Impact on Millennials: Trump's New Agenda

  • EPA chief’s top priorities directly impact millennials
  • Why millennials should oppose the border adjustment tax
  • Trump’s reversal of coal rule saves countless millennial jobs
  • Trump to roll out Obamacare repeal and replacement in March
  • Trump keeps Obama’s top LGBT rights advocate in office
  • Study: Millennials pick Netflix over insurance, want to stay on parents’ plans
  • Why conservatives & libertarians should not back Trump’s Treasury pick
  • Price sworn in at HHS: “No one better prepared” to dismantle Obamacare
  • So much winning: Intel to invest $7 billion to employ 3,000 people
  • Ted Cruz exposed how millennials are defrauded by Obamacare [VIDEO]
  • Why millennials should support Andrew Puzder’s nomination for Labor
  • Are millennials down with TPP? They shouldn’t be
  • Trump plans executive order for Historically Black Colleges
  • Trump’s executive order kills regulations: Massive win for millennials
  • Yes, Donald Trump is right to threaten Berkeley’s federal grants
  • Trump takes on Big Pharma, promises to lower drug prices
  • Music industry monopolists beg Trump to limit access to streaming
  • Trump travel ban backlash unwarranted: Obama, Carter did similar actions
  • Trump’s mistake? Not communicating with “the swamp”
  • Bloomberg to millennials: Trump’s wall will cause climate change
  • Pro-life marchers respond to Women’s March, express hope for Trump [VIDEO]
  • No Time, Trump isn’t “putting the screws to millennials”
  • Under Trump: New hope for millennials who still live with parents
  • Millennials should celebrate Trump’s executive order on ObamaCare
  • Rand Paul unveils Obamacare replacement: Millennials should love it
  • Send ‘the Feds’ to Chicago: Trump shows he cares
  • Millennials thrilled with Trump’s pro-life executive order
  • McCain to oppose Trump’s OMB pick for supporting limited government [VIDEO]
  • LGBT clinic director named new White House Health Policy Adviser
  • Why millenials should support Tom Price for HHS Secretary
  • Hope for millennials: What Trump has done in office so far
  • Trump orders federal government hiring freeze
  • How millennials reacted to Trump’s Inauguration Day: From optimism to anger
  • Millennials hopeful for future after Trump’s swearing-in [VIDEO]
  • just changed over: Check it out
  • Meet the ACAlternatives: Your potential Obamacare replacements
  • DeVos vs. Sanders on free college: “Nothing in life is really free” [VIDEO]
  • Everything you need to know about Trump’s Secretary of Education pick
  • President-elect Trump will give millennials more economic opportunity
  • Millennials Misery Matrix


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