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Free Speech

Eventbrite bans Milo Yiannopoulos events: Milo responds — Exclusive

Conservatives have always had a target on their back when it comes to spreading their ideas on college campuses, but, now, they have to deal with a new reality of being silenced by the tech giants of Silicon Valley. On Friday, conservative provocateur and commentator Milo Yiannopoulos posted to Facebook an email he received from the […]

University of Florida president says “No” to Richard Spencer

After declaring a commitment to free speech just four days ago, University of Florida (UF) President Kent Fuchs announced that infamous white supremacist Richard Spencer will not be coming to the Swamp after all. The decision to deny the National Policy Institute’s request for space cited security concerns in the wake of the Charlottesville riots. […]

Canned: Google fires employee who criticized company’s diversity policies

On Tuesday, Google fired James Damore, a former engineer who published a 10-page internal memo criticizing women’s roles at the company and its biased left-leaning culture. Damore published a manifesto titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber: How bias clouds our thinking about diversity and inclusion.” The document gained national attention when he accused the company of […]

War on Free Speech: NC passes bill to protect the first amendment on campuses

This week, North Carolina legislators took action addressing the war on free speech by passing the Restore Campus Free Speech Act. This legislation would eliminate speech codes on campus and sanction those who violate other students’ freedom of speech. The fight for freedom of expression on college campuses has been receiving national attention after many […]

Congressmen put colleges on notice: Protect free speech or lose federal funding

For over three hours on Thursday, members of the House of Representatives held a hearing advocating for freedom of speech on college campuses. “My message is clear, we shouldn’t be restricting free speech on college campuses,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told Red Alert Politics. Rep. Jordan chaired the hearing addressing recent violent protests on college […]

“Perplexed”: After canceling, UC-Berkeley offers much smaller room for Shapiro

On Friday, UC-Berkeley administrators announced that they would waive the fee on a room for conservative commentator Ben Shapiro to speak on campus after initially cancelling his scheduled speech in September. However, it would be for a much smaller room than was previously booked and agreed to. Dan Mogulof, spokesman of UC-Berkeley, said on Thursday […]

EXCLUSIVE: UNLV professor punished pro-Trump student with bad grades, resigns

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president in November, liberal professors have been taking out their frustrations on their conservative and Trump-supporting students. At the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, College Republican President Jacob Deaville filed a formal complaint against his professor for discriminatory intent and unfair grading practices all because of his politics. The professor, […]

The Senate finally had a hearing on campus free speech. It sucked

Did you read much about the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on free speech the other week? No? Me neither. And it’s probably because it didn’t have any heavy hitters testifying at the hearing. No offense to those who testified. After reading their remarks, it is clear they believe in free speech and diverse viewpoints. However, […]

Businessman breaks up with the media via massive billboard

Everything is bigger in Texas and apparently, breakups are no different. A man “broke up” with ABC News via billboard on Interstate 10 in Boerne, Texas, about 30 miles outside of San Antonio. The billboard reads, “ABC News: I grew up with you. We are through. The Russians did not elect Donald Trump. I did.” […]

Protecting free speech: Proposed law will expel hecklers from campus

Rather than just complaining, Wisconsin’s state Assembly decided to do something about the debate over free speech on college campuses. Republicans passed a bill, known as “The Campus Free Speech Act,” on Thursday that would give college administrators license to discipline and even expel students for disrupting speakers during events on their campus. Not a single […]

Pro-Trump shirts censored in high school yearbook

During the campaign, Donald Trump promised to end political correctness on college campuses. He might want to add high school campuses, too. According to a report from WABC, the Wall Township High School in New Jersey censored a number of Trump t-shirts and slogans in its annual yearbook. This dismayed many Trump supporting students who were […]

Betsy DeVos appoints campus free speech advocate. Liberals are flipping out

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh) America has reached a consensus. We have a free speech problem when it comes to higher education, and there’s a growing crisis where colleges oppose inviting speakers to their campus who disagree with their political positions. Thankfully, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has appointed free speech advocate Adam Kissel to deputy assistant […]

“Chalkman”: Student leads rebellion against anti-white leftists at Evergreen State

Political correctness and identity politics have essentially shut down Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington after leftist students tried to force all white people off campus for their annual “Day of Absence.” The campus has been shut down since last Thursday. However, one freshman student by the name of Nolan (who didn’t provide his last name) […]

Harvard kicks out 10 students for ‘offensive’ memes in private Facebook group message

Digital free speech is under fire after Harvard University rescinded acceptance offers from 10 prospective students from the incoming freshman class of 2021. According to the Harvard Crimson, at least 10 prospective students had their acceptances withdrawn after sharing offensive jokes and memes in a private group chat. Some of the conversation topics included mocking sexual assault, the […]

Adam Carolla: Caving to college protestors is like caving to ISIS

College campuses have become such a cesspool for free speech and political discourse that a comedian who never went to college feels the need to do something about it. Adam Carolla, who used to host The Man Show on Comedy Central and is now hosts his own daily podcast, has teamed up with radio personality […]

Tennessee passes bill guaranteeing free speech on colleges

As college campuses across the country, especially in California, suppress free speech to protect liberal students’ feelings, the state of Tennessee just passed a landmark law to ensure no students are shut down because of their political beliefs. On May 9, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (R) signed the Campus Free Speech Act, allowing the strongest free […]

Berkeley: We did everything in our power to protect Coulter’s rights

UC-Berkeley is trying to change the record on what happened to conservative writer and pundit Ann Coulter’s speech, which was canceled ahead of its scheduled time on Thursday. After telling the New York Times that she was withdrawing her talk, Coulter took to Twitter to say, “I’m so sorry Berkeley canceled my speech. I’m so […]

Ann Coulter cancels speech at Berkeley

Free speech took a huge blow on Wednesday after conservative writer and pundit Ann Coulter withdrew from giving a speech at University of California-Berkeley. It was reported on Tuesday from the Washington Examiner that Coulter’s main sponsor, Young America’s Foundation, would be pulling its support over safety concerns to its staff and students. Coulter told the New […]

Berkeley reverses decision, Ann Coulter will speak

Just a day after the University of California at Berkeley canceled conservative writer Ann Coulter’s speech because of security concerns, the school has changed positions allowing her to speak. The New York Times reported on Thursday that UC Berkeley reversed their previous position and that Coulter will be able to speak in early May. Coulter […]

Chappelle breaks Netflix record: A win against PC culture

Dave Chappelle has reclaimed the throne as the “King of Comedy” since his return to the public realm. In a letter to shareholders, Netflix wrote that out of 17 comedy specials they released in the first quarter of 2017, Chappelle’s reigned supreme. “Early results are promising; the triumphant return of a comedy legend in Dave […]