Warren tells Colbert she's not running
Elizabeth Warren has said she’s not running for president, but Stephen Colbert wanted to be absolutely sure while she was his guest on Wednesday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Colbert brought up the issue while he was discussing Warren’s status as a “household name.” He asked if she was “sure” she wasn’t running. He also […]
Cruz booed on Late Show
Ted Cruz became yet another presidential candidate to appear on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The crowd was reactionary, to both Colbert and Cruz. At one point, Cruz offered up the principles he’s fighting for, which he defined as “simple.” His ideas seemed fine for the crowd, when Cruz said “live within our means, […]
Emmy winner promotes trans civil rights
Emmy award winner Jill Soloway, director, writer, and creator of Amazon’s Transparent, turned the awards stage into a political one this year by calling for support of transgender equality legislation. Soloway, who won the award for Best Directing for a Comedy Series, said that “we have a trans civil rights problem” in this country. “We don’t […]
Emmy monologue gets into politics
The 67th Emmy Awards, which honor television, aired last night. During his monologue, host Andy Samberg quickly delved into politics. Samberg’s comments about a diverse pool of nominees segued into racism. Jokes about Donald Trump then predictably followed: Donald Trump, of course, is running for president, to the delight of uncles everywhere. But I’ve gotta […]
Celebrities are endorsing Bernie Sanders
Not only is Bernie Sanders coming closer to Hillary Clinton in the polls, but he’s also enjoying endorsements from some noteworthy figures. The Sanders campaign recently released “Artists and Cultural Leaders for Bernie,” which contains 128 famous names who have signed on to support the Democratic nominee. The letter with original emphasis, reads: We — […]


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Here's the package Trump mailed Rubio...
Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have been going at it for some time now. And on Monday, the Trump campaign made quite the interesting move. They sent a “care package” of sorts to the Rubio campaign, which contained a pack of 24 “Trump Ice Natural Spring Water,” which has Trump’s face on it, two “Make America […]
Millennial feminists rebel against Hillary
Hillary Clinton has certainly sold herself as a feminist–or at least she’s tried to. Who can forget her interview with Lena Dunham? It became inevitable for the two to discuss feminism. The Democratic front-runner told Dunham she’s not only a feminist, but mentioned she is “always a little bit puzzled when any woman of whatever age” are not. […]
OP-Ed: GOP should run on ending mass incarceration
Agreement on big issues in Congress seems like a rarity, but there is growing support to address the crisis of mass incarceration from Republicans and Democrats alike. Even the GOP presidential contenders agree that the “war on drugs” has failed. The costs of the federal corrections system are growing, and several pieces of legislation have been introduced […]
Paul fails to meet his father's fundraising record
When it comes to raising money, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is not his father’s son. The Washington Post reported on Thursday that Paul’s presidential campaign raised a mere $2.5 million in this quarter, a significant drop from his previous quarter and nowhere close to the $8 million raised by Ron Paul during the same period […]
Paul-Sanders Debate? Rand accepts invite
A petition that demands a joint town hall between Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders has gained the approval of Rand Paul. “Anytime, anywhere,” Paul told Truth In Media when asked about the prospect. The petition, started by Truth In Media, has gained “thousands of signatures,” according to the website. Paul and Sanders have a certain […]


Illegal immigrant deportations drop 84,000
President Obama is out to make history as the worst president in regards to defending our national borders. According to government figures obtained by The Associated Press, the Obama administration deported fewer illegal immigrants over the past 12 months than at any other time since 2006 despite the president’s pledge to focus on deporting criminal […]
Where do the GOP candidates stand on guns?
Following the tragic shooting in Oregon last week, it’s inevitable that the presidential candidates would be asked where they stand on gun control. Ben Carson On Tuesday, Carson sat down with USA Today’s Capitol Download. Host Susan Page asked Carson if he would be in favor of any gun control proposals. Carson spoke about being […]
Drone video: Apple's new 'spaceship' building
Apple is building a new campus scheduled to open in 2016 with a “spaceship” design, and a new drone video shows the progress so far. As Business Insider reports, the YouTube video recorded the construction between September and October. When finished, solar panels will cover 700,000 square feet on the campus. The campus was dubbed […]
Rubio can't name issues he disagrees with Bush on
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) gave an interview with CNBC’s John Hardwood on Monday where he seemed stumped by multiple questions. During the interview Hardwood asked Rubio to defend himself from an attack by a Donald Trump advisor that the senator was just a “cookie-cutter Chamber of Commerce Republican.” “I have the most detailed policy agenda […]
81% of college grads have long-term debt
The Wall Street Journal reported 2-in-3 millennials has at least one source of long-term debt–defined as an amount owed for a period of time exceeding 12 months–whether it be in the form of student loans, car payments, or a home mortgage. That number is even higher for college-educated millennials, an astonishing 81 percent of whom are in long-term debt. […]


