Putin and Trump might pretend to not be friends, but the two are speaking very highly of one another. (Photo via AP)

Putin: Russian prostitutes “best in the world,” calls Trump accusations “fake” [VIDEO]

Following the explosive dossier published by BuzzFeed alleging that President-elect Donald Trump had met with prostitutes in Russia, Vladimir Putin addressed the issue head on. The Russian president told reporters at the Kremlin on Tuesday that the unsubstantiated dossier are “obvious fabrications.” He also pointed out that Trump couldn’t have possibly hired prostitutes because of […]

Tucker’s bizarre interview with Demand Protest is TV gold [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson takes on the head of Demand Protest, and the interview takes a very strange twist. (photo via Fox News)

Tucker Carlson continues his two month hitting streak in his 9pm slot (formerly 7pm) on Fox News. And somehow, his shows keep one-upping the previous one. On Tuesday night’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the host invited a man identifying himself as “Dom Tullipso,” who heads up the group Demand Protest. The Leftist group allegedly […]

Chelsea Handler: The Kardashians helped elect Trump

Neglecting the voters, liberal comedienne Chelsea Handler believes the Kardashians are responsible for electing Donald Trump. (Photo via AP)

First, it was Amy Schumer, then Lena Dunham, now liberals are devouring the Kardashians. In a new interview with Variety, liberal comedian and Netflix host Chelsea Handler described how devastated she was by the election results to the point where she no longer felt she could go on with doing comedy. “I’m not going to be […]

Video: DC groups plotting shutdown of Inauguration events

It will be a day of celebration in Washington, DC on Friday, however, several Leftist groups have other plans to rain on Donald Trump's parade. (Photo via AP)

Liberal groups are literally doing everything in their power to sabotage President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. They’re even willing to maliciously break the law to spite Trump supporters attending this Friday’s Deploraball at the National Press Club. In a new video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, an undercover investigation found that leftist groups like the DC […]

‘Black-ish’ defies Hollywood, offers balanced view on Trump [VIDEO]

It took two months, but the hit sitcom Blackish hits it out of the park with their episode dedicated to the 2016 election and Trump's upset. (Photo via ABC)

The ABC hit sitcom Black-ish has been blazing a trail in terms of tackling political and social commentary while also dealing with race relations in America using comedy and satire. However, the show took two months to air an episode dedicated to the results of the 2016 presidential election, which, oddly enough, aired Wednesday night, […]

New Facebook program stops fake news (like Buzzfeed?)

Facebook wants to combat hoaxes and fake news, but has done nothing to stop publications like BuzzFeed from spreading false stories. (Photo via Facebook)

In an explosive new report from BuzzFeed, a dossier, compiled by a purported former British intelligence official, alleged that Russia had compromising information about President-elect Donald Trump. Admittedly, BuzzFeed states that the dossier contains multiple errors and cannot be independently verified. However, Ben Smith, editor-in-chief at the publication known for its listicles, gave the article the green […]

Are too many millennials crying ‘wolf’ these days? It seems like it.

Millennials in Boston are protesting Donald Trump's victory, but now they're trying to save their fellow undocumented classmates from being deported (via Twitter/Zeninjor Enwemeka)

There is an inverse relationship between the demand for and the supply of hate in America. The former casts a bloated shadow that dwarfs the latter, and the current political climate – in particular how the media frames it – has conditioned the public, prior to Election Day and in this shaky post-election aftermath, to […]

Young Obama voter admits: Race relations are worse after Obama [VIDEO]

Despite being the first black president, many feel that President Obama has done more to harm race relations than help it, especially black conservatives. (Photo via AP)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when a new president is elected, the country is divided along partisan lines. However, it’s somewhat novel to think that race relations under a black president are worse by the time he leaves office than when he was sworn in — especially when young African Americans are leveling this […]

Ellen defends excluding gospel singer: Christian values not ‘inclusive’ [VIDEO]

Kim Burrell

Pharrell Williams appeared on NBC’s Ellen Show on Thursday as scheduled, but she had chosen a different performer. Ellen DeGeneres held to her decision to refuse Kim Burrell from being a featured guest on the show. Although both Ellen and Pharrell attempted to dampen the controversy of their decision, they failed to be authentically inclusive. […]

Big media: It’s time to ‘check your privilege’

2016 killed a lot of celebrities, but above all, it killed journalistic integrity. (Photo via AP)

In 2017, the mainstream media needs to wake up to reality and check their privilege. The media world is no longer dominated by a singular, narrow minded, ‘progressive’ establishment viewpoint. It’s now a buzzing, vibrant community that is populated by a smorgasbord of different voices, opinions and angles. With the advent of the Internet, anyone […]

ESPN’s ratings tank due to skewed liberal agenda

ESPN has a giant liberal problem in their sports coverage, and their ratings have tanked because of it. (Photo via ESPN images)

