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Media mocks Tim Tebow for Christian virginity pledge

Anyone who has heard of Tim Tebow surely knows that he is a Christian who is abstaining from sex until he is married. When the former Eagles football star, 28, split with former Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, 23 because Culpo reportedly couldn’t handle not having sex, the media went nuts. The split shouldn’t have come […]

Here’s why Adele credits Sarah Palin for her success

Saturday Night Live suggests Adele’s ‘Hello’ for Thanksgiving day disputes

Now that Adele has already broken *NSYNC’s Single-Week U.S. album sales record, there’s no denying her success. It’s even more interesting how she got that success. Adele was recently the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. This was not the first time she was on the show, however. When she appeared in Oct. 2008, she […]

Saturday Night Live suggests Adele’s ‘Hello’ for Thanksgiving day disputes

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When it comes to settling Thanksgiving Day family disputes, Saturday Night Live may very well have the answer. A sketch known as “A Thanksgiving Miracle” shows a family getting pretty heated. Just when the conversation seems to be getting to its breaking point, the young girl in the room turns on Adele’s Hello. Each time the […]

Next political tactic to reach millennials: Music

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It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton has been having trouble appealing to Millennials, despite her obvious efforts. As a demographic, Millennials may be difficult overall to reach. As All Access offers, Millennials are “more multicultural and educated compared to earlier generations. And they have a wide-range of eclectic tastes that often make both traditional and […]

ABC’s ‘Scandal’: Olivia Pope gets abortion as ‘Silent Night’ plays in background

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ABC’s hit show, Scandal, went for a bit of an odd theme for their mid-season finale, combining both Christmas, abortion, and death. Thursday’s episode, titled “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” had a particularly sickening connection considering it featured lead character Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, aborting the president’s baby. Even worse is that the scene […]

Caitlyn Jenner voting GOP in 2016, after snub by Dems

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Hell hath no fury like a trans-woman scorned. Caitlyn Jenner was in Des Moines, Iowa during the Democratic presidential debate and wanted to attend, badly. According to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, Jenner even reached out to the president of CBS, David Rhodes but was turned away at the door. “Our person told her person that […]

Syracuse graphic: 175 years of winning presidential campaign slogans

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It may not be the most cited campaign factors, but campaign slogans can and do play a role. The communications relations manager at Communications@Syracuse, Jennifer Dutcher writes “other factors certainly come into play, but an effective (or ineffective) presidential slogan can set the tone for the entire election race and presidency.” Included in the “Presidential PR” piece […]

Mention 9/11: Did Hillary steal her debate tactics from Family Guy? [video]

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During the Democratic debate in Des Moines, Iowa, Hillary Clinton’s statements invoking 9/11 to defend her ties to Wall Street received significant attention and scrutiny. Now This Politics produced a a hilarious video comparing Hillary to Lois from Family Guy. The video went up on Nov. 17. Since then, as of Thursday morning, it has had over 6 million views. It […]

Hilary Duff criticized for exercising 2nd Amendment right

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Former Disney Channel star Hilary Duff has recently purchased a glock case and ammo. In their reporting last week, TMZ said Duff has “gone a full 180 from her Disney days because she’s now officially a pistol packing mama.” Arming one’s self doesn’t have to be counter-culture to Disney or at all. This is especially […]

Madonna: We can beat ISIS with love

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Madonna may be Living for Love with her Rebel Heart, but she’s been talking like an airhead. At her concert in Stockholm on Saturday, Madonna paid tribute the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris. After her tearful acknowledgment of the victims, Madonna revealed that she was foreign policy expert and revealed a foolproof way of defeating ISIS […]

Kim Davis makes Jennifer Lawrence ’embarrassed’ to be from Kentucky

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In an interview with Jennifer Lawrence, Vanity Fair referred to the young Oscar winner as having “a rabble-rousing spirit… that gets stirred up when certain subjects are broached.” That’s certainly one way of putting it. The Nov. 11 interview took place the day Kim Davis was released from jail. Lawrence, who, like Davis is from […]

No jokes: Greg Gutfeld’s sobering monologue on how to defeat ISIS

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Greg Gutfeld is known for his comedic and quirky attitude, but during Sunday night’s episode of The Greg Gutfeld Show, Gutfeld gave a more sobering but no less epic monologue on how to defeat ISIS. He started off by mentioning that “this Paris terrorist attack reveals the truth many have known, but our leaders have refused to […]

Saturday Night Live devotes entire sketch to mocking Ben Carson

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Saturday Night Live has mostly saved their mockery of Ben Carson for during their Weekend Update segments. For their most recent episode, however, they devoted an entire sketch to Carson. The sketch begins with narration about the media attention surrounding some claims made by Carson in his autobiography, Gifted Hands. It is later revealed that […]

Ted Cruz quotes Inigo Montoya, recites entire Princess Bride scene [Video]

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If Sen. Ted Cruz keeps rising in the polls, we could have a thespian-in-chief. Cruz showed off his hilarious impressions, impressive memory, and relatable sense of humor at a table-side meeting with voters in New Hampshire. In a video captured by WMUR, he recites an entire 90-second scene of the Princess Bride (video of the […]

UFC’s Ronda Rousey: It’s Bernie Sanders or bust

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You can now add Ronda Rousey to the list of celebrities supporting Bernie Sanders. Should Sanders not get the nomination, Rousey will likely vote for a third party candidate, as she did in 2012. The Hill reported on Tuesday that Rousey revealed her endorsement in a Maxim interview. She stands by Sanders “because he doesn’t […]

Hilarity: Trump’s SNL Spoof of Drake’s Hotline Bling

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Overall, Donald Trump’s hosting of SNL was pretty tame. However, our favorite skit is one you can’t miss. SNL spoofs Drake’s new single, “Hotline Bling.”  In the video, The Donald dances and says “you used to call me on the cellphone.” Watch (Trump starts around 1:32):

The ratings for Donald Trump’s SNL gig are in

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As many predicted, Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live was bound to give the show its highest ratings in quite a while. The protests and surrounding controversy didn’t detract and may have even boosted the ratings further with all the attention they provided. As Entertainment Weekly reported on Sunday morning, the Nov. 7 episode had […]

Donald Trump hosts tame, enjoyable episode of Saturday Night Live

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live caused quite the controversy. Deport Racism used children as young as six to shout profanities at the GOP presidential candidate. And a Congresswoman even used her time on the House floor to call on SNL to disinvite their host. What took place Saturday night was […]

Country Music Awards gets political with ‘Cray Cray’ song

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For Wednesday night’s 49th annual Country Music Awards, co-hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood got a little political with their “Cray Cray” song. NewsBusters provided a transcript and video of the relevant political parts of the song which included Bruce Jenner, Donald Trump, and Josh Duggar’s involvement with the Ashley Madison dating site: Paisley: ♪♪ McDonald’s […]

‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston: Glad that ‘maverick’ Trump is in the race

Bryan Cranston attends a special screening of "Trumbo" at the Museum of Modern Art on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015, in New York. (Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP)

Actor Bryan Cranston’s upcoming film “Trumbo” has him playing a screenwriter blacklisted for his communist ties. The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern interviewed Cranston about the film, which led to a discussion of the “political polarization” of today, including socialism and Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and the treatment of a “Republican in Hollywood.” Stern pointed out that Bernie Sanders’ “agenda […]