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Anti-George Stephanopoulos artwork invades New York City

Posters depicting ABC News anchor George Stephanopolous and a smiling Hillary Clinton with the words “PayPal” and “Donate” written on them have been popping up close to the studio where ABC shoots Good Morning America.

Marco Rubio receives first celebrity endorsement from ‘Pawn Stars’ host Rick Harrison

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The Florida senator and official GOP candidate for president has just received a big celebrity endorsement from Rick Harrison of the popular show “Pawn Stars,” according to a report in the Las Vegas Sun.

Another day, another music artist: Snoop Dogg endorses Hillary Clinton for president

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Snoop Dogg became the latest rapper to endorse the Democratic presidential candidate during his appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” over the weekend.

John Oliver on House passing NSA reform: ‘Holy s–t! A meaningful bill passed’

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John Oliver was shocked to hear that the House recently passed NSA reform.

Introducing the 2016 SNL primary: Who’s winning, who’s losing

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The weekend comedy show has been skewering candidates for president left and right — some more than others — so much so that we thought it a good idea to track the program’s focus on specific candidates.

Mitt Romney vs. Evander Holyfield boxing match in photos

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Friday night, former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney fought former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield at a charity event in Salt Lake City, Utah.

SNL casts Hillary Clinton as out-of-touch summer hater who can’t appeal to Millennials

(Associated Press)

In the sketch, “Hillary” crashes a variety of summer activities — from a summer picnic to a sand-castle construction — and hilariously attempts to appeal to young voters despite the fact that the admits to find summer “tedious.”

Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious montage of all the times ‘Scandal’ mentions how powerful the president is

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“Scandal” really likes to remind people about how powerful and important “the president of the United States, the leader of the free world” is.

Jon Stewart writes an ode to Megyn Kelly, rips Jeb over evading her Iraq question

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Jon Stewart had a field day with Jeb Bush’s comments on the Iraq War. He also may or may not be in love with Megyn Kelly.

Why is every music star voicing support for Hillary Clinton?

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Hillary Clinton has been receiving a lot of love from Hollywood, but none have been more loudly singing their support for the Democratic presidential candidate than the music stars.

Jon Stewart jumps to defend Obama’s Fox News-bashing: They have ‘contempt for those in poverty’

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Stewart, ever the president’s biggest fan, demanded, “How f—ing removed from reality is Fox’s perception of their own coverage on poverty?”

Ne-Yo joins chorus of hip hop stars backing Hillary Clinton in 2016

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Singer Ne-Yo is the latest celebrity to express his support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, telling The Hill in a recent interview that she just might be the 2016 contender to inspire a song.

John Oliver: Calling me a journalist is ‘an insult to the current state of journalism’

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Lots of people really want John Oliver to call himself a journalist.

Kanye West: George W. Bush ‘has some very cool self portraits’

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau

Kanye West bizarrely referred to George W. Bush during his acceptance speech of an honorary degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Monday, sarcastically complimenting the former president on his painting skills.

Bill Clinton jokes about moving back into the White House with David Letterman

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Former President Bill Clinton was on The Late Show with David Letterman for the final time Wednesday night. Letterman asked him what the chances  are of him moving back into the White House, noting Hillary’s run for president. “If Hillary wins the election, the chances are 100 percent… if I’m asked,” Clinton joked. The former president also […]

How does Elizabeth Warren fit into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

How does Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) fit into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Better than you might think! According to author J.K. Rowling, the liberal senator and Moaning Myrtle, the teenage ghost who never leaves the bathroom in the Harry Potter series, share the same name. “Moaning Myrtle’s full name was Myrtle Elizabeth Warren,” Rowling told a reader […]

Everybody is comparing Hillary Clinton to Tom Brady

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Most recently, the New York Post ran an article likening the Democratic presidential candidate to the New England Patriots quarterback because of their respective scandals, labeling the two controversial figures “too big to nail.”

George Clooney sucks up to Hillary, promises to do ‘whatever she wants’

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In an interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, staunch liberal and Obama supporter George Clooney promised to do “whatever” Hillary Clinton’s heart should desire in order to help her presidential campaign.

Marco Rubio gets foreign policy strategy from Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken’

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At Saturday’s South Carolina Freedom Summit, the Florida senator and Republican candidate for president spotlighted his strategy to defeat radical jihadists like the members of ISIS by referring to the ever popular film “Taken.”

Saturday Night Live introduces ‘cool’ versions of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates

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Saturday Night Live showed off the announced 2016 Republican presidential candidates like you have never seen them before. The show’s cold open featured the “Southern Republican Leadership Conference,” where all the candidates are introduced by a DJ and brought on stage to club music to show just how cool Republicans can be. The lines were pretty funny […]