Remy Tax Day

Celebrate Tax Day with this toe-tapping, finger-snapping ditty

What better way to celebrate curse Tax Day than with a little toe-tapping, finger-snapping ditty that perfectly describes how we all feel about the Internal Revenue Service?

Joy Behar awkwardly roasts Chris Christie

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) may need some ice for a few burns he sustained from former “The View” host Joy Behar, as the comedian delivered an awkward roast of the 2016 presidential hopeful.

That one time a Taco Bell event made Speaker Boehner tear up

AP Photo

It wasn’t because of the salsa, or the deliciousness of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch or anything — it was just for the kids.

Rob Lowe: libertarian?


Actor Rob Lowe made some libertarian-tinged remarks in The New York Times Magazine this Sunday regarding his political beliefs.

‘SNL’ blasts GM CEO in congressional hearing skit

SNL GM Hearing skit

This week’s Saturday Night Live mocked General Motors CEO Mary Barra during her hearing on Capitol Hill, portraying her as someone who knows nothing about anything in regard to the auto manufacturer.

Bush’s painting of Putin reflects a person who ‘thinks my dog is bigger than your dog’

bush self portrait

Former President George W. Bush appeared on “TODAY” Friday morning to unveil his portrait gallery of world leaders, a collection that includes the “dog eat dog” mentality of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Lie Witness News: Jimmy Kimmel catches Americans lying about Bill Clinton

Lie Witness News Bill Clinton Jimmy Kimmel Live

Once again, the people of Hollywood Boulevard didn’t disappoint when Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News crew took to the sidewalks on Wednesday. The subject of the fake questions this time? President Bill Clinton, Kimmel’s guest for the evening.

Bill Clinton has two hopes for the future: aliens and young people

clinton kimmel aliens

Biggest regret of the Clinton presidency: that we didn’t see him shouting We will not go quietly into the night! before a joint session of Congress.

Sarah Palin drops by ‘Tonight Show’ and chats with Putin

Putin and Palin

Former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin brought the funny during a surprise appearance Wednesday on NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” where she and a faux Russian President Vladimir Putin ridiculed President Barack Obama.

YouTube sensation Kid President is getting his own TV show

kid president

Kid President is back in the spotlight y’all, but this time, the adorable kid has landed his own TV show.

Stephen Colbert’s solution for the GOP on Obamacare: “April Fools!”

Stephen Colbert

After Obamacare enrollment exceeded the necessary amount on Tuesday, comedian Stephen Colbert came up with a solution for how the Republicans can avoid looking bad: “April Fools!”

Darth Vader running for President of Ukraine

Sergey Ponomarev/AP Photo

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES – The Ukrainian Internet Party (UIP) is playing what might be the most expensive political prank in their country’s history. The activist group and political party will run Darth Vader as their candidate for president in the country’s upcoming election in May.

Read more at the International Business Times.

Mets fans boo Bill de Blasio pretty dang loudly at Opening Day

de blasio mets booed

The least popular guy wearing a New York Mets jersey at Citi Field Monday was the mayor.

Students upset that virtual nobody Chris Matthews is their commencement speaker

chris matthews ap photo

Hey, students at THE Ohio State University said it, not me.

‘SNL’ imagines Obama and Bieber smooching as a marketing strategy

Saturday Night Live Obamacare Pharrell hat

Saturday Night Live this weekend had President Barack Obama doing everything from the Nae Nae with the Pope to making out with Justin Bieber, all in a desperate attempt to get more Obamacare signups.

“The Daily Show” pays homage to “Morning Joe” in hilariously awkward tribute

Morning Joe Tribute

“The Daily Show” pays homage to political television shows like no other, and the Comedy Central news program was at it again with a hilariously awkward tribute to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Sen. Johnny Isakson on Bieber moving to Georgia: ‘I’m too old for this stuff’

Johnny Isakson

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) proved this week he most certainly is not a Belieber and could care less about the singer-turned-rapper-turned-inmate.

Willie Robertson: I’d like to take Obama hunting and find out what’s going on in his brain

Willie Robertson

President Barack Obama just might be donning some camo, slinging a 12-gauge over his shoulder and heading out to the woods for a good, old-fashioned hunt, at least if this “Duck Dynasty” star has his way.

Jimmy Kimmel shows how little Americans know about Ukraine

confusing question

Jimmy Kimmel exposed the stupidity of some Americans once again with the “Confusion Question of the Day” on his show Thursday night.

Fallon zings Obama on Obamacare, Ukraine

Obama Putin

“Tonight Show” host and funnyman Jimmy Fallon sent a message Wednesday night that his show isn’t a playground for liberal bullies to stomp on Republicans, as Fallon took several jabs at President Barack Obama for his signature healthcare law and wimpy foreign policy.