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Obama sides with Republicans in higher ed debate

President Obama is hosting the first “White House Maker Faire” on Wednesday to encourage America’s students to invent, innovate and focus their intellectual energy on career paths most relevant in today’s economy. In a rare moment, the president’s touting of entrepreneurship and innovation stands in line with ideas presented by members of the GOP in recent months.

Northwestern football players call themselves union ‘pioneers’

In this Jan. 28, 2014, file photo, Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter, right, speaks while College Athletes Players Association President Ramogi Huma listens during a news conference in Chicago. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty, File)

THE HILL — Northwestern University’s standout quarterback Kain Colter, who wrapped up his college football career last fall, called himself and his former teammates “pioneers” in the effort to organize the first labor union for college athletes.

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Network of Enlightened Women crowns 2014 ‘Gentleman of the Year’


The University of Florida is excelling in more than just basketball this year, as the Network of Enlightened Women named Ivan Yim, a Florida sophomore, as its 2014 “Gentleman of the Year.”

D.C. college students can’t name even one U.S. Senator

Dan Jopseh Media Research Center name a U.S. Senator

In the most pathetic video you’ll probably see all day, the Media Research Center‘s Dan Joseph proves that college kids can’t name even one United States Senator.

Even worse, those kids go to school in Washington, D.C.

[WATCH] Students rank worst Obama scandals in #BarackTology


March Madness was injected with a dose of politics this week as Millennials filled out a bracket of what they believe are the biggest scandals to rock the Obama administration.


Stanford gives up on using ‘security costs’ to cancel conservative students event

Stanford University

Conservative students at Stanford University won’t have to pay thousands of dollars in “security costs” to host an event on traditional marriage views, as the administration reversed course after the student group accused them of trying to tax free speech.

Sixth-grader suspended for taking a razor from her classmate

Adrionna Harris

A student from Bayside Middle School in Virginia Beach, Va., was suspended last week for stopping her classmate from cutting himself with a razor blade on campus.

Rand Paul: The GOP needs to be like Domino’s and admit we have a bad crust

AP Photo/Ben Margot

According to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), the Republican Party needs to take a page from Domino’s Pizza’s recipe book and admit they have “bad crust.”

Government spends millions to support students dressing up as fruits and veggies

Get Fruved Campaign

The Department of Agriculture awarded a $4.9 million taxpayer-funded grant to the University of Tennessee last week to support a campaign that includes students dressing up as different fruits and vegetables.

Minnesota college seeks to ban ‘offensive phrases’ like ‘you guys,’ ‘derp’

More than Words Campaign

Students at one St. Paul, Minn., based-school are going to have to start watching their tongues, for a new campaign introduced on the campus seeks to ban words like “girl,” “derp,” and “lame” in an effort to halt “oppressive” language.

Idaho to allow concealed carry on college campuses

Smith and Wesson .40 caliber gun

The state of Idaho will soon allow concealed carry on college campuses, once Republican Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter signs the bill expected to arrive on his desk this week.

Rutgers University faculty, student newspaper push for withdrawal of speaking invitation to Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice

The Rutgers University New Brunswick Faculty Council sent a strong message to Condoleezza Rice last week, passing and adopting a resolution that calls for the school’s Board of Directors to withdraw its commencement speaking invitation to the former Secretary of State.

UPDATED: Purdue Univ. cedes fight against ‘God’ inscription on on-campus plaque

Purdue University Logo

Purdue University seems to have changed its stripes of late when it comes to religious indoctrination, as the school that once defended the right of a private speaker to blaspheme Jesus is now banning an alumni donor from using the word “God” on a plaque to avoid offending someone.

[PHOTO] Obama’s nerded-out selfie at the White House Student Film Festival

Barack Obama Bill Nye Neil deGrasse Tyson selfie

Science nerds, unite! President Barack Obama has once again found himself in the middle of an awesome presidential selfie, this time with two of the nation’s preeminent scientists – Bill Nye (“The Science Guy”) and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Hillary Clinton: Obamacare ‘liberates’ young people to choose what they want to do in life

AP Photo/J Pat Carter

The shackles of job lock for young Americans are coming undone, according to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said the Affordable Care Act “liberates” Millennials to do “what you want to do in your life.”

Calif. student whose 1st Amend. rights were violated by college wins suit

Modesto Junior College

Congratulations go out to Modesto Junior College student Robert Van Tuinen, who has prevailed in his suit against the school for violating his First Amendment right to free speech. The outcome effectively ensures that all college students in the future are permitted to distribute copies of the United States Constitution on campus for years to come.

Tim Scott succeeds at historically black college where Rand Paul failed

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Despite having spent only a year in the United States Senate, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) is making waves in the Republican Party. And the conservative is proving he has the ability to succeed where others have failed, as Scott demonstrated during a speech Tuesday at Howard University.

‘Duck Dynasty’ clan buying naming rights to Independence Bowl

Duck Dynasty family picture

The Robertson clan is bringing its star power to collegiate sports. According to Bleacher Report, the duck call-making family recently bought the naming rights to the Independence Bowl, which takes place every December in Shreveport, La.

Bama Students for Life receives apology from University after free-speech restriction

University of Alabama

After having its pro-life display removed from the student center, the Bama Students for Life scored a major victory on Monday: An apology from the University of Alabama.

Conservatives should have their free speech rights on college campuses, too

File photo

It’s no secret that college campuses aren’t exactly bastions of tolerance when it comes to diversity of thought or opinion. Universities, which should be environments that foster intellectual curiosity and diversity of thought, have become increasingly comfortable censoring or restricting students with conservative viewpoints.