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GOP Rep. David Jolly says he’s OK with state support of same-sex marriage

Florida Republican David Jolly, sent to the U.S. House in a special election earlier this year, announced his support of same-sex marriage in a statement to The Washington Post Monday.

President Obama waxes hypocritical by advising kids to use kindness and embrace teamwork

President Barack Obama thinks before answering a question about his father during an event at the Walker Jones Education Campus in Washington, to announce additional commitments for "My Brother’s Keeper," Obama's initiative aimed at helping boys and young men of color,  Monday, July 21, 2014. The commitments include an effort by the NBA to recruit 25,000 new mentors and work with at-risk students to increase attendance and performance.  (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

President Obama delivered a speech at an event for his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative in Washington, D.C., Monday in which he advised his young audience on the importance of kindness and teamwork despite the fact that he himself has neither adopted kindness nor encouraged teamwork as he clashes with congressional Republicans in Washington.

Ear wax eating congressman: ‘We don’t have a border security problem’

Rep. Joe Garcia

Congressman Joe Garcia (D-Fla.) doesn’t think the United States has a border security issue despite the fact that over 57,000 children have already crossed the southern border into the country illegally this year.

Washington Post columnist tells millennials to live with parents ‘as long as you can’ to alleviate student debt


Are you paying off student loans? If so, Michelle Singletary, financial advice columnist for the Washington Post, has some advice: say goodbye to your own place and beg for housing from whomever will take pity on you.

Obama says Biden would make a ‘superb president’ in New Yorker interview

AP Photo/Luis Hidalgo

In a piece entitled “The Biden Agenda” for next week’s addition of The New Yorker, writer Evan Osnos quotes President Obama as predicting that Vice President Joe Biden would make a “superb president.”

‘NSA in da house’: German artist decorates the U.S. Embassy in Berlin with pointed light display

Image via Reddit

German artist Oliver Bienkowski is letting his feelings be known. The artist criticized the America’s surveillance program with a pointed light display on the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin that projected the words, “NSA in da House.” The illuminated image also featured the President Barack Obama in a backwards baseball cup and flashing […]

If you’re not ‘dead broke,’ you can show your support for Hillary Clinton by purchasing this gear

Image via "Ready for Hillary"

Hillary Clinton might not be ready for 2016, but now she can dress like she is! The website “Ready for Hillary” is selling t-shirts, baseball caps, buttons and totes that Hillary fans — and Hillary herself — can purchase to “gear” up for the former secretary of State’s probable presidential run.

GOP committees express confidence in Republicans ahead of midterm elections amid Obama’s dismal mistakes

GOP elephant logo

The five GOP committees — the RNC, NRCC, NRSC, RGA and RSLC — hosted a joint press conference on Capitol Hill Wednesday to discuss their confidence in the Republican position 100 days ahead of the 2014 midterm elections.

Maryland governor channels Semisonic when trying to ward off immigrants

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley

According to CNN, O’Malley privately begged White House Director of Domestic Policy Council Cecilia Munoz not to send any of the young immigrants that have flooded the country to his state after publicly criticizing the Obama administration’s plan to send these kids back to Central America.

Harry Reid: Judge Judy would throw out Boehner’s ‘sham’ lawsuit against Obama

judge judy

peaking to the Senate floor Monday, Reid said that Judge Judy — whose show airs at 4pm Monday thru Friday in Washington, D.C. — would “throw out” John Boehner’s planned lawsuit on behalf of the House against President Obama for his executive actions, reports The Hill.

Majority of Americans believe elections are rigged for incumbents, study finds

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

According to a Rasmussen Reports telephone survey released sunday, 68% of likely American voters believe that “election rules are rigged to benefit members of Congress.” Moreover, a significant 48% of respondents said they believe elections to be unfair to voters.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry does not support Obama’s $3.7B emergency spending package to help border crisis

Image via "Fox News Sunday"

Texas Governor Rick Perry joined host Brit Hume on “Fox News Sunday” to explain his dissatisfaction with President Obama’s call for $3.7 billion in emergency funding from Congress to help deal with the crisis at our Southern border.

What’s more important to President Obama than visiting the Texas border? Five hours of golf

Barack Obama Golf

This past week, President Obama engaged in a lot of fun activities: He played pool and drank beer with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, visited the castle from the film “Blank Check” to rub elbows with a rich Austin crowd, dropped $300 on barbecue and even had time to sneak in a five-hour game of golf.

The reason why it’s difficult to sell conservative economics to Millennials


It’s only natural that the “brain” part kicks in as you get older.

WSJ: Illegal immigrant children unlikely to be deported

AP Photo/El Paso Times, Victor Calzada

Children by the tens of thousands are flooding north, clinging to the tops of trains to ride from South and Central America, through Mexico and from there sneaking across the border into the US. While both parties have stressed the need for better border security, clogged immigration courts mean that children entering the US are unlikely to ever be deported.

Obama’s approval among Muslims and other religions declines about the same


In news that has been shared umpteen times Friday morning for an apparent and idiotic reason, President Barack Obama’s approval ratings among religious groups have declined roughly the same from where they were five years ago.

Obama: I’m ‘lonely’ in Washington, Republicans not doing their jobs

Image via Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

President Obama got feisty Thursday, verbally attacking Republican lawmakers for what he described as inaction during a speech in Austin, Texas. The president blamed Republicans for rendering Washington “broken” by thwarting “every serious idea to strengthen the middle class.”

Are today’s teens destined to be conservatives?


The conflict between the hip liberal youth and their forebearers, the conservative squares, seems at times like a law of politics. However, politics is a perpetually shifting field.

How Cleveland’s selection as host of the Republican National Convention has nothing to do with LeBron James

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The Republican National Committee (RNC) is taking its talents to Cleveland.

Federal judge tells Supreme Court to ‘STFU’ after Hobby Lobby ruling

Image via Larry Downing/Reuters

Judge Richard Kopf of Nebraska took to his blog Saturday to express his distaste for the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision and the “division” he believes it has caused among the American people.