Free Speech

Yiannopoulos speaking at the University of Colorado in January. (Photograph by Jeremy Papasso/via AP.)

Milo loses book deal after underage sex comments

Milo Yiannopoulos came out as a victim of child sexual abuse in a Facebook post yesterday, saying, “My own experiences as a victim led me to believe I could say anything I wanted to on this subject [of sexual abuse], no matter how outrageous.”  Yiannopoulos released that statement in response to allegations that he supports child […]

Why conservatives should have welcomed Milo at CPAC

Jeremy Papasso/Daily Camera via AP

It’s been quite the weekend for Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos. First, the provocateur battled Bill Maher and his panelists on Real Time. Then, he was announced as the keynote speaker at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference. However, on Monday morning, American Conservative Union head Matt Schlapp announced that Milo’s invitation had been rescinded. "@ACUConservative has decided […]

Milo on Real Time: Democrats are “the party of Lena Dunham” [VIDEO]

Milo Yiannopoulos went on Real Time with Bill Maher and found more in common than anyone would have expected. (Photo via HBO)

On Fright night’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Breitbart editor and professional provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos found common ground with the show’s host about how crazy liberals have become, particularly Lena Dunham. “You’re the only good one,” Yiannopoulos commended Maher. “Your side has gone insane. The Democrats have become the party of Lena Dunham. These people […]

Bill Maher, Milo Yiannopoulos, and the liberal prophet Jeremy Scahill

(David Middlecamp/The Tribune (of San Luis Obispo) via AP)

American journalism helps forge ideas that empower free society. Take news-based television debates. Forcing efficient articulation, well-moderated TV news debates offer easily accessible information to many different viewers. I know this because I’m a former panelist/producer on one such debate show, The McLaughlin Group. And there, I learned that the best TV journalism comes when […]

Trump breaks with Obama, backs Venezuelan opposition leader in jail

President Trump is quietly making a major shift from Obama on foreign policy in dealing with the authoritarian Venezuelan government. (Photo via Twitter)

Despite the fact that liberals are accusing President Trump of shutting down the First Amendment, he’s doing quite the opposite and standing with those who have been imprisoned for political dissension. On Wednesday night, President Trump hosted Lilian Tintori, wife of jailed Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López. He tweeted out a photo of himself with Tintori, […]

Tucker Carlson takes on Milo protest organizer [VIDEO]

Your frequent reminder that you can't cuck the Tuck. (Photo via Fox News)

Two weeks after riots broke out in response to Milo Yiannopoulos hosting an event at the University of California-Berkeley campus, Fox News host Tucker Carlson invited the face behind the masked protesters onto his show on Monday night. As it turns out, the face of the Antifa movement is Yvette Felarca, a tiny but tenacious […]

“The Milo bill”: Tennessee proposes campus free speech law

(Associated Press)

When Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at UC-Berkeley on February 2nd and subsequently canceled and was evacuated, one state legislature decided to respond to the violent protests. Tennessee legislators, Rep. Martin Daniel and Sen. Joey Hensley, proposed “the Milo bill” on Thursday. The bill is “designed to implement oversight of administrators’ handling […]

Tim Scott reads racist liberal tweets on the Senate floor [VIDEO]

Senator Tim Scott continues to gain the ire of black liberals. He's finally fighting back. (Photo via AP)

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) has faced immense criticism from the black community over his support for Jeff Sessions to be the next United States Attorney General. “If you sign up to be a black conservative, the chances are very high you will be attacked. It comes with the territory,” Scott said before the Senate. Scott, […]

Milo will return to UC-Berkeley to finish what he started

Milo Yiannopoulos wants to finish his college tour, that means he's going back to UC-Berkeley. (Photo via The Chronicle)

Less than a week after his event was threatened and venue assaulted, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos announced his vow to return to UC-Berkeley to finish his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” on college campuses throughout the country. Yiannopoulos, the 32-year-old British provocateur, was rushed off of UC-Berkeley’s campus last Wednesday after protesters gathered outside turned violent and breached […]

Yes, Donald Trump is right to threaten Berkeley’s federal grants

President Trump is threatening to pull federal funding from UC-Berkeley over their protests and riots over Milo Yiannopoulos. Good. (Photo via AP)

