Larry David returns to SNL
Saturday Night Live brought back Larry Sanders to play Bernie Sanders in their “Cold Open” of Thursday’s Brooklyn debate. In her introduction, Hillary Clinton noted that while she can’t wait to be president, she won’t be getting ahead of herself, “in public. In private, I’ve been president for 15 years.” Sanders assured the crowd that he […]
Kids do impressions of Donald Trump
For Friday’s “Kid impressions,” segment, Jimmy Fallon featured the submissions of children doing their Donald Trump impressions. “We have so many submissions,” Fallon laughed as he showed some of his favorites. Kids of all ages imitated Trump’s comments about “building a big, beautiful, powerful wall,” as well as his comments about “so much winning,” and who […]
Meyers: Trump may 'buy off' delegates
Donald Trump’s temper tantrum about “winning over delegates” has prompted Seth Meyers to ponder how effective Trump actually is at dealmaking. “Donald Trump remains the front-runner for the GOP nomination, but he’s lagging far behind Ted Cruz in one crucial aspect of the race,” Meyers pointed out in his “A Closer Look” segment. Trump and his […]
Fallon: What it's like to campaign in NY
The newsworthy moments of the weeks-long campaign for the New York primary have provided perfect material for Jimmy Fallon’s “Pros and Cons: Campaigning in New York.” The pros and cons addressed various gaffes from candidates, the connections that candidates have to the state, and Hamilton.  For instance, “Bernie Sanders was able to get Hamilton tickets from a guy he knew,” but […]
Sister pranked of zombie apocalypse
A staffer for Marco Rubio recently had success in going viral, but the attention came for zombies, not politicians. Cabot Phillips, the digital grassroots director for Senator Marco Rubio, tamed up with his brother to prank their sister after she had her wisdom teeth removed. Using, a fake radio alert, they convinced her a zombie apocalypse […]


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Should friendships end over Donald Trump?
It’s okay to be friends with those of different political opinions, but the moral failings of Donald Trump are just too much for some people. So declared Isaac Chotiner in Slate as a response to New York Times columnist Peter Wehner’s “Friendship in the Age of Trump.” As the article progresses it seems that it’s not only okay for friendships […]
A Trump/Sanders independent ticket would win
The two candidates who have created the most energy in politics during 2016 are both on the verge of being shut out at their conventions. Donald Trump’s lead has grown in recent days, but unless he nearly sweeps California and Indiana, he will still likely come short of the 1237 delegates he will need on the first […]
Ballot selfies? Snapchat fighting to make it legal
Taking a selfie while voting may be part of the political experience for some. In other states it’s banned, with penalties ranging in severity. Snapchat isn’t merely an outlet for users who can take such selfies. On Friday the app filed an amicus brief in a New Hampshire case dealing with a selfie ban on behalf of […]
Billionaire Dem using super PAC to buy youth vote
Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer is spending big bucks to influence the 2016 election, and he is banking on millennials — who make up a growing share of the electorate and tend to be passionate about climate change — to provide a return on his investment. The billionaire announced Monday that his super PAC will spend $25 […]
Trump University fraud case is going to trial
A New York judge announced that the fraud case against Donald Trump’s defunct real estate “university” will move forward, despite the Republican front-runner’s attempts to get the charges against him thrown out. Fox News reported that New York County Supreme Court Judge Cynthia Kern decided the case would go to trial at a hearing on Tuesday. Although any […]


Chelsea Clinton: Scalia's death = gun control
In an effort to win votes from the far-left, Chelsea Clinton is making it no secret that the country will get stricter gun control laws if her mom becomes president. The Washington Free Beacon reported that Chelsea attended an event in Maryland on Thursday and promised activists that gun control was coming through the Supreme Court if her mom […]
Author: “I get tired of defending" Gen-Y
For one millennial entrepreneur, running a business isn’t narrowly focused on generating revenue. It’s about the freedom to create his own lifestyle. “Millennials are much more in tune with creating a business that suits their life than they are just about creating a business that generates revenue,” Brandon Dempsey said. He would know. Dempsey is […]
Gen Y: The most stressed about money
The media has spent months wondering why young people have gravitated towards right and left-wing populists. Many pundits claim that the center of political gravity has shifted. However, a new study by Price Waterhouse Cooper showed that the populist appeal may exist because Gen Y is overly stressed about money. PwC reported on Thursday that millennials are far more […]
Rand Paul's massive libertarian 'War on Poverty'
Rand Paul wants to re-launch the War on Poverty — with a libertarian twist. On Monday, the Kentucky senator announced his “economic freedom zones” amendment to an energy bill that would target high-poverty areas of the country for entrepreneurship and reduced taxes, according to a press release. “Economic Freedom Zones would be the largest anti-poverty […]
4/20: Pro-weed group grades Cruz, Sanders
In honor of 4/20, an unofficial national holiday for the cannabis culture, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), released its Congressional Scorecard, which assigns a letter grade to members of Congress based on their marijuana-related comments and voting record. An ‘A’ grade indicates that a member has publicly declared his or […]


