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Sensitive liberals force Priyanka Chopra to apologize for wearing ‘refugee’ T-shirt

For its anniversary issue, Condé Nast Traveller tried to make a political statement against xenophobia – and got blasted for it. Actress Priyanka Chopra, the cover model for this month’s issue of the travel magazine, took the brunt of the criticism on Twitter, when people misinterpreted the message on the T-shirt she was wearing. The shirt, that […]

Dear NY Times: Stop trying to effeminize our sons

(Image via Flickr)

The New York Times is on the forefront in the war on masculinity. The only acceptable men, according to the paper of record, are the polished, politically correct, feminized males who occupy their time apologizing for their gender. Towson University professor Andrew Reiner wrote one of the more mind-numbing New York Times op-eds since they published “27 Ways […]

How today’s college campuses are similar to Orwell’s “1984”

(Associated Press/Amy Anthony)

It is no secret that liberal activism has made substantial inroads at college campuses in the last few years. We are amidst its peak — and now begins the return to normalcy, as exemplified by the University of Chicago’s recent stance on safe spaces and trigger warnings. Such a move has been considered bold in […]

How hipster millennials are killing the Big Mac

(AP Photo/Oliver Berg)

The Wall Street Journal recently uncovered a shocking statistic: 80 percent of millennials have never tried a Big Mac. Sales of the classic McDonald’s burger have been flat for the past few years, and were growing at only a 1-2 percent annual rate before that, according to WSJ. Meanwhile, fast-casual restaurant chains and “better burger” joints […]

Insecure Kim Jong-un bans sarcasm in North Korea, tests nuclear bomb

(AP Photo)

It’s bad enough most North Koreans do not have access to electricity and other basic modern conveniences — now they’ll have to live without humor, too. The chubby-cheeked dictator with a bad hipster haircut is at it, again. North Korea has banned any sarcastic comments about Kim Jong-un or his regime, even in personal conversations. “The […]

Best reactions to Colin Kaepernick’s anthem disrespect

(via Twitter)

After news broke yesterday (see full story here) that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand anymore for the national anthem before games, fans and America-loving folks nationwide have been reacting in outrage. One 49ers fan even burned his Kaepernick jersey. Salty 49ers fan burns #Kaepernick's jersey. Oh brother…— Erick Fernandez (@ErickFernandez) August 28, […]

NFL quarterback sits during national anthem, calls America racist (and botches US history)

(Via Twitter)

If you can’t play, enter the political fray. That could be the only possible explanation for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sitting in protest of the national anthem. Kaepernick has dominated headlines in the past year for a massive regression in his production, now stuck fighting for a job with Blaine Gabbart. No serious analyst expects […]

Virginia woman shoots down drone near Robert Duvall’s rural home

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.11.21 AM

Word to the wise: be careful which house you fly over when you buy that fancy new camera drone. One Virginia woman recently taught someone a lesson when they flew a drove over her private property. Jennifer Youngman of Fauquier County lives next door to actor Robert Duvall’s rural home. Stories indicate that uninvited strangers have been […]

Trump: immigrants who come to this country need to respect women & gays

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in Youngstown, Ohio, Monday, Aug. 15, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Donald Trump outlined his plan to defeat ISIS and protect America with “extreme vetting” of immigrants in a speech at Youngstown State University on Monday. “The rise of ISIS is a direct result of policy decisions made by President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,” he remarked. This is more plausible version of his […]

Navy Sec. on women failing Marines IOC: “Standards will not be lowered”

Gerry Broome / AP, file

The military has now opened all jobs to women, but that doesn’t mean women are passing the required tests to make it. A female Marine officer, along with 33 men, failed to complete the Infantry Officer Course. She has now been dropped and there are no more women enrolled, Marine Corps Times reported. The woman, […]

Saudi accounts hijack Rand Paul’s Twitter poll on arms deal

Associated Press

Senator Rand Paul recently published a poll on Twitter asking, “Should the U.S. be selling $1.15 billion in arms to our unreliable ‘ally’ Saudi Arabia?” Should the US be selling $1.15 billion in arms to our unreliable "ally" Saudi Arabia?— Dr. Rand Paul (@RandPaul) August 10, 2016 This comes on the heels of a State […]

