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Jennifer Lawrence: If Trump wins, it’s ‘the end of the world’

Actress Jennifer Lawrence feels like every day Donald Trump leads the polls is another sign that the end of the world is drawing near. “If Donald Trump becomes president, that will be the end of the world,” Lawrence said to Entertainment Weekly on Thursday. The billionaire has been leading the polls for four months now, […]

Kim Kardashian confirms Kanye West is ‘serious’ about running for President

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Kim Kardashian appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday and said that her husband Kanye West is “serious” about running for president in 2020. DeGeneres asked if Kardashian was aware of her husband’s presidential announcement before the Aug. 30 Video Music Awards. “That was news to me,” she said while laughing. She added that he had never even […]

Kanye West is serious about running, getting in touch with Ben Carson

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Kanye West is still serious about running for president in 2020. And he’s dropped the name of someone running right now he thinks quite highly of. The Republican Kanye West has been trying to “get on the phone with,” is Ben Carson. From an interview with Vanity Fair: I want everyone to win. When I run for […]

Sen. Elizabeth Warren confirms on Late Show she’s ‘sure’ she’s not running for president

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Elizabeth Warren has said she’s not running for president, but Stephen Colbert wanted to be absolutely sure while she was his guest on Wednesday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Colbert brought up the issue while he was discussing Warren’s status as a “household name.” He asked if she was “sure” she wasn’t running. He also […]

Ted Cruz booed for response on same-sex marriage on the Late Show

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Ted Cruz became yet another presidential candidate to appear on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The crowd was reactionary, to both Colbert and Cruz. At one point, Cruz offered up the principles he’s fighting for, which he defined as “simple.” His ideas seemed fine for the crowd, when Cruz said “live within our means, […]

‘Transparent’ director uses Emmy award stage to promote transgender equality legislation

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Emmy award winner Jill Soloway, director, writer, and creator of Amazon’s Transparent, turned the awards stage into a political one this year by calling for support of transgender equality legislation. Soloway, who won the award for Best Directing for a Comedy Series, said that “we have a trans civil rights problem” in this country. “We don’t […]

Andy Samberg’s Emmy monologue gets into politics

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The 67th Emmy Awards, which honor television, aired last night. During his monologue, host Andy Samberg quickly delved into politics. Samberg’s comments about a diverse pool of nominees segued into racism. Jokes about Donald Trump then predictably followed: Donald Trump, of course, is running for president, to the delight of uncles everywhere. But I’ve gotta […]

Celebrities weighing into 2016 election to endorse Bernie Sanders

Will Ferrell poses for photographers upon arrival at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2015 in central London, Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015. (Photo by Jonathan Short/Invision/AP)

Not only is Bernie Sanders coming closer to Hillary Clinton in the polls, but he’s also enjoying endorsements from some noteworthy figures. The Sanders campaign recently released “Artists and Cultural Leaders for Bernie,” which contains 128 famous names who have signed on to support the Democratic nominee. The letter with original emphasis, reads: We — […]

Bernie Sanders won’t regard ‘socialist’ or ‘liberal’ as insults

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What does Bernie Sanders prefer to be called? A liberal? A socialist? Anything so long as it’s just not a crank? It’s progressive, actually. During The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Friday night, Colbert mentioned to Sanders “you are a liberal and a socialist, and people call you a liberal and a socialist.” He […]

Hillary Clinton interviewed by Trump/Fallon on Tonight Show

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Those who have been hoping for more appearances from Hillary Clinton may be in luck, as last night she appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Hillary first received a phone call from Donald Trump, played by Jimmy Fallon. Since Jimmy was “a total lightweight,” Hillary was told by Fallon’s Trump that “I’m going […]

Actress Emily Blunt says watching the GOP debate made her regret becoming an American citizen

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Actress Emily Blunt, who recently got her U.S. citizenship, said she regretted doing so after watching the first Republican presidential debate in August. “I became an American citizen recently, and that night, we watched the Republican debate and I thought, ‘This was a terrible mistake. What have I done?’” Blunt said according to The Hollywood […]

Rapper Azealia Banks, who hates America, loves Donald Trump’s immigration policy

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The Republican frontrunner has gained another unlikely celebrity supporter, the America-hating, bisexual, anti-white, anti-gay, rapper Azealia Banks. The rapper took to Instagram on Sept. 7 stating that she’s a fan of Trump’s immigration policy, which many in the media have found controversial. “Do you think it’s bad that I sort of agree with Trump’s stance […]

Jimmy Fallon picks out Donald Trump’s campaign theme song during speed interview

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Republican frontrunner Donald Trump appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Friday and had a speed interview segment. Fallon asked the billionaire questions about Hillary Clinton’s emails, Kanye West running for president in 2020, a wall on the Mexico border, and Carly Fiorina. The host also offered his suggestion for Trump’s campaign theme song. “You’ve […]

‘Entourage’ star Adrian Grenier slammed for 9/11 post

Adrian Grenier is most known for his starring role in Entourage. But, he’s also now known across the Internet for his poorly timed 9/11 post. The actor made a post on Instagram that day, which he linked to his Twitter account. #911 https://t.co/dxepZZtn0Q— Adrian Grenier (@adriangrenier) September 12, 2015 The post was eventually deleted, but […]

Hillary Clinton appears on Ellen’s season 13 premiere week

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Hillary Clinton is not doing so well in the polls, and she’s trying to make up for that. This came not only in the form of an apology for her server, but her carefree appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ TV talk show. While appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show during the season 13 premiere week, Hillary boosted her image […]

R.E.M. band members slam Trump and Cruz: ‘Cease and desist’ using our music

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R.E.M. band members were furious that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz used one of their songs at a rally opposing the Iran nuclear deal on Wednesday. “Go f-ck yourselves, the lot of you – you sad, attention-grabbing, power-hungry little men,” lead singer Michael Stripe said in an email to The Daily Beast. “Do not use […]

Stephen Colbert has Jeb Bush on as guest for first Late Show episode

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premiered last night and attracted 6.6 million viewers. GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush was one of Colbert’s first guests. Jeb spoke about his reasons for running for president, and about bringing people together. He also believed that he “could change… the other side is the devil” kind of issue in […]

Mexican TV station trolls Trump with soccer ad

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In preparation for a Mexico vs. USA soccer game next month, a Mexican TV station has edited a Donald Trump speech to insult the U.S. men’s national team. Mexico will play the USA with the winner advancing to the 2017 Confederations Cup, according to Deadspin. Seizing the opportunity, Fut Azteca played on Donald Trump’s antagonism […]

Tom Brady confirms friendship with Donald Trump but won’t commit to voting for him

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Will Tom Brady vote for Donald Trump? Many are wondering after photos surfaced of a “Make America Great Again” hat in Brady’s locker. But, as it turns out, Brady himself may not even know the answer to that question. In an interview with WEEI, Brady explained that he was given the hat with Trump’s slogan on it by […]

Madonna’s gay brother defends anti-gay marriage clerk Kim Davis

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Most of the country is attacking Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, but Davis has one unlikely supporter – Madonna’s gay brother. In a Facebook post on Saturday, the pop singer’s brother Christopher Ciccone said that Davis shouldn’t be persecuted for her religious beliefs and called the gay community a bunch of “sore winners.” “The […]