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Former NFL star Herschel Walker defends Trump, says NFL should make players stand

Retired NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner, Herschel Walker told TMZ Friday that he supports President Trump’s stance on players kneeling in protest to the national anthem. “Where were everyone before the season started? I didn’t see anyone protesting in front of the White House or protesting in front of Congress, or protesting in […]

Plastic surgeon says women are dropping thousands to look like Ivanka and Melania

A New York City plastic surgeon admits he is seeing a surgery trend he wasn’t expecting in light of the Trumps being in the White House. Dr. Norman Rowe, a top surgeon in the upper east side of New York City, told the New York Post that patients are requesting makeovers to look like the […]

Family’s 4th Amendment legal battle: SWAT raid of home leads to tomato plants

At 7:30 A.M, Bob Harte walked downstairs to answer “clamorous pounding” on his front door of his home in Leawood, Kansas. He opened his door to a group of officers clad in SWAT gear brandishing Glock 9mm pistols and an AR-15 rifle, preparing to breach his front door with a battering ram. The officers rushed […]

Emails: Seattle mayor colluded with liberal professor to create one-sided minimum wage study

Newly-discovered emails between Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s office and researchers at the University of California-Berkeley show an intimate level of coordination in planning the release and press coverage of a minimum wage study. The study they released found Seattle’s minimum wage raised wages for workers without raising unemployment. Berkeley released their study on June 20, […]

Report: Bernie Sanders is stealing his neighbor’s newspaper in D.C.

Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been apparently stealing his Washington D.C. neighbor’s Sunday Washington Post subscription. WMAL radio host Chris Plante began discussing the possibility of Bernie Sanders running for president in 2020 to lead into a story about Sanders’ weekly habits: Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane when they are in Washington DC, […]

The IRS raided their store and sold their stuff within hours. Now they’re fighting back

An elderly Thai couple was left penniless after their life savings were seized and auctioned off from inside their own 34-year-old store. The couple filed a $2 million lawsuit against the federal government for improperly seizing and selling assets almost immediately. In March of 2015, the IRS shut down Mii’s Bridal and Tuxedo in Garland, […]

Under investigation: Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to talk about it [VIDEO]

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-V) ducked questions from a Fox News reporter regarding the FBI’s investigation into his wife, and instead pivoted to talk about healthcare. The FBI is reportedly investigating if Jane Sanders falsified loan documents in 2010 while she served as president of Burlington College, which shut down May 2016 after failing to meet accreditation standards […]

Johnny Depp jokes about assassinating President Trump

Actor Johnny Depp joked about assassinating President Trump on Thursday at the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England. Depp began by facetiously asking the audience if he could bring Trump to the festival. “I think he needs help,” Depp said. “This is going to be in the press, and it’ll be horrible. But I like that […]

Triggered professors resign over new pro-gun campus law

A Wichita State University professor is resigning over a Kansas campus open-carry law that is set to take effect this summer. “Clear, open, critical discussion cannot take place in an environment of threat and fear,” Deborah Ballard-Reisch wrote in a letter to University President John Bardo. “Guns on campus will make it that much more difficult for […]

ESPN downplays study revealing perceptions of liberal bias

by Melissa Quinn ESPN this week downplayed the results of a new study that said most people who think the sports channel is biased believe it leans to the left. A survey conducted by ESPN and Langer Research Associates found that 30 percent of those asked think ESPN is biased. Within that group, 63 percent […]

Ron Paul: North Korea kept unstable ‘on purpose’ [VIDEO]

Former Texas Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul argued in a video clip he Tweeted Monday that U.S. foreign policy intentionally keeps North Korea unstable so the communist nation can play the role of international boogeyman. “We’ve been doing this all this time and it’s almost like [it is] to keep it unstable … […]

Fake Ivanka blasts real Ivanka: ‘Uninspired,’ ‘cowardly’

So Scarlett Johansson played Ivanka Trump in a Saturday Night Live skit. She bombed it; she wasn’t even funny or clever, and Twitter users would agree with me on this. But the bigger problem with Scarlett as Ivanka is that now, she sees herself as the unofficial spokesperson for all things Ivanka-related. Even worse, she is […]

Healthcare bill pulled due to lack of votes: A win in the long run?

The “nightmare” known as Obamacare will remain the law of the land as House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the America Health Care Act bill before its scheduled 3:30 pm vote on the House floor on Friday. The House bill needed 216 votes to pass the Obamacare replacement plan, but the House Freedom Caucus along with […]

Border union: Obama policies caused 14-year-old’s rape in Rockville

By PAUL BEDARD (@SECRETSBEDARD) Open door immigration policies put in place by the Obama administration were cited a cause for the alleged rape of a 14-year-old student inside Maryland high school by two illegals, according to the head of the Border Patrol union. Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, cited the former […]

Trump fires back: Yes, the President is feuding with Snoop Dogg

President Trump took a swing at rapper Snoop Dogg for making a music video where the artist fired a prop gun at a clown dressed as the president. “Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!” Trump tweeted […]

Cancer patient mocked by Samantha Bee raises $100k in two days [VIDEO]

After a Samantha Bee-produced segment covering CPAC mocked an attendee suffering from brain cancer for having “Nazi hair,” the people responded to hate with love. Kyle Coddington, 20, was diagnosed in December 2016 with stage 4 glioblastoma, which is one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer. Keri Ann Knupp set up a GoFundMe page on Kyle’s behalf only days […]

Samantha Bee mocks conservative student suffering from cancer

Comedienne Samantha Bee is in hot water. The female version of Bill Maher and Jon Stewart without the wit, personality, and humor released a video segment on her show “Full Frontal” the Wednesday night of CPAC. However, her producer Michael Rubens, who narrated the video package, poked fun at young conservatives for having “Nazi hair,” […]

Twitter mocks Democrat response to Trump’s speech

Twitter lit up late Tuesday night to mock former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, who delivered a stilted response to President Trump’s speech from a coffeehouse. Beshear appeared to be picked to respond because he’s from a working-class state that Democrats are now desperately looking to win back. But several Twitter users made fun of Beshear’s […]

Cruel: Liberal pipeline protesters abandon dogs in dead of winter [VIDEO]

By EMILY JASHINSKY (@EMILYJASHINSKY) Protesters forced out of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) encampment left behind so many dogs that a local animal shelter is planning to return every weekend to rescue abandoned pets. Staff from local animal shelter Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue told KFYR they’re having a hard time saving the animals because of […]

Huffington Post writer horrified to find out she’s one-third white

Far-left social justice warriors forge their entire identity based off of sex, gender, race, and ability. So, when a Huffington Post writer found out she was actually a third white instead of Native American, her world came crumbling down around her. Christine Michel Carter had been told by her family that she was descended from […]