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The ‘Notorious RBG’ takes over Saturday Night Live’s ‘Weekend Update’

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gives pretty hilarious and biting interviews in real life — “not 100 percent sober” ringing any bells? — but Kate McKinnon’s version of the “Notorious RBG” on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” may just take the cake. From jokes about her morning exercise routine to her sexy dreams about […]

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘censorship’ can making anything sound dirty–including Obama’s speeches


Thanks to some mischievous editing from Jimmy Kimmel, these originally innocent TV clips will put your mind straight in the gutter.

Jon Stewart goes off on a rant about how Fox News is awful and ‘killing’ him

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As his days on the Daily Show wind down, Jon Stewart wants to make sure we are all aware how much he really, really hates Fox News.

Jay Carney is going to work for Amazon. Please don’t let it be in customer service.

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Imagining an Amazon customer service call with Jay Carney on the line.

The 19 Most Perfect Things Ron Swanson Said About Government: A Farewell Tribute


We’re sad to say that “Parks and Rec” has aired its finale episode, leaving a Pawnee-shaped hole in our hearts.

Stewart defends O’Reilly while mocking Fox News: ‘No one’s watching them for the actual truth’

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Bill O’Reilly, whom a Mother Jones report has accused of Brian-Williams-like war reporting exaggerations, has an unlikely defender: his long-time sparring partner, Jon Stewart.

Obama donor Seth Meyers defends the president from Giuliani: ‘Of course’ he loves America

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Seth Meyers spent over two minutes of his Monday night show defending President Obama from Rudy Giuliani’s claim that he does not love America.

Bill Maher mocks Clinton, Obama, and Jeb Bush for hypocrisy on pot: ‘Don’t they all owe a debt?’

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The era of the pot scandal is over.

Common and John Legend’s moving acceptance speech calls for criminal justice reform

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Usually, politicizing something like an Oscar acceptance speech is a bad idea.

Patricia Arquette’s political Oscars speech had Hollywood on its feet


Patricia Arquette took home an Oscar for her performance in “Boyhood,” but she also left the stage with a huge ovation for a strongly political acceptance speech.

Letterman imagines the sweet nothings Joe Biden whispered to SecDef’s wife

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Remember when this glorious moment of Bidening happened this week, at the swearing in of Secretary of Defense Ash Carter?

Pussy Riot’s first English song, ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ is dedicated to Eric Garner

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Pussy Riot, the infamous Russian protest group, has produced an evocative English-language tribute to Eric Garner, titled after his last words: “I Can’t Breathe.”

‘Serial’ parody introduces the perfect new subject for Sarah Koenig: Brian Williams

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With “Serial” slated for a second season, there’s only one subject whose ability to tell an accurate story might be even worse than Jay’s—Brian Williams.

Sarah Palin mocks her 2016 presidential ambitions on ‘SNL 40′

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Sarah Palin returned to “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend to help celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary. Palin, who was famously satirized on the show by Tina Fey for her vice presidential run in 2008, mocked her own presidential ambitions during a segment with comedian Jerry Seinfeld. While taking questions from a celebrity filled audience, […]

Jon Stewart on gay rights in Kansas and Alabama: ‘There’s no place like homophobia’

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Jon Stewart dove into gay rights issues in Kansas and Alabama Wednesday night, beginning with a commentary on Kansas removing protections for LGBT employees.

Kimmel’s hilarious ‘700 Club’ compilation: ‘The Collected Wisdom of Pat Robertson’

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Jimmy Kimmel, seeking to disprove those who would demean the educational value of TV, dove deep into one of our greatest national resources of wisdom: the 700 Club.

Michael Moore, Jon Stewart use Brian Williams scandal as a way to blame Bush for Iraq

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Liberal logic is a wonder to behold. Michael Moore has decided to take a brief pause in harassing fans of “American Sniper” this week to go back to his favorite target — former President George W. Bush. Moore decided to weigh in on the Brian Williams’ scandal on his Facebook page recently. But his takeaway […]

Bill O’Reilly wants to give Brian Williams the benefit of the doubt

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Brian Williams has one defender who might surprise you—Bill O’Reilly.

Kid Rock has one last comment about Michael Moore and the troops. And it may be his best one yet.

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Outspoken music star Kid Rock let Michael Moore have it for his comments about snipers last month. He’s explained himself a bit further in a New York Times interview about the whole deal — and this time he saved his best remark for a reminder about the duty of U.S. troops.

John Oliver goes after ‘Big Pharma’

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Everybody loves to hate “big pharma”—and John Oliver is no exception.