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Joseph Gordon-Levitt interested in playing Edward Snowden in film on NSA leaks

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is expected to play Edward Snowden in an Oliver Stone-directed movie about Snowden’s life, Variety reports. “The Snowden Files” would be based on the book about the NSA leaks written by Snowden’s lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, which is considered the closest thing to a documented account of the events. Stone acquired the rights to […]

‘Madam Secretary’ wants to portray less polarizing and negative Washington D.C.

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CBS’s new show “Madam Secretary” may be inspired by some of the most polarizing and entrenched political figures in Washington D.C., but the showrunners and cast say they want to portray a less polarizing and negative D.C. on screen. POLITICO’s Playbook Lunch on Friday featured show creator Barbara Hall, executive producers Morgan Freeman and Lori […]

President Obama pens letter praising Joan Rivers after she called him gay and Michelle a ‘transgender’

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President Obama must really want to maintain his popularity in Hollywood. Why else would he write a letter to Melissa Rivers praising her mother and late comedian Joan Rivers, the same woman who called him gay and his wife a “tranny” in July?

Jon Stewart: Biden hasn’t been out of the house in 52 years


“The Daily Show” had some fun Thursday night with the VP’s recent double whammy of off-color remarks.

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin will host fundraiser for Sen. Tom Udall

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The red fundraiser? In this case, the appropriate color is probably blue. George R.R. Martin, the author of the popular book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the inspiration for HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” will host a fundraiser for Sen. Tom Udall (D- N.M.) in early October. According to Udall’s campaign, the event will […]

Jay Carney’s son follows in footsteps of Katy Perry and Janelle Monae, performs at White House

Image via Twitter/Jay Carney

The former White House press secretary and now CNN political commentator tweeted out a photo of his son’s band Twenty20 performing at a White House event Monday evening.

Jon Stewart: Sen. Lindsey Graham has been able to ‘sustain this level of panic for 13 years’

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Comedian Jon Stewart is taking some time away from going after his favorite Republican war hawk Sen. John McCain and is now going after McCain’s fellow rally crier, Sen. Lindsey Graham. Graham had some strong words over the weekend on the topic of ISIS, saying,  ”This president needs to rise to the occasion before we […]

Detained actress Daniele Watts says she made stand for ‘constitutional rights’


Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts said Monday morning that she made a stand for her “constitutional rights” in resisting the LAPD late last week.

‘Madam Secretary’ producers say inspiration more Kirsten Gillibrand than Hillary Clinton

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After first revealing that CBS’ upcoming “Madam Secretary” series was inspired by Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, the show’s producers are now saying that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) was more of the inspiration for the lead role.


Bill Maher targets Republican Rep. John Kline, compares him to Ebola and ISIS

Image via "Real Time with Bill Maher"

Liberal comedian Bill Maher announced who he calls the “winning loser” in Congress during a live taping of “Real Time with Bill Maher” in Washington, D.C., Friday, and that loser is Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.).

Paul Ryan: Rage Against the Machine were ‘never my favorite band’

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Everyone’s favorite iron-pumping, fiscal-hawking, ice bucket-lifting, Rand-reading, chart-drawing 2016 presidential possibility is Raging no longer.

Sharknado 3 could be heading to Washington D.C.

Sharknado Cover Shot

Because apparently two “Sharknado” movies weren’t enough, the SyFy Channel has already confirmed a third film in the series. The official location has been kept hush-hush, new reports indicate that Washington D.C. may be the latest city to be devoured by flying sharks. Showbiz 411 reports: “‘Sharknado 3,’ the next installment of the now classic […]

Katy Perry blames humdrum concert on White House visit

Katy Perry blames humdrum concert on White House visit

She’s got the eye of the tiger and the voice of the tired, thanks to a White House visit.

To disprove Obamacare critics, ‘The Daily Show’ quotes a Democratic spokesperson, MSNBC, three consumers and a shuttered clinic

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In an attempt to disprove Obamacare critics, “The Daily Show” aired a five-minute segment quoting a former Democratic spokesperson, MSNBC, three consumers, and employees of a former clinic, now shuttered, that could offer only limited services.

Student disappointed that school’s special guest was Obama not Beyoncé

beyonce queen bey

Sorry Mr. President. Everyone knows it’s all about Queen Bey. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle made a surprise visit at a Washington, D.C. charter school Thursday afternoon to participate in a service project. Unfortunately their appearance only led to disappointment for one female student. Madison, the student, had been holding out hope that Beyoncé […]

While stranded on a remote island for a reality TV show, senators attempt to prove bipartisan spirit

Image via Discovery

Well, it’s definitely the most unique way to show off that bipartisan spirit. Senators Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Martin Heinrich (D- N.M.) will appear on a Discovery Channel one-hour special, “Rival Survival,” on Oct. 29. The show will strand the two on a deserted island for six days and six nights. “Disconnected from the world on […]

Michael Moore: Obama a ‘huge disappointment,’ will only be remembered for being first black president

Image via The Hollywood Reporter

Documentarian Michael Moore dealt President Obama a huge blow in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto Film Festival, calling Obama “a huge disappointment.”


Liberal Bill Maher ‘could possibly’ vote for Rand Paul in 2016, thinks more people should go against ‘their own tribe’

AP/Janet Van Ham

Sen. Rand Paul (R- Ky.) will likely garner at least one prominent liberal vote if he runs against assumed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher told The Hill that he would consider voting Republican in a Clinton/Paul mash-up. “I wouldn’t say leaning, but I would say for the […]

Political sex scandals take center stage in new off-Broadway play

tail! Spin!

Sometimes real life is funnier than fiction, especially in the case of U.S. politics and politicians. That’s the premise behind a new off-Broadway play about political sex scandals that opens later this month. The play, “Tail! Spin!,” was “drawn verbatim from the leaked e-mails, raunchy texts and tell-tale tweets that brought down politicians” like Anthony […]

This is what happens when it’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ unveiling Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘official’ portrait


The official portrait of former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was unveiled in Sacramento Monday — which is a shame, because it could’ve gone over so much better had it been done in L.A.