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Red Alert announces first ten names for 2016 "30 Under 30" list

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Meyer: Millennials believe Clinton is dishonest, "fire" exists

Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined Fox News to debate Mustafa Tameez about the political effects of Hillary...

Bill Nye mansplains women's reproductive rights in viral pro-abortion video

Bill Nye the Science Guy stars in a viral video short for BigThink pitching the pro-choice message with pop...

NFL quarterback sits during national anthem, calls America racist (and botches US history)

If you can't play enter the political fray That could be the only possible explanation for ers quarterback Colin...

Hillary slams for-profit colleges: Will Bill return his $16 million salary from one?

Hillary Clinton continues to crusade against for-profit schools, despite the fact that Bill made millions from one....

Union-led '$12 by 2020' group pays its workers less than $12 per hour

A Colorado group working to pass an amendment to raise the state's minimum wage to has learned the hard...

Mike Rowe: Telling masses to go vote "like encouraging everyone to buy an AR-15"

You’ve heard it from Katy Perry Demi Lovato Leonardo DiCaprio and countless other celebrities Get out the vote 'Rock...

Tomi: Why are Lochte's lies worse than Clinton's?

On an episode of TheBlaze TV earlier this week host Tomi Lahren slammed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for...

Rise of the millennial entrepreneur: Scrappy, side-hustling disrupters are "restarting America"

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce today Over a quarter percent are self-employed according to the U...

Eric Trump: Guns kept me away from doing drugs

Eric Trump the presidential candidate's middle son isn't a parent yet But he already has a soft spot for...

Assange: WikiLeaks to release 'several' new documents that could change the election

By RUDY TAKALA Washington Examiner
WikiLeaks is preparing to release different types of documents from more than one political...

Virginia woman shoots down drone near Robert Duvall's rural home

Word to the wise be careful which house you fly over when you buy that fancy new camera drone...

Teen takes a stand against Obama's transgender bathroom rule

The upcoming school year can bring a lot of anxiety for students Most years they just have to worry...

Colbert revives footage of Trump motor-boating Giuliani in drag

By JOSHUA AXELROD Washington Examiner
The Late Show host Stephen Colbert unearthed a comedy sketch Wednesday night that depicts...

Who's your match? 'Voter' app lets millennials swipe right to pick candidates

Millennials will soon become the largest portion of the electorate but they are also the group less likely to...

Flip-flop: Johnson supports mandatory vaccines, rejects religious liberty

Former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian nominee for president Gary Johnson said yesterday that his position on vaccines has...

Poll: Given third option, 25% of young Hillary voters abandon her

Millennials like choice We have dozens of food delivery dating and exercise apps Why should we be stuck with...

State college creates class: How to "stop white people"

A couple of decades ago the three R's of education were reading writing and arithmetic In they'd be racism...

Three-way, not four-way: Gary Johnson rising, Jill Stein falling

New polls show Libertarian Party nominee and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson becoming the only serious third-party challenger...

As long as Clinton struggles with millennials, Trump could win

Until Hillary Clinton fixes her electoral problems with millennials this election will remain close and within striking distance for...