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Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew have it out over legalizing marijuana

Oh, Nancy. Just weeks after gracing the internet with her marijuana debate with 2 Chainz, she’s served up another delightful bit of TV: her appalled reaction to discovering that fellow HLN star Dr. Drew is on the 2 Chainz side of this argument.

Jon Stewart can’t stop laughing about the drone that crashed on the White House lawn

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Jon Stewart couldn’t stop laughing about the drone found at the White House early Monday morning. A small drone crashed on the White House lawn around 3 a.m. and after several hours in lockdown, Secret Service determined that it did not pose a threat. “Of course it didn’t pose a threat. Drones love Obama. He’s like a one […]

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber raps about economics at MIT

Is that a gold chain...? (Image via Screenshot)

If you’ve been dying to see Jonathan Gruber, who credited the “stupidity of the American voter” with passing Obamacare, strip down to his undershirt and rap about economics, today is your lucky day!

Jon Stewart dubs the Iowa Freedom Summit the ‘Fox News correspondent auditions’

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Jon Stewart’s coverage of the Iowa Freedom Summit is about what you would expect—starting with his description the event: “A lot of Republicans who will never be president met this weekend,” for the “Fox News correspondent auditions.”

John McCain takes on ‘American Sniper’ bashers

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Sen. John McCain is the latest person in a position of prominence to defend “American Sniper” from bashers, singling out the “obsessive critics of U.S. foreign policy” in an official statement.

Michael Moore: ‘I tried to save more lives than a sniper ever could hope to’


Filmmaker Michael Moore has already stirred the pot with his negative comments about military snipers. During the weekend, somebody must’ve given the man an even bigger ladle.

Dropkick Murphys tell Scott Walker not to use their music because they ‘literally hate’ him

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks during the Freedom Summit, Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s abiding love for the Dropkick Murphys is not exactly mutual:

Obama administration tried to convince Disney to make ‘Frozen’ spinoff on climate change


Sorry, Anna. That snowman might not be possible in the new, evil, climate change-wrecked world of the Obama administration’s “Frozen” spinoff. According to The Hill, a State Department official recently met with Disney to discuss the idea of using “Frozen’s” characters to teach children about the impact of global warming on the polar bear. Robert Papp, […]

Bob Dylan: ‘Government’s not going to create jobs,’ people have to create them


Bob Dylan’s latest quote is music to a conservative’s ears. Dylan gave an interview this week to AARP The Magazine to promote his new record “Shadows in the Night,” but that somehow led into some wise words on the government and job creation. “As long as there’s suffering, you can only be so happy. How can […]

Kid Rock could not have told off Michael Moore any more bluntly

Michael Moore: smoked. (AP)

Amid the chorus of protest raining upon Michael Moore (and to a lesser extent, Seth Rogen) — veterans, country stars, the general public — Kid Rock may have sounded the loudest note of all.

Jon Stewart dubs Mitt Romney ‘the once and future not-president’

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Stewart is pretty dismayed by all the “fresh new faces 2016 has in store for us.” Like Mitt Romney, “the once and future not-president.”

Jimmy Fallon draws up his SOTU pros and cons (and mocks ‘free’ community college)

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Jimmy Fallon helpfully compiled a pros and cons list from last night’s State of the Union Address.

Cruz compares Obama to Christopher Walken’s ‘more cowbell’ character

(Ralph Barrera, Austin American-Statesman via AP)

When President Barack Obama speaks tonight during his State of the Union address, all Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) will be hearing is actor Christopher Walken’s iconic voice. Asked by a reporter Tuesday whether he found anything to like in Obama’s proposal to impose new fees on big banks, Politico reported that Cruz compared the president’s […]

In one corner: a Medal of Honor recipient. In the other corner: what’s left of Michael Moore’s pride


Michael Moore has taken a bonfire of heat for his anti-sniper remarks, but Dakota Meyer may have it burning blue.

Seth Rogen tries to clarify ‘American Sniper’-propaganda comparison by saying it wasn’t a comparison

Seth Rogen Hilarity for Charity

Seth Rogen tried to clear up his comparison of the film “American Sniper” with a fake Nazi propaganda film by saying it wasn’t a comparison.

The ‘Nightly Show’ debut spent some time bashing Al Sharpton

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Larry Wilmore officially took over Stephen Colbert’s slot on Comedy Central last night, and he dove straight into race relations–with a side of mocking Al Sharpton.

Marine who was wounded in Afghanistan rips Michael Moore’s sniper comments

Via the Office of Rep. Paul Gosar

A Marine veteran and current congressional aide ripped into Michael Moore Monday, after the filmmaker commented over the weekend that snipers “aren’t heroes” and invoked the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination to help make his case.

How John Oliver prompted a bill to be introduced in Washington

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It’s not often that late-night TV jokes accomplish much–but one of John Oliver’s signature policy rants has inspired some real-life legislation in a state legislature.

Seth Rogen likens ‘American Sniper’ to fictional Nazi propaganda

Seth Rogen Hilarity for Charity

Seth Rogen’s sympathy capital: depleted?

Kimmel’s cybersecurity experiment: People have no problem giving away their passwords

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Everyone is worried about cybersecurity–but people are still surprisingly terrible at protecting their own privacy.