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Stephen Colbert presents ‘The Late’s Show’s 2016 Commencement Speech’

Rather than travel to a handful of college campuses, Stephen Colbert gave a commencement speech on Monday’s The Late Show. It’s college commencement week, “the time of year when the highly educated think to themselves,’what side does the little tassel-y thing go on,’” Colbert said.  As Tony Stark is not real and can’t give a commencement speech, […]

John Oliver’s viral election rant bashes Super Delegates, broken primary systems [VIDEO]

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  John Oliver takes a harsh view of the primary process for his most recent Last Week Tonight, but, as he explains his reasoning, it’s not hard to see why. For both parties, there have been questions about the winning candidate earning fewer delegates than competitors. That includes Louisiana, where Trump won. “The thing is, I […]

SNL finale: Hillary and Bernie share a beer, dance [VIDEO]

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It seemed only fitting to have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (played by Kate McKinnon and Larry David) on for the Saturday Night Live season finale. The last Cold Open for the season had Hillary and Sanders discussing the state of the Democratic primary at a Los Angeles bar. “Well bartender, I’ve done it, I’ve won the nomination. I […]

Did Donald Trump fat-shame Chris Christie? [VIDEO]

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Recently, Donald Trump appeared at a fundraiser for Chris Christie’s campaign debt. Christie had endorsed Trump in February, which Stephen Colbert noted for Friday’s The Late Show amounted to how Christie “stood behind him  wishing for the sweet embrace of death.” Trump also spoke for Christie at Thursday’s event, noting that neither of them are eating Oreos […]

Drake invited to Drake University: #BringDrakeToDrake

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For his upcoming tour, Drake will be performing in Des Moines, Iowa, home to the Drake University. And the university couldn’t help noting the connection, Entertainment Weekly reported. The university released a statement on Friday about the tour dates, full of references to the rapper’s music: Drake University students have lobbied for years to #BringDrakeToDrake, and we’re eager […]

Colbert: Megyn Kelly previews her Trump interview [VIDEO]

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While Megyn Kelly is “already a respected journalist,” as Stephen Colbert noted on Monday’s The Late Show, she’s “become a sort of cultural icon over the last year, partly because of going head-to-head with Donald Trump.” Kelly wasn’t too sure about being a “cultural icon” because she said it involves a lot of responsibility and being followed […]

SNL: Trump and Christie figure out VP selection [VIDEO]

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Everyone wants to know who will be Donald Trump’s vice-presidential candidate. Saturday’s “Cold Open” featured announcer Darrell Hammond as Trump, who, before meeting with Chris Christie to discuss the selection, attempted to convince people he was the inspiration for Iron Man, while posting as his publicist, Joey Pepperoni. Christie had been waiting for two hours. Christie […]

Megan Fox steps away from ‘sexy’ roles to be a better role model for her kids

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Actress Megan Fox is known for her sex appeal, but now that she is a young mom, she’s taking a step back from roles. Fox explained to The Sun that she’s done taking those which involve sex scenes, in case her sons were to ever see them, since she doesn’t “think my boys could handle that” and […]

‘Chief Nickname Strategist’ explains what goes into a Trump nickname [VIDEO]

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The secret behind Donald Trump’s nicknames for his opponents might be a schoolyard bully. Trump has one for Bernie Sanders, whom he calls “crazy Bernie, because he’s not very good.” Stephen Colbert pointed out for Wednesday’s The Late Show that Trump is “not very good” either “when it comes to knowing the meaning of the world ‘crazy.’” Colbert cautioned […]

This book (hilariously) explains Donald Trump to kids [VIDEO]

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For those who need help explaining what a Trump is, actor and author Michael Ian Black has the answer. Black previewed his first children’s book on Donald Trump, A Child’s First Book of Trump, for Tuesday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.  One excerpt from the book made fun of Trump’s physical appearance, including his hair, orange skin, and hands. Another […]

Flip-flops? Trump’s transformations are like shaking a Magic 8 Ball [VIDEO]

