Pussy Riot sings 'I Can't Breathe'

Pussy Riot, the infamous Russian protest group, has produced an evocative English-language tribute to Eric Garner, titled after his last words: “I Can’t Breathe.”

'Serial' parody investigates Williams

With “Serial” slated for a second season, there’s only one subject whose ability to tell an accurate story might be even worse than Jay’s—Brian Williams.

Palin mulls a 2016 run on 'SNL 40'
Sarah Palin returned to “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend to help celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary. Palin, who was famously satirized on the show by Tina Fey for her vice presidential run in 2008, mocked her own presidential ambitions during a segment with comedian Jerry Seinfeld. While taking questions from a celebrity filled audience, […]
Stewart on Alabama gay rights

Jon Stewart dove into gay rights issues in Kansas and Alabama Wednesday night, beginning with a commentary on Kansas removing protections for LGBT employees.

Kimmel's hilarious '700 Club' mashup

Jimmy Kimmel, seeking to disprove those who would demean the educational value of TV, dove deep into one of our greatest national resources of wisdom: the 700 Club.

White House

Obama administration won’t release IRS scandal documents to press — and the reasons are insulting

The Obama administration is withholding hundreds of documents related to the IRS targeting scandal from a Washington, D.C.-based newspaper, and multiple aspects of the story are total head-scratchers.

Obama: Because companies aren’t treating workers well, we need to change tax laws

He's clearly empowered to toy with the tax structure to offset what he sees as negative changes to the corporate economy over time.

Poll: Obama gets credit for improving economy, lowering unemployment
President Obama continues to get credit for the improving economy and lower unemployment rates, a new poll found. The latest Associated Press-GfK poll found that 51 percent approve of his handling of unemployment, compared with 44 percent in December 2014. Nearly half of respondents said that the economy was good, while just 41 percent felt that way […]
Obama didn’t consult community colleges for his community college plan — or anyone, for that matter

The gist of a New York Times story published Friday about President Obama's community college proposal is that he didn't consult anyone about it.

Politifact: Obama exaggerated on higher education in Youtube interview
President Obama’s interview with Youtube celebrities GloZell Green, Bethany Mota and Hank Green surprised a lot of critics with the more serious questions that were asked. But that doesn’t mean that Obama gave them a completely serious answer. According to Politifact, he took some liberties when discussing politician’s roles in higher education. Mota, 19, asked Obama, “Why should […]


Ted Cruz mocks Obama in net neutrality parody

What if the government took over the internet?

Rep. Amash rips Rubio's support of PATRIOT Act

Rising stars among the congressional right, Reps. Justin Amash and Thomas Massie spoke together to a friendly crowd at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington D.C. Saturday about who's in -- and out -- of the libertarian cohort in Congress.

Rand Paul made Hillary Clinton a Pinterest account

Rand and his team of trolls are at it again--this time setting up a Valentines Day Pinterest board for their bff, Hillary.

Rep. Jones: Obama's AUMF a 'blank check'
Rep.Walter Jones’ (R- N.C.) opposition to American military involvement in the Middle East was almost biblical as he spoke to a packed conference room at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington D.C. Friday. Jones told the crowd his journey from proposing “Freedom Fries” to being the most vocally anti-war Republican in the House. […]
New bill: No porn on taxxxpayers' dime

While many federal agencies have rules prohibiting employees from looking at porn and other inappropriate websites, a House Republican wants to ban it by law.

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Pro-gun rights shirt comes with a legal disclaimer

A sign of the times, or a testament to the artist’s realism?

What is the #BostonBlizzardChallenge?

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is hot about the way some residents are using the snow-covered ground.

Sharpton and de Blasio in '50 Shades of Bill'

Something you probably never wanted to think about: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Rev. Al Sharpton starring in "50 Shades of Grey."

Jack White blasts media over guac incident

Have no fear: Jack White is here to set the record straight on whose guac recipe that is.

Federal judge stalls Obama's immigration action
HOUSTON (AP) — A federal judge in South Texas has temporarily blocked President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration, giving a coalition of 26 states time to pursue a lawsuit that aims to permanently stop the orders. U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen’s decision late Monday puts on hold Obama’s orders that could spare from deportation […]


Florida police track phones without a court order

More evidence that it’s not just the NSA watching you: at least 11 Florida police forces have been using intrusive “Stringray” tracking devices to record the movements of residents without their knowledge, according to law enforcement records obtained by the ACLU.

Pot is now legal in Alaska, but questions remain

Starting Tuesday, pot is legal in Alaska—but with a lot of caveats and confusion.

Bad coding to blame for Healthcare.gov tax mistake
This is a storyline that feels all too familiar. A federal health official confirmed Monday that the Obamacare glitch that sent the wrong tax information to 800,000  people who enrolled in insurance policies through HealthCare.gov was the result of a “coding error,” according to The Hill.  Apparently on about 20 percent of the tax forms the […]
Snowden's post-Oscars Reddit AMA

How would Edward Snowden have accepted the Oscar for “Citizen Four” if he could have been present?

Senator's bill would help veterans become EMTs

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R., La.) wants to make it easier for combat veterans to obtain EMT licensing and other medical certification, by waiving training requirements for courses they’ve already taken through the military.


Rowe weighs in on Scott Walker college controversy
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dropped out of college and some, most notably liberal Howard Dean, are saying that this will kill his chances for a presidential bid in 2016. Mike Rowe was asked by a fan whether or not a college degree should be a requirement for elected office and per usual, his response was […]
Slate: Free speech has no place in college
Turning 18 years old can be a magical age. With it comes the ability to vote, to smoke, to buy porn, to enlist and go to war for your country. But despite these freedoms and the ability to fight for other people’s freedoms, Eric Posner, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School and writer for […]
Study: U.S. millennials rank poorly on education

American millennials really can't catch a break.

ISFLC: Student loans are a government trap
Higher education has become an expensive trap for young people in America, a panelist at the International Students for Liberty Conference said Friday.  Logan Albright from FreedomWorks spoke about education during the “It Sucks to be Young: 4 Ways the Government Screws America’s Youth” panel and he explained how the Obama administration’s focus on college degrees and the […]
U of Tulsa suspends student for husband's Facebook
This situation at the University of Tulsa is unbelievable. The school has decided to ignore all constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of the press and due process as they prevent a student from graduating for Facebook posts written by someone else. “The University of Tulsa’s speech police are putting in some serious overtime on […]