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Did Trump fat-shame Chris Christie?
Recently, Donald Trump appeared at a fundraiser for Chris Christie’s campaign debt. Christie had endorsed Trump in February, which Stephen Colbert noted for Friday’s The Late Show amounted to how Christie “stood behind him  wishing for the sweet embrace of death.” Trump also spoke for Christie at Thursday’s event, noting that neither of them are eating Oreos […]
Drake invited to Drake University
For his upcoming tour, Drake will be performing in Des Moines, Iowa, home to the Drake University. And the university couldn’t help noting the connection, Entertainment Weekly reported. The university released a statement on Friday about the tour dates, full of references to the rapper’s music: Drake University students have lobbied for years to #BringDrakeToDrake, and we’re eager […]
Megyn Kelly speaks about Trump interview
While Megyn Kelly is “already a respected journalist,” as Stephen Colbert noted on Monday’s The Late Show, she’s “become a sort of cultural icon over the last year, partly because of going head-to-head with Donald Trump.” Kelly wasn’t too sure about being a “cultural icon” because she said it involves a lot of responsibility and being followed […]
Trump and Christie discuss running mates
Everyone wants to know who will be Donald Trump’s vice-presidential candidate. Saturday’s “Cold Open” featured announcer Darrell Hammond as Trump, who, before meeting with Chris Christie to discuss the selection, attempted to convince people he was the inspiration for Iron Man, while posting as his publicist, Joey Pepperoni. Christie had been waiting for two hours. Christie […]
Megan Fox steps away from sexy roles
Actress Megan Fox is known for her sex appeal, but now that she is a young mom, she’s taking a step back from roles. Fox explained to The Sun that she’s done taking those which involve sex scenes, in case her sons were to ever see them, since she doesn’t “think my boys could handle that” and […]


YouGov poll confirms millennial bump for Trump
A new Economist/YouGov poll confirms the trend we picked up on this week: Donald Trump has caught up to Hillary Clinton in the polls, thanks in large part to millennial voters. A head-to-head poll from ABC News showed a 36 percent swing with millennial voters. Trump trailed in March by 39 percent, but now only […]
Don't believe Trump or Bernie: neither can fix USA
No American political myth has power quite like a presidential candidate’s promise to save the economy and create jobs. No American political myth is as absurd and cynical, either. The executive branch, like the rest of the government, is reactionary. It doesn’t lead changes in society so much as it responds to society, then tells […]
Liberal students protest Hillary at UC-Riverside
To some students, Hillary Clinton is apparently such an evil “war criminal” that she does not have a right to campaign at their university. About 30 protesters gathered outside Hillary’s event at the University of California-Riverside, Highlander News reported. Despite their disruptive presence, the protesters considered themselves the victims. “As people of color under attack, what […]
#DumpDebbie is trending: Will Hillary listen?
The call to remove DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz before the convention is trending on Facebook with #DumpDebbie, though it’s gained attention from Democrats on Capitol Hill as well. Bernie Sanders and his supporters have criticized the leadership of Wasserman Schultz throughout the primary, saying she has been more favorable to Hillary Clinton. But, Democrats backing […]
GOP struggles to control party platform
Conservative Republicans are determined to toe the party line on social issues at the 2016 Republican National Convention this summer, and insist that presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s platform is not necessarily the platform of the Republican Party. In response to the pressure to embrace LBGT-friendly policies, members of the Republican National Committee are attempting to get conservative […]


Study: How to combat obesity? Smoke
The dramatic decline in smoking rates helped lower lung cancer and cardiovascular disease, but it’s also correlated with a rise in obesity. In health as in economics, there are no solutions — only tradeoffs. “It’s not unreasonable to think that the two might be at least somewhat related,” according to The Washington Post. Charles Baum, […]
DC: Congressional Republicans reject federalism
For Republicans, limited government and federalism becomes top-down control for the District of Columbia. Republicans want to pass a bill in the House of Representatives “that would block the District of Columbia from spending locally raised tax revenue without congressional approval” and squelch financial independence for the city, according to The Washington Post. President Obama […]
Poll: Less than half of millennials support Israel
For over a decade, Americans of all ages have held similar views concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict. That is no longer the case. A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed that millennials are the only age group in which less than half (43%) sympathize with Israel, while 27% sympathize more with Palestinians. According […]
milennials expect to work until death
For millennials, “retirement” is synonymous with “utopia.” Twelve percent of millennials in the United States and worldwide believe that they will never retire and work until they die, according to a survey released Tuesday by Manpower Group, a company specializing in “workforce solutions.” The survey collected results from 19,000 employed millennials in 25 countries. The United States, at […]
Ban skinny jeans to stop bullying?
A North Carolina school system has proposed a ban of skinny jeans and other tight-fitting clothing, creating a wave of opposition from parents and students. The New Hanover County School System in Wilmington is considering a policy to ban all form-fitting pants, including skinny jeans and leggings, unless the garment is worn with a dress […]


