Stewart dives into McCain vs. Trump

Jon Stewart came back from break just in time to herald the presidential aspirations of Donald Trump, the prospective “first openly a—hole president.”

Pitbull says he won't go to Trump hotels
Donald Trump lost not only the opportunity for a big celebrity endorsement for his presidential run, but also a paying customer. Fusion’s Jorge Ramos had an interview with Armando Perez — better known as Pitbull — on Wednesday and asked the Republican-leaning rapper his thoughts on Trump’s candidacy. “Donald Trump doesn’t become Donald Trump by being […]
Michael Peña calls Trump 'comedy skit'
Donald Trump has found very little love in Tinseltown lately, but one actor said the billionaire’s antics were amusing. Michael Peña, featured in the upcoming superhero movie Ant-Man, couldn’t believe Trump’s campaign strategy. “I thought it was a comedy skit at first. Whoever his campaign manager is, letting him go off on that rant, I […]
Kunis chooses Hillary over her husband
Actress Mila Kunis has always been an outspoken liberal Democrat, but her recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton may have her choosing sides between her man and her hopes of a female president. In an interview with The Telegraph on Saturday, Kunis claimed her outright support Clinton and continued backing of President Obama’s policies. “I would love […]
'Funny or Die' hosts 'Melania Trump'
Funny or Die gave “Melania Trump,” Donald Trump’s third wife, a chance to speak up on her husband’s scandalous comments about Mexican immigrants, and defend her QVC empire. The eloquent Mrs. Trump stands up for her husband’s facts–“I am for sure that there is like one Mexican rapist, right? There has to be. There might even […]


Christie: 'Enjoy' legal pot now, before I win
Other anti-pot-legalization candidates might waffle about their unpopular position—but not Chris Christie! “If you’re getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it,” Christie told a New Hampshire town hall on Tuesday, according to Bloomberg. “As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws.” Christie has never been one to mince words on this subject. Earlier this […]
Trump wants Sarah Palin for a cabinet position
Donald Trump may not be a fan of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R- S.C.), or Hillary Clinton (D) but he has a special place in his heart for a certain “mama grizzly.” During an interview with Mama Grizz Radio’s “The Palin Update” on Monday Trump […]
Mark Cuban praises Trump's political campaign
Billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban praised his former frenemy, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, for his campaign tactics. The Dallas Maverick Blog reported that Cuban took to his texting app, called Cyber Dust, to talk about Trump. “I have to honestly (say) he is probably the best thing to happen […]
Hillary is confused on her support of gay marriage
Hillary Clinton is having a lot of memory lapses on the campaign trail in Iowa. On Sunday, she called the GOP candidates “those guys,” forgetting that there is another woman running besides herself, and on Monday in a local interview she said that she supported marriage equality  “as a right, not to be given or […]
Vine user tattoos "#Jeb4Prez" at 1 million loops
Vine user Vic Berger IV wants to get 1 million loops so badly that he’s willing to get “#Jeb4Prez” tattooed on his neck to make the goal. If this Jeb Vine hits 1,000,000 loops by the end of the weekend, I'll get #Jeb4Prez tattooed on my neck. Please RT https://t.co/tOaczdT9OY— Vic Berger IV (@BestBergerEver) July 25, 2015 […]


Status of LGBT rights goes beyond marriage
The Supreme Court’s recent ruling settled the issue of gay marriage, but broader LGBT rights issues remain unclear and contradictory. The legal framework for LGBT rights will merge from a complicated nexus of non-discrimination, freedom of conscience, and freedom of speech. No federal law prevents workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. Some states have laws […]
Poll: Americans want to get rid of gun-free zones
The Washington Post is shocked that Americans believe gun ownership will protect them from becoming victims. Amber Philips from WaPo wrote an article Monday where she revealed her surprise that a majority of Americans not only support gun rights, but also support Rick Perry’s position that more people carrying guns could prevent a mass shooting like […]
Illegal immigrants being released
A ruling by Obama-appointed U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee that mandated illegal immigrant children and their mothers be released early because of intolerable conditions in detention centers has had huge ramifications. Immigration judges in Texas have begun ordering the release of women and children from detention without bond following Gee’s decision on Friday, the Huffington Post […]
White House refuses petition to pardon Snowden
Contrary to some recent reports, the White House is not softening on Snowden. On Tuesday, the administration responded to a “We the People” petition asking for clemency for Edward Snowden. The White House’s reply (which was, unsurprisingly, a “no”) slammed Snowden’s “dangerous decision” to “steal” information, and accused him of “running away from the consequences of […]
NSA promises to destroy old phone records
The NSA promises it’s going to destroy your phone records—just not quite yet. That’s the gist of the Obama administration’s announcement Monday that the NSA will eventually be required to get rid of all the records they collected under a since-expired metadata collection program. “As soon as possible, NSA will destroy the Section 215 bulk […]


