end of the month, but he may not be able to get out as quickly as he would have liked. The current Majority […]
The new silent majority: 'Gen I' must stand up
Born between 1985 and 2000, Generation I is the first generation to grow up with the Internet fully enmeshed with their daily lives. As these young men and women transition to adulthood with the choice, immediacy and excitement of the web top of mind, they do so with an unprecedented gift of connectivity. With that […]

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11-year-old shoots home invader [VIDEO]
A brave 11-year-old is going viral for his actions to stop a home invader from robbing his family. Esquire even called him “cold-blooded” for his calm demeanor. Chris Gaither was home alone last Wednesday when an armed robber entered his house and threatened to kill him. Gaither — unafraid of the burglar’s threats — grabbed a […]
Ted Cruz gives perfect response to communist prank
During a campaign rally in Indiana yesterday, GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz received an unusual request: A young attendee asked if Cruz would autograph his “economic textbook.” Cruz was initially surprised by the request, but then willingly agreed. In an apparent attempt to prank the senator, the student then proceeded to hand Cruz a copy of The […]
Donald Trump trolls Obama on White House fence
When it comes to attacking, mocking, and trolling political opponents, no one does it better than Republican front-runner Donald Trump, and this time his target was President Obama. NBC News reported that the Secret Service planned to raise the White House fence by five feet in order to better secure the first family. Trump immediately pounced on […]
Millennial sitcoms trends on Twitter
What could be more appealing and fun than blending everyone’s favorite classic sitcoms and millennials opinions on social justice? #MillennialSitcoms started trending on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon featuring tweets that incorporated older sitcoms with themes that millennials often talk about on social media and on the college campus. Gen-Y topics used in most of the […]
Liberals: Security cameras are racist
Civil libertarians have sounded the alarm against big government’s surveillance state encroaching on freedom and privacy, but Social Justice Warriors only care about government spying because it might be racist. In an op-ed written by Tech Crunch, contributor Angelique Carson claimed that government data collection on those using public assistance is a greater threat than the mass collection of […]