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Major celebrity supporter admits Hillary lost 2nd debate to Trump

After the bloodbath that we witnessed on Sunday night during the 2nd presidential debate, this election is starting to take a dark turn for Hillary Clinton. Right after the debate in which Donald Trump set the debate hall on fire, vocal Clinton backer Katy Perry posted on Twitter that Hillary’s saving grace was early voting. I'm […]

Young Hillary voters know more about Harambe than Tim Kaine [VIDEO]

Millennials are all too familiar with the two major party candidates running for president. Their running mates? Not so much. In a video released by the website Campus Reform, Hillary Clinton’s millennial supporters at the University of Cincinnati struggled to identify her running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, when they were presented with a photo […]

Enough: America needs a ‘Separation between Hollywood & State’

Americans are obsessed with celebrities ― their children, sex lives, marriages, divorces, addictions, and political beliefs. The fascination and hunger for celebrity politics has changed significantly over the last two election cycles. Hollywood is taking a bigger role and getting more access than ever to inner political circles, celebrities are not only attending fundraisers, they’re […]

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson wants to debate Trump and Hillary

Can you smell the talking points The Rock is cooking up? It may not have the same flair as his catchphrase during his wrestling days, but doesn’t mean he isn’t likely to say them soon. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wants a career in politics and wants to be on the debate stage with Donald Trump […]

No, Amy Schumer. Being a liberal hasn’t hurt your ticket sales

Amy Schumer, the comedic actress and cousin of liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer, recently said that her unabashed support for Hillary Clinton and outspoken attitude in favor of gun control will likely hurt her ticket sales — but she doesn’t care. I applaud Schumer for recognizing that politics is important, and it should not […]

Survivor announces Season 33 cast: Millennials vs. Gen X

Survivor is back next month for its 33rd season, and this time they’re shaking things up a bit by dividing the cast by generation. CBS’ 90-minute premiere on Sept. 21 will feature 10 millennials on the Vanua Tribe and 10 Gen-Xers on the Takali Tribe, though 33 years old is considered Gen X for the […]

Phil Jackson: NBA coach fired for millennial-style coaching

A Fastbreak interview with New York Knicks President Phil Jackson from February recently shared shed some insight into the firing of Coach Derek Fisher. While Jackson referenced “a difficult time for Derek” and how “his focus was on coaching the team.” Jackson also spoke of Fisher’s mindset of a player, though, including when it comes […]

Sia to headline concert advocating for free abortion

The United States has some of the most permissive abortion laws in the world, but are still not good enough for abortion promoting groups who will be hosting a concert known as All Access, which calls for, among other things, free abortion. The September 10 concert is to take place at Cleveland State University with […]

New TV show on Gen-Y: Creator relishes in “offending millennials” [VIDEO]

A TV press tour for Joel McHale’s new show “The Great Indoors” proved the show’s caricature of entitled millennials was accurate when the show’s cast and creators faced backlash and interruptions from millennial journalists. In the show, McHale plays Jack of Gen X, a reporter for an outdoors magazine who has to contend with an office full of millennial co-workers […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Sadie Robertson voting for Trump [VIDEO]

While the DNC paraded young female celebrities supporting Hillary Clinton, not all are behind her. Sadie Robertson, the 19-year-old star of Duck Dynasty, is throwing her support behind Donald Trump. Her father, Willie Robertson, has supported Trump since the beginning and spoke at the first night of the RNC. Sadie came to the decision on her own […]

Muslim Olympian slams Trump, but gets the facts wrong

Ibtihaj Muhammad has become America’s newest sports hero, winning a match for the U.S. in fencing and becoming the first U.S. athlete to compete in the Olympics in a hijab. Now that she’s a well-known figure and hero in her community, she made another step towards the A-list by bashing the Republican nominee for president. In an interview […]

Don’t label Kim Kardashian West a feminist

"I don't have to push my views on other people; if that's not you, it's okay. All love." ~@KimKardashian #BlogHer16— BlogHer (@BlogHer) August 5, 2016 Kim Kardashian West is receiving attention for a different reason than usual. This time it’s because she doesn’t want to be labeled as a feminist, or anything else. On Friday, Kardashian […]

Viral video: Who Said It? Donald or Hillary?

Rick Lax, known as the Deception Expert, has a fun little quiz on Facebook to see if you can guess who said it: Donald or Hillary. How many can you get right? Or, will you be fooled? Quote #1: “The love you have for your child is so much greater than any challenge you face as […]

NFL star Ben Watson: Planned Parenthood created to ‘exterminate blacks’

NFL star Benjamin Watson, who currently plays tight end for the Baltimore Ravens, is using his fame to speak out against abortion provider Planned Parenthood, and people are noticing. Watson particularly focused on Planned Parenthood’s racist roots, that “the whole idea with Planned Parenthood and Sanger in the past was to exterminate blacks, and it’s […]

Donald Maroney: Tumblr page compares Trump and ’30 Rock’ character Donald Trump is known for his crazy quotes and antics, much in the same way “30 Rock” character Jenna Maroney is. The brilliant creators of “Donald Maroney” combined Maroney’s words with the GOP nominee’s face to create the trending Tumblr account. “Jenna Maroney’s words. Donald Trump’s face. The worst of both worlds,” the account reads, with […]

Golf range uses Trump and Hillary as targets

A Florida golf range is using headshots of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as targets for golfers to aim at while practicing. According to Bay News 9, Ace Golf Range and Pro Shop in the Tampa, FL suburb of Brandon put up photos of the two unpopular presidential candidates to liven up the driving range. In honor […]

Thousands of Australians claim ‘Jedi’ as their religion

After misguidedly listing Jedi as my religion for most of my adult life…— Adam Valentine (@Adam86Valentine) July 27, 2016 Star Wars fans in Australia are taking their fandom a bit too far, with over 64,000 people choosing “Jedi” as their religion for the 2011 census. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Jedi came in just behind those […]

John Cena impersonates Hillary Clinton at Teen Choice Awards [VIDEO]

Rather than focus on the movies, music, and TV shows that their audience is interested in, the Teen Choice Awards partnered with Rock the Vote to put on a decidedly political event. In addition to pushing an anti-gun message with #StopTheViolence, audience members were encouraged to pick between Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Comedian Keegan-Michael Key impersonated […]

John Oliver: Tim Kaine is a “human sweater vest” [VIDEO]

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver highlighted the most outrageous portions of last week’s Democratic National Convention, and used the event as another excuse to bash Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Joe Biden was called “America’s motivational cattle prod;” Tim Kaine was described as a “human sweater vest,” and “basically the portrait of a vice president that came with the […]

Teen Choice Awards pushes anti-gun hashtag

Good for you @jessicaalba. #StopTheViolence #guns #TeenChoiceAwards— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) August 1, 2016 There was no reason for the Teen Choice Awards to get political, but celebrities used the opportunity to push an anti-gun message. Jessica Alba and Ne-Yo took time out of the program to tell the impressionable 13- to 17-year-olds that it was important to “#StopTheViolence,” Newsbusters reported. […]