Want more states to legalize marijuana? Don’t be stupid on 4/20

This year, those lighting up to celebrate the pro-marijuana legalization movement holiday need to remember their actions carry more weight than they would in other years. Those hopeful for widespread marijuana legalization must make their case — by not being stupid.

Putin looks to recapture czarist glory

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin’s aggression against Ukraine is not an effort to revive the Soviet Union, contrary to the hyperbole many conservative pundits who paint him as the new Joseph Stalin.

Rand Paul: The GOP’s problem is that we’re too timid

AP Photo/Ben Margot

Manchester, N.H. — Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) issued a grassroots call-to-action Saturday during a speech in New Hampshire and called on both his fellow citizens to stand up and “fight for freedom” and the GOP to shed its timid image in favor of a more exciting stance.

Ann Coulter: GOP ‘spinning wheels’ with youth outreach

Ann Coulter

As the GOP boosts efforts to sway Millennials to side with the Republican Party, political pundit Ann Coulter is shunning such efforts, saying the GOP is “spinning your wheels” with tactics to reach Generation Y.

Louie Gohmert calls for constitutional amendment allowing states to veto federal legislation


Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) has taken up crusade once attempted by his fellow Republicans and announced the need for a constitutional amendment that would expand states’ rights and allow them to veto any legislation passed by Congress and signed into law the President of the United States.

Obama: Republicans a threat to the right to vote

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

President Barack Obama slammed Republicans on Friday for supporting voter identification law and labeled the GOP as a threat to the right to vote.

O’Malley’s Maryland is Obama’s oasis

Martin O'Malley Barack Obama

The legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly adjourned Monday at midnight with balloons falling from the ceiling of the state house in Annapolis, Md., and Democrats patting themselves on the backs for a job well done.

Ted Cruz to Jeb Bush: ‘Rule of law matters’

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) hardly see eye-to-eye on the issue of immigration reform, and while Bush doesn’t see crossing the border illegally as a felony, Cruz believes “rule of law matters.”

Holder: Time to explore gun-tracking bracelets

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

In an attempt to promote gun safety, Attorney General Eric Holder told a panel of legislators Friday the Department of Justice wants to “explore” personalization technology that requires gun users to wear bracelets.

Ga. Republican senate candidate sends Obama to voicemail in new ad

Obama Phone Call

When it comes to opposition to the Affordable Care Act, Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) isn’t taking any calls from President Barack Obama — literally — as the Senate hopeful explained in a new campaign ad.

Bill Maher on SCOTUS ruling: The idiots have broken the Constitution

AP/Janet Van Ham

Outspoken HBO host Bill Maher railed against the United States Supreme Court for its ruling on individual campaign contributions during his show, “Real Time,” on Friday, saying “the idiots have found a way to break [the Constitution].”

Jim Moran: ‘Members of Congress are underpaid’ and deserve more

Rep. Jim Moran

Retiring Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) is not pleased with members of Congress’ compensation, as he lamented Thursday that he and his colleagues are “underpaid,” especially in the context of what their jobs entail.

Obamacare’s slow start to youth outreach raises enrollment questions

Obama laughing celebrity

A last ditch effort by the White House to reach Millennials begs the question of whether enough 18- to 34-year-olds enrolled under Obamacare to help ensure its success.

Liberal Overreaction to Supreme Court Campaign Finance Decision is Ridiculous

Supreme Court

Almost immediately after the Supreme Court handed down its pro-free speech decision in the campaign finance case McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission yesterdayliberals rushed to denounce the decision as one of the “worst decisions of all time,” and the end of democracy as we know it. Who knew political speech during an election could be such a terrible thing for the democratic process.

Rep. Mike McCaul: Soldiers should be able to carry on base

Michael McCaul

In the wake of the tragic shooting at Fort Hood military base in Killeen, Texas, Rep. Mike McCaul (R-Texas) called on Congress on Wednesday to revisit a policy prohibiting soldiers from carrying guns on military bases.

President Obama: If GOP’s policies were deli food, they’d be called the ‘stinkburger’ and ‘meanwhich’

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

President Barack Obama was full of schoolyard insults during a speech on the minimum wage Wednesday, as he told the crowd that if the GOP’s policies were deli foods, they’d be a “stinkburger” or “meanwhich.”

Nevada man sues Obamacare state exchange

Nevada Health Link

Nevada residents have filed a lawsuit against the state’s Obamacare exchange and the company tasked with building the marketplace as they found themselves without coverage despite paying for plans.

Jimmy Fallon ridicules WH’s 7.1 million-enrollee celebration

President Barack Obama and Jimmy Fallon

“The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon isn’t buying the White House’s excitement over Obamacare’s enrollment figures, as he skewered the Obama administration for celebrating 7.1 million enrollees — who would otherwise be forced to pay a fine if they didn’t sign up for health insurance under the law.

The GOP’s Achilles heel: Navigating the gay marriage debate

Supreme Court gay marriage 3

Last month, conservative lobbyist Jack Burkman announced that several Republican members of Congress plan to introduce legislation that would ban homosexual players from the National Football League. This came shortly after All-American defensive end and NFL draft prospect Michael Sam announced that he is gay. Sam will likely be the first openly gay NFL player ever.

Calif. Obamacare exchange directs callers to adult entertainment hotline

Covered California Website

In the Obamacare glitch to end all glitches, Californians attempting to receive information about their new health insurance through a 1-800 number were surprised to learn they had called an adult entertainment chat line, instead.