Brown newspaper apologizes for racist columns
The Brown Daily Herald has come under fire for posting racist columns. And, as the Associated Press reported, the editorial board has now issued an apology.  The apology was posted two days after the first column went up. The editorial board referred to the columns as “not only controversial but also deeply hurtful.” Both opinion columns were by student […]
Court may allow bankruptcy to forgive student debt
A case has reached the First Circuit Court of Appeals that could allow student loan borrowers to shed their debt by filing bankruptcy–a move that could cost federal taxpayers billions. The court will hear Robert Murphy’s appeal that could rewrite the “undue hardship” precedent which currently makes it practically impossible for debtors to abandon their student […]
1-in-4 active shootings happen at schools
Active shooter situations at schools–which are largely gun-free or highly regulated–aren’t as rare as the public might assume. A 2014 FBI study on active shooter situations noted that 24.4 percent of the incidents happened in an educational environment. The largest share, 46.3 percent, occurred in commercial environments. The number of active shooter incidents that happened at primary and high […]
Vanderbilt students told 'be a man' is destructive
Students at Vanderbilt University were told that phrases like “man up” and “be a man” have some pretty serious consequences during “Healthy Masculinities Week,” a series of events sponsored by the school’s women’s center. Yes, you read that right. The university’s women’s center was the main organizer and sponsor of the September event — the purpose of which was […]
College enrollment hits 3-year low
The decline of college, it appears, has started. For the third consecutive year, college enrollment has fallen after climbing for decades, according to The Wall Street Journal. “One of the longest-running and most important trends in American history has reversed itself,” Bloomberg’s Noah Smith wrote. The decline has primarily been among older students and two-year […]


What's next in fight to defund Planned Parenthood?
On Tuesday, the House Oversight Committee held an extensive hearing on funding for Planned Parenthood, with the organization’s president and CEO Cecile Richards as the witness. Since then, the committee, in addition to releasing videos of the hearing, has released takeaways. From the committee’s hearing wrap-up: Planned Parenthood does not need federal subsidies. Planned Parenthood […]
Top RNC member calls on McConnell to resign
House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation last week created a lot of buzz, and many are wondering about the future of the Republican Party. For some, this isn’t just confined to House leadership, but the Senate as well. Top RNC member Roger Villere posted on his Facebook that “McConnell needs to Resign!!” Villere is the Louisiana GOP […]
Rep. Trey Gowdy to retire
Just recently, there were whispers of Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) becoming the next GOP leader. Not only will Gowdy not run for the position, but fellow Congressmen say he will actually not be back in the House at all after this term. Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) told C-SPAN that “Trey wants to go back to South Carolina, and […]
Pelosi: Boehner retirement a sign of GOP failure
At a press conference following Speaker John Boehner’s retirement announcement, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.) used the announcement as an opportunity to denounce House Republicans. Pelosi called his resignation “seismic” for the House, and related the timing of Boehner’s announcement to the current fight to defund Planned Parenthood. “[Boehner’s resignation] is a stark example of the […]
Senate fails to defund Planned Parenthood
Once more, the Senate has failed to defund Planned Parenthood. The vote after Pope Francis had addressed a joint session of Congress earlier that day. In addition to defunding the abortion provider, the Senate proposal would have funded the government until Dec. 11. Had the spending bill passed though, President Obama would have vetoed it. He has vowed not […]

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150 UT professors petition to ban guns on campus
Just a few days before the tragic school shooting Umqua Community College in Oregon, 150 professors at the University of Texas signed a petition to ban students from carrying handguns on campus, regardless of whether they have a legal permit to do so. The petition has been signed by 150 professors at UT and is part of […]
Top ten housing markets for millennials
The “Me me me” generation may have a bad rap for staring at their smart phones and holding off on big life events, but it is Millennials who are busting down the doors of open houses and claiming a new title: Homeowner. Millennials are “all about freedom,” so research from realtor.com showing that the 25-34 […]
NY Times "Modern Man": an effeminate embarrassment
Sorry men–you’re not modern unless you cry often, own a melon baller, don’t own a gun, and know which ladies shoe brands run big or small. So says the New York Times’ latest strange advice column titled, “27 Ways to be a Modern Man.” Even the most cliché hipster would blush at some of these doozies: 1. When […]
Invincibles: Millennials ditch life insurance
A new study the from consumer group Life Happens found that 29 percent of Millennials would rather set aside money for vacations instead of purchase life insurance. 60 percent indicated paying bills like their internet was more of a priority than insurance coverage. “Young people think life insurance is something you need to think about when […]
GoFundMe effort raises $700k for hero Chris Mintz
From the tragedy in Oregon has risen a true hero.  Chris Mintz, a student at Umpqua Community College and an Army vet, was shot seven times while trying to keep the shooter from killing other students–and he survived. A GoFundMe page has raised more than $700,000 to help pay his medical bills and various expenses. “We were […]