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Millennial poll: Trump has stronger convictions than Dems & GOP

Mainstream media might think President Trump just had one of his roughest weeks in office yet, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel. According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, more millennials aged 18 to 34 (35 percent) believe that Donald Trump bases his policies on a set of core values than […]

60% of millennials don’t want to tear down Confederate statues: Poll

The debate over whether Confederate statues should remain where they are throughout the United States have taken a backseat to whether or not President Donald Trump’s response the violence in Charlottesville was strong enough. However, the conversation is shifting. According to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, 60 percent of millennials (18-29 years old) believe that Trump’s response […]

RAISE: Millennials support most of Trump’s immigration policies

Democrats, establishment Republicans, and the media have lambasted President Trump’s immigration proposal, the RAISE Act, claiming it’s un-American, unpopular, and against the values inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. Despite their onslaught, a new poll released on Wednesday by Politico/Morning Consult shows most Americans support the plan, including millennials. The RAISE Act would significantly cut the […]

For freshman entering college, political polarization is at an all-time high: Poll

It goes without saying that the political divide between Democrats and Republicans has never been farther than it has been under President Trump. But now, it’s quantitatively reflected on our college campuses. According to the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI), the results of the Fall 2016 National Norms of college freshman in the United States […]

Baby Boomers out: Millennials and Gen Xers are taking over the voting booths, study finds

Millennials have long been categorized as non-voters or infrequent and unmotivated voters. However, a new study released by the Pew Research Center finds that the times have changed. In the 2016 election, millennials, aged 18 to 35-years-old, and Generation X voters, aged 36 to 51 years-old, surpassed baby boomers for the first time in history. […]

Muslim Americans are proud to be Americans, believe in the American Dream: Poll

For millions of Muslims living in the United States, Donald Trump’s election was a step backwards for cohesion and assimilation into the American fabric in which so many Muslims felt comfortable being in this country and proud to be citizens. According to a new Pew Research Center poll released this week, there isn’t much that […]

Poll: Kid Rock leads Senator Stabenow in Michigan

The 2018 midterm elections are more than a year away, but voters in Michigan are down on their incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D). In a new poll from Delphi Analytica, 26 percent of voters would choose to re-elect Stabenow, while 30 percent of voters would cast a ballot for Robert Ritchie, also known as “Kid […]

“Stressful and frustrating”: Poll shows Democrats can’t tolerate talking with Trump voters

Democrats have been continuously ripped since Donald Trump was elected president over their sensitivity to any viewpoint that differs from their own. However, in a new Pew Research Center poll, Democrats actually have a much more difficult time discussing issues with people who have differing views on Trump. In short, Democrats have a tough time […]

New 2018 Poll: Trump voters and Republicans are much more likely to vote than Democrats

Despite ongoing criticism of health care reform and the Russia investigation, GOP members are remaining loyal to their party. A new poll by Washington Post-ABC News discovered that Republican voters are trying to keep control of the House and Senate in this upcoming midterm election more so than Democrats. The study found that Republicans are […]

Poll: When Trump breaks promises and follows GOP establishment, his approval dips

After weeks of scandals about Russian collusion, late night tweets, and an endless series of leaks, President Trump’s approval ratings have begun to rise again. According to a new Fox News poll, Trump’s approval ratings had a seven point swing. His approval rating now stands at 44 percent, up from 40 last month, while his […]

Trump’s approval ratings are higher than the media is telling you

Liberal pundits couldn’t help but scratch their heads after the Georgia special election, befuddled that the Republicans were able to win all four special elections to defend their House seats despite what they perceived as Trump being a very unpopular sitting President. Almost to ad nauseam, it’s been repeated that Trump’s approval numbers were in the […]

Poll: Millennials don’t want to spend their own money to fight climate change

Millennials are passionate about combating climate change. Some have even compared it to the Silent Generation’s fight against Nazism, however, our grandparents risked life and limb to fight Hitler. With that being said, Gen-Y isn’t willing to spend as much as they do on an iPhone — or even avocado toast — to fight global […]

White working class millennials lean far more Republican than their parents

Millennials have become one of the most important constituencies for Democrats, but their support has been waning which was one of the many reasons Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. Working class white millennials have been completely abandoned by the Democratic Party — and have become even more Republican than their parents. In a new report […]

Poll: Even millennials trust Trump more than mainstream media

Donald Trump has been attacking the media’s portrayal of his presidency and administration since before he was elected. And now, no one believes what the mainstream news outlets are reporting, not even millennials. Morning Consult released a poll on Friday showing that a plurality of young voters believed that the mainstream media was out of […]

Harvard: Millennials believe half their Facebook feed is ‘fake news’

The battle over “fake news” is out of control. Instead of dismissing a story that may be inaccurate as false or conspiracy theory, it gets tagged with the very Trumpian label “fake news.” According to a new poll from the Harvard Institute of Politics, however, the perception over what is and isn’t “fake news” is […]

Poll: Dems say talk and protest cause change, GOP says community service

We always knew that America was sharply divided between red states and blue states, but according to the Harvard Institute of Politics, the two sides couldn’t be more different in how they wish to produce change in America. According to Harvard IOP’s new poll on young Americans, Democrats (aged 18-29) believe that they can enact […]

Young voters poll: Trump is more “in touch” than Dems or GOP

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump ran and won against both the Democratic and Republican parties because American voters felt they were too out of touch. Nearly six months have passed since election day, but not much has changed, especially among younger voters. The Washington Post/ABC poll released on Sunday showed that 38 percent of […]

No 2018 landslide? Trump and GOP see polls improve, while Dems sink

The special elections in Kansas and Georgia have a lot of experts projecting a wave for Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections. However, recent polling suggests that the party’s base may not be as energized as it seems. A Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday showed Trump improved by six points in the last two weeks. […]

Pew: Trump’s approval rating improves with millennials

Even before Republicans attempted and failed to repeal Obamacare, Trump’s approval numbers were in bad shape among millennials. However, four months into his presidency, Trump is seeing his support growing especially among white millennials. A poll released by Pew Research on Monday showed Trump had a 33 percent approval rating among millennials, a five point […]

Top 10 most popular governors have one thing in common

To be a successful governor, you need to be able to make decisive actions, create jobs, and become accountable to your citizens. According to a new series of polls, it also doesn’t hurt being a registered Republican. Morning Consult released new polls testing the popularity of governors in all 50 states and found that the […]