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Seth Meyers devoted Monday’s “A Closer Look” segment for Late Night to “Trump Transforms for the General Election” and epically congratulated Trump. Meyers referenced Trump’s rebuke of Chris Cuomo for not congratulating him and wanted to correct the record. “I realized we at Late Night talk about Trump all the time,” Meyers said. “And we haven’t congratulated him either, so if you’re […]

SNL: Trump in church, Cruz as Satan, Carvey as Church Lady [VIDEO]

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Dana Carvey reprised his role as Church Lady on “Church Chat” for Saturday Night Live to talk about the presidential race. The match-up is between “a Godless liberal Democrat and Hillary Clinton,” Church Lady noted. The first guest was introduced as Satan, but turned out to be Ted Cruz. Church Lady quoted John Boehner referring to Cruz as “Lucifer […]

Who will Donald Trump choose as his VP? [VIDEO]

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Now that he is the presumptive nominee, all eyes are focused on who Donald Trump will pick as his running mate. With Trump’s celebrity status and his supporter base, Jimmy Kimmel suggested Trump could hold a reality show to pick the candidate. Vice President Island will feature “20 amazing Trump supporters.” Instead of his tagline of “you’re […]

Cartoon Trump joins Colbert’s “Hungry for Power Games” to mock Kasich, Cruz [VIDEO]

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Now that the GOP race is down to its presumptive nominee, Stephen Colbert treated viewers to a double edition of “Hungry for Power Games” on Wednesday’s The Late Show. John Kasich was the last to suspend his campaign Wednesday, though Colbert quickly forgot about him. “Yes, John Kasich has ended his bid for the White House. […]

Kasich’s last PAC ad ‘President Kasich’ mercilessly mocked by Colbert [VIDEO]

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John Kasich will suspend his campaign, but is doing so after weeks of losing. He not only trailed behind Trump in the delegate count, but also Marco Rubio, who dropped out five weeks ago. “It’s like the old saying, quitters never win, but they still beat John Kasich,” Stephen Colbert said during Tuesday’s The Late Show.  Kasich’s Super PAC […]

Heidi Cruz takes question on Zodiac Killer theories seriously [VIDEO]

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The crazy conspiracy theory that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer has gained attention from Cruz’s wife. “Well, I’ve been married to him for 15 years, and I know pretty well who he is, so it doesn’t bother me at all. There’s a lot of garbage out there,” she told Yahoo! Heidi also believes such material is […]

Colbert: Side effects of Trump being “presidential” include drowsiness [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump has given America a glimpse of how he’ll lead as president: in a drowsy state of mine. In the latest installment of “On the Road to the White House,” Stephen Colbert discussed Super Tuesday 4 on Wednesday’s The Late Show. Tuesday will eventually be known as “Day 1 Year Zero of Before Trump Time,” Colbert claimed. In […]

Nicki Minaj dedicates ‘Anaconda’ song to Trump

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During her Tuesday night TIME 100 Gala Performance, Nicki Minaj gave a shout-out to Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Washington Examiner reports that Trump, unfortunately, was no longer there at the time of the performance: “I’m very political, and I would like to dedicate a song, just in the spirit of unity, to Joe Biden and Donald […]

Colbert: Hillary’s purse panders to every demographic [VIDEO]

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Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Stephen Colbert learned that African-Americans commonly carry around hot sauce, he admitted on Monday’s The Late Show. Hillary recently appeared The Breakfast Club radio show, where she answered she always carries hot sauce with her. When an interviewer said people would say she was pandering to black people, she asked “okay, is it working?” “I […]

‘Hamilton’ creator joins John Oliver, raps about Puerto Rico bailout [VIDEO]

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver focused on Puerto’s Rico’s debt crisis, inviting a Puerto Rican broadway star to explain the island’s plight. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, was mentioned along with other famous Puerto Ricans, including judges from American Idol and the Supreme Court, and athletes. Oliver showed a clip of Miranda speaking about the island’s “crisis,” […]