Poll:College didn't teach critical thinking skills
Despite an education system enrolling over 15 million students, bestowing over two million degrees yearly, and funded in part by over $16 billion annually from the federal government, college graduates have overwhelmingly discovered they lack the core virtue of critical thinking in the workplace. 1,600 recent graduates from ten colleges and universities were interviewed in a […]
Trump top choice to rename Robert E. Lee school
In addition to Trump University, Donald Trump may now have an elementary school named after him in Austin, Texas if community members have their say. Last month, the Austin Independent School District voted to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary School and asked the public for their input. Of the 228 names suggested, Donald J. Trump Elementary was at […]
UNC: Reportable bias can mean 'any behavior'
A “Bias Response Team” (BRT) at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) has targeted unpopular speech in a way that verges on the unconstitutional. The team follows a troubling pattern of similar teams on other campuses. During the 2014-2015 school year, there were a total of 44 bias-related incidents reported. The university’s Bias Response Team, formed […]
As tuition climbs, 100s of college food banks open
The high cost of attending college has driven universities to open, or expand, food pantries for low-income students. When the Texas Tribune investigated, they found that “in recent years, at least 14 colleges in Texas and hundreds across the country have opened food pantries.” The uptick has been in response to a greater concern over […]
Conservative removed as Bucknell class president
Students at Bucknell are now being punished after engaging in conservative beliefs and activities, Tom Cicciotta, Junior Class President, has been removed from his position. Ciccotta had also taken on five instead of the regular four classes and writes part-time for Breitbart, which notes he was removed “for no practical reason.” Ciccotta has helped bring conservative speakers to campus and has also […]


Ryan first speaker with beard in nearly 100 years
Paul Ryan has been known to be clean shaven, at least up until now that is. Now that he has a new job as Speaker of the House, Ryan’s got a new look. And it turns out to be a distinction. Ryan shared on Facebook how he’s the first Speaker in nearly 100 years to […]
Congresswoman tells SNL to disinvite Trump
The controversy surrounding Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live has grown so far-reaching that members of Congress have taken to raising the issue on the House floor. Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.) used her one minute of time Wednesday to passionately call on SNL to disinvite Trump. C-SPAN uploaded the video to their Facebook page, and many of the […]
Paul Ryan elected youngest Speaker since 1875
Out with the old, in with the new… On Thursday morning, Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.) was elected the youngest Speaker of the House since 1875. John Boehner will resign on his previously announced projected date of Oct. 30. The Hill reported that Ryan received 236 votes (he needed 218 to become Speaker) to Rep. Daniel […]
Paul Ryan announces Speaker bid
Upate (10/28/15): Paul D. Ryan is now the official Republican nominee for Speaker of the House. While he only won 200 votes in the conference, he is widely expected to get the 218 he needs to win the floor vote coming up when Speaker Boehner retires on October 30. — Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has […]
Amash endorses Ryan for Speaker
The support for Rep. Paul Ryan for Speaker has been increasing. The Detroit News reported on Thursday that Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) of the Freedom Caucus has endorsed Ryan. In previous years, Amash never voted to support Speaker John Boehner on the floor–voting for Rep. Raul Labrador in 2013 and Rep. Jim Jordan earlier this […]

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BREAKING: Jackson out, Tubman In on $20 bill
Our nation’s first populist president is no longer in the people’s favor — well, not Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s favor anyway. Politico reported that Lew will make an announcement on Wednesday announcing that Alexander Hamilton will remain on the $10, but former President Andrew Jackson will be removed from the $20 bill. Even though Hamilton […]
Gen Y couple attacks cop they thought was a fake
A millennial couple visiting New York City from Virginia spent a night in jail instead of their hotel room after they attacked a police officer who they believed was a fake cop. DNA Info reported that Alexander Telinde and Emily Weber were stopped by a New York City transit cop after the young man jumped a turnstile and tried to […]
White Privilege Conference offends liberals
The 17th Annual White Privilege Conference was held in Philadelphia from April 15-17, and social justice warriors were able to spend one glorious weekend indulging in their endless bitching about how everything offends them. According to The Daily Caller, whose reporters attended the event, some actions and phrases offended worse than others. Saying the phrase “a nation […]
Liberal millennial news sites are failing
Liberal millennial websites are having a rough start to 2016. Ad revenue is collapsing, layoffs are increasing, and let’s face it — there are only so many stories involving cat GIFs or 90s nostalgia that can fit in between all the liberal news stories. Vanity Fair reported on Tuesday that BuzzFeed, the king of millennial […]
Real idea: Use drones to vaccinate prairie dogs
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to hear from the public about a proposed plan to vaccinate prairie dogs in northeastern Montana by using drones. The vaccination aims to combat the sylvatic plague, which “can kill virtually all the prairie dogs on entire colonies” and harms the black-footed ferrets that prey on them, according […]