SNL: Hillary swiped 'Goldman Sachs Amex'
Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” took a rare shot at Hillary Clinton this week. Her subway riding experience took up plenty of the segment. Co-host Colin Jost suggested that it took her five tries not because she was a typical New Yorker having trouble, but because she was using “her Goldman Sachs American Express card.” While […]
Obama:Voting should mirror American Idol
After many winners and judges, some more forgettable than others, American Idol has finally ended. In addition to allowing young singers to reach stardom, its final season also gave President Barack Obama a chance to appeal to the country to encourage voting. The popular reality show contest does not have an age requirement for voting, and can be […]
Trump wants to cut non-existent "D.E.P."
Reacting to Donald Trump’s stunning Wisconsin defeat, Stephen Colbert pointed out that “analysts say he lost because of ‘things he said and done,’ also, and this is just as important, things he hasn’t said.” Many have complained about Trump’s failure to come up with specific proposals. During Monday’s town hall with Sean Hannity, Trump finally […]
Miranda Lambert wears gun-slinging heels
Country music star Miranda Lambert is known for her love of guns in her music. She showed off her support for the Second Amendment in a new, fashionable way for Sunday’s American Country Music Awards. Lambert wore bright pink stilettos, which included a miniature gun in a holster. New York Magazine pointed out that “Only the […]
John Kasich hates the movie 'Fargo'
John Kasich in 2006 wrote Stand for Something, in which standing for something includes nearly three pages of why he hated the movie Fargo. He even had his own campaign to get Blockbuster to discontinue carrying it. On his Friday night episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert reminded Steve Buscemi of Kasich’s distaste, who sat there and shook his […]


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John Boehner: Ted Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh”
Senator Ted Cruz always claims that he didn’t go to Washington to make friends — and former House Speaker John Boehner let the world know he accomplished that task. During an interview at Stanford University on Wednesday, the former House Speaker was asked his thoughts on the 2016 Republican primary, and he didn’t have any kind words […]
Ryan: GOP ideas over "pandering politicians"
House Speaker Paul Ryan was aware that he wasn’t in the most welcoming company at Georgetown University on Wednesday. Ryan began his speech with a question: “Why support Republicans?” Students in the crowd responded with a collective laugh. While he carefully avoided conveying any specific opinions about the Republican presidential candidates, Ryan made a case […]
Trump foreign policy appeals to older millennials
Donald Trump delivered his foreign policy doctrine during a speech Wednesday that had a moderate tone appealing to older millennials who critique the Bush Administration’s hawkishness, but are disappointed with the Obama Administration’s failures to defeat Islamic terrorism. Older millennials (like me) grew in the shadow of the Iraq War, only carrying vague memories of Bill […]
No Game Changer: Cruz's VP pick shows desperation
WMUR reports that Sen. Ted Cruz intends to pick former businesswoman Carly Fiorina to be his running mate, should he win the nomination at a contested convention. After rough results on Tuesday and with Donald Trump getting dangerously close to winning the 1237 delegates necessary for a first ballot victory, Cruz’s team must have thought […]
Lena Dunham will move to Canada if Trump wins
Will getting rid of Lena Dunham be reason enough to support a Donald Trump presidency? Dunham, rabidly pro-Hillary and anti-Republican, became the latest celebrity to mention plans to move to Canada. During the Matrix Awards on Monday, which honors young women in communication, Dunham told Andy Cohen that she’ll move to and work from Vancouver if Trump […]


Chelsea Clinton: Scalia's death = gun control
In an effort to win votes from the far-left, Chelsea Clinton is making it no secret that the country will get stricter gun control laws if her mom becomes president. The Washington Free Beacon reported that Chelsea attended an event in Maryland on Thursday and promised activists that gun control was coming through the Supreme Court if her mom […]
Author: “I get tired of defending" Gen-Y
For one millennial entrepreneur, running a business isn’t narrowly focused on generating revenue. It’s about the freedom to create his own lifestyle. “Millennials are much more in tune with creating a business that suits their life than they are just about creating a business that generates revenue,” Brandon Dempsey said. He would know. Dempsey is […]
Gen Y: The most stressed about money
The media has spent months wondering why young people have gravitated towards right and left-wing populists. Many pundits claim that the center of political gravity has shifted. However, a new study by Price Waterhouse Cooper showed that the populist appeal may exist because Gen Y is overly stressed about money. PwC reported on Thursday that millennials are far more […]
Rand Paul's massive libertarian 'War on Poverty'
Rand Paul wants to re-launch the War on Poverty — with a libertarian twist. On Monday, the Kentucky senator announced his “economic freedom zones” amendment to an energy bill that would target high-poverty areas of the country for entrepreneurship and reduced taxes, according to a press release. “Economic Freedom Zones would be the largest anti-poverty […]
4/20: Pro-weed group grades Cruz, Sanders
In honor of 4/20, an unofficial national holiday for the cannabis culture, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), released its Congressional Scorecard, which assigns a letter grade to members of Congress based on their marijuana-related comments and voting record. An ‘A’ grade indicates that a member has publicly declared his or […]


