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John Oliver finds the perfect solution to the Supreme Court camera ban

Comedian John Oliver is sick of the Supreme Court ban on cameras in the court room and the ridiculous ways it makes television news stations have to cover those cases. But all hope is not lost. “What happens at the Supreme Court is way too important not to pay attention to and yet the ban […]

Stewart and Colbert go after ‘Fangate’

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Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert had a field day with “Fangate” Thursday night.

O’Reilly and Stewart duke it out over ‘white privilege’

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Jon Stewart had one goal in bringing Bill O’Reilly on his show Tuesday evening: “I want you to admit that there is such a thing as white privilege.”

Zach Galifianakis has a very special nickname for Obama

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Zach Galifianakis once came up with a very special nickname for President Obama, he recounted on “The Daily Show” Tuesday night. It all started when Galifianakis came to the White House to film the Emmy-winning “Between Two Ferns” episode to promote Obamacare. “Before we went to interview the president, I ate in the White House […]

The Daily Show covers NY’s unbelievably bad Democratic candidate

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In New York’s 11th Congressional district, Democrats need to defeat Rep. Michael G. Grimm, who is facing 20 federal charges and was once caught on camera threatening to throw a reporter off a balcony. So you might think this race would be a walk in the park for them—until you meet their incredibly terrible candidate.

Colbert tries to be interested in the midterm elections

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There are a lot of tedious things Colbert doesn’t like to do in the autumn, like clean the gutters and pretend to like decorative gourds.

Russell Brand does not want people to vote until there is a political party that represents the ‘average American’s values’

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Sorry, Lil’ Jon. Russell Brand won’t be turning out for what no matter how many times you sing it. Brand appeared on ABC’s “The View” Monday to promote his new book “Revolution.” “You have an insistence that this revolution cannot and will not come about through voting. There is not a revolution I can think […]

John Oliver wants to end the tyranny of pumpkin spice

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John Oliver is not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes, “The coffee that tastes like a candle.”

‘Citizenfour’ documentary gives a glimpse of Edward Snowden’s life in exile

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A new documentary about National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden premiered Friday, giving a look into his life in exile and revealing a behind-the-scenes look at the eight days Snowden spent with reporters going over the first stories about the overreaching government surveillance. Titled “Citizenfour,” the documentary was created by Glenn Greenwald’s reporting partner Laura Poitras. According to […]

‘Saturday Night Live’ mocks Kim Jong Un’s public absence

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“Saturday Night Live” mocked Kim Jong Un’s recent public absence in the show’s cold open. The North Korean leader, played by Bobby Moynihan, was outraged at the rumors about gout, diabetes and “too much imported cheese” and demanded to know how anyone could believe such lies because he is “as strong as a dragon.” When someone commented […]

Joe Biden to star in public service announcement with Mariska Hargitay during ‘Law and Order’ marathon

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During commercial breaks interrupting a 14-hour marathon of  “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” on Sunday, October 19, the show’s star Mariska Hargitay will appear alongside Vice President Joe Biden in public service announcements about sexual assault.

Posters label Gwyneth Paltrow an ‘Obama drone’ as she gears up to host DNC fundraiser

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Individuals in Gwyneth Paltrow’s neighborhood are decorating their lawns with posters designed by a rightwing artist that label her an “Obama drone.”

Kevin Spacey says politicians are his biggest fear because ‘they don’t get anything done’

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Kevin Spacey commented that politicians are his biggest fear at the Departures magazine’s Philanthropy Honors Gala Tuesday. The “House of Cards” star was asked what scares him, according to the New York Post. “Politicians, because they don’t get anything done. It’s ironic that I play a character in a show that gets s - - t done,” Spacey said. This […]

‘The Daily Show’ mocks Republican efforts to reach women voters, latest to attack ‘Say Yes to the Candidate’ ads

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Comedian Jon Stewart became the latest to attack the College Republican National Committee for its recent “Say Yes To The Dress” themed ads and as if he was reading straight from the Democratic playbook, he tied it to the Republican Party’s “War on Women.” He announced that women are one of the most sought after demographics for […]

The Daily Show searches for the one police shooting statistic that doesn’t exist

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The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee searched in vain for a statistic even Nate Silver couldn’t get for her—how often the police shoot civilians.

Daily Show: Biden is the Seinfeld of VPs

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Jason Jones, filling in for Jon Stewart, poked fun at Vice President Joe Biden’s most recent string of gaffes on the Daily Show.

Obama to attend DNC fundraiser in New York with Aretha Franklin, Mark Wahlberg

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Tuesday, the president will attend a star-studded fundraiser in New York for the Democratic National Committee, reports the New York Post’s Page Six. The soiree will take place at the residence of Bill White, the former head of Intrepid-Sea-Air-Space Museum, and his husband.

Does anyone know who Joe Biden is?

Does anyone know who Joe Biden is?

Joe Biden is visiting Los Angeles, but does anyone there know who he is?


The Daily Show investigates the U.N.


The Daily Show sent a correspondent to the most recent U.N. General Assembly, “to see what the hell they were doing to fix these messes.”


Jimmy Kimmel pitches an epic reality show idea for Joe Biden

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Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to make keeping an eye on Vice President Joe Biden even more entertaining. Kimmel pitched an idea for a reality show about Biden Monday night, calling it, “Second in Commando.” It’s about the man who is just one heartbeat away from the presidency and doing it all “without wearing any […]