Owen Wilson: Trump is like Charlie Sheen
Owen Wilson might be a staunch liberal, but like the rest of the political world right now, he only has eyes for one candidate — Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. “Like everybody, I watched the GOP debates—and I don’t know the last time I watched debates,” he told The Daily Beast. “It’s usually almost like a football game—when […]
Stevie Wonder advocates for gun control
Stevie Wonder should have learned from the Dixie Chicks to just “shut up and sing.” The NY Post reported that during his Central Park concert on Monday he got serious about the issue of gun control. “As much as we have made some incredible strides, we have also really gone to this crazy place, like them […]
Heidi Klum responds to Trump's insult
While Donald Trump usually insults people by referring to them as “losers,” he tried to hit supermodel and TV host Heidi Klum where it hurt. In an interview with Maureen Dowd that took more than a few twists and turns, Trump commented, “Heidi Klum. Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.” Klum posted a short video […]
Rapper Azealia Banks hates Donald Trump
Rapper Azealia Banks hates a lot of things. Topping her list is, of course, “everything about this country,” especially “fat white Americans,” but now it seems she has a new target — Donald Trump. Apparently, wanting to be president of the country she hates makes you worthy of her ire. Banks is also not one […]
Even Obama can't tell Kanye what to do
Anticipation for a new Kanye West album has led to activism, as fans appealed to President Obama to take executive action. Time reported that a White House petition called for a mandated album release on Aug. 21 because “Kanye West has kept us thirsty for too long” and “his producer Mike Dean has been teasing people […]


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Willey: Hillary Clinton 'is the War on Women'
It’s not just the pro-life movement outraged by Hillary Clinton’s comments comparing pro-life Republicans to terrorists. Women who have alleged Bill Clinton harassed them are also taking issue. Kathleen Willey joined Aaron Klein Investigative Radio to share just how ironic Hillary’s statement was. After all, she “wrote the book on terrorizing women.” Kathleen Willey and her […]
Christie on Hillary: 'No one is above the law'
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) had some harsh words for Hillary Clinton and her former employer Sunday morning. The Republican presidential contender appeared on Fox News Sunday and discussed his Democratic opponent’s attitude and email scandal. “No one is above the law,” Christie told host Chris Wallace about her private server, which apparently stored emails […]
Dems defend Hillary's 'terrorist' comments
Will the Democrats always stick by Hillary Clinton? CNN’s State of the Union Sunday showed us they just might. Despite Clinton’s comparison between pro-lifers and terrorists, former Democratic National Committee chair and CNN contributor Donna Brazile defended her. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) called the comments “inappropriate, over the top, uncalled for.” Blackburn also accused Clinton of not living […]
Sanders: I have been 'strong' on guns
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is still attempting to silence critics who say the self-described socialist is too conservative on gun rights. In an interview with CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, Sanders said that he would be the best candidate to place new gun control measures that would prevent mentally ill people from acquiring firearms. “I do […]
Clinton denies making a Holocaust reference
Hillary Clinton is taking heat after her comments about the Republican immigration proposals were interpreted by many as a Holocaust reference. During the Democratic National Committee conference, Clinton was asked about how she would handle the immigration issue and she used it as a platform to slam GOP proposals that have been floated on the campaign […]


Obama supported part of Trump's immigration plan
Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s immigration plan involves deporting all illegal immigrants and then having the “good ones” — those employed and without a criminal record — be allowed back into the U.S. legally. The mainstream media and political establishment of both parties have called this plan “unrealistic” and accused the billionaire of wreaking “havoc” on […]
Court: Illegal immigrants have a right to guns
The U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday that illegal immigrants have a constitutional right to bear arms, but still cannot own a gun because of other laws. That’s correct, America’s inalienable rights can be granted to non-Americans, and those rights can be halted by other laws. The Associated Press reported that Mariano […]
Trump and Fiorina slam left's reaction to shooting
When Dylann Roof was motivated by racial hatred to commit mass murder, liberals looked to ban the Confederate Flag, which the killer had hanging in his bedroom. So when Bryce Williams, a gay black man, murdered two of his former colleagues because he was motivated by race and sexual identity, the left quickly demanded every […]
Bid to game local vote for tax in Miss. goes wrong
A local Missouri election with only one registered voter is an unambiguous example of when voting actually matters. The city of Columbia, Missouri created a new district with no registered voters to avoid an election on a sales tax. With no voters in the district, the decision would go to property owners “with a financial […]
Wisconsin faculty oppose ban on selling baby parts
Wisconsin lawmakers have acted to ban the sale of fetal parts from aborted babies, but not all are on board with the proposal. The proposal for the ban came from GOP Reps. Andre Jacque and Joel Kleefisch in response to videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. Such videos featured top Planned Parenthood employees […]


