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One quarter of Americans open to idea of secession

Picture the United States of America, 49 states strong. Can you imagine it? Apparently, some Americans can. Nearly a quarter of Americans support the idea of secession, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted between August 23 and September 16.

Youth vote is up for grabs ahead of midterm elections

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According to a poll conducted by Rare, only 44 percent of voters under the age of 40 would vote for Obama if the 2012 election were conducted today. An equal 44 percent of the same age bracket would vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Gallup poll finds majority of Americans lack faith in government’s ability to handle domestic and international problems


According to the results of Gallup’s “Governance” poll, Americans’ trust in government and its ability to solve problems both foreign and domestic is at a record low.

Nearly 75 percent of Americans want more transparency from the U.S. Supreme Court, new survey finds

Supreme Court

It seems that the one thing a strong majority of Americans can agree on is transparency in a major branch of the U.S. government. Nearly 75 percent of Americans want the U.S. Supreme Court to allow video broadcast of its proceedings, according to a poll released Wednesday. About 74 percent of poll respondents preferred live […]

Rick Perry was indicted and practically no one cares because Americans already believe most politicians are corrupt

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) was indicted for abuse of power and coercion last week. And while the charges are legally dubious, the real question for Perry as a potential 2016 presidential hopeful is whether or not the American public will hold it against him. A recent Reason-Rupe poll finds that most Americans already believe most […]

President Obama gets a bad grade on education policies

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If leading the country was a class in school, President Obama would probably be failing. In addition to his dismal approval ratings on health care, foreign policy and the economy, Obama is also getting poor grades from Americans on his education policies.

Survey finds Republicans growing more accepting of gay GOP candidates, support state rights on same-sex marriage

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A new McClatchy-Marist poll finds that Republicans are continuing to grow more accepting of gay rights, particularly in the case of gay Republican candidates. The poll finds that 68 percent of Republicans say they would be no less likely to support a well-qualified gay candidate than other candidates. Among all voters, including Democrats and independents, the poll […]

Huge majority of Americans say Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t take Obama seriously

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Seventy-seven percent of Americans say that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not take President Obama seriously, according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday.


Poll ranks states by the ‘boring-ness’ of governors

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant addresses the audience at the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia, Miss., Thursday, July 31, 2014. The fair is a traditional gathering place for politicians, area residents, business leaders, voters and families. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Who is the governor of Mississippi? Don’t fret if you don’t know, most people probably don’t either. Republican Governor Phil Bryant was ranked the most ignored state executive in a recent piece by FiveThirtyEight that looked at the percentage of respondents who answered “no opinion/don’t know/don’t care” on approval polls. FiveThirtyEight noted that when poll […]

Government and politicians are the ‘most important’ problem in the U.S.

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The American people currently rate our country’s politicians the biggest problem facing the nation, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

Putin’s poll numbers at record highs in Russia, lower than Congress and head lice in U.S.

Vladimir Putin

Darth Vader is more popular than President Barack Obama at the moment, but bad poll numbers are not a problem for Russian President Vladimir Putin in his home country. In spite of — or because of?– the downing of Malaysian Airlines 17 by pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine and the mustering of thousands of troops near […]

Poll shows extreme disapproval of Congress ahead of midterm elections

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The NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll shows that a whopping 74% of Americans label Congress unproductive, while only 22% believe our lawmakers in Washington to be productive. What’s more, 50% even more harshly identified the House and Senate as “very unproductive.”

Young Americans more likely to blame Israel over Hamas for current crisis in Gaza

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Young people are more likely to blame Israel for the current conflict in the Gaza Strip than they are Hamas, according to a recent Pew Research Center poll.


Majority of Americans believe elections are rigged for incumbents, study finds

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According to a Rasmussen Reports telephone survey released sunday, 68% of likely American voters believe that “election rules are rigged to benefit members of Congress.” Moreover, a significant 48% of respondents said they believe elections to be unfair to voters.

Obama’s approval among Muslims and other religions declines about the same


In news that has been shared umpteen times Friday morning for an apparent and idiotic reason, President Barack Obama’s approval ratings among religious groups have declined roughly the same from where they were five years ago.

Poll: Millennials showing more interest in World Cup than politics

United States fans react while watching the final minutes of the 2014 World Cup soccer match between the United States and Germany at a public viewing party, in Detroit, Thursday, June 26, 2014. Germany defeated the United States 1-0 to win Group G ahead of the Americans, who also advanced to the knockout stage of the World Cup despite losing. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Do Millennials need to get their priorities sorted?

Study: Turns out conservatives and liberals both have tastes for authority — just different ones

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Conservatives are line-toeing conformists, liberals are envelope-pushing rebels. Or so you thought.

Poll: ‘Solid liberals’ think of themselves as irresponsible, un-American special snowflakes

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), solid liberal. (AP Photo)

A new poll has found that a majority of those who describe themselves as “solidly liberal” don’t care much for honor, duty, or America, and nearly half think of themselves as atypical citizens.

Majority of Democrats think IRS destroyed e-mails on purpose, poll says

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A whopping 63% of Democrats accuse the Internal Revenue Service of deliberately destroying two years of e-mails it says were lost in a computer crash that destroyed ex-official Lois Lerner’s hard drive, according to a Fox News poll conducted over the weekend.

Survey says more than half of Millennials are ‘living paycheck to paycheck’

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A new survey released this week indicates that over half of Millennials are “living paycheck to paycheck.”