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‘Millennial Poll Average’: Clinton sags due to third-party surge


Leaked DNC emails: Ariana Grande disinvited from White House for licking a donut (seriously)

Ariana Grande is probably wishing even more so now that she hadn’t licked those doughnuts last July and said “I hate America.” According to DNC emails made available by WikiLeaks, the White House decided not to have her perform a concert there as a result, Gawker reported. In September 2015, the DNC finance director asked […]

Drew Carey endorses Gary Johnson: “I don’t need a national daddy, or mommy”


Has Gary Johnson found the endorsement he needs to get into the debates? Drew Carey from The Price Is Right and other T.V. shows host held a fundraiser for the Libertarian candidate at his Los Angeles home Saturday night. The Daily Beast called the invitation “a bit unconventional” — so in other words, typical for a Libertarian […]

Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Trump’s RNC speech [VIDEO]


On Tuesday night during The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon mocked Republican nominee Donald Trump after his speech at the Republican National Convention. Fallon’s scarily accurate impersonation began with a flashy entrance in true Trump fashion — dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” The skit was a play off Trump’s so-called “unconventional” speech at the RNC introducing […]

Watters vs. RNC protestors: Obama “failed us,” Trump is “straight evil” [VIDEO]

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The Republican National Convention was bound to draw protests, and Jesse Watters of Fox News confirmed just how weird they could be with his “Watters World: RNC protest edition.” Many were there protesting Donald Trump. One woman shared that she’s protesting “the fact that Donald Trump has made it this far and through this race […]

Classy: Third Eye Blind trolls charity concert during RNC [VIDEO]

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#RNCRockAnthems— Third Eye Blind (@ThirdEyeBlind) July 19, 2016 Mocking Republicans was more important than a charity concert while the Republican National Convention was going on for rock band Third Eye Blind. The charity concert, which fundraised for Musicians on Call, was billed by the band’s Twitter as an “RNC Edition,” TheBlaze reported. That edition involved […]

Stephen Colbert is making a comeback with hilarity at the RNC [VIDEO]

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(The LateShow with Stephen Colbert, Screenshot via YouTube) The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert refused to pass up the opportunity to broadcast his talk show live at the Republican National Convention, which began yesterday. “I want to be the first one to announce the moment America becomes great again,” Colbert said on the show. “On the […]

Stephen Colbert crashes RNC stage, security chases him out [VIDEO]

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At the center of power at the RNC— Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome) July 17, 2016 The Republican National Convention is expected to draw protesters and opponents, but Late Show host Stephen Colbert got a head-start on Sunday by taking the stage to reprise his “Hungry for Power Games” role. Colbert described how Trump “has formed […]

Great role model: Meghan Trainor has no plans to vote (ever)

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Meghan Trainor is known for her music hits, but after her Billboard interview she’ll also be known now for misses when it comes to civic duties. In what Us Weekly included as “WTF quotes” from the cover story interview, Trainor said she hasn’t voted and doesn’t have any desire to do so. As Billboard puts […]

Meyers mocks why Sanders’ endorsement took so long [VIDEO]

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While Bernie Sanders may have stayed in the presidential race for too long, Seth Meyers thinks it’s paid off. There were some awkward moments when Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, but Sanders’s decision to wait was not without benefit. Meyers said that Sanders “withholding his endorsement allowed him to press for major policy changes, […]

Petition calls for censoring TheBlaze’s Tomi Lahren over anti-#BlackLivesMatter views

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Tomi Lahren deleted her vile tweet calling the BLM movement the new KKK. We still have it, you horrible human.— Golden Lady Wallace (@MissKlept) July 8, 2016 “Everyone has a voice and an opinion,” an online petition against Tomi Lahren of the TheBlaze says, but Lahren shouldn’t be given a platform to express hers. […]

The Game and his son raise over $65k for Little Rock officer: “A good son for a good cop”

