FBI Director James Comey speaks about the impact of technology on law enforcement, Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014, at Brookings Institution in Washington. Comey gave a stark warning Thursday against smartphone data encryption, saying homicide cases could be stalled, suspects could go free and “justice may be denied because of a locked phone or an encrypted hard drive.”  (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

The FBI pushes Congress to broaden its access to Americans’ communications

The tech world’s recent efforts to strengthen encryption appear to have left the FBI in a panic, as FBI Director James Comey appeals to Congress for easier backdoor access to Americans’ data.

Voters want Republicans to lead Congress over Democrats, poll says

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According to a recently released Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Annenberg poll, likely voters and registered voters in general would prefer the GOP have control of the House of Representatives and the Senate as opposed to Democrats.

Poll suggests minimum wage could be key in upcoming elections

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A new poll suggests that the minimum wage could play a significant role in six upcoming competitive races—and it doesn’t look good for Republicans.

Government Grinch proposes new rules on Christmas lights

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It’s not even Halloween, but the federal Grinch has already appeared, armed with new regulations, to un-deck the halls of America. On Tuesday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released twenty-five pages of new rules governing “seasonal and decorative lighting projects”– basically everything from strings of lights to glowing Santa Clauses. The Hill reports that the […]

The FBI takes it back: They do spy on Americans without a warrant

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Remember when the FBI said they didn’t spy on Americans without a court order, just a few days ago? They were just kidding about that.

Afroman releases new version of ‘Because I Got High’ promoting legal weed

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Afroman is back. But now he’s not just singing about Colt 45s and smoking that tumbleweed, he’s here to tell you about about the positive impact of marijuana. Afroman’s “Because I Got High” was released 13 years ago, but his new version “Positive Remix” just dropped Wednesday. The new version sees Afroman making better choices as a result […]

UN Report: Mass surveillance violates international law, ‘corrosive’ to privacy

United Nations

A United Nations report concluded that mass surveillance of the internet is “corrosive” to privacy and violates international law.

A startup’s plan to fix immigration form backlog

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A startup in Silicon Valley hopes to streamline the cumbersome immigration form backlog with a program that would be the TurboTax of immigration forms.

‘It’s a girl:’ Heritage Foundation Panel addresses three ‘deadliest’ words and China’s One Child Policy

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“It’s a girl.”

Study: Small business owners are losing faith in the economy

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Small businesses were less optimistic about their economic prospects in September than in August, according to the optimism index measured by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

The Return of the Tyrant: North Korea releases photos of Kim Jong Un with a cane

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A weight has been lifted from the world’s shoulders — and his, too, it would appear.

Why Government Websites Cost More and Perform Worse Than Private Sector Sites

CuidadoDeSalud.gov Obamacare spanish website

REASON — Was the failure of the federal government’s $2.1 billion Obamacare enrollment website an isolated fluke or part of a broader pattern of overpriced government failure when it comes to consumer-facing technology? Recent events show a pattern. The other failures aren’t as costly or as high-profile as Healthcare.gov. But they’re worth paying attention to nonetheless. […]

Privacy advice from Snowden: Programs to use and programs to avoid

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Edward Snowden gave a remote interview to the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer, during which he offered his tips for securing information on your phone and on the internet. He particularly cautioned against Dropbox, Facebook, and Google, calling them “dangerous services.”

Poll: More than 75 percent of Americans support getting rid of mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders


More than 75 percent of Americans now support getting rid of mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders, a new Reason-Rupe poll finds. Eliminating mandatory minimum sentences would give judges the ability to make sentencing decisions on a case-by-case basis. The federal government and several states have enacted mandatory minimum sentencing laws over the past few decades. The […]

Susan Rice talks North Korea, ISIS strategy on ‘Meet the Press’

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President Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday to talk with host Chuck Todd about Kim Jong Un’s absence in North Korea and the president’s strategy against ISIS. Rice praised the air strikes and seemingly took offense to any implication that the White House’s strategy against the terrorist group […]

Economics confuses some Uber customers


Uber customers seem a little confused about the mechanics of supply and demand.

Kim Jong Unavailable

WHERE AM I (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E, File)

An APB is still out for the despotic and injury-plagued Kim Jong Un, after the alleged coup victim was reportedly a no-show at a national ceremony.

#Transparency: Government orders tests of Healthcare.gov be kept secret

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Healthcare.gov is gearing up for another round of tests—but you won’t get to know how it fares.

More Americans still think Obamacare caused them more harm than good

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More Americans still believe Obamacare has harmed them rather than helped them, the latest Gallup survey finds.

Google’s Eric Schmidt: Silicon Valley has had a ‘libertarian streak’ for ‘a very long time’

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The times are a changin’ …