HS dropouts out-earning some colleges' grads
Some colleges fail students even when they graduate them, as the students would have been better off skipping college. “East-West, a private nonprofit school near downtown, is an example of the rare school—one of only 10 four-year U.S. colleges—where the typical former student earns less than high-school dropouts,” The Wall Street Journal noted in an […]
Pro-life speaker mocked at Harvard
Pro-choice students and faculty at Harvard Law School did not want their fellow students to hear a choice of ideas. An event titled “Abortion in Black Communities” earlier this month featured Ryan Bomberger, co-founder of the Radiance Foundation who was conceived in rape, spoke, as did Diane L. Rosenfeld, a liberal who teaches Gender Violence, Law and Social Justice. The […]
Obama spends $100 million for free comm. college
A $100 million competitive grants program from the Obama administration wants to spur free community college, but it doesn’t address low graduation rates for those students. The grants will allow community colleges to expand tuition-free programs and job-training schemes with businesses, according to Inside Higher Ed. “The competition is expected to create or strengthen new […]
Poll:College didn't teach critical thinking skills
Despite an education system enrolling over 15 million students, bestowing over two million degrees yearly, and funded in part by over $16 billion annually from the federal government, college graduates have overwhelmingly discovered they lack the core virtue of critical thinking in the workplace. 1,600 recent graduates from ten colleges and universities were interviewed in a […]
Trump top choice to rename Robert E. Lee school
In addition to Trump University, Donald Trump may now have an elementary school named after him in Austin, Texas if community members have their say. Last month, the Austin Independent School District voted to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary School and asked the public for their input. Of the 228 names suggested, Donald J. Trump Elementary was at […]


Don't want to be Speaker? Resign from Congress
How many Congressmen have turned down the chance to be Speaker of the House in the last few days? Most of the Republicans who could get the required 218 vote majority have chickened out of running–from Jim Jordan, to Jeb Hensarling, to Trey Gowdy, to Paul Ryan (he may be reconsidering), and others. Our question for […]
Erick Erickson: "Paul Ryan will be Speaker"
Earlier today, news broke that Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) had been asked again by Speaker John Boehner, Mitt Romney, and other GOP leaders to run for Speaker of the House. For weeks, the news had been that Ryan refused to run–but that was before House Majority Leader and Young Guns coauthor Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the […]
Who should be the next House Speaker?
Speaker of the House certainly seems to be a thankless job. People are actually running away from it rather than running for it. Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation, effective at the end of the month, but he may not be able to get out as quickly as he would have liked. The current Majority […]
The new silent majority: 'Gen I' must stand up
Born between 1985 and 2000, Generation I is the first generation to grow up with the Internet fully enmeshed with their daily lives. As these young men and women transition to adulthood with the choice, immediacy and excitement of the web top of mind, they do so with an unprecedented gift of connectivity. With that […]
Judge allows release of Planned Parenthood videos
The controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry, and the undercover videos alleging they’re illegally profiting from the sale of fetal parts has some new developments. On Tuesday, Federal Judge William H. Orrick lifted the temporary restraining order on videos from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) pertaining to the National Abortion Federation (NAF). The move will certainly […]

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Feminists create 'female-only Uber'
Leftists have said that feminism is “incompatible” with capitalism, but women are turning to the free market to create a female-only ride-sharing alternative to Uber. Dose reported that women are looking for a safer transportation alternative than popular ride-sharing services like Uber, which have received thousands of complaints of sexual assault and rape. Understanding that women […]
#BLM co-founder tweets about killing 'white folks'
#BlackLivesMatter activists have a lot contempt for the alternative “All Lives Matter,” so much so that one of the group’s founders is praying for the strength not to kill people. City News reported on a controversial tweet from #BlackLivesMatter Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali that surfaced on Tuesday. In the tweet, which was originally posted on Feb. 9, […]
Middle school teacher gives 'privilege' survey
A middle school in Tampa, Florida found itself in hot water this week after parents complained about a bizarre assignment that was given to 7th and 8th grade students in their Spanish class. According to Live 5 News in Tampa, the students were given a survey titled “How Much Privilege Do You Have?” and asked […]
Bernie supporters hijack #HillarySoQualified
The war between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders reached a new level on Wednesday when the Vermont senator outright said that the former First Lady was not qualified to serve as president. Clinton supporters took to Twitter on Thursday to defend their candidate, but as usual, when baby boomers try to attack millennials on a social […]
Triggered: "KKK member" turns out to be a priest
The delusion of widespread racism and culture of politically correctness on college campuses has hit a fever pitch when a priest in a white robe can be mistaken for a Klansman. The Tab reported that college students in Bloomington reported seeing a “KKK member holding a whip” around campus on Monday night. iu students be […]