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Apple VP shouldn’t have apologized for diversity comments. She’s right

  Apple’s first-ever Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion is in full damage-control mode after making some bold comments about the meaning of diversity at the One Young World Summit in Colombia. At a panel discussion on fighting racial injustice earlier this month, Denise Young Smith, who was called “Silicon Valley’s most powerful black woman” by Quartz, […]

Big beauty brand is breaking the stereotype: 62% of women hold tech positions

At a time when women in the technology field are scarce, one company in Silicon Valley is setting record numbers. The cosmetic brand Sephora has women now filling 62 percent of the company’s tech positions. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company has a six-person digital executive leadership team. Of the six tech roles, […]

Twitter censorship: Anti-illegal immigration ads blocked for “hate speech”

Following his rally in Phoenix, AZ on Tuesday night, President Trump re-emphasized the need to build a southern border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to curb illegal immigration. The biggest applause lines were his messages about illegal immigration. However, Trump’s messaging on illegal immigration is hitting a roadblock, particularly on his favorite social media tool, […]

Eventbrite bans Milo Yiannopoulos events: Milo responds — Exclusive

Conservatives have always had a target on their back when it comes to spreading their ideas on college campuses, but, now, they have to deal with a new reality of being silenced by the tech giants of Silicon Valley. On Friday, conservative provocateur and commentator Milo Yiannopoulos posted to Facebook an email he received from the […]

Tech companies to Supreme Court: Warrantless phone tracking is unconstitutional

14 major U.S tech companies filed an amicus legal brief Augu 14 asking the U.S Supreme Court to heighten cell phone data protections from government officials. The companies filed a 44-page brief concerning Carpenter v. United States, which disputes whether government agencies can acquire cell phone location information without a warrant. Google, Facebook, Verizon Wireless, and others argued for stronger […]

No, Tucker, Google should not be regulated by the government

Following the firing of James Damore by Google for sending a 10-page company-wide memo critical of the company’s politics and diversity policies, some are thinking about ways of fighting back against the tech giant, even if that means the federal government step in. This week, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, before interviewing Damore on his primetime […]

Viral and fake: Reporter tweets photoshopped image of Trump posing with white supremacist

A fake photograph showing President Donald Trump with an alt-right leader known as “Millennial Matt” went viral on Friday after it was tweeted by a Telegraph reporter. “Millennial Matt” is a leader of the “Proud Boys,” a far-right men’s rights group founded by Gavin McInnes. He attended the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that resulted in […]

Nevada report: Civil asset forfeiture targets low-income minorities

Most property seized in 2016 by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department through civil forfeiture is concentrated in low-income and minority neighborhoods. A report by the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI), a conservative think tank, found that the LVMPD seized $1.9 million in asset revenue in 2016. Two-thirds of these were concentrated in 12 ZIP codes […]

No human interaction: Pizza chain creates self-serve pizza machines, will be nationwide in 2018

Want pizza without direct human interaction? Little Caesars Pizza just made it a reality. On Monday, the pizza chain unveiled the Pizza Portal, the first heated, self-service pizza station that allows customers to skip the line, grab their pizza, and leave within seconds. Customers just place their order and pay through Little Caesars’ mobile app that […]

The IRS raided their store and sold their stuff within hours. Now they’re fighting back

An elderly Thai couple was left penniless after their life savings were seized and auctioned off from inside their own 34-year-old store. The couple filed a $2 million lawsuit against the federal government for improperly seizing and selling assets almost immediately. In March of 2015, the IRS shut down Mii’s Bridal and Tuxedo in Garland, […]

Look out, Fight for 15: Here come the robot waitresses

A robot waitress is drawing crowds and national attention to a pizza place in Multan, Pakistan, and to the future of the automated service industry. Osama Jafri, the robot’s engineer, said that their business has doubled since the robot’ ‘was hired’ in February. The kitchen staff just places food on the waitress and keys in […]

He bought the domain name of a famous terrorist. Then he rigged it to combat extremism

No one knew how influential extremists were online until Major Nidal Malik Hasan took a semi-automatic pistol and killed 13 and injured 32 at Fort Hood in November 2009. It was revealed through an investigation that Hasan had been communicating over email with radical cleric and Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, who counseled and advised […]

Millennials save world from cyberattack, get little credit because they’re millennials

Millennials often get dragged for their failures and entitled behavior, but hardly get praise when they save the entire world. And when it comes to cybersecurity, it’s like wearing pants: you don’t notice when it’s there, but you notice when it’s missing. Marcus Hutchins, a 22-year-old cybersecurity researcher known online by his alias “MalwareTech,” and Darien Russ, […]

App tracks “manterruptions,” a form of “violence against women” [VIDEO]

Tired of the men in your life interrupting you? There’s an app for that. App developer BETC in São Paulo, Brazil created “Woman Interrupted,” which is recording software to use on your smartphone to analyze how often a man interrupts you in casual conversations or arguments. BETC refers to “manterruptions” as “one of the types of violence […]

Facebook eager to regain conservatives’ trust with CPAC sponsorship

Facebook is hoping to mollify skeptical conservatives by underwriting the largest annual gathering of conservative activists in the United States. The social media giant donated $120,000 to this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in the form of both cash and in-kind sponsorship. The left is pulling their hair out over the news. However, CEO […]

Politicians deserve sh-t? High-schoolers will send it to them for you

A pair of high school students are offering to send a “box of poop” to the “sh**ty” politician of your choosing for just $9.99. By placing an order on their site,, you can get ‘Jules’ and ‘Gabe’ to ship your “hot steaming box of ‘day ruining’ poop to your most beloved” politician’s address within […]

Facebook employees quit over new censorship tool

Facebook is walking a dangerous path in the war against free speech in favor of censorship, and according to the New York Times, some of its employees have had enough. According to three current and former Facebook employees, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is making a special effort to get the social media website into China by […]

Elon Musk launches massive effort to “rebuild the internet in space”

Elon Musk has certainly been busy over the past few months. The technological mind and founder behind Tesla also plays a major role in SpaceX, a company on a mission to colonize Mars. This time, the private spaceflight company is setting its sights on a more down-to-Earth technology: the internet. SpaceX made headlines earlier this […]

Proof of Facebook bias: Employees are funding Dems’ campaigns

The mainstream media outlets are not the only ones unafraid to show their bias. Facebook was found to be purposely filtering and removing conservative news from our timelines, and now a recent study shows Facebook employees gave 6 times more money to Democrats than Republicans. With only days remaining this election cycle, Republicans have received $115,000 from Facebook employees […]

Using Siri for ‘sexually explicit’ chats? It’s happening… a lot

Lonely men are increasingly turning to virtual chat assistants like Siri for ‘sexually explicit’ chats, according to a number of experts in the tech community. From teenagers to “truckers,” men who are lacking lovers are also developing feelings for female-voiced chatbots such as Apple’s Siri. Ilya Eckstein, the chief executive of Robin Labs, noted that his company’s […]