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Red Alert Politics announces all '30 Under 30' winners


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Here’s how DOJ is threatening to scrap our online privacy rights

For those of us born in the 1990s, it is hard to imagine that people once lived without email and the internet. Rather than instantaneously sending a message to a colleague, people were stuck using the dreaded snail-mail services like USPS that take 3-5 days to deliver. Now, not only do we expect instant communications, […]

The Internet was attacked Friday: Does either candidate have a plan?

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The DDoS attack that shut down large swaths of the internet on Friday has shown Americans one serious crack in our cybersecurity infrastructure. Information security is now a matter of national security. With no debates remaining between now and Election Day, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will not have to answer to the public about […]

Targeted for endorsing Trump? Obama admin. sues gay billionaire for millions

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If you publicly support Donald Trump, good luck dealing with the target on your back. Adding to the long list of Trump supporters who have dealt with being heckled to administrative action or straight up being physically assaulted for their political beliefs, Peter Thiel, the co-founder of Palantir Technologies, is paying the price for his support […]

GOP rushes to block: Obama’s ‘internet giveaway’ to Russia, China (and worse countries)

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If there is one thing that millennials value, it is an open and free internet. Generation Y was born online and were the first to put great content on the web. From entertainment to the so-called “new media” phenomenon, millennials were always at the forefront of the latest trend. The Obama administration has recently been planning to […]

Save me: Apple needs to build printers

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This is a rare non-political post, but it needs to be said. With the new iPhone 7 set to launch soon, and with more people owning Apple products than ever before, why am I left with a printer that doesn’t work? Why — in the age of cars that drive themselves and instant apps for […]

The Year of the Hack: Do millennials trust technology too much?

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The FBI has discovered that hackers have breached online voter registration systems in Illinois and Arizona, and have targeted at least two other states. It sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie: Russian hackers broke into the online bank of Arizona voter data. The FBI has not identified a perpetrator for the Illinois hack, nor […]

EU declares war on Apple and Irish sovereignty

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The European Union has gone to war with Apple and Irish sovereignty. The proceeding court case could abolish the freedom of every EU nation. Apple is being accused of avoiding $14.5 billion in taxes. If found guilty they’d be forced to pay the huge sum along with back taxes to Ireland. On Tuesday, the European Commission claimed the company […]

Fake story on Megyn Kelly lands in Facebook’s ‘trending topics’ section

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In an apparent attempt to eliminate political bias from its trending topics section, Facebook recently announced that a new algorithm would take over writing descriptions of the top news stories. However, they may have rushed to introduce this update before it was ready. The Washington Post reported that for several hours on Monday morning one […]

Google is manipulating searches about Hillary Clinton’s health

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On Saturday morning the hashtag “#HillarysSearchTerms” was trending. As a Twitter user who doesn’t hold back my feelings about Hillary Clinton, I decided to post screenshots I took of Google filtering its search results. Well this is odd. #HillarysHealth #HillaryClintonSearchTerms— Kassy Dillon (@KassyDillon) August 27, 2016 These screenshots show that when “Hillary Clinton’s he” […]

Who’s your match? ‘Voter’ app lets millennials swipe right to pick candidates

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Millennials will soon become the largest portion of the electorate, but they are also the group less likely to vote. 26-year-old web developer Hunter Scarborough hopes to engage more millennials in politics through his app “Voter.” Voter asks users a variety of questions to match them to candidates, parties, and influencers that best align with their […]

Introducing ‘Gab’: Free speech Twitter alternative


After the revelation that Facebook manipulated its trending topics section and a series of suspensions of conservative Twitter accounts, many people have expressed the need for an alternative social media outlet to share their views. In July, after Twitter banned Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, WikiLeaks threatened to create their own platform because “our supporters are threatened by a space of feudal justice.” This […]

Schools must prepare millennials to defend against cyber attacks [Opinion]

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Most people have had a feeling that someone is watching them only to turn around to see that no one is there. But imagine if you were to discover that indeed you were secretly being watched, and it had been going on for more than 5 years without your knowledge. That’s a pretty scary thought, […]

Virtual gun control: Apple replaces pistol emoji

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Apple has engaged in virtual gun control as the company decided to replace the pistol emoji with a water gun emoji in the next version of the iPhone and iPad operating system, according to CNN Money. The gun swap is just one of the many emoji changes that Apple has planned for iOS 10 that shows the […]

Awkward interaction with a millennial? Blame smartphone dependence

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Those who turned to their phones to avoid awkward family conversations during the holiday weekend weren’t alone, especially among millennials. As highlighted by CNET, 40 percent of millennials admitted to using their smartphone to escape a family gathering, according to Bank of America’s “Trends in Consumer Mobility Report.” Grouping all social interactions together, the report says […]

The party of no (fun): Dems seek to regulate Pokemon Go

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Democrats have the reputation of being the party that wants the government to stay out of your bedroom — just so long as you’re not playing Pokemon Go in there. New York Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D) is proposing new regulations to the new augmented reality game Pokemon Go, claiming it threatens public safety. “Like any […]

Pokémon Go: Ruining the world, yet making America thin again

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Pokémon Go is the first augmented reality game the streams straight into a player’s phone and allows them to use their real-life location to find and capture Pokémon. It’s ground breaking, promotes fitness, and is destroying the world. In a little more than a week since the game was launched, it was downloaded to more Android phones […]

Journal: Smart phones harming millennial health

A passenger checks Uber on his cell phone as he waits for a helicopter he requested through the application, at a hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tuesday, June 14, 2016. The ride-booking company Uber has begun providing helicopter rides in Brazil biggest city. The company's Ubercopter service began a monthlong trial period between airports, hotels and convention centers on Monday, with prices ranging from 17 to 80 US Dollars a seat. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)

The digital age has physically weakened the youth. The Journal of Hand Therapy released a study revealing that young adults have replaced manual labor for computers, leading to a significant loss of grip strength and worse eye strain. The study found that “men now aged 20-34 had weaker grips and hand strength than those of the same […]

Instagram launches new business profiles and tools for business owners

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Attention, Instagram addicts, and social media natives, alike: the social networking site has announced new tools for business use, benefitting the social media and business realms all in one. Instagram is constantly updating its features to reach a wide variety of audiences, not just its avid millennial user base. Coming soon, with the efficiency and easy access of the […]

Pro-life organizations use mobile surveillance technology to infiltrate abortion clinics


A Boston advertising executive has developed a plan to send pro-life ads to young women’s cell phones while they are in abortion clinics through the use of mobile surveillance technology. Copley Advertising CEO John Flynn realized that this technology can be helpful in determining which women are at risk of getting an abortion, though the technology […]

14-year-old CEO turns down $30 million offer for his business [VIDEO]

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A 14-year-old entrepreneur rejected a $30 million offer for his first-aid vending machine idea. Taylor Rosenthal, 14, created RecMed, a vending machine that dispenses first aid products, and the young CEO spoke to Fox Business‘ Varney & Co about his business path. Rosenthal came up with the idea in eighth grade when enrolled in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy class. Having […]