Vegas Strong: The Battle Born State is an inspiration of unity

I fully remember the September 11th terrorist attacks; I was in 6th grade gym class in New Jersey, while both my parents were at work in New York City. As a nurse at Bellevue Hospital, my mom did not come home till the next morning and my dad came home around 3AM. To this day, […]

I left the gun control movement after they came after people like me

The Las Vegas attack that took the lives of 59 people and wounded over 500 others became another mass shooting in which liberals called for gun control immediately. However, this time, as a Muslim American who had been staunchly liberal most my life, I find myself on the other side of the aisle. Only 16 […]

The U.S. should not close our embassy in Cuba

For the last few months, bizarre news has come out of our newly-reopened embassy in Havana, Cuba. Dating back to late 2016 and occurring as recently as August 21, American diplomats stationed in the embassy have experienced a wide range of injuries including headaches, nausea, hearing loss, and in some more hazardous cases, mild traumatic […]

Ariana Grande is wrong on terrorism, again

Ariana Grande and I have an interesting history together. For starters, we’re within a year of age from each other, and we both grew up in South Florida. In fact, we went to rival high schools. I never met Grande but am always proud of millennial, breakout talent from my home town. Anyone who knows […]

This string of tragedies can unite a divided America

First came Hurricane Harvey, killing at least 70 people. Then came Hurricane Irma, killing at least 75. Then came Hurricane Maria, killing at least 16 in Puerto Rico with that number still rising. Now, the Las Vegas Strip shooting has reportedly left more than 50 dead and more than 400 wounded. Some have attempted to […]

Words are not violence — and violence is not debate

Steadfast believers in the marketplace of ideas and a classically liberal education have warned of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and snowflake culture to no avail. Many called these first amendment enthusiastic “alarmist” or “free speech fundamentalists” and questioned what harm could come from creating a culture of mental comfortability and safety. Recently, however, the consequences […]

Justin Bieber has become the newest mouthpiece for Black Lives Matter

Just when you thought he was done making bad decisions, Justin Bieber officially announced his support for the controversial Black Lives Matter movement. On Friday, the pop singer posted the Black Lives Matter logo on Instagram with the following caption: “I am a white Canadian and I will never know what it feels like to […]

The conservative Fyre Fest? Maybe, except the UC Berkeley administration and Antifa sabotaged it

Red Alert Politics broke the story last night that the Berkeley Free Speech Week is essentially canceled. But what exactly does canceled mean? Milo Yiannopoulos assures the show will go on. Like the over-promised and shockingly under-delivered Fyre Fest, people can show up — but if the accommodations aren’t there, it’s essentially a non-event. In […]

School choice is today’s civil rights issue and Randi Weingarten is today’s Jim Crow

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, is an infamous proponent of teacher and political interests ahead of those of students and the underprivileged. This can be seen in her opposition to school choice, which benefits low-income families. However, this opposition needs to be called out for what it is: a segregation […]

New class at Princeton University fights “Fat Phobia,” celebrates obesity

Princeton University’s prestigious Lewis Center for the Arts will be teaching a course on fat phobia this fall. According to a new course guideline from the Lewis Center, “FAT: The F-Word and the Public Body,” will teach America’s most astute and intellectual college students an interesting conflation of not only obesity in this country, but […]

Evil incarnate: The systematic abortion of Down syndrome children

About a year and a half ago I was at an all-day event with friends and their social acquaintances, all fellow millennials. It consisted of a lot of sitting around in lawn chairs, chatting, and eating too much food. In addition to all the fun stories and silly jokes, our conversation eventually landed on a […]

Trump’s FDA nixes Obama’s regulations demonizing e-cigarettes

Last month, Food and Drug Association Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb announced that the agency was adopting a new approach to regulating e-cigarettes in the United States. The commissioner deserves much praise for his willingness to address this controversial topic, because his approach will ensure that individuals who use nicotine products will have access to forms of […]

Charlottesville lessons for US leaders: Be specific, be consistent

Our country is on edge after the white nationalist rally and ensuing violence in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend that left one dead and injured more than 19 after a car, driven by white nationalist James Alex Fields, Jr., rammed into a crowd of counter-protesters. President Donald Trump issued a statement (and several tweets) on Saturday […]

Dear millennials: Relax on the whole North Korea nuclear war thing

This week, we’ve witnessed a whole new level of hysteria under the Trump administration. On Tuesday, U.S. intelligence officials concluded that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, better known as North Korea or the DPRK, successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its intercontinental ballistic missiles. Later that day, President Trump commented […]

Can we please stop praying for the deaths of all Jews?

A California imam is under fire this past week after he prayed during a sermon in front of a Muslim congregation for the “annihilation” of Jews. The imam, Sheikh Ammar Shahin, highlighted the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jersualem, which has been at the center of a standoff between Israeli security forces and Palestinian worshippers after Israeli PM […]

Quit the outrage: President Trump taught scouts important values

The 19th National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, with the overall theme of “Live Scouting’s Adventure,” turned out to be more of an adventure than the Boy Scouts of America bargained for on Monday night. President Trump addressed a crowd of 45,000 excited Scouts and this, of course, began the cycle of tweets and headlines […]

Woman brags she’s “raping the government” by gaming the welfare system [VIDEO]

A new viral video shows a “Brooklyn mother of 3” bragging about how she takes advantage of welfare programs so that she doesn’t have to work. She is “proudly raping the government,” as she puts it. This video is proof that at least some Americans take advantage of the system. As of 2016, the Department […]

RAWA: Banning online gambling would be political suicide for Republicans

Last November’s election brought a tidal wave of success for Republicans in the House, the Senate, and of course, the White House. American’s threw their support behind Republicans that promised to do away with the laws and regulations that have infringed upon our personal freedoms, slowed down our economy, and have made it harder to […]

Bernie Sanders: GOP healthcare bill will be worse than 9/11

Bernie Sanders is back at it again with vitriolic rhetoric against the right. Bernie, the friendly healthcare liar, is now claiming that the Republican healthcare bill will kill nine times the number of people killed on 9/11.. every year. Pro tip: comparing a political opponent’s bill to one of the worst tragedies in American history […]

Taking back the word “jihad” won’t help American Muslims

Last week, it was reported that Muslim activist Linda Sarsour was inciting American Muslims to wage “jihad” against Donald Trump and his administration. A lot of conservative outlets took her words out of context, assuming that she meant violent jihad rather than speaking truth to power. If you watch her full speech, you’d know she […]