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Colbert: Side effects of Trump being “presidential” include drowsiness [VIDEO]

Donald Trump has given America a glimpse of how he’ll lead as president: in a drowsy state of mine. In the latest installment of “On the Road to the White House,” Stephen Colbert discussed Super Tuesday 4 on Wednesday’s The Late Show. Tuesday will eventually be known as “Day 1 Year Zero of Before Trump Time,” Colbert claimed. In […]

Nicki Minaj dedicates ‘Anaconda’ song to Trump

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During her Tuesday night TIME 100 Gala Performance, Nicki Minaj gave a shout-out to Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Washington Examiner reports that Trump, unfortunately, was no longer there at the time of the performance: “I’m very political, and I would like to dedicate a song, just in the spirit of unity, to Joe Biden and Donald […]

Colbert: Hillary’s purse panders to every demographic [VIDEO]

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Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Stephen Colbert learned that African-Americans commonly carry around hot sauce, he admitted on Monday’s The Late Show. Hillary recently appeared The Breakfast Club radio show, where she answered she always carries hot sauce with her. When an interviewer said people would say she was pandering to black people, she asked “okay, is it working?” “I […]

‘Hamilton’ creator joins John Oliver, raps about Puerto Rico bailout [VIDEO]

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver focused on Puerto’s Rico’s debt crisis, inviting a Puerto Rican broadway star to explain the island’s plight. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, was mentioned along with other famous Puerto Ricans, including judges from American Idol and the Supreme Court, and athletes. Oliver showed a clip of Miranda speaking about the island’s “crisis,” […]

Ironic: Hillary hosts fundraiser with cast of ABC’s “Scandal”

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On April 27, Hillary Clinton will throw a swanky fundraiser with several cast members from the ABC hit show Scandal. Scandal is an enormously popular show about the seedy side of the seat of power — the sort of thing a leading political candidate ought to dismiss as pure fiction, rather than bring it into […]

Kanye West announces: I’ll only serve one term as President

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Like herpes, Kanye West’s dream of living in the White House just won’t go away. The Daily Mail reported that during the final episode of Cocktails with Khloe on Wednesday, the rapper received words of encouragement from the Kardashian family, but said when he became president, he’d only serve one term. Sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian egged West on, […]

‘House of Cards’ predicted the election so far: Contested convention next? [VIDEO]

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The fourth season of House of Cards premiered on Netflix last month and featured a contested convention. Despite the likely assumption from people that they “ripped it from the headlines,” the fourth season was written a year ago. “By the way, this has happened every season,” Kevin Spacey explained on Tuesday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. “And then just before […]

Colbert ‘dine-and-ditches’ Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

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With the intense campaigning surrounding Tuesday’s New York primary, Stephen Colbert invited Hillary Clinton to lunch at the Carnegie Deli, “where they serve sandwiches as big as a baby’s head,” in order “to get some insight into this election.” While Bill Clinton is a vegan, Hillary assured Colbert that he’s not “a smug vegan,” and […]

Coachella: Music, drugs, and “Berniechella”? [VIDEO]

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This year’s Coachella music festival will feature music, arts, recreational drugs, and — thanks to Bernie Sanders — politics. Sanders introduced Run the Jewels, which includes Sanders supporter Killer Mike, via a video message. Sanders spoke in front of a “Bernie 2016” backdrop: One of the highlights of running for president over the course of […]

Sanders says ‘Do Do’ a lot, makes Hillary chuckle [VIDEO]

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“Bernie Sanders was very adamant” in Thursday night’s Democratic debate, but, as Jimmy Fallon pointed out on Friday’s The Tonight Show, his particular phrasing had others laughing, including Hillary Clinton on the stage. “This is what you do do, what you do do,” Sanders claimed during the debate. Fallon continued the joke by pointing out “no wonder Bernie […]

Larry David returns for SNL’s Democratic Brooklyn debate [VIDEO]

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Saturday Night Live brought back Larry Sanders to play Bernie Sanders in their “Cold Open” of Thursday’s Brooklyn debate. In her introduction, Hillary Clinton noted that while she can’t wait to be president, she won’t be getting ahead of herself, “in public. In private, I’ve been president for 15 years.” Sanders assured the crowd that he […]

Kids’ adorably accurate impressions of Donald Trump [VIDEO]

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For Friday’s “Kid impressions,” segment, Jimmy Fallon featured the submissions of children doing their Donald Trump impressions. “We have so many submissions,” Fallon laughed as he showed some of his favorites. Kids of all ages imitated Trump’s comments about “building a big, beautiful, powerful wall,” as well as his comments about “so much winning,” and who […]

Seth Meyers: Trump may ‘buy off’ delegates [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump’s temper tantrum about “winning over delegates” has prompted Seth Meyers to ponder how effective Trump actually is at dealmaking. “Donald Trump remains the front-runner for the GOP nomination, but he’s lagging far behind Ted Cruz in one crucial aspect of the race,” Meyers pointed out in his “A Closer Look” segment. Trump and his […]

Fallon: What it’s like to campaign in New York [VIDEO]

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The newsworthy moments of the weeks-long campaign for the New York primary have provided perfect material for Jimmy Fallon’s “Pros and Cons: Campaigning in New York.” The pros and cons addressed various gaffes from candidates, the connections that candidates have to the state, and Hamilton.  For instance, “Bernie Sanders was able to get Hamilton tickets from a guy he knew,” but […]

Viral: Rubio staffer pranks sister, convinces her of zombie outbreak after dental surgery [VIDEO]

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A staffer for Marco Rubio recently had success in going viral, but the attention came for zombies, not politicians. Cabot Phillips, the digital grassroots director for Senator Marco Rubio, tamed up with his brother to prank their sister after she had her wisdom teeth removed. Using, a fake radio alert, they convinced her a zombie apocalypse […]

Kimmel: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ mirrors the 2016 race [VIDEO]

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“There’s some interesting parallels between this election and the movie, Captain American: Civil War,” as Jimmy Kimmel noted Monday. For instance: Both of them feature former friends who are now enemies. They both feature powerful men and women who are also cartoon characters. And there’s also a lot of interest in both, so much so that Marvel decided to […]

SNL: ‘Winter is coming’ if you don’t vote for Hillary [VIDEO]

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Saturday Night Live’s favorite presidential candidate made an appearance with Kate McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton. Hillary knows she hasn’t been doing very well, having not won a state in almost three weeks. “That was that plan. I didn’t want to win those, and so I didn’t,” she laughed. Hillary wasn’t all comfortable with he losing though, […]

‘Do-nothing Congress’ does something: A bill to ‘recognize magic’ [VIDEO]

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Shockingly, the “Do-Nothing Congress” may be up to something. On Friday’s The Late Show, Stephen Colbert noted that Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas), along with six other Republican Congressmen, has proposed a resolution to do with magic. H.R. 642 has the purpose of “recognizing magic as a rare and valuable art form and national treasure.” Notable magician David Copperfield even consulted. Colbert […]

SNL on subway: Hillary swiped “Goldman Sachs American Express card” [VIDEO]

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Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” took a rare shot at Hillary Clinton this week. Her subway riding experience took up plenty of the segment. Co-host Colin Jost suggested that it took her five tries not because she was a typical New Yorker having trouble, but because she was using “her Goldman Sachs American Express card.” While […]

Obama: Make voting “as easy as voting on American Idol” [VIDEO]

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After many winners and judges, some more forgettable than others, American Idol has finally ended. In addition to allowing young singers to reach stardom, its final season also gave President Barack Obama a chance to appeal to the country to encourage voting. The popular reality show contest does not have an age requirement for voting, and can be […]