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Singles survey: What politics (including supporting Trump) says about dating and sex

The Singles in America survey, in case you were actually wondering, studies just what you would assume it does. But, there are some particularly interesting tidbits. For instance, there’s politics involved. A whopping 44 percent are Democrats, compared to 19 percent Republican. But, regardless of your affiliation, if you have “a passion for politics,” then […]

“Toddler wage gap”: Sandberg says inequality starts with kids’ chores

CEO and member of the Board of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg gestures as she speaks during a panel"Progess toward Parity"at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Friday, Jan. 22, 2016. World leaders are holding a flurry of diplomatic meetings at the World Economic Forum and worried CEOs are debating about how to deal with this year's volatile markets and low oil prices.(AP Photo/Michel Euler)

Feminists in the workplace just keep finding new issues to harp on. In her op-ed in Forbes, Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum, shares how “Success if Never Enough For Some ‘Feminists,’ Including Sheryl Sandberg.” Schaeffer begins with a mention as to how “fascinated” Alexis de Tocqueville would be, if he were alive […]

Suns owner blames ‘millennial culture’ for his team’s failure

Phoenix Suns' Markieff Morris, left, and Eric Bledsoe, right, sit on the bench late in the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Utah Jazz Monday, Dec. 21, 2015, in Salt Lake City. The Jazz won 110-89. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

The Phoenix Suns have not had a good season. Owner Robert Starver is willing to take the blame, as well as spread it all around — specifically blaming the “millennial culture.” As the Arizona Republic so aptly put it, fans are disappointed in a team which will likely fail to make the playoffs for the sixth year, which is […]

Slackers: Poll reveals which generation worked least during Holidays

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If you didn’t feel very productive during holiday office hours, you’re not the only one. As CNN Money reported, less than 25 percent of millennials said they would be “very productive,” the week of Christmas and New Year’s. It’s not just millennials, however. Few Gen Xers answered they would be “very productive” as well. Even when […]

Naming the Generation after Millennials: A bunch of silly, stupid options

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Most people know of generational names, like millennials for instance, who make up a demographic of those born around the 1980’s to early 2000’s. But what comes next? Those born after 2000 remember a much different world than those of their peers, no matter if there’s only a slight age difference. What do we call them? […]

Generation Kim Kardashian: Even wealthier millennials living at home

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Millennials are imitating Kim Kardashian in ways they may not even realize. MarketWatch equates Kim Kardashian’s experience of having briefly moved back in with her mother as a trend some millennials are following. As MarketWatch notes: The growth in the share of underemployed 25- to 34-year-olds living with their parents explains just three quarters of […]

Conservative and liberal millennials join talents to help end hunger

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While millennials may be known for their obsession with technology, two of them are putting their know how to the good cause of helping to end hunger. In the aptly titled piece “Hacking Hunger,” National Journal’s Ron Fournier profiled Maria Rose Belding, a 20-year old sophomore at American University and Grant Nelson, a law student at […]

Top 10 Christmas movies of all-time


For those who are looking for some Christmas plans, there are plenty of Christmas movies out there. Here are my favorites to consider: 1. Joyeux Noel (2005) What, you’ve never heard of the Oscar nominated film? That’s okay, it’s more of a hidden gem. The film, in English, French, and German, is about the Christmas treat […]

Miss Puerto Rico suspended for response to Michael Moore’s #WeAreAllMuslims


While Michael Moore may claim “We Are All Muslims,” not everyone agrees. Miss Puerto Rico, Destiny Vélez, who has now been “suspended indefinitely” from the Miss Puerto Rico program, certainly does not. As theBlaze reported, she issued a series of tweets aimed at Michael Moore which took issue with Islam. While the tweets were deleted, […]

New terrible idea: Lowering voting age to 16

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One of the latest new terrible ideas out there is to lower the voting age to 16. As some states and cities are actually increasing the age for some things, such as buying tobacco products, Generation Citizen wants one of the most important privileges and responsibilities to be made available to 16 year olds. The […]

Poll: Millennials view Christmas as more cultural than religious

Every year, thousand of festive young people don Santa costumes and participate in bar crawls in cities around the world.

While some people are fretting over whether to sign that card to their co-worker “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas,” Millennials are just saying ‘pass the eggnog’ and aren’t giving it a thought. A new poll released by the Pew Research Center finds that 43% of Millennials say that for them, Christmas is more of a […]

My Generation Failed: Will Millennials Govern Better?


As a proud GenXer and child of the 1980s, my generation gave the world some great music — but what else? I look at how well my parents and my generation are doing governing the country, and it’s a little disheartening. I see two parties covered in excrement from wallowing in the mud too long […]

What does your favorite drink say about your politics?

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In time for the holiday season, Paul Bedard, the Washington Secrets columnist for the Washington Examiner, and Lori Lundin discussed how your wine preference may predict your party affiliation. Bedard pointed to a poll from Morning Consult to explain. White wine is favored by Democrats. Republicans prefer red. The latest presidential election supports the choice, as Obama’s […]

Study: Millennials check phones 45 times a day

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This week, the Mortgage News Daily devoted part of their reporting to “Millennials in The Workplace.” When it comes to the focus, it’s noted that as of the end of this year, Millennials have become “the largest generation in the workplace,” at 35 percent. Such findings have been noted and analyzed before. When it comes to […]

Spike Lee: My new film will encourage sex strikes to protest campus sexual assault

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The latest film by Spike Lee, Chi-raq, will see a limited release this Friday. It’s based on the Greek play, Lysistrata, about Greek women who went on a sex strike to stop men from fighting war. Chi–raq combines the “war zone” of modern day Chicago gang violence and Iraq. Lee connected made another modern connection while discussing the film with […]

‘Thanksgetting’: Verizon’s bizarre campaign shows consumerism culture

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Thanksgiving is supposed to be about giving thanks, right? Well, not for Verizon. The telecommunications company released a campaign with their own take on the holiday, #Thanksgetting. The campaign involves free data. A graphic representation shows family members gathered around a table. Rather than food on their plates, there are devices. Verizon has devoted their Twitter and […]

Star Wars Joke Aftermath: ’30 Under 30′ winner Kat Timpf gets death and rape threats

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National Review reporter, Fox News contributor, and Red Alert Politics “30 under 30” award recipient Katherine Timpf told a joke about Star Wars fans — and now, the ensuing feud is making major entertainment news headlines after Timpf received death and rape threats online. It all started when Timpf, on FNC’s comedy show Red Eye, said (full video […]

Redskins tweet “Happy Thanksgiving,” PC police freak out

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At Red Alert, we believe the offensive word in the Washington Redskins’ name is “Washington.” However, many politically correct progressives disagree — so much so, that they believe it is offensive for the Redskins to wish their fans Happy Thanksgiving. The Redskins tweeted a generic “Happy Thanksgiving” picture, saying, “Wishing you and your family a Happy #Thanksgiving.” […]

‘Friendsgiving’: Millennials dominate Thanksgiving trends, 52% to host dinner

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For better or worse, Millennials are taking over Thanksgiving. As the Washington Post points out, 52 percent of them will host their own Thanksgiving dinner, which will include friends for “Friendsgiving” as well as family members. There’s also new emerging trends. The Washington Post does acknowledge that this is not surprising given the persona of […]

Our View: How to survive Thanksgiving as the token conservative

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It’s that special time of year to get together with friends and family, give thanks — and lose your voice screaming about politics. Being the lone conservative voice at a dinner table full of extended family can be troubling, but here at Red Alert, our writers have a surefire way to survive the Thanksgiving dinner […]