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Russian site hacks into and livestreams 4,500 private U.S. webcams

A Russia-based website has hacked into thousands of webcams and baby monitors across the world, and displays their feeds to anyone who wants to watch.

Utah lawmakers are thinking about cutting off the NSA’s water supply

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Some Utah lawmakers want to leave the NSA high and dry—by cutting off their water supply.

Museum can no longer display WWII rifles thanks to Washington state’s new gun control law

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A Washington state museum is pulling World War II rifles from a display in order to comply with new background-check legislation for gun permits.

DOJ memo urges reduction in overcrowded prisons, details prison mismanagement

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The Department of Justice plans to prioritize its long-standing need to reduce the federal prison population, according to a recent department memo. Federal prisons are currently at 33 percent overcapacity, which is considered a security concern.

Report: Some EPA employees paid to not work for months or even years

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy speaks to the Center for American Progress’ Second Annual Policy Conference in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014.  (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

American taxpayers have spent over $1 million paying Environmental Protection Agency employees to do nothing. And we don’t mean just being unproductive. Quite literally nothing, as they enjoy paid administrative leave for months and sometimes even years. A report released by the Office of Inspector General Wednesday found that eight EPA employees garnered 20,926 hours of paid administrative […]

Jesse Jackson thinks Obama’s net neutrality plan would hurt low-income Americans

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The Rev. Jesse Jackson is lobbying the Federal Communications Commission to ignore Obama’s advice on how to implement net neutrality.

CA’s AG is ‘shocked’ her lawyers want to keep nonviolent offenders in prison for cheap labor

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Despite prisons so overcrowded that the state faces a Supreme Court order to reduce its prison population, lawyers for California’s attorney general want to keep nonviolent offenders behind bars.

Eric Holder applauds Koch brothers, talks marijuana legalization

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Outgoing attorney general Eric Holder sat down with Bill Keller and Tim Golden of the Marshall Project for an interview that spanned a range of topics, including prison reform, marijuana, and the death penalty—and included some praise for Harry Reid’s favorite punching-bag along the way.

Tech companies and the White House back NSA reform bill

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The Senate is expected to vote today on a bill to reform the NSA, leaving supporters and detractors scrambling to make their final case to legislators.

D.C. police plan civil asset forfeiture profits into their budgets

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Some cops aren’t just profiting from civil asset forfeiture—they’re counting on it.

What’s at stake for NSA reforms and cybersecurity in the coming weeks

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The upcoming weeks could be pivotal for privacy advocates fighting for reforms on the Hill, with two crucial bills nearing Senate votes.

Poll: Most Americans don’t think their data is safe

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In the “post-Snowden era”, few Americans believe they have any privacy left.

The TSA makes record-breaking gun discoveries

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The TSA has seized “a record breaking 1,855” as of Tuesday night, the agency gleefully reported on its blog.

Conservatives debate criminal sentencing reform

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Only a few decades ago, conservatives were known as the champions of “tough on crime” measures.

Panel votes to change law against gay men donating blood

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For the first time in 31 years, gay and bisexual men may be allowed to donate blood.

Republican congressman: Marijuana is not more dangerous than tequila

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A bipartisan alliance of House members asking Congress to leave marijuana laws to the states has an unusual member: A Republican and former Reagan speechwriter.

Buffalo police to start seizing guns from deceased owners’ families

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New York law enforcement is concerned that dead gun owners’ families will let their weapons “end up in the wrong hands.”

An odd band of celebrities teams up to support Edward Snowden

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What cause do Pamela Anderson and Noam Chomsky have in common?

Congress gears up for net neutrality fight

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Thanks to President Obama’s call to action on net neutrality, party members on both sides of Congress are falling into position and drawing up a partisan battleground over regulating the net.

Privacy group: Facebook is ‘complicit in political censorship’

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Facebook has cooperated with thousands of requests from oppressive governments to restrict content in countries like Turkey and Pakistan since last year.