Indiana Univ. discovers how to cut student debt
Indiana University has successfully cut down student loan debt by implementing a fairly simple policy. The university found that students borrowed significantly less for the upcoming academic year when they were told how much they already owe from previous years. This suggests that in addition to higher tuition costs, in some cases, students may be borrowing […]
College student wins $900K in free speech case
A former college student has been vindicated in a long-running free speech case, winning a $900,000 settlement from the school that kicked him out over a Facebook post eight years ago. In 2007, Valdosta State University (VSU) student Hayden Barnes was protesting the building of two new campus parking garages. Barnes, a passionate environmentalist, posted […]
NYU Prof. compares Trump to Hitler
  Scott Walker is not the only GOP presidential candidate being compared to a Nazi dictator. A professor at New York University recently claimed Donald Trump’s “racist rhetoric should be viewed in the repugnant tradition of Hitler.” Dr. Arthur Caplan, who also directs the medical ethics division at NYU, wrote a commentary piece published this week […]
Student aid company charged for deceptive billing
Student Financial Aid Services Inc. (SFAS), known for operating the website FAFSA.com, has been charged with illegally billing students and families millions of dollars in unauthorized service fees. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed a complaint with a federal court in California on Thursday, claiming that company engaged in “deceptive telemarketing acts,” as well as […]
Teacher's union questions 2016 candidates
Earlier this month, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) endorsed Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House, becoming the first major union to endorse a candidate for 2016. The endorsement caused some controversy among other labor leaders who are planning to hold off announcing their endorsements until after July 30 when all of the Democratic candidates […]


Cruz wants investigation into Planned Parenthood
The undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress alleging that Planned Parenthood is harvesting aborted fetal tissue has outraged many conservatives, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). In response to the video, Cruz has called for a full investigation into Planned Parenthood, The Hill  reported Tuesday. “Congress should immediately begin an investigation of Planned Parenthood’s activities regarding […]
House reconsidering ban on the Confederate flag
House Republicans will put forward an amendment on Thursday to undo a ban on the Confederate flag at national cemeteries that they voted in support of just a couple of days ago. The Hill reported that the amendment to the House’s Interior and Environment spending bill would allow the controversial flag to be displayed at cemeteries […]
Reid and Trump used to agree on immigration
The media and Democrats are working overtime turning Donald Trump into David Duke, labeling him a racist for his position on illegal immigration. Yet Democrats’ grandstanding is a relatively new phenomenon. Just a generation ago Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had a similar position on illegal immigration and proposed a tougher enforcement bill than any Republican would sponsor today. […]
House bans Confederate flag from parks, cemeteries
The U.S. House of Representatives has officially joined in the mass hysteria surrounding the Confederate flag. With two voice votes on Tuesday, the House banned the selling of the flag in all stores on federal lands operated by the National Park Service and prohibited its display on graves in federal cemeteries. The Hill reported that […]
Reid wants more background checks for gun sales
Even though he is in the twilight of his Senate career, Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is looking to pass a major gun control bill that will expand background checks for gun purchases. The Hill reported that Reid is looking to use the recent massacre in Charleston to advance gun control. “The United States is […]

From Around the Web

New images of Bush and Cheney on 9/11 released
The American public can finally get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks was like for former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney thanks to a set of newly released photos. The National Archives released Friday a set of photographs taken by Cheney’s staff photographer that show […]
Japan unveils a new hotel staffed by robots
Supporters of mass immigration will often say that immigrants do jobs Americans won’t do and for a cheap price. That is debatable, but there is no job that robots won’t do at a less expensive rate than a human. CBS News reported Wednesday that the Henn’na Hotel in Japan has gained worldwide attention for giving up on […]
Govt pays thousands to study racist adjectives
Worried that you’re a secret sexist for calling your female coworker a “good” worker? The federal government is on it. According to a Free Beacon report, the National Science Foundation (NSF) shelled out $125,000 to the University of Kansas to conduct a study on racist and sexist adjectives. The study seeks to devise the impact of […]
Target 'trophy wife' shirt is now 'rape culture'
The brave feminists of America are currently undertaking a crusade to equate funny t-shirts with “rape culture.” The culprit? This “trophy wife” tee from Target. Riled-up Twitter users have been bashing Target over the shirt: @Target under what circumstances should any human being wear a T-shirt that indicates that they are a "trophy" pic.twitter.com/NXIrg8wbvW— Ashleigh (@AshleighReneee) […]
Luckiest man alive beats odds of 1 to 2.6 trillion
Having beaten odds of 1 in 2.6 trillion, Peter McCathie might just be the luckiest man alive. He was struck by lightning and survived. He won the lottery, and his daughter was also struck by lightning. It doesn’t happen to anyone except cartoon characters. According to ABC News, he’ll be splitting his $1 million lottery winnings […]