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Red Alert Politics announces all '30 Under 30' winners

FINAL RESULTS NY Times Exit Polls55.037.0**
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Shaq: Stop protesting Trump, give him a chance

During his playing days Hack-a-Shaq was a popular strategy in basketball to foul NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal...

Viral: 7-year-old girl shoots a deer, shatters stereotypes

Responsible gun ownership means practicing gun safety and teaching your kids how to behave around firearms A video of...

California chooses illegal immigrants over American students: Sanctuary campuses and lower tuition

The University of California UC system is known as one of the best education programs in the world Along...

'Cosmo' calls Victoria's Secret lingerie "racist" (then pulls article)

Social Justice Warriors received blowback after claiming that everything is racist This time the Victoria Secret Fashion Show has...

Angry Trump/Clinton aides could learn from Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah

The morning after Harvard University is ground zero from the blood spilt between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's campaign...

'Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe slays anti-flag colleges

As the cry-bullies continue to object to the election results Mike Rowe is putting college protestors in their place...

Katy Perry's sad rant: Trump's win "triggered" me, "frightened like a child"

Hillary Clinton presented one of her most loyal supporters singer Katy Perry with the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award at...

Rand Paul wants Sen. Bob Corker for Secretary of State

Senator Rand Paul has been an admirer of Donald Trump's willingness to campaign against the hawkish foreign policy of...

China censorship crack down: No more Kim Jong-un fat jokes

China has a long reputation for censoring political speech and dissent against their own government But now the Chinese...

The Trump Era: A new generation of blue-collar work

Since President-Elect Donald Trump announced a deal with Carrier to keep jobs in Indiana instead of Monterrey Mexico President...

Lower court vacancies: More Important than Scalia’s replacement

Since the start of the election voters were fixated on one crucial issue who will replace Supreme Court Justice...

The rise of populism grows in Europe

This is the political label that floats around either as an insult compliment or simple reality when...

Cost of Obama's student loan bailout blows away initial estimate

By ALICE B LLOYD Weekly Standard
The Obama administration's income-driven repayment program will cost more than twice as...

We may never know how many illegal immigrants vote

Donald Trump recently tweeted that he would have won the popular vote if not for the millions of people...

Obama says "young people" will save Democrats. He's wrong

Rolling Stone has put President Barack Obama on their cover ten times and in their final exit interview of...

Yuge: U.S. to forgive $108 billion in student loan debt

Millennials don't want a handout from the government However when it comes to student loans they need all the...

Tomi Lahren vs. Trevor Noah: The Daily Show interview everyone is talking about

No matter how hard Trevor Noah tries he just can't quit Tomi Lahren
On Wednesday night the Daily...

South Park trolls Donald Trump to bomb Denmark

If we've learned anything over the last year and a half it's that it's easy to provoke President-elect Donald...

Levi's CEO: Our stores are now gun-free zones

Liberals just don't get it when it comes to guns
In an open letter sent to customers the...

Professor: Your penis/vagina are a social construct

Give social justice warriors (SJW) an inch, and they'll take an entire organ away from you....