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Kimmel creates trash-talking ‘Troompa Loompas’ (Trump Mini-Me?) [VIDEO]

Donald Trump is known for his name-calling, or, as Jimmy Kimmel puts it, “treasure trove of trash talk.” Kimmel didn’t just show a montage of Trump insults, but also brought back his Troompa Loompas. They questioned Trump’s penchant for insults: What do you get when you call people names? Stirring up hatred and fanning the […]

Gaffe: Democrat candidate quotes ‘Hamilton’ (thinking it was really Alexander Hamilton)

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The musical Hamilton is not only exceedingly popular in New York, but taken too seriously by New York’s congressional candidates. In a gaffe which has now trending, Democratic primary challenger Oliver Rosenberg confused lines from Hamilton with the real Alexander Hamilton during a debate with incumbent Jerry Nadler, The Gothamist reported. Rosenberg and Nadler, both competing to represent […]

Samantha Bee interviews ‘freaky deaky’ Gary Johnson — it’s hilarious [VIDEO]

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Likening the candidates to sandwiches, Samantha Bee reminded voters that they have something else on the menu: Gary Johnson, represented by a smiley face sandwich. Bee sat down with Johnson so he could explain what he and his party are about. “A Libertarian is fiscally conservative and socially liberal,” he said. “Government out of the […]

Loyal or lunatic? Kimmel asks ‘What would Trump have to do to lose your vote?’ [VIDEO]

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When it comes to his supporters, “they’re passionate to the point where it seems like Donald Trump could say anything and they would stick with him,” Jimmy Kimmel  said during his Thursday show. To test that hypothesis, they asked supporters on the street what Trump would have to do to lose their vote. Many said “nothing,” […]

Better than Fallon: Viral 8th grader nails 2016 voices [VIDEO]

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Young comedian Jack Aiello has gone from middle school speaker to guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Aiello became a viral sensation after his graduation speech where he impersonated presidential candidates at Thomas Middle School. Aiello appeared as Trump’s running mate Little Trump in a sketch with Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump. Other “good choices” included Chris Christie, LeBron […]

Seth Meyers’ token conservative writer pesters him on air [VIDEO]

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Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Matt Goldich has had enough of Meyers’ hating on Donald Trump. Before Meyers could start his segment Monday night, Goldich interrupted him for going on “another one of your liberal hit pieces on the Republicans.” Meyers took issue, saying he’s “trying to provide a fair and balanced perspective.” Meyers figured out Goldich was […]

Nexflix’s ‘Madagascar’ spin-off mocks Trump

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Parents can teach their children about Donald Trump through books, and now Netflix shows. The third season of All Hail King Julien, a spin-off of the Madagascar films, premiered on Friday, with an episode about Trump, The Huffington Post was also happy to report with “Netflix Kids Show Will Teach Children About Evils of Donald Trump.” The Huffington Post spoke with […]

Perfect: 8th-grader impersonates 2016 candidates during graduation speech [VIDEO]

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Middle schooler Jack Aiello is joining late-night hosts and Saturday Night Live in using the 2016 presidential candidates for material. Frankly, he’s better than the professionals. Aiello, of Thomas Middle School in Illinois, delivered his graduation speech last week while impersonating the presidential candidates. First up was Donald Trump, as Aiello congratulated the audience for getting to […]

Bill Maher: Millennials don’t really understand socialism [VIDEO]

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Image via screenshot. On Friday during Real Time, Bill Maher discussed the “night and day” differences between the millennial perspective of socialism and that of baby boomers. “Let’s not romanticize socialism the way conservatives romanticize capitalism. These are economic systems, not your first kiss,” Maher said, referring to millennials’ ideas of socialism as a method to obtain […]

(Pro-Sanders) Roseanne Barr: ‘We’d be lucky if Trump won’

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Donald Trump’s promise to win over some Bernie Sanders supporters is starting to work out, in Hollywood at least. The Republican nominee won his first major endorsement from a former Sanders supporter when Emmy Award winning actress and comedian Roseanne Barr announced her support for Trump during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday. Barr, […]

