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Megan Fox steps away from sexy roles
Actress Megan Fox is known for her sex appeal, but now that she is a young mom, she’s taking a step back from roles. Fox explained to The Sun that she’s done taking those which involve sex scenes, in case her sons were to ever see them, since she doesn’t “think my boys could handle that” and […]
What's in a Trump nickname?
The secret behind Donald Trump’s nicknames for his opponents might be a schoolyard bully. Trump has one for Bernie Sanders, whom he calls “crazy Bernie, because he’s not very good.” Stephen Colbert pointed out for Wednesday’s The Late Show that Trump is “not very good” either “when it comes to knowing the meaning of the world ‘crazy.'” Colbert cautioned […]
This book explains Donald Trump to kids
For those who need help explaining what a Trump is, actor and author Michael Ian Black has the answer. Black previewed his first children’s book on Donald Trump, A Child’s First Book of Trump, for Tuesday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.  One excerpt from the book made fun of Trump’s physical appearance, including his hair, orange skin, and hands. Another […]
Meyers: Trump is a Magic 8 ball
Seth Meyers devoted Monday’s “A Closer Look” segment for Late Night to “Trump Transforms for the General Election” and epically congratulated Trump. Meyers referenced Trump’s rebuke of Chris Cuomo for not congratulating him and wanted to correct the record. “I realized we at Late Night talk about Trump all the time,” Meyers said. “And we haven’t congratulated him either, so if you’re […]
SNL: Trump in church, Cruz as Satan
Dana Carvey reprised his role as Church Lady on “Church Chat” for Saturday Night Live to talk about the presidential race. The match-up is between “a Godless liberal Democrat and Hillary Clinton,” Church Lady noted. The first guest was introduced as Satan, but turned out to be Ted Cruz. Church Lady quoted John Boehner referring to Cruz as “Lucifer […]


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GOP struggles to control party platform
Conservative Republicans are determined to toe the party line on social issues at the 2016 Republican National Convention this summer, and insist that presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s platform is not necessarily the platform of the Republican Party. In response to the pressure to embrace LBGT-friendly policies, members of the Republican National Committee are attempting to get conservative […]
The biggest threat to Trump? Gary Johnson
Presumptive Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is a long shot for the White House, but he’s cemented himself in the 2016 election. Kingmaker he is not — spoilermaker he could be. “Given that Trump and Clinton are sporting historically high negative ratings, Johnson’s polling makes a fair bit of sense; Gary Johnson is neither Donald Trump […]
How Trump can attract millennials
Two major millennial polls came out this week that shouldn’t be seen as unrelated. First, an ABC News poll revealed Donald Trump’s recent surge in the polls was driven by a 36 percent swing among millennial voters. In March, Trump trailed Hillary Clinton by 39 percent among voters under age 30; now, he trails her […]
Poll: GOP hemorrhaging Asian American voters
  Updated to include statement from Ninio Fetalvo, RNC spokesman.  History may be doomed to repeat itself for the GOP, at least when it comes to Asian American voters. In 2012, Mitt Romney lost the demographic worst of all, earning only 26 percent of the Asian American vote. Trump may lose the demographic by even […]
Poll: Clinton and Trump are “snobby, arrogant"
Party loyalists are starting to coalesce around Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as their likely presidential nominees, while independent voters continue to hold both party front-runners in almost equal disdain, according to the latest wave of data from the Reputation Institute’s 2016 presidential election RepTrak study. As a Hillary Clinton nomination appears to be inevitable, […]


Poll: Less than half of millennials support Israel
For over a decade, Americans of all ages have held similar views concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict. That is no longer the case. A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed that millennials are the only age group in which less than half (43%) sympathize with Israel, while 27% sympathize more with Palestinians. According […]
milennials expect to work until death
For millennials, “retirement” is synonymous with “utopia.” Twelve percent of millennials in the United States and worldwide believe that they will never retire and work until they die, according to a survey released Tuesday by Manpower Group, a company specializing in “workforce solutions.” The survey collected results from 19,000 employed millennials in 25 countries. The United States, at […]
Ban skinny jeans to stop bullying?
A North Carolina school system has proposed a ban of skinny jeans and other tight-fitting clothing, creating a wave of opposition from parents and students. The New Hanover County School System in Wilmington is considering a policy to ban all form-fitting pants, including skinny jeans and leggings, unless the garment is worn with a dress […]
Study: Millennials raid their retirement accounts
Millennials are choosing much different methods of investing money than their parents, a shift that has come about as a result of economic changes, job market development, and generational growth. After their experiences with student debt and an increasingly competitive job market, millennials are not making risky investments, at least any time soon. “They focus on short-term needs […]
Survey: Millennial can't afford big cities anymore
North American millennials are cost-conscious and fleeing their cities in droves, but they’re not running to rural enclaves just yet. A global survey of urban millennials from YouthfulCities found that young workers in America and Canada have the itchiest feet and think their city governments are most responsive. Breaking slightly from the global trend, they’re […]


