Stewart mocks anti-gay marriage efforts

Jon Stewart mocked traditional marriage activists across the country--even those in Oklahoma, who are actually willing to allow gay marriages, with a Republican bill that takes the power of marriage licenses away from state clerks and transfers it to judges and churches.

Seth Meyers interviews Ted Cruz

If it's gotta be about politics, you can imagine the number of things Sen. Ted Cruz would like to talk about on a late-night show.

Stewart takes Secret Service to task
Earlier this month, drunk Secret Service agents hit a White House barricade while driving back from a party celebrating a colleague. On Monday’s “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart declared that the drunk agents weren’t the only ones in need of an intervention. The media, he said, needed one too. “Neither of them are very good […]
Kanye on his tricky history with Obama
Kanye West and President Obama have a very complicated history — the president once called the rapper a “jackass,” and Kanye has accused him of “using” him for votes — but the two had seemed to have turned a corner recently. Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian, had posted on social media about meeting with […]
Jon Stewart mocks Christie, Menendez

There are few things Jon Stewart loves more than making digs at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie--but at least this time he also threw in some jabs at Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, who is currently facing corruption charges.

White House

Jon Voight: ‘President Obama does not love Israel’

Actor Jon Voight has released an "urgent message" slamming President Obama’s Israel policies, and suggesting that making a deal with Iran is like Neville Chamberlain appeasing Hitler.

Obama jokes about Hillary’s emails, 2016 candidates during Gridiron dinner
Nothing was off-limits for President Obama Saturday night at the 2015 Gridiron Dinner. From the GOP Senator’s Iran letter to Hillary Clinton’s emails, the president lightheartedly joked about it all. Clinton’s email scandal mostly just proves that he is no longer the tech-savvy candidate that he was back in 2008 when he beat her. “It […]
Obama pushes for Americans to sign his ‘Student Aid Bill of Rights’ in weekly address
President Obama announced his new “Student Aid Bill of Rights” this week and has been using every avenue available to try and get Americans to sign what he calls the “simple declaration of values.” This list of four “rights” was the subject of his weekly address Saturday. “In an economy increasingly built on innovation, the […]
Secret Service investigating agents’ crash near White House
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Homeland Security Department is investigating two senior Secret Service agents accused of crashing a car into a White House security barrier, an agency spokesman says. Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback said Wednesday that recently appointed Director Joseph Clancy has been briefed on the March 4 incident. Clancy has asked the Homeland Security Department’s […]
Obama announces, signs ‘Student Aid Bill of Rights’
President Obama announced and signed a so-called “Student Aid Bill of Rights” Tuesday, along with a series a executive actions he plans to take on student loans. “It’s an executive action that we’re able to take to streamline and improve the manner in which the federal government interacts with students,” Obama told reporters in the Oval Office […]


Paul: Can't trust Hillary 'to do the right thing'
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is calling for an independent investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mystery emails. Paul appeared on ‘The Today Show” Wednesday to talk about why her “explanation” and excuses for the missing emails and home-based servers have eroded any trust he ever had in her and should eliminate any the […]
Peter King bashes Rand Paul and Ted Cruz

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) just can't get enough of bashing Senators Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Highlights from the Great Diplomatic Food Fight

A recap of what's transpired so far.

Feinstein urges Hillary to 'step up' and explain

Republicans have been widely condemning Hillary Clinton's private email use--but now it appears even top Democrats may not be on her side.

Ted Cruz cites 'breathtaking' support for 2016

From the sound of it, Ted Cruz is feeling pretty good about 2016.

Gun industry promotes college shooting teams
WASHINGTON POST — In between completing problem sets, writing code, organizing hackathons, worrying about internships and building solar cars,a group of MIT students make their way to the athletic center, where they stand side-by-side, load their guns and fire away. They are majoring in biological engineering, brain and cognitive sciences, aeronautics, mechanical engineering, computer science […]
The worst round of Jeopardy ever?

“This was not one of our greatest days.”

'Iron Man' gifts kid a special arm

Robert Downey, Jr. is one of Hollywood's most charismatic and popular figures. It's easy to see why after this tremendous gesture.

Dinosaurs singing The Notorious B.I.G.

You might remember “Dinosaurs,” the bizarre animated TV show that ran on ABC for four seasons in the 90s. But even if you don’t, this mashup is still completely mesmerizing.

2 officers shot at Ferguson protest
FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Two officers were shot in front of the Ferguson Police Department early Thursday, authorities said, as demonstrators gathered after the city’s police chief resigned in the wake of a scathing Justice Department report alleging bias in the police department and court. A 32-year-old officer from nearby Webster Groves was shot in […]


Maine officials debate minimum wage hike
There’s no question that the minimum wage is a hot topic in Maine these days. There are currently eight bills in front of Maine lawmakers proposing an increase in the state’s minimum wage, according to local news station WABI. The bills have slight differences in the amount the wage will increase — ranging from $8 to $12 —  and as […]
Two lawsuits target FCC's 'arbitrary' new rules

The next step in the net neutrality fight has arrived: litigation.

Marco Rubio unveils his Obamacare alternative
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) unveiled his Obamcare alternative Monday, complete with a three-step plan that he believes is the best course of action should the Supreme Court essentially gut the healthcare law in their King v. Burwell decision this summer. “To mitigate the fallout that will come with the collapse of this law, and to meet the […]
Texas bill would ban filming cops up close

If a Texas state representative gets his way, filming a cop too close would land violators with 180 days of jail-time and a $2,000 fine.

The net neutrality fight is not dead yet

Once the FCC has dropped its new rules to regulate the internet last month, the lobbyists were not far behind.


DOE fails to solve debt collector problem
Like a case of bed bugs, this is a problem the U.S. Department of Education can’t seem to get rid of. Two of the debt collection agencies that the DOE fired earlier this month because they had made “inaccurate representations” to borrowers are still collecting defaulted rates through a separate contract, Inside Higher Ed reported. Inside Higher Ed learned […]
Red Alert Podcast: Ashley Dobson on UC Irvine

Deputy Editor Ashley Dobson talks with host Michael Koolidge about the controversy on the campus of UC-Irvine after a "flag ban" proposal appeared in its student government.

Study: Federal student loan data severely lacking
Federal student loans represent “fundamentally different” relationship between borrowers and their debt than other financial obligations and current federal data doesn’t take that into account, a new study by the New America think tank found. The report, released Wednesday, took information on student loan debt from several focus groups across the country and analyzed it. It found […]
Professors come out in support of UCI 'flag ban'
More than 60 University of California, Irvine professors have come out in support of the six student members of the Legislative Council who voted for a so-called “flag ban” on campus, according to signatures on an online petition discovered by Campus Reform.  Last week six members of the Legislative Council, essentially a sub-committee of the […]
Obama finds support for higher ed regulation
The Obama administration’s “gainful employment” rule didn’t find many fans in the education world when it was first released last October. The rule cuts off access to federal student-aid dollars for vocational programs that the Education Department believes have too many students struggling to pay back student loans after graduation. This rule disproportionately impacts for-profit institutions and the primarily […]