On Wednesday afternoon, I explained that Milo Yiannopoulos’ greatest supporters are those who oppose him. Later Wednesday evening, those who waged war at UC-Berkeley proved me right. They did so by attacking Milo’s supporters, police officers, and private property. And this morning, President Trump responded by threatening the University of California at Berkeley’s federal funding. […]

Milo joins Tucker after Berkeley riot: “The Left is terrified” [VIDEO]

Milo Yiannopoulos is a threat to liberal college campuses everywhere. Why? He's interesting and persuasive enough to gain more followers. (Photo via Fox News)

Scheduled to appear at University of California-Berkeley for his campus tour, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was evacuated from campus grounds by his security detail after protests outside the venue for his inched closer to riots. The British professional provacateur and free speech advocate, who calls President Donald Trump “Daddy,” appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson […]

Speech Police: Canada hiring 55 people to monitor ‘hate speech’

(Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press via AP)

In response to the deadly terror attack that claimed the lives of six Muslim Canadians who were peacefully praying at a mosque in Quebec City, the government is attacking free speech rights. Radio Canada reported on Wednesday that Montreal police arrested a 47-year-old man in the middle of the night for writing hateful comments on […]

NYT says GOP threatens campus free speech more than liberals. Is that a joke?

Valentina Petrova/AP

Free speech has become a boiling issue on American college campuses this election cycle, as academic administrations responded to the loose-tongued President-Elect by doubling down on language restrictions, while conservative think tanks faught for continued free-thinking. Generally speaking, Republicans have been known for their vocal stance on protecting speech, but New York Times contributor Donald […]

Silly liberals at Vox wants to censor free speech

Lefty websites like want to censor free speech because it often hurts people's feelings. That's the point of free speech though. (Photo via AP)

On Wednesday, liberal news website, published an opinion article entitled: “A woman who called Michelle Obama an ape has her job back. This is part of a pattern.’’ Written by Jenée Desmond-Harris, the article concerns Pamela Taylor. Last month, Ms. Taylor was suspended by her employer for a Facebook post which described the First […]

Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ mocks PC culture on college campuses [VIDEO]

Actor Tim Allen is no fan of PC culture, so he decides to troll the thought police on college campuses in the latest episode of ABC's Last Man Standing. (Photo via ABC)

Tim Allen off screen is tired of the way conservatives and Trump supporters have been treated. So, instead of remaining quiet, his show ABC’s Last Man Standing got creative by mocking PC culture, microaggressions, and censoring free speech on college campuses. On Friday night’s episode titled “Precious Snowflake,” Mandy Baxter (portrayed by Molly Ephraim) is part of a business school committee selecting the […]

Fired for being conservative: Rutgers student targeted by campus newspaper


A student at Rutgers University is alleging that his firing from the student newspaper was a result not of his conduct, but of his conservative political views. Alex Khavich writes at The Tab that Dan Corey, Editor-in-Chief at The Daily Targum, fired him via email (tacky!) for “disparaging the Targum.” The trouble started when Khavich […]

Why political correctness is hurting comedy

(Photo by Tyler Sawyer)

Comedian Jeremy McLellan joins Assistant Editor Siraj Hashmi and Staff Writer Ryan Girdusky to discuss the 2016 election, Bernie-or-bust voters, Gary Johnson, religion, his comedy tour, and how political correctness is killing stand-up. Listen to the full conversation below:  

YouTube joins Facebook and Twitter, censors conservative videos


YouTube has joined Facebook and Twitter by becoming the latest social media platform to censor conservative speech. Right-wing radio show host Dennis Prager’s educational videos on YouTube come with a trigger warning sign saying it’s “potentially objectionable” material, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Prager has released 175 videos since 2010 under the Prager U. channel, […]

Lauren Southern assaulted by liberal activists at ‘free speech’ rally [VIDEO]

(via Screenshot)

Lauren Southern of Rebel Media is no stranger to controversy or being in controversial situations. She has challenged many so-called social justice warriors, not just in the United States, but also in Canada and the United Kingdom as well. On one occasion in Vancouver, Southern told feminists at a rally that “white privilege” did not exist […]

“I will NOT wear a hijab”: American skips World Chess Championship in Iran


Chess is a male-dominated sport. There are a few women who play competitively and even fewer who rise to the level of international fame in that field. Nazi Paikidze is an exception. Despite being one of the few millennial breakout stars, the 22-year old is protesting one of the most important matches of her life to highlight […]