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Good morning world…… So as I told you yesterday, I had conversations with my oldest son @hvrlemtaylor about good cops & bad ones & he did his research & found officer @tnorman23's page & i was touched by how active he is in the black community where he polices. My son said, how does he […]

23 million views: Millennial’s music video mocks millennials

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A millennial singer’s music video where he mocks his generation has gone viral, according to WND. Micah Tyler, a 33-year-old singer/songwriter and worship leader from Buna, Texas, created “You’ve Gotta Love Millennials” to poke fun at his generation and the stereotypes people have about them. After posting it on July 7, the video went viral and has […]

Adulterous president campaigns for Hillary (and it’s not Bill)

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Sometimes life imitates art, and things get weird. Tony Goldwyn, who plays an adulterous president on ABC’s Scandal, headlined a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in Leesburg, Virginia on Wednesday and will tell voters about the presumptive Democratic nominee’s dedication to fighting for women, The Loudoun Times reported. “We’re looking at a country where the politics are driven by fear and […]

Matt Damon promotes gun confiscation (while promoting gun-toting action film)

Matt Damon speaks to media as he walks the red carpet for the Australian Premiere of "Jason Bourne" in Sydney, Australia, Sunday, July 3, 2016. Jason Bourne is the fifth movie in the series and sequel to The Bourne Ultimatum.(AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

Liberal actor Matt Damon is known for his action films, which is why his comments about gun control come off as hypocritical, a point many made while Damon trended on Facebook. Appearing in Sydney, Australia to promote “Jason Bourne,” Damon expressed support for Australia’s gun ban. He also spoke out against those who disagree. “You guys […]

Kennedy family celebrated America with a Trump Piñata


While reunited at their family compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, the Kennedy family enjoyed Fourth of July festivities with a piñata featuring the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter, Kathleen, affectionally known as “Kick,” publicized the Trump piñata on her Instagram with the caption, “It’s a yuge party!” the Daily Mail reported. After more […]

(British) John Oliver tells Americans what we left behind on July 4 [VIDEO]

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John Oliver treated his viewers to a British take on Independence Day, “or as they call it where I’m from,” he said, “July the 4th, and that’s it.” “Since 1776, you’ve done very well as a nation,” Oliver said as he reminded viewers what they’ve missed since declaring independence 240 years ago. He took particular […]

Kimmel creates trash-talking ‘Troompa Loompas’ (Trump Mini-Me?) [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump is known for his name-calling, or, as Jimmy Kimmel puts it, “treasure trove of trash talk.” Kimmel didn’t just show a montage of Trump insults, but also brought back his Troompa Loompas. They questioned Trump’s penchant for insults: What do you get when you call people names? Stirring up hatred and fanning the […]

Gaffe: Democrat candidate quotes ‘Hamilton’ (thinking it was really Alexander Hamilton)

Associated Press

The musical Hamilton is not only exceedingly popular in New York, but taken too seriously by New York’s congressional candidates. In a gaffe which has now trending, Democratic primary challenger Oliver Rosenberg confused lines from Hamilton with the real Alexander Hamilton during a debate with incumbent Jerry Nadler, The Gothamist reported. Rosenberg and Nadler, both competing to represent […]

Samantha Bee interviews ‘freaky deaky’ Gary Johnson — it’s hilarious [VIDEO]

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Likening the candidates to sandwiches, Samantha Bee reminded voters that they have something else on the menu: Gary Johnson, represented by a smiley face sandwich. Bee sat down with Johnson so he could explain what he and his party are about. “A Libertarian is fiscally conservative and socially liberal,” he said. “Government out of the […]

Loyal or lunatic? Kimmel asks ‘What would Trump have to do to lose your vote?’ [VIDEO]

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When it comes to his supporters, “they’re passionate to the point where it seems like Donald Trump could say anything and they would stick with him,” Jimmy Kimmel  said during his Thursday show. To test that hypothesis, they asked supporters on the street what Trump would have to do to lose their vote. Many said “nothing,” […]