Video compares Hillary to Family Guy
During the Democratic debate in Des Moines, Iowa, Hillary Clinton’s statements invoking 9/11 to defend her ties to Wall Street received significant attention and scrutiny. Now This Politics produced a a hilarious video comparing Hillary to Lois from Family Guy. The video went up on Nov. 17. Since then, as of Thursday morning, it has had over 6 million views. It […]
Hilary Duff criticized for gun purchase
Former Disney Channel star Hilary Duff has recently purchased a glock case and ammo. In their reporting last week, TMZ said Duff has “gone a full 180 from her Disney days because she’s now officially a pistol packing mama.” Arming one’s self doesn’t have to be counter-culture to Disney or at all. This is especially […]
Madonna: We can beat ISIS with love
Madonna may be Living for Love with her Rebel Heart, but she’s been talking like an airhead. At her concert in Stockholm on Saturday, Madonna paid tribute the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris. After her tearful acknowledgment of the victims, Madonna revealed that she was foreign policy expert and revealed a foolproof way of defeating ISIS […]
J. Law 'embarrassed' to be from Ky.
In an interview with Jennifer Lawrence, Vanity Fair referred to the young Oscar winner as having “a rabble-rousing spirit… that gets stirred up when certain subjects are broached.” That’s certainly one way of putting it. The Nov. 11 interview took place the day Kim Davis was released from jail. Lawrence, who, like Davis is from […]
Greg Gutfeld's somber monologue on ISIS
Greg Gutfeld is known for his comedic and quirky attitude, but during Sunday night’s episode of The Greg Gutfeld Show, Gutfeld gave a more sobering but no less epic monologue on how to defeat ISIS. He started off by mentioning that “this Paris terrorist attack reveals the truth many have known, but our leaders have refused to […]


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Trump: 'I'm Ernest Heminway of 140 characters'
Donald Trump certainly has a way with words, and his ego. He thinks so highly of himself, in fact, that he said someone described him as “the Ernest Hemingway of 140 characters.” Politico reported that Trump made the comment on Friday during a forum at Wofford College in Spartanburg, S.C. Trump compared his Twitter presence […]
Rand calls out mass data collection: "Bulls***"
Senator Rand Paul shows he is a different kind of candidate in the 2016 field when he speaks on college campuses — the main issues he is campaigning on are less government surveillance, ending the “war on drugs,” and favoring personal liberty over national security. He has a niche set of issues and has failed to […]
Ted Cruz challenges Obama to debate
Ted Cruz, who it seems is never one to mince words or shy away, has challenged Obama to “insult me to my face.” He also challenged the president to debate him and Wednesday night on Facebook repeated that call with a Facebook graphic. Mr. President - stop the insults and debate me anytime, anyplace on […]
Poll: Millennials 'unfavorable' toward Hillary
A new Quinnipac University poll of Colorado voters shows that millennials — at least in this state — are skeptical of Hillary Clinton. Only 28 percent of those ages 18-to-34 have a favorable view of her; 61 percent hold an “unfavorable view.” She loses to all Republican candidates tested, while Sen. Bernie Sanders defeats all GOP […]
New poll: GOP leads Hillary among young voters
It’s been safe to say that young voters aren’t too excited about a possible President Hillary Clinton, but just how poorly is she faring with millennials? A new Quinnipac University poll of Colorado voters found that the younger demographic would vote for any candidate other than Hillary. The 18- to 34-year-old age group would choose Ben […]


$12 minimum wage could destroy 800,000 jobs
A new study cautions that a $12 minimum wage could lead to a nationwide loss of almost 800,000 jobs if such an increase were implemented. The job losses impact middle-income families and low-income families the most. Following the methodology of a 2014 Congressional Budget Office report, Drs. William Even and David Macpherson, economists at Miami […]
Gen-Y Dominos owner: Obama regs bad for business
For the past four years I have waited in limbo as the Food and Drug Administration sought to finalize their rules on a national menu labeling standard that was tucked away in the 2,000-plus page Obamacare. This regulation requires restaurants with 20 or more locations to label in-store menu boards with calorie information. Along with […]
Political correctness: now a 'generational value'
Millennials are obsessed with political correctness. The good news is that people are noticing, from all sides of the political aisle. The bad news is that this may actually have become a generational value for Millennials. Forbes is the bearer of bad news with Neil Howe’s piece on “Why Do Millennials Love Political Correctness? Generational Values.” Howe points […]
RAP Podcast: GOP candidates on immigration
Staff writer Ryan Girdusky talked with host Michael Koolidge about the GOP presidential candidates and their discussion of illegal immigration during this week’s presidential debate. Immigration is set up to be a dividing line issue in the upcoming Republican primary. Anti-amnesty Ted Cruz and Donald Trump joined forces in a fight against moderates John Kasich and […]
Mizzou students face "literal speech police"
The quest for equal rights on the University of Missouri campus is juxtaposed with stifling restrictions of free speech. This week, online threats and rumors of violence led the University of Missouri to increase campus security. The university police instructed students to report all “hateful and/or hurtful speech,” and an email sent to campus on Tuesday […]