New campus effort to ban freedom of association
Colleges have grown tired of only restricting the free-speech rights of students — their newest target is freedom of association. Under the guise of ending “a system of privilege and oppression,” Northwestern University will require student groups to “begin admitting any interested students by next year or they will lose university funding,” according to Inside […]
College enrollments struggle and flop
Spring college enrollments dropped, following a years-long trend in fall enrollments that show students are less enthusiastic about the prospect (and cost) of a degree. Overall enrollments fell by 1.3 percent compared to last spring, according to Inside Higher Ed. The data, from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, showed that four-year public and private […]
Mobile app tracks consent before campus sex acts
The state of sexual encounters on campus has become so problematic that a mobile app might be a student’s best bet in avoiding assault accusations. YES to SEX is an app which allows students to record their consent, but higher education experts are still unsure if it will do much to help, The Washington Times reported. […]
Tired Trump? Huffington chides for not sleeping
Arianna Huffington managed to promote her new book while poking fun at Donald Trump for Sunday’s Colby College commencement address. The Sleep Revolution promotes the importance of getting enough sleep, a topic Colby students might already be familiar with. Huffington visited the campus for her book’s college tour. During Sunday’s speech, Huffington suggested that Trump is not getting […]
Jackie in RS story made up alleged attacker
The details of the alleged gang rape student Jackie suffered while at a Phi Kappa Psi frat party at the University of Virginia keep getting stranger. Jackie may have likely created the attacker who for the story she told to Rolling Stone, which eventually retracted their December 2014 story in April 2015. The magazine has […]


Amash: 'They're coming for your privacy'
Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to try to warn voters that Congress is debating a bill that will invade everyone’s privacy. The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act or CISA, has been working through Congress for months; the House passed two versions in April and the Senate passed it’s version in October. Information leaked […]
PAC after shooting: GOP "standing with terrorists"
A major Democrat political group, Democracy for America, has launched a campaign to take advantage of the San Bernardino shootings — accusing Paul Ryan and the GOP of “standing with terrorists.” The campaign admits that, “[t]he tragic situation in San Bernardino is still going on,” yet they couldn’t wait for the bodies to cool before […]
Ryan first speaker with beard in nearly 100 years
Paul Ryan has been known to be clean shaven, at least up until now that is. Now that he has a new job as Speaker of the House, Ryan’s got a new look. And it turns out to be a distinction. Ryan shared on Facebook how he’s the first Speaker in nearly 100 years to […]
Congresswoman tells SNL to disinvite Trump
The controversy surrounding Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live has grown so far-reaching that members of Congress have taken to raising the issue on the House floor. Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.) used her one minute of time Wednesday to passionately call on SNL to disinvite Trump. C-SPAN uploaded the video to their Facebook page, and many of the […]
Paul Ryan elected youngest Speaker since 1875
Out with the old, in with the new… On Thursday morning, Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.) was elected the youngest Speaker of the House since 1875. John Boehner will resign on his previously announced projected date of Oct. 30. The Hill reported that Ryan received 236 votes (he needed 218 to become Speaker) to Rep. Daniel […]

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Iran: Kim Kardashian is 'a foreign operative'
Iran is in the news, and thankfully it has nothing to do with nukes, trade deals, or taking over U.S. ships. Their new war? It’s against Instagram and Kim Kardashian. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp thinks Kardashian is a secret agent because of her skimpy Instagram photos. Seriously. The spokesman for the Guards’ Organized Cyberspace […]
Gaffigan delivers hilarious commencement talk
Do you remember your commencement speaker? Probably not. It was likely someone supposedly important who lectured you about how you must go change the world. Imagine if your speaker was comedian Jim Gaffigan? “Hot Pockets!…” It’s a speech you’d never forget. His theme: “mail order guacamole.” Beyond the comedy, he also shared his inspiring life story: […]
'Renegade Jew' trends on Twitter
It looks like the Republican Party isn’t ready to unite around presumptive nominee Donald Trump anytime soon. In case you missed it, the term “renegade Jew” was a huge trending topic on Twitter Sunday night after Breitbart writer David Horowitz attacked Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol for refusing to support Trump. Horowitz’s controversial article, headlined […]
Superhero prom photo called out as 'sexist'
It’s almost as if people purposefully seek to be offended. Earlier this month, five high school students posed for a super hero prom themed photo. Their dates pull back the young men’s vests to reveal a superhero logo. Fans should be able to rejoice at the idea, but David Jaffe, of the God of War video game […]
Millennial destroys priceless statue for selfie
Western civilization’s priceless artwork has survived war, collapsing governments, revolutions, and natural disasters — but they’re no match for a millennial with a selfie stick. Death and Taxes reported that a 24-year-old was hell-bent on taking a selfie with the statue of Portugal’s King Sebastian I, the king who unsuccessfully tried to conquer Morocco and […]