For the worldwide leader in sports that loves to cover epic team collapses (i.e. the 2004 New York Yankees), it’s kind of hard to stomach their own collapse in ratings. ESPN, the sports broadcasting giant, suffered it’s worst ratings performance in years after 2016 numbers rolled in. While sports fans, particularly football fans, knew that […]

Liberals call show too white: Tyler Perry slams attacks as “reverse racism”

Many social justice warriors refuse to believe that reverse racism exists. Well, check with Tyler Perry and get back to us if you still feel that way. (Photo via AP)

It’s become more apparent that social justice warriors want their movies and TV shows diverse for diversity’s sake. And now they’re trying to silence Tyler Perry for bucking that trend. Perry, who’s been known to create opportunities for black actors, is facing intense backlash for assembling a mostly white cast for the TLC drama series “Too […]

Ellen DeGeneres’ selective tolerance

TV host Ellen DeGeneres axed a gospel singer from coming on her show because she expressed her religious beliefs against homosexuality. (Photo via AP)

Ellen DeGeneres has decided to disinvite gospel singer Kim Burrell for expressing the unthinkable Christian belief that homosexuality is a sin. God forbid! After a video released revealing that Ms. Burrell openly spoke about her personal convictions in a church sermon, the leftist media erupted. Burrell, an award-winning artist, is featured on the soundtrack for […]

Muslim Trump voter fires back at liberal critics [EXCLUSIVE]

Muslim journalist Asra Nomani has been dragged through the mud over her support for Donald Trump. Now, she's responding. (Photo via WV Living)

It’s not often that you spot a political unicorn, but when they appear and they speak, you’ll surely find an angry liberal. Or lots of them. That’s the case with Asra Nomani, a Muslim journalist, a single mother, and an immigrant from India — who voted for President-elect Donald Trump. In an exclusive interview with Red Alert Politics, […]

Yuccie: A new millennial label to rid ourselves of other labels

Millennials aren't about labels, but only if it's a label they come up with, you guys. (Photo via Tumblr)

Millennials are tired of labels, you guys. One millennial, in particular, by the name of David Infante is so offended with the current labels he’s associated with that he prefers a different label. In an article written by Infante for Mashable, he describes himself as “a 26-year-old writer who lives in a gentrifying neighborhood in Brooklyn.” […]

Dear Nicolas Cage: Ignore Hollywood liberals and play Reagan

Actor Nicolas Cage is being intimidated by the Hollywood Left for possibly playing Ronald Reagan in a film. Stand tall, Nic, and drink those Liberal tears. (Photo via MovieWeb)

It should be no surprise that if you’re a Hollywood actor who’s been offered to play a U.S. president, you don’t take the role lightly. For Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage, however, he might need a little nudge. According to Page Six, Cage has been offered the role to play the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Wilson […]

Delta defends decision to boot Muslim prankster from flight [VIDEO]

As more information comes out, serious questions are raised about the legitimacy of Adam Saleh's claims for getting kicked off Delta Airlines. Be wary of what is said about this incident. (Photo via Twitter)

If there were ever a perfect real-life example of Aesop’s Fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf, it would come in the form of Adam Saleh. Saleh, the 23-year-old Muslim YouTube star known for his prank videos, was booted off a Wednesday morning Delta Airlines flight for what he claims was speaking Arabic on the phone […]

TMZ ‘ambushes’ Kellyanne Conway. They’re doing it wrong [VIDEO]

Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager and now WH counselor, cannot be rattled even when ambushed by outlets like TMZ. (Photo via TMZ)

Kellyanne Conway finally has an official position in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration serving as a counselor in the White House. The media has been speculating for weeks as to how she would fit into his administration after helping deliver the New York moghul a historic election victory. A day before the announcement, however, the entertainment and news […]

2016’s top fake news stories pushed by liberals and the mainstream media

The Left and mainstream media pushed a lot of BS on us in 2016, blaming a lot of what went wrong on Vladimir Putin and the Russians. (Photo via AP)

The Left and mainstream media have been pushing a narrative that fake news is a disease of the Right, and that it catapulted Donald Trump to win the presidency. In fact, the non-partisan website PolitiFact deemed “fake news” the 2016 Lie of the Year (in 2015, it was Donald Trump’s misstatements). The publication cited fake news stories like Hillary Clinton […]

Shaun King: The king of blaming fake hate crimes on Trump supporters

Shaun King's brand of journalism is tainted with pushing fake hate crimes and hoaxes. He's one of the biggest drivers of fake news. (Photo via BET)

Journalism is dead. Fake news has fluttered the internet, yet it’s being blamed on the Right. Democrats are using this idea of fake news as an excuse for why Donald Trump won the election. However, it never started only from the Right. Many fake news stories started from Leftist activists trying to push a narrative, […]