College Democrats group has outrageous Twitter
The Tulane College Democrats should really look into getting a new social media person. The group doesn’t hold back at all on its Twitter account, as the Liberty Standard pointed out this week. Warning: Some language NSFW. This tweet was directed at Sen. Mitch McConnell just days after he was named Senate Majority Leader. SUCK MY […]
Student denied permission for conservative club
A Maryland college student was recently denied permission to start a conservative club on her campus. Moriah DeMartino, an incoming freshman at Hagerstown Community College (HCC), approached school administrators earlier this month about starting a Turning Point USA club, according to Campus Reform. HCC political science professor Eric Schwartz suggested that she join the political […]
Kansas College Republicans reject death penalty
College Republican groups across Kansas passed a resolution that supports a repeal of the death penalty in the state. The Kansas Federation of College Republicans announced on Aug. 20 that it “adds to its official platform a plank calling for the repeal of the death penalty in Kansas.” “In order to legitimately maintain the right to […]
Tennessee's free college experiment begins
As Tennessee launches an initiative that offers two years of college education for free, the state is discovering the appeal of “free.” Tennessee Promise inspired President Obama’s higher-education plan earlier this year —and more students than program designers anticipated. The state expected about 13,000 students for the program’s inaugural year. Official numbers aren’t available yet, but […]
Northwestern professor resigns over censorship
A Northwestern University professor resigned after a decade of work, citing an ongoing censorship fight with university administrators. “An institution in which the faculty are afraid to offend the dean is not an institution where I can in good conscience do my work,” Alice Dreger wrote in a letter of resignation submitted on Monday to […]


John McCain wants answers on the VA
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is finally demanding answers from the Department of Veterans Affairs after a scathing report found that roughly 35,000 veterans were delayed or prevented entirely from enrolling in VA healthcare. The Hill reported that McCain, who chairs the Armed Service Committee, sent a letter to VA Secretary Bob McDonald Thursday stating that […]
Revenge porn to become a federal issue
When Congress returns from recess in early September, they’ll have another issue on the docket: revenge porn. The National Journal reported that Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) will introduce legislation “that would make it illegal to distribute explicit images without the consent of the subject.” Speier sees the issue as one of privacy, not sexual harassment. However, […]
What did Congress accomplish before summer break?
Congress has taken their annual summer recess until Sept. 8, which gives time to review their accomplishments — or lack thereof. Granted, Congressional approval ratings haven’t been above 50 percent since January 2007 according to the Pew Research Center — Congress could only muster a 22 percent approval rating at the end of March — but […]
Senate delays cybersecurity bill until September
After struggling to get a cybersecurity bill passed before the August recess, the Senate has delayed the debate until September. The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act has stirred debate between supporters who see it as essential to guarding against online threats and opponents who view it as another attempt to expand government surveillance and limit civil […]
Gwyneth Paltrow speaks to Congress about GMOs
Gwyneth Paltrow, the Queen of Goop herself, graced Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon to voice her support alongside lawmakers at a press conference to label Genetically Modified Foods, better known as GMOs. Lifestyle guru, actress, and personal assistant to Ironman, Paltrow has been a champion in the Hollywood circle of quasi-activists for all things pretty and expensive and […]

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Chris Kyle awarded the Texas Medal of Honor
Late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was awarded with the state of Texas’ highest military honor Wednesday. Gov. Greg Abbott presented the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor to Kyle’s family, Fox4 reported. His wife, Taya, accepted the posthumous honor on his behalf. Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield, were killed two years ago by an Army […]
'Anchor baby' problem is bigger than most realize
Peter and Ellie Yang paid more than a hospital bill to have their second child, they paid $35,000 to have their baby in the United States. And the Yangs are far from alone. The Chinese government estimates that 10,000 Chinese couples had children in the U.S. in 2012, while other estimates say that number is […]
Caitlyn Jenner costume angers internet
The Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair cover has been turned into a Halloween costume and the PC police have already started an uproar. The “Unisex Call Me Caitlyn Costume” can be found under the”humorous” category on WholesaleCostumes.com and on AnyTimeCostumes.com. “You probably won’t break any Twitter records when you wear this outfit like Caitlyn did when she […]
Facebook 'error' banned content about immigration
Facebook is claiming that they experienced a recent glitch that banned users from posting reports that were critical of immigration. The Center for Immigration Studies, which is critical of mass immigration, said Monday that four of their recent post on jobs and immigration had been banned from the social media outlet, the Washington Examiner reported. “When […]
Missouri woman sees Trump in her organic butter
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Trump! While most people see versions of the Virgin Mary of Jesus reiterated in their baked goods and household items, Missouri resident Jan Castellano got a different sort of surprise when she opened a tub of organic butter from Trader Joe’s Saturday morning — the face of Donald Trump. “It was […]