ISIS on the rise in U.S.: 100 charged, average age is 26 years old

Graphic: GW Program on Extremism

The average age of suspects charged with Islamic State-related crimes in the United States is 26, according to a study compiled by George Washington University’s Program on Extremism. As of March 2014, 100 people have been charged across 25 states with actions connected to sympathizing with ISIS. Actions include, but are not limited to, traveling […]

From Socialism to Slavery: Venezuela’s new “forced labor” law

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia on Sunday, July 17, to hunt for food and medicine that are in short supply at home. It's the second weekend in a row that Venezuela’s government has opened the long-closed border connecting Venezuela to Colombia. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

As Venezuela’s economy continues to falter, the government turns to an old crutch of tyranny: slavery. A “forced labor” law to combat the food crisis in the country will allow the labor ministry to force citizens to work the fields, according to Vice. Unfortunate citizens will “join a government drive aimed at increasing food production” […]

I am HIV+: Capitalism is a better alternative for medicine

Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

Being on the right side of the political spectrum can often present unexpected challenges. Unlike those on the left, we are not particularly interested in manufacturing the perfect society. The left is utterly obsessed with manipulating every possible contingency in order to protect an idealized outcome. As a result, society ends up with overwhelming and stifling regulation […]

Study: Harry Potter fans don’t like Donald Trump

Warner Bros. Pictures/Associated Press

Months after Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling tweeted that Voldemort was “nowhere near as bad” as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, a new study suggests that Potter fans subconsciously agree. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Donald,” a study conducted by Diana Mutz, a University of Pennsylvania political science professor, for PS: Political Science and Politics, revealed […]

Why millennials can get behind Trump on NATO stance

Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press

Donald Trump may not be a youth favorite, but on foreign policy he might just be speaking their language. Trump triggered international alarm this week with his comments about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The Republican presidential nominee told the New York Times that he would decide whether the U.S. should defend NATO allies […]

HuffPo: ‘All Lives Matter’ millennials are “America’s race problem”

A Black Lives Matter protest, held in response to the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, takes place in downtown Tampa on Monday, July 11, 2016. Both Sterling and Castile were shot by police officers the prior week. (Loren Elliott/Tampa Bay Times via AP)

The Black Lives Matter movement is full of hatred towards whites and police officers, but it’s those who dare to say that “All Lives Matter” who “are part of America’s race problem” according to Michael Tomlin-Crutchfield for The Huffington Post. “Dear ‘All Lives Matter’ millennials, you are part of America’s race problem. You see, a […]

Study: Young federal workers feel hated on by older colleagues


Millennials feel the workplace atmosphere change when they’re around older colleagues. A Federal News Story survey showed that 63 percent of federal employees under the age of 30 feel they are viewed differently at their jobs. These results reveal a tension within American workplaces between older generations and millennials. Employees separated by age hold different perceptions […]

Saudi-led, U.S.-backed Yemen war continues: Human rights violations ignored?

A worker stands on the rubble of a Coca-Cola beverages factory after Saudi-led air strikes destroyed it on Dec. 29, 2015, in Sanaa, Yemen, Tuesday, July 12, 2016. (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)

The United States continues to support the Saudi-led war in Yemen, and the result could be the crippling of the country’s economy and people for generations. Bombing of the country, started in 2015, “has deliberately sought to inflict widespread damage to Yemen’s production capacity,” according to a report from Human Rights Watch. The war has […]

OKCupid survey: Liberals singles “prefer museums, yoga, and crying”

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

OKCupid just released the results of a landmark study of over 190,000 dating profiles. The findings are equal parts remarkable and hysterical. The wildly popular dating site analyzed profiles created by Americans in 2016, that specified their political beliefs as either “liberal” or “conservative.” The study separated profiles based on political ideology, and whether they were […]