SNL: Obama, McConnell's 'bourbon summit'
After the Democrats’ defeat in the 2014 midterm elections, President Obama said during a press conference that he would like to get together with new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over a glass of bourbon. “Saturday Night Live” decided to give life to this “bourbon summit.” SNL’s Obama and McConnell shared a bottle of Woodford Reserve […]
Maher: Mormon church based on 'sex cult'

On his show Friday, Maher attacked Mormonism, saying that the faith was based on "a sex cult." His comments came after the Mormon church revealed this week that its founding prophet, Joseph Smith, had somewhere between 30 and 40 wives, one of whom was as young as 14 years old.

McCain doubts Dennis Rodman is a spy

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) seemed extremely amused by a reporter asking whether Dennis Rodman helped free American citizens Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller from North Korea.

Colbert weighs in on #Grubergate
Comedian Stephen Colbert weighed in on Grubergate Thursday night, downplaying the Obamacare architect’s comments and making it seem as though his statements were nothing new. “Ah-ha! I knew it! Obamacare is funded by taxes, unlike every other part of the federal government,” Colbert announced after playing the clip of Jonathan Gruber talking about the lack […]
Seth Meyers on Obama's midterms grief

Seth Meyers noticed that President Obama's campaign emails "took a real turn" after the midterm elections.

White House

Barack Obama is like a truck driver who calls the number on his own ‘How’s my driving?’ decal

President Obama was downright chipper Wednesday at the prospect of working with the newly elected Senate GOP majority.

Poll: Americans want leadership style change from Obama
More than two-thirds of registered voters surveyed  believe President Obama needs to change the way he is leading the country, according to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. Democrats, Republicans and the unaffiliated are all disappointed in the president and think he needs a shift in direction. The poll asked respondents how much change they would like to […]
Obama continues to profess transparency, free press, despite his actions against journalists
President Barack Obama continued to champion the rights of a free press and the need for transparency Sunday, despite his own actions against those goals. The White House released a statement by Obama to commemorate the First-Annual International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists. “History shows that a free press remains a critical […]
Russian hackers broke into the White House network

Hackers with suspected ties to the Russian government recently broke into the White House’s unclassified computer network, the Washington Post reported Tuesday night.

Obama is withholding over 15,000 Fast and Furious documents

President Obama claimed executive privilege to withhold over 15,000 documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious, including nearly 20 emails sent between Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife.


The House hires an Obama voter to sue Obama

In an act that belongs in the trolling hall of fame, the House of Representatives has retained a lawyer who voted for President Obama and supports "national health care" to sue President Obama over Obamacare.

Boehner gets Twitter shade for his 65th birthday
Sorry Mr. Speaker. It looks like all you are getting for your birthday from your Democrat colleagues is a heap of Twitter shade. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz both tweeted at House Speaker John Boehner to wish him a “Happy 65th Birthday!” Of course, they couldn’t resist the […]
Udall explores ways to publicize CIA report

Secrets are only secrets until someone gets annoyed.

Rand Paul to oppose NSA reform bill

THE HILL -- Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) won’t support an upcoming bill to reform the National Security Agency (NSA) without changes to strengthen it, an aide told The Hill on Friday.

Gowdy, O'Reilly laugh about Biden presidency

Come for the one-liner, stick around for the laughs.


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Gun sales surge ahead of jury's Ferguson decision
FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Some suburban St. Louis gun dealers have been doing brisk business, particularly among first-time buyers, as fearful residents await a grand jury’s decision on whether to indict the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown. Metro Shooting Supplies, in an area near the city’s main airport, reports selling two to three times more […]
Keystone falls one vote short in Senate

THE HILL -- Legislation to approve construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline failed in the Senate on Tuesday, delivering what could be a fatal blow to Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) reelection campaign.

How financial privacy is meeting its end

Reason’s December 2014 issue is devoted to the future of finance, and features a description from Matt Welch of the history of how the United States lost its commitment to financial privacy.

Lawyer: Tracy Morgan battling severe brain injury
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Tracy Morgan is fighting to recover from a severe brain injury suffered in a highway crash more than five months ago, and it’s uncertain if he will be “the Tracy Morgan he once was,” his lawyer said Tuesday. Benedict Morelli said the former “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock” star suffered […]
SLU gives students protesting tips before verdict
COLLEGE FIX — Saint Louis University officials recently sent students tips on how best to protest if they choose to take part in possible unrest as a result of the Ferguson grand jury decision, expected in the next week or so. An administrator at the private college – a 20 minute drive from Ferguson – […]


Report: EPA employees paid to not work for years
American taxpayers have spent over $1 million paying Environmental Protection Agency employees to do nothing. And we don’t mean just being unproductive. Quite literally nothing, as they enjoy paid administrative leave for months and sometimes even years. A report released by the Office of Inspector General Wednesday found that eight EPA employees garnered 20,926 hours of paid administrative […]
Jesse Jackson opposes Obama on net neutrality

The Rev. Jesse Jackson is lobbying the Federal Communications Commission to ignore Obama’s advice on how to implement net neutrality.

Pro- and anti-NSA Republicans vote down reform

Senate Republicans banded together to kill a National Security Agency reform bill, but some did it for entirely opposite reasons.

Obamacare Facebook popularity falsely inflated
Though the official Obamacare Facebook page looks in demand and engaging with users, a closer investigation by the Washington Times proved that the page’s popularity had been falsely inflated. According to the paper’s analysis, conducted with an outside data analytics team, 60 percent of the site’s 226,838 comments generated from September 2012 to early October 2014 can be […]
Why CA's AG office won't release these prisoners

Despite prisons so overcrowded that the state faces a Supreme Court order to reduce its prison population, lawyers for California’s attorney general want to keep nonviolent offenders behind bars.


Public university defunds conservative group

After a conservative student group hosted a presentation on illegal immigration, a Latino student group called them "offensive" and the Student Budget Board revoked their funding.

Marijuana battle hits college campuses
Recreational and medical marijuana may be legal in some states, but the discrepancy between federal and state law is causing problems for students at universities governed under both. A Seattle University student was suspended this week as a result of working for a medial marijuana dispensary, KOMO News reports. The student, who chose to remain anonymous, […]
Sen. Alexander talks higher education priorities
Sen. Lamar Alexander (R – Tenn.) is expected to become chairman of the health, education, labor and pensions committee in the Republican-led Congress and he spoke with NPR Tuesday to outline his education priorities for the next two years. While promoting school choice and turning Common Core over to the states were his main points, Alexander gave […]
Dartmouth students ask Rick Perry about anal sex
Forgoing an opportunity to ask a likely 2016 presidential candidate about his policies, Dartmouth University students instead pelted Rick Perry with questions about anal sex during his speech on campus. Perry spoke to a group of students about the midterm elections and the future of the Republican Party Sunday night, but when he opened the […]
For-profit colleges sue federal government
The Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, which represents more than 1,400 for-profit colleges, filed a lawsuit against the federal government Friday over the Obama administration’s so-called “gainful employment rule.” The rule was formally put into place last week by the U.S. Department of Education. It prevents cuts off access to federal student-aid dollars for vocational programs that the […]