Ah, the Internet: Chewbacca Mom (somehow) gets huge scholarships for whole family

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The Chewbacca Mom has became the latest victim of the wrath of Social Justice Warriors, but internet sensation Candace Payne likely won’t mind with all the support she’s received. After the media attention and gifts since her May video went viral, Payne has been promised free tuition for her and her family at Southeastern University in Florida, the New York Post reported. Payne […]

Mexicans, Muslims, Women: Colbert’s long list of judges Trump would call ‘unfair’ [VIDEO]

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After a 10-day vacation, Stephen Colbert couldn’t help addressing Donald Trump’s outreach efforts and his comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is hearing the Trump University case. “Evidently, Trump doesn’t trust the judge in the case, for one very Mexican reason,” Colbert said. In an interview with CNN, Trump said he has “had horrible rulings”and “been treated very unfairly […]

Did John Oliver really pay off $15 million of medical debt for 9,000 students? [VIDEO]

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On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver gave his viewers the appearance that he made the lives of 9,000 students much easier. He made their lives easier, but not in the way he claimed. Oliver supposedly forgave approximately $15 million of medical debt for 9,000 students from Texas during his Sunday show. Oliver wanted to highlight the necessity […]

Matt Damon at MIT: l want an alternate reality without Trump [VIDEO]

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Matt Damon — who never graduated college, leaving Harvard to start acting — had the honor of delivering the commencement address to more than 2,800 graduates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the most prestigious colleges in the nation. While he had some interesting insights and funny jokes, he took a major […]

“Spoiled, stoned, debt-laden brats”: Bill Maher’s politically incorrect commencement [VIDEO]

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In light of commencement addresses on campus, Bill Maher decided to give his own on Friday, from the future in 2041. Maher categorized the addresses this year as “when America’s overrated gasbags and wisdom free celebrities are invited by star f*cking universities to come to their school to tell a bunch of spoiled, stoned, debt-laden brats […]

Colbert talks with Trump ‘Insult Strategist’ on attacks against women [VIDEO]

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Where does Donald Trump get his ideas from to insult women? Stephen Colbert on Friday brought back Trump’s Insult Strategist, Timmy Jenkins, for The Late Show to explain. “Right now it seems that there is only one thing that can stop Donald Trump,” Colbert began, adding in “no pressure ladies.” While Trump “ratcheting up his attacks on […]

Frank Caliendo mixes imitations of Trump and Chewbacca mask lady [VIDEO]

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Comedian Frank Caliendo has a new imitation video — and it’s hilarious and unconventional. It mixes the two big news stories of the couple weeks: Donald Trump and Chewbacca mask Facebook video sensation Candace Payne. In his video “Chewbacca Trump,” Caliendo starts off saying “I want to share something with you today that I got,” quoting Payne […]

Stephen Colbert presents ‘The Late’s Show’s 2016 Commencement Speech’

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Rather than travel to a handful of college campuses, Stephen Colbert gave a commencement speech on Monday’s The Late Show. It’s college commencement week, “the time of year when the highly educated think to themselves,’what side does the little tassel-y thing go on,’” Colbert said.  As Tony Stark is not real and can’t give a commencement speech, […]

John Oliver’s viral election rant bashes Super Delegates, broken primary systems [VIDEO]

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  John Oliver takes a harsh view of the primary process for his most recent Last Week Tonight, but, as he explains his reasoning, it’s not hard to see why. For both parties, there have been questions about the winning candidate earning fewer delegates than competitors. That includes Louisiana, where Trump won. “The thing is, I […]

SNL finale: Hillary and Bernie share a beer, dance [VIDEO]

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It seemed only fitting to have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (played by Kate McKinnon and Larry David) on for the Saturday Night Live season finale. The last Cold Open for the season had Hillary and Sanders discussing the state of the Democratic primary at a Los Angeles bar. “Well bartender, I’ve done it, I’ve won the nomination. I […]