Eric Trump fires back at Chelsea Handler’s attack on his future child

By Sean Langile Eric Trump is still angry about liberal comedian Chelsea Handler’s attack over his announcement that he and his wife Lara are expecting their first child in September. Handler tweeted, “Just what we need. Another person with those [sic] jeans. Let’s hope for a girl,” shortly after the announcement. The president’s son mentioned […]

Barack Obama is no George Washington


As the days dwindle toward a peaceful transition of power, the Left makes a last-ditch effort to flatter the ego of a man who needs no assistance in the act of self-aggrandizement. The Obama administration is riddled with scandal, broken promises, and targeted division. Yet, the Left has diminished the reality of President Barack Obama’s damages […]

Obama’s America cares more about Kardashian robbery than France attack

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The world came to a halt on Monday as it was reported 16 people were arrested in France for their alleged connection with the robbery of Kim Kardashian back in October 2016. In stark contrast to the grave concern and cheers for justice by many on social media as a result of the arrests, not nearly […]

Dear Hollywood: Insult UFC fans at your own risk

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When Meryl Streep wasn’t attacking Donald Trump at the Golden Globes for bringing alleged disrespect, violence, and bullying into politics, she included one more line that made much of middle America, and perhaps conservative millennials, cringe: “Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick them all out you’ll have nothing to watch […]

Are too many millennials crying ‘wolf’ these days? It seems like it.

Millennials in Boston are protesting Donald Trump's victory, but now they're trying to save their fellow undocumented classmates from being deported (via Twitter/Zeninjor Enwemeka)

There is an inverse relationship between the demand for and the supply of hate in America. The former casts a bloated shadow that dwarfs the latter, and the current political climate – in particular how the media frames it – has conditioned the public, prior to Election Day and in this shaky post-election aftermath, to […]

Politicians deserve sh-t? High-schoolers will send it to them for you

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A pair of high school students are offering to send a “box of poop” to the “sh**ty” politician of your choosing for just $9.99. By placing an order on their site, PoopforPoliticians.com, you can get ‘Jules’ and ‘Gabe’ to ship your “hot steaming box of ‘day ruining’ poop to your most beloved” politician’s address within […]

Democrat Detroit: Elected official (and serial felon) faces 3 additional charges

Image: Michigan House Democrats

In a city run to the ground by Democrats for decades, corrupt politicians like State Representative Brian Banks keep getting re-elected. Eight-time felon Democrat Brian Banks faced three additional felony charges from Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette on Tuesday. State Representative Brian Banks is currently running for his third term in Michigan’s 1st District, which […]

New terrible idea: Lowering voting age to 16

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One of the latest new terrible ideas out there is to lower the voting age to 16. As some states and cities are actually increasing the age for some things, such as buying tobacco products, Generation Citizen wants one of the most important privileges and responsibilities to be made available to 16 year olds. The […]

Elizabeth Warren’s 2016 backers ding Hillary: ‘If these past two weeks have shown us anything …’

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The niche enthusiasts desperate for Elizabeth Warren to say “I’m running for president” are taking advantage of Hillary Clinton’s email controversy to turn up the noise.

Ben Carson and Hillary have the top-selling 2016 books. Reviewers love one. They loathe the other.

hard choices one nation

Last summer, we reported about the chilly reception to Hillary Clinton’s “Hard Choices.” With news that it and Ben Carson’s “One Nation” are the top-selling books among 2016 contenders so far, we thought we’d revisit the reviews to see how each work is being received, and whether there’s a real possibility that Americans are hate-reading one of the two texts.

Hillary Clinton answers for her shady email practices — and only creates more questions


If she had to do it all over again, she probably wouldn’t have done this press conference.

Hypocrisy: One of Hillary’s underlings was ripped by government for … using private email


Shocker: One of Hillary Clinton’s State Department underlings was ripped by a government audit for conducting official business through private email.

Marco Rubio: Hillary is ‘Yesterday’

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio knocked what he called the “Obama-Clinton foreign policy” in a well-received, forward-looking appearance at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday morning.

Christie: No parent’s dream for their children is a minimum wage increase

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks with Laura Ingraham during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md., Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Gov. Chris Christie wants his party to spend its time promoting the middle class, not defending the wealthy.

Rudy Giuliani said Obama doesn’t love America. And he didn’t stop there.

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Rudy Giuliani leveled a pointed attack against President Obama’s patriotism at a private gathering Wednesday, going for the mother of all political criticisms.

The two most Democratic states in America have a couple of surprising governors

hogan baker site

It’s hard to find a story of “when opposites attract” in politics these days, but here you go. Gallup has ranked Massachusetts and Maryland the most Democratic states in the country, based on statistics that take into account political party ID and the leanings of state residents in 2014. Both states have a Democratic edge […]

Vegetarian-friendly celebrity urbanites won’t take Elizabeth Warren’s ‘no’ for an answer

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“Elizabeth Warren for President” won’t go away. Not if Bruce Banner, a “socialite-cum-anti-war-activist,” Al Pacino’s daughter, the pioneer of trip hop, and a “90s-era hardcore-drummer-turned-pastry chef” have anything to say about it.

Hillary billed taxpayers more than 4X the average home’s income in private air travel while senator

Hillary, scheming. (Via "Charlie Rose")

Joking about Hillary Clinton’s “dead broke” comment is so 2014. But with a new year comes new material.

Rand Paul has been endorsed by the faces of the GOP’s establishment and libertarian wings

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., speaks during the annual Fancy Farm picnic in Fancy Farm, Ky., Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014. (AP Photo/Stephen Lance Dennee)

With Rand Paul weighing a White House bid, a report about the Kentucky senator’s planning provided a reminder that his support among Republicans is broadening wing-to-wing.

Court declines challenge to expanded San Diego gun rights

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A challenge to a recent win for gun rights in San Diego has failed, bringing the city one step closer toward expanded gun permits.