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Millennials: Please don’t call me that!

Millennials have been pegged as “The Me Me Me” generation, but the majority do not want to be associated with the label. A recent Public Religion Research Institute poll reported that only 34 percent of the 18-35 year olds referr to themselves as Millennials, while the other 66 percent prefer not be called one. Of those surveyed, the […]

Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable rating increases amid email, foreign money scandals

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According to a newly released Gallup analysis, the share of U.S. adults that view the Democratic presidential candidate unfavorably has increased seven percentage points in two months.

Despite media narrative, latest polls indicate acceptance of gays and evangelicals in the White House

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Huffington Post writer Janie Velencia was elated to discover that in the most recent WSJ/NBC poll more Americans are excited about or feel comfortable with a gay or lesbian in the White House than an evangelical Christian. Velencia wrote, “The results point to a cultural shift in perceptions of gay people in recent years. While perspectives on […]

Americans rate Hillary Clinton poorly on honesty but still favor her ahead of 2016

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An overwhelming share of Americans rate Hillary Clinton poorly on trustworthiness in light of the reports of her use of a private e-mail system, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Monday.

Americans want Republicans and Democrats to work together, poll finds

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According to a YouGov/Huffington Post poll released Tuesday, overwhelming shares of American voters want Democrats to work across the aisle with Republicans — and vice versa — so that government can actually make some progress.

Harvard Millennial Poll: Republican field wide open, Hillary inevitable choice among Democrats

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Millennials still lean toward the Democratic party, but not to the levels they did during the last presidential election, according to a Harvard University Institute of Politics poll released Wednesday.

Poll: Support for gay marriage reaches record high

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Support for gay marriage has reach record highs in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, just one week before a U.S. Supreme Court hearing on the issue. According to the poll, 61 percent of Americans believe that gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry legally. This represents a marked change over the past nine years. In […]

President Obama’s approval rating at highest point in two years

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According to a CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday, Obama is currently enjoying his highest job-approval rating in nearly two years. Currently, 48 percent of Americans approve of the job that the president is doing in the White House, while only 47 percent disapprove.

Poll: Americans do not support Obama’s mandatory voting idea

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President Obama might think that mandatory voting would be “transformative,” but Americans overwhelmingly oppose the idea. According to a new Huffington Post/YouGov poll, about 66 percent of poll respondents said they opposed mandatory voting, while just 26 percent were in favor of it. Another 8 percent were not sure. In mid-March, Obama said during a […]

Poll: America hates both the Democratic and the Republican parties

Donkey Elephant USA

Maybe all you need is love, but there is nothing that unites Americans quite like hate. Specifically, mutual hatred over political parties. Both the Democratic and Republican political parties are viewed favorably by less than 40 percent of the American public for the first time in nearly 25 years, according to a new Gallup poll. […]

Survey finds record low confidence in all branches of government

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This is just pitiful. A new survey finds that Americans’ confidence in all three branches of government is at or is nearing record lows. The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Chicago and the General Social Survey has measured attitudes on this subject for 40 years and the results for […]

Would Republicans or Democrats survive longer after an apocalyptic disaster?

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What do Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Michonne from “The Walking Dead” all likely have in common? Well, they must be Republicans if they have survived the zombie apocalypse for five seasons of the show, at least according to a new hilarious YouGov poll. The new poll finds that while most Americans feel pretty good about […]

Poll: A lot of Americans agree with Giuliani, believe Obama doesn’t love America


While Democrats and media types have taken Rudy Giuliani to task over his assertion that President Obama “doesn’t love America,” but a new poll finds that many Americans actually agree with the former mayor. A HuffPost/YouGov poll asked 1,000 people if they believed that Obama loved his country and it turned out that a lot of people — […]

Just 1 percent of millennials say the issue Obama called their ‘greatest threat’ is most important


Millennials and the president aren’t quite seeing eye to eye about the most pressing policy challenge facing their future.

Poll: Young adults most likely to oppose mandatory vaccinations

Charles Goodman, Cameron Fierro

Amid a domestic measles outbreak and a political debate over vaccinations, a new poll has found that young adults are the most likely age group to oppose mandatory vaccinations for children.

The only thing people hate more than the U.S. government is their internet provider


Americans officially cannot stand their government more than ever. In fact, there is only one industry they hate worse –internet service providers. A report released Tuesday by the American Customer Satisfaction Index found that Americans are more dissatisfied with the federal government and the services it provides than ever before. The average industry rating in the […]

New poll: New Yorkers disapprove of Al Sharpton, NYPD behavior

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In a poll gauging police-community relations in New York City since the murder of two police officers last month, Quinnipiac University found that New Yorkers overwhelmingly disapprove of officers turning their backs to the mayor, but also slam Rev. Al Sharpton’s and police union leader Patrick Lynch’s behavior.

Poll: Teens want free healthcare system, college degree

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Conservatives likely have something to worry about from teenagers turning 18 in time for the 2016 election if this new poll is to be believed. A new poll from Northeastern University studied “Generation Z,” which they define as American between 15- and 19-years-old, finds that a majority in this group seem to lean toward socialist […]

14 percent say America was above average this year. That’s sadly the best result in ages.

bush 2 obama clinton home

It’s right there in the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, like a sore thumb in camouflage.

Study: Apathetic federal employees cost taxpayers $18B

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Federal government workers are more apathetic than workers in the private sector and it’s costing taxpayers billions. A new Gallup survey found that just 27 percent of federal government employees considered themselves “engaged” in their jobs this year, compared with 31 percent of all other workers in the U.S. About 53 percent of federal workers […]