NY Post: Colleges appeasing 'campus fascists'
The moves made by many college administrations to give into campus protests has been met with both praise and condemnation. In a Nov. 22 piece from the editorial board, the New York Post provided what may be the most blistering example, with “College leaders’ pathetic appeasement of campus fascists.” Included are incidents from Missouri, where […]
Professor under investigation for saying 'N-word'
Modern college students are infamously sensitive — like delicate flowers who could fall apart if anything that offends them. That’s just what happened at the University of Kansas when a teacher decided to use the ‘N-word’ when during an educational discussion on racism. At a communications seminar for graduate students on Nov. 12, Professor Andrea […]
De Blasio says son's in Yale's anti-racism protest
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is gloating that his son is earning his social justice warrior credentials by protesting charges of racism at Yale University. Politico New York reported that the mayor disclosed on Monday that Dante was involved in several anti-racism protests on campus. “He has certainly been involved on the discussion […]
Sec. of Ed. praises Yale's concessions to protests
In an interview with Mic, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan admitted that the department is still in the process of figuring out the best responses for student university protests. As Duncan put it, “we’re struggling. We’re trying to figure it out. We want to do more. We’re trying to figure out what is constructive and […]
36% of student loans in danger of default
Though high levels of student debt grab headlines, how those students will repay the loans has been overlooked. As Yahoo! Finance noted, default rates on loans stand at only 6 percent, but 36 percent of loans are “in payment jeopardy.” “The ease of obtaining such loans rose dramatically when the U.S. government began guaranteeing nearly […]


CRs and YRs: Ryan would help GOP with young voters
Two of the largest young Republican groups in the nation told Red Alert Politics today they are supporting Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) for Speaker of the House — and claim there are advantages to having a younger congressman elevated to this powerful position. Ryan is 45 years old and, if elected, would be the youngest speaker since […]
Paul Ryan would be youngest Speaker since 1875
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan indicated Tuesday that he would be willing to become Speaker of the House, if certain conditions are met by House conservatives. According to Red Alert’s research, that would make him the youngest Speaker since James G. Blaine, who assumed the Speakership at age 39 in 1869 and […]
Freedom Caucus Speaker candidate supports Jeb Bush
The race for Speaker is getting more and more hectic, and conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus have endorsed Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.)–but he may not be as far-right as some think. Webster endorsed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for the Republican nomination in June, arguably the most moderate Republican in the field who supports amnesty […]
Girdusky: Paul Ryan can't unite the right
With the demise of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Cali.) bid for Speaker of the House, many on the right–including Erick Erickson, Mitt Romney, and Speaker Boehner–are calling for the 2012 vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) to jump in the race as the only man they claim can unite the very fractured Republican Party. Ryan’s cons […]
Don't want to be Speaker? Resign from Congress
How many Congressmen have turned down the chance to be Speaker of the House in the last few days? Most of the Republicans who could get the required 218 vote majority have chickened out of running–from Jim Jordan, to Jeb Hensarling, to Trey Gowdy, to Paul Ryan (he may be reconsidering), and others. Our question for […]

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Libs confuse blind girl's dog poop as hate crime
Feeling emboldened by the successful protests at the University of Missouri, Claremont McKenna, and Ithaca College, social justice warriors are finding racism wherever they look — including at dog feces. Fox Sports reported that at Vanderbilt University, social justice warriors nearly lost their sh** when they found a bag of feces on the steps of the […]
Today's lib protestors VS. History's free fighters
Social Justice Warriors on college campuses have made themselves one of the biggest stories of the fall. Across the country millennials have taken to college campuses to protest ‘the system.’ But are all their arguments actually valid? Aren’t they better off than most people in the generations before them? They use their expensive cell phones […]
U. stops men's health day after feminists complain
International Men’s Day, celebrated on November 19, is suppose to highlight men’s mental and physical health issues, but the University of York decided to cancel the event under pressure from feminists. The event was cancelled just 24 hours after a 21-year-old committed suicide on campus. The suicide did nothing to let up the social justice […]
Prof: white kids extend "privilege biologically"
When people question how college kids became so distorted on the issues of race, patriarchy, the sexes, and offensive speech, one needs to look no further than at the university professors and administration. Ali Michael, the Director of K-12 Consulting and Professional Development at the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education […]
Campus activist want to guilt, not talk about race
This is a trigger warning — this article will be politically incorrect and will challenge your opinions rather than confirm your biases, please return to your troll-free safe spaces. Soraya Chemaly wrote in Time on Tuesday that Americans need to alter the way they speak about diversity. She and the mob that supports her must […]