Oberlin students: Eliminate grades below a "C"
Will we see mediocre grades and written exams eliminated from college curriculums so students can dedicate themselves to being activists? At Oberlin College, that is the wish of many progressive students, according to The New Yorker. Like many colleges nationwide, the Cleveland-area college has a lot of activism surrounding diversity, safe spaces, racial inequality, and much more. […]
College kids should be told to "just grow up"
When it comes to college campus temper tantrums, psychotherapist Robi Ludwig has a simple solution. She sees both sides of “Should college kids simply be told to just grow up?” She also offers a dose of reality, according to The Huffington Post. Ludwig spoke with a “mature millennial recently, and took away from the conversation that students don’t want […]
Formerly homeless student is a college grad
Earning a cum laude college degree is an impressive feat for any student to accomplish, but that Bianca Jeannot, 22, did so is even more inspiring. She did so while working four jobs and caring for her two older brothers, after having previously been homeless ABC News reported. Jeannot, from the Bronx, graduated on Tuesday from the College […]
Asian Americans file complaint against Ivy Leagues
For all the so-called benefits of affirmative action policies, they harm racial groups as well. On Monday, the Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) filed a discrimination complaint against Yale University, Brown University, and Dartmouth College. The complaint, joined by more than 130 Asian American organizations, was sent to the Office for Civil Rights of the […]
Florida Gov. pushes 4-year college plan
Only 44 percent of students attending one of Florida’s public universities are graduating within a four-year period. Florida Governor Rick Scott has expressed his disapproval with these numbers and is pushing for more college students to graduate on time. The governor’s “Degrees to Jobs” summit commences Wednesday in Orlando, and was developed “to help students get […]


Vaping Rep gives Trump his first endorsement
Donald Trump has officially gone mainstream, earning two congressional endorsements on Wednesday — including from ‘the vaping Congressman,’ Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Cali.) Politico reported that Hunter joined Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) in endorsing Trump and was drawn to the billionaire by his leadership abilities. “We don’t need a policy wonk as president. We need a leader as […]
Senate passes bill to permanently ban internet tax
On Thursday afternoon, the Senate passed a custom enforcement bill originated in the House by Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) that would permanently ban state and local municipalities from taxing internet access. The Hill reported that Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) spearheaded the bill. “This bill is about coming down hard on the […]
Republican Rep. vapes while legislating [VIDEO]
  Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) took a puff from his nicotine vaporizer during a hearing to ban e-cigarettes on airplanes Thursday. Like Miley Cyrus, Hunter just can’t be tamed. After exhaling his vaporizer, the California Congressman led a stern defense in favor of vaping. “This is called a vaporizer. There’s no combustion. There’s no carcinogens,” […]
1 in. of snow cripples DC: Imagine a terror attack
America’s Capital was crippled yesterday. Roads were nearly shut down, and millions were stranded on the road for hours. Was this because of a terror attack? A massive earthquake? A blizzard? No, it was all from 1 inch of snow. On Wednesday night, Washington, D.C. area commuters suffered one of the worst commutes in recent […]
1 in 10 Congressmembers have student debt
Underemployed graduates aren’t the only ones saddled with student debt. A surprising number of Congressmen are too. About one in 10 Congress members have accumulated student debt and continue to pay it off, according to Time. The analysis comes from the Center for Responsive Politics, a group that tracks financial donations. With 53 representatives paying off […]

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#BlackLivesMatter leader pimped 17-year-old girl
Black Lives Matter activists are used to bad press, but one of the group’s leaders just brought the group to a new level of shame. The Daily Caller reported that Charles Wade was charged with seven counts of human and sex trafficking last month for pimping out a 17-year-old white girl. The activist was released on a […]
Did a pro-Hillary PAC create #BernieLostMe?
Twitter exploded on Wednesday with the hashtag #BernieLostMe, to signify that thousands of Sanders supporters were dropping him. However, looking at the tweets it became obvious that most of them weren’t actually coming from Sanders’ supporters. According to, the #BernieLostMe tweets started appearing on Twitter in the early afternoon, around the same time that CNN contributor […]
Native Americans aren't offended by Redskins name
Despite the pressure that has been put on the Washington Redskins to change their name to something more politically correct, the overwhelming majority of the ethnic group that the mascot represents aren’t offended by the Redskin’s name. A new Washington Post poll that surveyed 504 Native Americans nationwide showed that 9 out of 10 were not offended by […]
GOP wants to cancel free yoga for gov't workers
The easiest way to cut spending is by reducing waste, fraud, and abuse; the magic solution Republicans are always proposing and Democrats pretend doesn’t exist. According to The Washington Examiner, Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) has proposed a bill to end federally-funded yoga classes for government workers. Salmon argued that Washington is not the private sector and shouldn’t be trying to […]
24's Kiefer Sutherland to return to TV as POTUS
Kiefer Sutherland, the star of the multi-year hit show “24,” will return to television — playing the President of the United States. Unfortunately, he won’t be play Jack Bauer. But, the premise of the show is brilliant. The show, title “Designated Survivor,” is based on what happens if the State of the Union address at […]