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What is ‘Paw-ternity’ leave and why is this woman demanding it?

The abounding sense of entitlement does not end with “meternity,” the idea of family leave for non-parents championed by author Meghann Foye. She’s now joined by Lindsay Putnam with New York Post, who writes that “Pet owners deserve family leave, too.” You would think that it was a parody; it’s not. “Having to go back to work days later was one of the […]

Think millennials are entitled? Read “Meternity”

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38-year-old Meghann Foye was lucky enough to get Meternity published, and the biggest take away may be a selfish sense of entitlement while contributing nothing to the debate on paid family leave. Foye’s work of fiction is about a young woman who fakes a pregnancy to get maternity leave. But, it’s based on her decision to take her own kind of […]

Vietnam veterans reunite to recreate perfect photo [VIDEO]

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  Few recreated photos may be more touching than a recent reunion of four Vietnam veterans. The veterans, ranging from ages 69 to 71, recently got together at the Cinnamon Beach in Florida to recreate a picture from 50 years ago, as Naples Daily News detailed. The men have changed from the war, aged, and lost touch for […]

“We’re just existing”: Young Texan goes viral apologizing for millennials [VIDEO]

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While millennials may be known for a bad rap, one young woman is going viral for doing something about it. Texan Alexis Boomer recorded a video acknowledging that older generations think that “our generation sucks,” and took it upon herself to evaluate why that is. Her video on Facebook has been watched almost 13 million times […]

The story of President Reagan’s red Jeep (now on display in DC)

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It would take more than insults from ABC newswoman Barbara Walters to get President Reagan to abandon his “old friend,” a 1962 red Willys jeep. And now, that Jeep is headed to Washington, DC. The Historic Vehicle Association, in partnership with the Library of Congress, has deemed President Reagan’s Jeep an important artifact of American […]

Sarah Palin to Bill Nye: “As much a scientist as I am”

J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press

Bill Nye was expected to incur some outrage for his suggestion that climate change deniers belong in jail in a video uploaded by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow. Sarah Palin quipped during the Climate Hustle premiere that “Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am,” as the Hill reported. “He’s a kids’ show actor; he’s not a scientist,” Palin […]

AMC considers allowing texting during movies (to attract millennials)

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It’s no secret that millennials have trouble putting down their phones, even during a movie. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed by AMC Entertainment CEO, Adam Aron, in his hopes to attract millennials. In an interview with Aron, Variety asked Aron if that meant allowing cellphone use: Yes. When you tell a 22-year-old to turn off the phone, don’t ruin the […]

Indiana teen could succeed in lowering age to run for office

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While some young people are getting involved in the 2016 presidential race, they are rarely active in their state or local government. Yet, Indiana high school student Megan Stoner defies the norm; the 18-year-old is currently working with state legislators to pass a bill she helped author. In an effort to change Indiana law, Stoner has proposed legislation that […]

Libertarianism expanding in (Latin) America: “Less Marx, More Mises”

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In the United States of America, the “libertarian moment” — if it ever existed — was squelched by the populism, nationalism, and socialism of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. However, in Latin America, it lives on. “Latin Americans have grown tired of years of populism and socialism and have begun to demand changes in their […]

“New low for millennials”: Passenger takes ‘selfie’ with EgyptAir hijacker

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Ben Innes from #Aberdeen poses for a picture with #EgyptAir #MS181 hijacker. pic.twitter.com/ywdGYuDWwm— Paul Smith (@Journo_Paul) March 29, 2016 While he was being held hostage for six hours on an EgyptAir flight, 26-year-old Ben Innes thought it would be a good idea to take a selfie with the hijacker, Seif Eldin Mustafa. Innes himself said “I’m not […]

Women’s group names ‘Gentlemen of the Year’

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Since 2010, the Network of enlightened Women (NeW) has nominated and selected two winners for its annual Gentleman’s Showcase. Andrew Sund, a senior at Florida State University, was named Gentleman of the Year for the college category. Gabriel Nadales of Los Angeles, California, was awarded the title for the under 30 category. They were chosen from over 100 nominees, […]

Obama praises Cuba’s communist education system

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The United States has an opportunity to open Cuba to freedom and a democratic political system, but President Obama’s recent trip has unfortunately obscured the brutality of the communist regime. That Obama realized the futility of the 56-year-old embargo on Cuba is laudable. For too long, American policy toward Cuba has kept it isolated from […]

After $500,000,000 wasted, Obama plans more Syrian rebel training

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The United States hasn’t been willing to send American soldiers into Syria, but it continues to fund Syrian rebels, regardless of the policy wisdom. Now, the Obama administration is doubling down. “President Barack Obama has signed off on a new plan to train Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State, a move that comes just […]

Warriors’ owner after embarrassing loss: “Looked like the Millennials tonight”

Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Bass, top, jumps on top of Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Sunday, March 6, 2016. The Los Angeles Lakers won 112-95. (AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo)

The Phoenix Suns are not having the best season. And, while he did take some blame, Suns owner Robert Starver also put it on the “millennial culture.” So, can the same be said for the Golden Gate Warriors’ loss on Sunday? Owner Steve Kerr thinks so, sort of. As Fox Sports reported, Kerr “blames loss to Lakers on […]

Would you date someone with different political views? [POLL]

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A Singles in America survey from Match.com last month studied politics and dating. More recently, the teen polling app Wishbone did their own survey on dating, which also factors in politics. There’s an almost even split on if millennials would date someone with different political beliefs. Only a slight majority would date someone with different political beliefs, […]

How conservatives are fighting the ‘Campus Crackdown’ on free speech [VIDEO]

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Late Saturday on CPAC, a panel called “Campus Crackdown” moderated Charlie Sykes of WTMJ, highlighted how college students’ protests are a “snowflake rebellion” and how college administrations are cracking down on free speech. The panel featured Karin Agness of Network of Englightened Women (NeW), which has faced backlash at American University; Everett Piper who is the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan […]

Elites vs. The People: How to dismantle Common Core

Left to Right: Neil McCluskey and Emmett McGroarty. Image via Rebecca Downs.

A Saturday morning CPAC panel, Common Core: The States Fight Back, helpfully explained what common core is, and what can be done, particularly, as the title suggests, at the state level. Emmett McGroarty is with the American Principles Project. As he expressed it, “common core exposes rift between political elitists and the people.” This actually included […]

Heartfelt photo of Marco Rubio interacting with kitchen staff goes viral

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Marco Rubio was delayed for his 2016 CPAC speech. While it led to some scrambling and rearrangement of speeches, Rubio eventually made it to the stage with a well-receiving crowd. Before he did so, however, he managed to go through the kitchen to greet the staff there. Extremely late for his CPAC speech, Marco Rubio marched […]

Young voters drive huge Trump loss in CPAC straw poll

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As CPAC 2016 came to a close on Saturday afternoon, the American Conservative Union released the results of their annual straw poll. A total of 2,659 CPAC attendees participated in the straw poll. In the reveal of the results, it was referenced that the amount of young people “drives the press nuts.” The average age of […]

Marco Rubio at CPAC: Millennials could become “greatest generation in American history” [VIDEO]

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Marco Rubio, considered by many to be the youth favorite and best chance to beat Hillary Clinton among millennials, spoke to the CPAC 2016 crowd on Saturday afternoon. Despite his delay and his still hoarse voice from the flu, Rubio was well-received by the packed and enthusiastic crowd, including many young people. Early on, Rubio mentioned, […]