Ben Carson

Ben Carson: WH requested apology to Obama for ‘offending him’

Famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson made no apologies after his now-legendary speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last year, even to the White House after it requested Carson apologize to President Barack Obama for “offending him.”

Ann Coulter: GOP ‘spinning wheels’ with youth outreach

Ann Coulter

As the GOP boosts efforts to sway Millennials to side with the Republican Party, political pundit Ann Coulter is shunning such efforts, saying the GOP is “spinning your wheels” with tactics to reach Generation Y.

David Ortiz selfie with Obama could mean the end to WH selfies

Big Papi Obama Selfie

Everyone loves taking a good selfie, even President Barack Obama. However, after Red Sox player David Ortiz snapped a pic with POTUS last week, selifes may be banned from the White House.

‘Goonies 2′ Is Happening According To Richard Donner

The Goonies

HUFFINGTON POST — Goonies never say die, and neither do sequel rumors. While discussing the state of Hollywood superhero movies with a paparazzo from TMZ, director Richard Donner let slip that he was making a sequel to “Goonies,” the 1985 adventure film produced by Steven Spielberg.

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Stephen Colbert Is CBS’ Top Choice to Succeed Letterman, and He’s Into It

colbert lincoln

MASHABLE — Stephen Colbert is CBS’ top choice to replace the retiring David Letterman, and has indicated that he’s willing to take over the Late Show when the time comes, people familiar with both sides of the discussions tell Mashable.

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25-year-old Jon Hamm appears on dating show

jon hamm

You know Jon Hamm best from his role on the hit AMC television show “Mad Men,” but someone has unearthed much earlier footage of the actor. On Thursday, Lighthearted Entertainment posted a 1996 video of the 25-year-old star on “The Big Date” dating game show to YouTube.

Chris Matthews believes Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in the 20th Century

chris matthews ap photo

Apparently MSNBC host Chris Matthews and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) took the same course in American history.

If you’re owed money for a March Madness office pool, there’s a Manny Pacquiao for that


With March Madness nearing its final two games, Jimmy Kimmel has just the product to help you collect your winnings if you happen to win the coveted office pool prize money: Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Mozilla CEO resigns after furor over gay rights

Mozilla Firefox

ASSOCIATED PRESS — Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich is stepping down as CEO and leaving the company following protests over his support of a gay marriage ban in California.

David Letterman to retire from ‘Late Show’ in 2015

AP Photo

NEW YORK (AP) — David Letterman says he’s retiring next year as host of “Late Show.”

During a taping of Thursday’s show, Letterman said he has informed his CBS bosses that he will step down in 2015, when his current contract expires.

A couple of Texans have captured what they say is El Chupacabra


El Chupacabra may not be the legend we have accepted it to be, a family in Texas has captured what they claim to be the mythical chupacabra.

Bob Costas makes a wager with his pro-gun critics

Bob Costas and Seth Meyers Late Night

Sports announcer Bob Costas has a wager for gun advocates: Let’s keep track of the number of constructive incidents involving athletes and guns and the number of tragedies — and let’s see who wins.

Sarah Palin drops by ‘Tonight Show’ and chats with Putin

Putin and Palin

Former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin brought the funny during a surprise appearance Wednesday on NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” where she and a faux Russian President Vladimir Putin ridiculed President Barack Obama.

YouTube sensation Kid President is getting his own TV show

kid president

Kid President is back in the spotlight y’all, but this time, the adorable kid has landed his own TV show.

NJ teen who sued parents for college money lands hefty scholarship

AP Photo/The Star-Ledger, John O'Boyle, Pool, File

The New Jersey teen who sued her parents for money to attend college was awarded a hefty scholarship from an expensive Massachusetts university.

Jimmy Fallon ridicules WH’s 7.1 million-enrollee celebration

President Barack Obama and Jimmy Fallon

“The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon isn’t buying the White House’s excitement over Obamacare’s enrollment figures, as he skewered the Obama administration for celebrating 7.1 million enrollees — who would otherwise be forced to pay a fine if they didn’t sign up for health insurance under the law.

Samuel L. Jackson recites epic slam poem about ‘Boy Meets World’

Samuel L. Jackson Tonight Show slam poem Boy Meets World

Even though he’s never seen an episode of the show, actor Samuel L. Jackson can do a pretty mean slam poem about Boy Meets World.

White House: MLB opening day petition no home run

opening day banner

POLITICO – The White House marked Major League Baseball’s opening day with an intentional pass — suggesting Monday that the Americans who have petitioned that the first day of the season become a national holiday take their requests to Congress.

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Marrying for money? The economics of getting hitched

Wedding cake topper, marriage

Some people will say that we have been talking too much about marriage lately. Those same people usually follow up by saying that the government needs to stay out of the marriage debate and focus on more important issues that will boost our economy. Here is the irony: marriage is a primary factor in the status of our economy. While I will be one of the first people to advocate for the moral and social implications of marriage, there is also an economical case to be made.

#HIMYM: The pretty awful end to an ultimately good television show

The HIMYM crew. (AP Photo/CBS/Ron P. Jaffe)

We’re presumably supposed to see a little bit of ourselves and our own circles of pals in the “How I Met Your Mother” crew, meaning we’re supposed to see a little bit of our graduation from twentysomethings to fully-fledged adults in them, too. This ultimately has created the great flaw of an otherwise good show.