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Free Speech

College Republicans called “c*nts” by campus vandal

Vandals at University of North Carolina-Wilmington (UNCW) refuse to let the UNCW College Republicans advertise for their upcoming event with Mike Adams, titled, “Three Threats to Campus Liberty.” Last Tuesday, the UNCW CRs started hanging up flyers around campus to advertise their event but they were torn down within a day. Since then, chapter president […]

Unsettling trend: Another free speech ball stabbed in California

Another day, another assault on free speech. This time the offense took place at California State University-Fresno, when a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter was celebrating Free Speech Week by rolling a giant beach ball around campus and inviting students to write on it as an exercise in free speech. The event was cut […]

Professor sues President Trump for blocking him on Twitter

A professor at the University of Maryland, College Park is suing Donald Trump because the president blocked him on Twitter over the summer. Sociology professor Philip N. Cohen sees this as a violation of his First Amendment rights. The tweet that started it all dates back to June 6 when Cohen posted a photo of […]

Kasich’s latest comments are a betrayal to college conservatives

In a forum at the University of Delaware last Tuesday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) made a comment regarding the free speech catastrophe on college campuses, saying that he wouldn’t “let one of these hate speech speakers come,” according to The National Review. Kasich’s comments on how a university should respond in the event of […]

NYC Anti-Fascist group targets Columbia University College Republicans

A New York City Antifa group is campaigning to “expose” the College Republicans at Columbia University (CUCR) as “entitled rich kids, padding their resumés for future jobs at hedge funds.” On Friday, October 20th, fliers identifying executive board members of CUCR were posted around Columbia’s campus. The fliers, which blanketed the campus, had each club […]

UC President: Silencing conservatives is similar to silencing civil rights leaders

Janet Napolitano, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under Barack Obama and current president of the University of California system, said on Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that “we have to do a much better job” at teaching young people about what the First Amendment means, particularly when it comes to free speech. […]

Professor under fire for challenging transgender narrative

A tenured Boise State University professor is facing overwhelming pressure from campus activists after publishing articles critical of the transgender movement. Dr. Scott Yenor, a political science professor at the Idaho university and a former visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, argued in an August article for The Daily Signal that the transgender agenda is threatening the […]

Free Speech Week is more important on campus than ever before

By Alexander Staudt, Washington Examiner Education, like other facets of our society, is constantly changing to adapt to advancements in technology, thought, and policy. However, not every change is necessarily positive. Issues of free speech have made national headlines — whether it’s an op-ed in The Daily Princetonian or a news piece in Campus Reform documenting violent responses to […]

Free speech week: Let’s have a dialogue!

Diversity is a concept that we strongly value as Americans. Racial, ethnic, cultural, and other forms of diversity are woven into the very fabric of our nation. Diversity should be celebrated for the positive impact in our communities. We believe in the importance of diversity in the workplace, and the ability of all Americans – […]

Lawmaker proposing media permits to show how unfair gun permits are

A lawmaker in Indiana is proposing that the media be required to apply for a ‘journalism license.’ Indiana State Rep. Jim Lucas (R) proposed that journalists should meet the same requirements as gun owners, who have concealed carry permits, and drafted a bill that would mandate a license to practice it. “If you’re OK licensing […]

Students aren’t sure if First Amendment protects hate speech: Poll

A majority of students on college campuses do not know that the First Amendment protects hate speech, according to a new report published by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). Only 46 percent of students are aware that the First Amendment protects hate speech, FIRE reports. 48 percent believe that hate speech should […]

UF President “shocked” to learn that he must uphold the First Amendment [VIDEO]

After flip-flopping on whether or not white nationalist Richard Spencer can speak at the University of Florida, University President Kent Fuchs has now told students that he is “shocked” that he must uphold the First Amendment. Originally, Fuchs stood by free speech, citing a university regulation which states that non-university groups, organizations, and persons may […]

VIDEO: Angry liberal steals student’s MAGA hat, threatens his life

A nine-minute video that is now going viral shows a leftist student stealing another student’s Make America Great Again hat and verbally accosting the College Republican student in the Student Life Office at the University of California-Riverside. The video starts off with Matthew Vitale, the External Vice President of the UC-Riverside College Republicans, saying, “You […]

University bans football players from kneeling during the anthem

Colorado Christian Univesity announced on Tuesday that it’s banning its student-athletes from participating in kneeling protests during the national anthem. A spokesperson from the private, interdenominational Christian liberal arts university told TMZ Sports that “all athletes must stand for the National Anthem and prayer before a game or sporting event.” According to the Division II school […]

Alan Dershowitz: “I’m going to sue Berkeley if they don’t allow me to speak” [VIDEO]

On Thursday morning, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz told Fox News that he would sue the University of California, Berkeley if they restrict his First Amendment right to free speech. “I’m going to sue Berkeley if they don’t allow me to speak,” Dershowitz said. Dershowitz told Fox News that he had been invited to speak […]

Words are not violence — and violence is not debate

Steadfast believers in the marketplace of ideas and a classically liberal education have warned of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and snowflake culture to no avail. Many called these first amendment enthusiastic “alarmist” or “free speech fundamentalists” and questioned what harm could come from creating a culture of mental comfortability and safety. Recently, however, the consequences […]

Sessions condemns college censorship, defends Trump’s right to free speech [VIDEO]

Attorney General Jeff Sessions railed against college censorship of speech and defended President Donald Trump’s right to speak during a talk at the Georgetown University Law Center on Tuesday morning. Sessions, who was met with massive protests outside the venue, declared that speech, expression, and thought were “under attack” on campuses throughout the country. “The […]

Donald Trump got people to care about the NFL again

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump did the unthinkable: unite rivals across the sports world against him and got people to care about the NFL again. On Friday in a campaign rally for Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) in Huntsville, Alabama, Trump addressed the ongoing protests where some NFL players take a knee during the national […]

Milo presser: Blame UC Berkeley “bureaucratic dirty dealing” for Free Speech Week cancelations

Milo Yiannopoulos held an “emergency press conference” today in an undisclosed location instead of the previously announced, open-to-press announcement which was scheduled to take place.   According to Yiannopoulos, the public location booked for the presser broke their contract with Milo Inc. and refused to allow them on the premises, telling the police they were […]

The conservative Fyre Fest? Maybe, except the UC Berkeley administration and Antifa sabotaged it

Red Alert Politics broke the story last night that the Berkeley Free Speech Week is essentially canceled. But what exactly does canceled mean? Milo Yiannopoulos assures the show will go on. Like the over-promised and shockingly under-delivered Fyre Fest, people can show up — but if the accommodations aren’t there, it’s essentially a non-event. In […]