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Stewart helps Obama bash Fox News

Stewart, ever the president's biggest fan, demanded, "How f—ing removed from reality is Fox’s perception of their own coverage on poverty?"

Ne-Yo wants to write a song for Hillary

Singer Ne-Yo is the latest celebrity to express his support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, telling The Hill in a recent interview that she just might be the 2016 contender to inspire a song.

John Oliver: I’m not a journalist

Lots of people really want John Oliver to call himself a journalist.

Kanye West compliments George W. Bush

Kanye West bizarrely referred to George W. Bush during his acceptance speech of an honorary degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Monday, sarcastically complimenting the former president on his painting skills.

Bill Clinton on moving back into the WH
Former President Bill Clinton was on The Late Show with David Letterman for the final time Wednesday night. Letterman asked him what the chances  are of him moving back into the White House, noting Hillary’s run for president. “If Hillary wins the election, the chances are 100 percent… if I’m asked,” Clinton joked. The former president also […]


Republicans satisfied with 2016 field

According a Pew Research Center study, 57 percent of Republican and right-leaning registered voters have a favorable opinion of the crop of candidates running for their party's nomination in 2016.

Super PAC backing Hillary struggling to fundraise

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal late Wednesday, the super PAC Priorities USA Action supporting Clinton in her presidential bid is experiencing some fundraising trouble.

Marco Rubio receives first celebrity endorsement

The Florida senator and official GOP candidate for president has just received a big celebrity endorsement from Rick Harrison of the popular show "Pawn Stars," according to a report in the Las Vegas Sun.

Trump: Bush is dumb, Rubio is stupid

Potential GOP presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump weighed in on several of his 2016 challengers in a segment for ABC News, particularly expressing his negative assessments of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

Bernie Sanders hints support of pot legalization

While he supports medical marijuana use, Bernie Sanders has never quite come out in favor of recreational marijuana legalization.


Rand Paul filibusters the Patriot Act

Will he break his nearly-13-hour record from his drone filibuster?

Federal judge deals blow to D.C. gun-control law

U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. placed a hold on a Washington, D.C., requirement that he believed took away residents' Second Amendment rights.

Texas preps for battle over gun rights after Waco
Texas is gearing up for a battle over gun rights after the Waco shooting. According to The Hill, gun control advocates aren’t letting a good crisis go to waste. They call the shootout between rival biker gangs that left nine dead “a wake-up call.” “Dear #Texas lawmakers: more guns in more places with fewer safeguards not winning […]
Poll: Most Americans oppose renewing Patriot Act

Americans oppose renewing the Patriot Act by a nearly two to one margin, according to a new poll commissioned by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

FBI worried about license plate readers

Privacy advocates have long raised the alarm about government use of license plate readers.


Report: Room of white people is 'microaggression'

Are you white? Are you sitting in a room with other white people? You better check that white privilege and be careful, because you might be microaggressing someone at this very moment.

BU professor calls anti-white tweets 'indelicate'
The anti-white professor at Boston University has finally spoken out about her controversial tweets on race, saying she regrets speaking “indelicately.” But at no point while expressing her regret did she apologize or say that she didn’t agree with the sentiments expressed in her tweets. Newly hired BU professor Saida Grundy came under fire over the […]
Liberal grad speakers outnumber conservatives
Universities continue as a liberal breeding ground all the way up until graduation day. Young America’s Foundation conducted its annual survey of college commencements and found that liberal graduation speakers outnumber conservative speakers six-to-one. The numbers were even more damning for the elite universities. Among the top 50 universities, the disparities of liberals and conservatives grew […]
Prof requires students to take final in the nude
A taxpayer-funded university class in California has apparently required its students to strip down to take the final exam for the past 11 years. News broke this week that UC San Diego Associate Professor Ricardo Dominguez, who has been teaching “Visual Arts 104A: Performing the Self” for more than a decade, requires his students to perform nude for […]
2015 college graduates have the most debt

Along with the average student debt, the share of students taking out loans to fund college is also increasing. Whereas 64 percent of students graduating with a bachelor's degree a decade ago left school having to pay back a loan, that same figure stands at nearly 71 percent in 2015.


Bachmann: Clintons use poor people as human shield

Former Minnesota congresswoman and star of the forthcoming "Sharknado 3" Michele Bachmann slammed Hillary and Bill Clinton during an appearance on NewsmaxTV Tuesday, accusing the pair of using their charity to support their "pompous lifestyle."

Donovan wins election to replace Michael Grimm
In New York’s 11th congressional district, District Attorney Dan Donovan (R-Staten Island) has been declared the winner. Early results show Donovan winning the election with nearly 60 percent of the vote against his Democratic challenger Councilman Vincent Gentile (D-Brooklyn). Congressman-elect Donovan will be replacing disgraced former Rep. Michael Grimm, who was forced to resign after pleading […]
Where in the world is Aaron Schock?

Thursday, the Associated Press reported that Aaron Schock, the former Illinois congressman who resigned in March amid a spending scandal, is nowhere to be found.

Dems seek $12 an hour federal minimum wage
Congressional Democrats are no longer satisfied with their failed $10.10 federal minimum wage proposal. They now are pushing for a wage increase that would bring it up to $12 an hour by 2020. The Raise the Wage Act was introduced Thursday, despite Republican control of both chambers of Congress, The Hill reported.  Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), sponsored the […]
The lone GOP Sen supporting gay marriage at SCOTUS

Sen. Kirk made remarks about his personal support of gay marriage as the Supreme Court justices heard arguments in crucial cases that could result in same-sex marriage being legalized nationally.

From Around the Web

McDonald's abandons their values, sells kale

Not even McDonalds can escape the omnipresent health food they once mocked: kale.

Science writer concerned about Mars' rape culture

Wake up, America: "The first woman to be raped in space has probably already been born."

Army vet gets letter notifying him of his death
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs  can add another costly mistake to its lengthy list.  Robert Pressley, an Army veteran living in Wilmington, N.C., found out from his ex-wife that both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense believe he is dead. She had received letters informing her of his demise, plus two checks […]
Did feminists just chase Joss Whedon off Twitter?

Joss Whedon, the director of Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron," abruptly deleted his Twitter account on Monday.

2 gunmen killed outside Muhammad cartoon contest
GARLAND, Texas (AP) — Two gunmen were killed Sunday after opening fire on a security officer outside a provocative contest for cartoon depictions of Prophet Muhammad in Texas and a bomb squad was called in to search their vehicle as a precaution, authorities said. The men drove up to the Curtis Culwell Center in the […]