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Study: Liberals ‘more educated’ (or indoctrinated) than conservatives

A recent Pew Research study indicates that ideological divisions among Americans are growing along educational and generational lines, suggesting that both highly educated individuals and millennials tend to be more liberal, while less educated individuals and those belonging to older generations tend to be more conservative. “More than half of those with postgraduate experience (54%) […]

48% of millennials refuse to identify as Republican or Democrat

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The number of Americans who identify themselves as politically independent (39 percent) is currently at its highest point in more than 75 years of Pew Research polling. This trend is particularly apparent among the millennial generation, 48 percent of whom identified as independent in the latest survey. Millennials are still the most Democratic age cohort, and […]

Poll: 53% of millennial women don’t identify as “feminists”

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Millennial women have been something of a puzzling demographic. To some pollsters, they “lack the maturity to show up and make their voices heard,” as Refinery29 noted about a survey they conducted with women ages 18-to-35 with ABC News. 79 percent say who wins an election will make a difference in their life. That includes 59 […]

Polls: Trump struggles with women, millennials, and Cruz voters


The candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have created some poll shifts, particularly with women, as noted in Tuesday’s HuffPolster. Married women have preferred Republicans in the past. But that may not be the case if it’s a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Seventy percent of married women who are likely to vote […]

Popular #BlackLivesMatter activist polling less than 1% in Baltimore mayor election

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Prominent #BlackLivesMatter activist DeRay McKesson is running for mayor of Baltimore and seems to be pretty popular — Beyonce follows him on Twitter and he has been a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It seems that the only people who don’t like McKesson are Baltimore voters. The Baltimore Sun reported that McKesson is tied […]

Poll: Millennial opinions on country’s biggest problem, who they’d eat dinner with

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The kind of love young people have for Bernie Sanders isn’t just to vote for him at the ballot box. Pollster Frank Luntz asked those ages 18-26 years old, referred to as “the Snapchat generation,” a series of questions. Young voters respect Sanders — and want to have dinner with him. When it comes to whom they want […]

Only 10% of young Democrats support Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire

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Hillary Clinton may be campaigning as the candidate of the future, but the youngest generation in New Hampshire are overwhelmingly rejecting the former first lady. A University of Massachusetts Lowell/ 7 News tracking poll found that Clinton’s support among millennials is nearing single-digits. The tracking poll found that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is leading Clinton […]

Iowa: Bernie Sanders surges to 57% lead among young voters

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With less than a week away until the Iowa caucus, the predicted winner seems to change by the day. Some polls have Hillary Clinton in the lead, others Bernie Sanders, and often times their lead is within the margin of error. CBS pointed out Wednesday morning that “Sanders leads in Iowa poll with millennials’ help.” His […]

Poll: Millennials want sex before marriage, disagree with Christian ethics

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Millennials are asking themselves: who needs to get married when you have a Tinder account? A new study by The Barna Group reported on January 14 that millennials are turning away from marriage in droves and instead are supporting having open relationships or sex without commitment. Only 43 percent of Millennials thought it was healthy […]

Poll: Millennials are anti-gun, anti-oil, anti-police, and anti-voting

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Millennials have an issue with the current state of affairs. They lean progressive on issues like gun rights, policing, and energy but don’t want to vote. A USA Today/Rock The Vote poll released on January 11 revealed that a supermajority of millennials agreed on background checks for all gun purchases, a transition to more clean […]

Pro-life Generation: 76% of millennials support abortion limits

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When it comes to the issue of abortion, many Americans would perceive it to be a divisive issue where people chose sides: pro-life or pro-choice. But, a new poll shows more unity and compromise on abortion than previously thought — even among millennials. The findings of Knights of Columbus/Marist’s 2016 poll is appropriately titled “Going […]

‘Rock the Vote’ Poll: Millennial Republicans and Independents support ‘The Donald’

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Analysts have taken it for granted that millennials will solidly be in pocket of the Democratic presidential candidate, but a new poll by USA Today/Rock the Vote shows that a plurality of Gen-Y Republicans and Independents are supporting a candidate who wants to ‘Make America Great Again.’ The poll released on Monday reported that millennials […]

Shock Poll: Young millennial women favor Bernie Sanders over Hillary by wide margin

Sen. Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, left, and Hillary Rodham Clinton laugh during the CNN Democratic presidential debate Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

The results from a USA Today/Rock the Vote’s millennial poll released on Monday were quite telling. Perhaps no result was more telling or definitive than the support for Bernie Sanders. USA Today notes that “the poll is part of USA TODAY’s One Nation initiative, a series of forums across the country on the most important issues of […]

Pew Poll: An 18% dive in millennials’ trust for religious institutions

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The institutions of business, media, and religion have had a fall from grace over the last several decades, but while some have been able to recover, mainstream religious and news organizations continue to decline in the minds of millennials. Pew Research reported that a growing number of Gen-Y say they no longer have a positive […]

Donald Trump voted worst possible neighbor, Taylor Swift most desirable

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to a fundraising event at a golf course in the Bronx borough of New York, Monday, July 6, 2015. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

He could be the next president, but most people don’t want Donald Trump as their neighbor. Zillow’s poll released Tuesday revealed Trump takes the spot for the worst neighbors of 2015. Trump had 24 percent, which means he just barely beat out Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who had 22 percent. National Mortgage Professional Magazine […]

Poll: Majority of millennials think U.S. not at war with ISIS

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A new poll by CNN released on Monday reported that a majority of millennials do not believe the U.S. is at war with ISIS, and surprisingly, they support engaging in an all-out fight. According to that poll, a whooping 58 percent of 18-34 year olds said that they think the U.S. is involved in a conflict with […]

Bad News for Trump: Poll shows millennial voters don’t like him

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Donald Trump may be the Republican front-runner, but he’s still doing poorly among Millennials. As MSNBC reported, a recent Monmouth poll showed just under 50 percent of the voting demographic having an unfavorable opinion of him — while just 17.5 percent have a favorable opinion of him. The reason may be Trump’s Muslim policy, which half […]

Walking contradictions: Poll shows Millennials don’t know what they believe

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A new poll released by Harvard University on Thursday reveals that millennials don’t really know what they believe when it comes to politics. On foreign policy, a majority of millennials — 60 percent — support sending ground troops to fight the Islamic State, but only 15 percent would even consider joining the military to for the […]

Harvard Millennial Poll: Bad News for Hillary; Good News for Trump, Carson

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When it comes to youth voters, it’s not so much experience that counts. Rather, it’s a candidate’s “integrity, level-headedness and authenticity.” The findings come from a Harvard Institute of Politics poll of 18-29 year olds released Thursday. The preference may explain why Donald Trump and Ben Carson, who do not have experience, lead the GOP candidates. […]

Poll: Millennials trust Trump to fight terrorism more than any other candidate

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Millennials are stereotyped to be beacons of liberalism and social justice, but when it comes to trusting a candidate to keep them safe from terrorists, Trump’s the one. A poll from Reuters, millennials trust Donald Trump over all other candidates — Democrat and Republican — on the issue of terrorism. The Republican frontrunner garnered 19.7 percent […]