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Pennsylvania Republicans pass massive expansion of school choice

Pennsylvania Republicans passed a massive school choice tax credit expansion on Monday, increasing the programs by $75 million. The bill that would help struggling parents remove their children from failing schools still faces obstacles, especially from the Democratic governor. The bill enjoyed bipartisan support in State House, passing by 147 to 39 because it tackled […]

Liberal privilege: Rich colleges are most hostile to free speech, report shows

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While President Trump vowed on the campaign trail to end political correctness on college campuses and open up free speech, social justice warriors have intensified their efforts to silence conservative students and speakers. According to a new report from Brookings Institution, the more economically exclusive the college or university, the more inclined the students will be to […]

Teacher shortage: One state may abolish income tax for teachers

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California has an education crisis. They can’t attract enough new teachers despite being one of the highest paid states for educators in the country. State senate Democrats are looking for libertarian solutions to solve the problem, and have proposed the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act, a bill to eliminate income tax for teachers, reported US News and World Report. […]

Conservative group banned from campus, social media accounts suspended

Conservatives at the University of Lincoln in the UK are being silenced by the student union for challenging their position on free speech. (Photo via Marcin Floryan)

While conservative students around the country are battling with social justice warriors and school administrators for their right to speak freely, our allies across the pond are going through the same struggle. The Telegraph reported on Tuesday that the student union from Lincoln University in the United Kingdom has banned a conservative group on campus […]

Professor: Math and stats are too sexist to debunk wage gap [VIDEO]


Kelly Train, a professor of sociology at the University of Ryerson in Toronto, asked her students to write about a social issue. However, when a pupil named Jane turned in a paper about how the wage gap didn’t exist, the professor insisted she was wrong. Train continued to insist Jane needed to embrace feminist theory […]

Liberal student pleads guilty to slashing own face, blaming Trump supporter

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In the wake of President Trump’s historic victory, a 21-year-old student from the University of Michigan claimed an unknown white man approached her and slashed her face with a safety pin. Halley Bass said she was targeted for wearing a safety pin that stood in solidarity with immigrants who were suffering from the U.K.’s vote […]

Trump: Education choice is the civil rights issue of our time

President Donald Trump gestures as he arrives in the House Chamber on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017, to address a joint session of Congress. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

In his joint address to Congress on Tuesday night, President Donald Trump declared that “education is the civil rights issue of our time.” The Trump administration has been under harsh criticism from teacher’s unions and Democrats for its support of school choice and appointing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. “I am calling upon members of both […]

Gov. Rick Scott on sanctuary campuses: We’re going to enforce the law

Gov. Rick Scott is putting Florida first in an effort to curb illegal immigration and crack down on sanctuary cities. (Photo via AP)

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has a message for students who want to make their college a sanctuary campus: we’re going to enforce the law. Over the last few months, students at Texas State University petitioned to make their school a “sanctuary for undocumented students, workers, and community members.” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott responded to those […]

Liberal logic: Devos’ praise of HBCUs is like celebrating Jim Crow

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Did you know that mainstream liberals think Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are a “Jim Crow education system”? That’s right, HBCUs are now an enemy of the Left. Why? Because President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy Devos are about to help them out significantly with an Executive Order, and Democrats need a way […]

High tuition? New Jersey lawmakers blame Snooki


MTV’s Jersey Shore was a cultural phenomenon in the late 2000’s, and its cast members made millions over the course of the show’s run in endorsement deals, TV appearances, and speaking fees. Even though the show has been over for nearly five years, one New Jersey lawmaker wants to ensure future reality stars won’t be […]

Schools need to stop indoctrinating and start educating

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In an ideal world, the goal of schooling would be to teach students how to learn and how to think. The importance of a formal education has, rightfully, been embedded into society — students studying hard and preparing for the SAT’s in order to be accepted to college, college students chasing the much-coveted 4.0 GPA, […]

Sen. Young’s tuition plan: ‘Pay your way through school, after school’

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By Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner When Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., asked Betsy DeVos to endorse tuition-free college, the incoming education secretary parried the demand with an undeniable observation. “There’s nothing in life that is truly free — somebody is going to pay for it,” she replied. That exchange traversed the familiar arguments about government programs […]

Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget picks illegals over middle-class students

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Liberals have a totem pole of priorities. At the top are unauthorized immigrants and all the way at the bottom are middle-class taxpayers, who were shafted in California by Gov. Jerry Brown. Facing a nearly $2 billion budget shortfall, the Golden State is phasing out their Middle-Class Scholarship program. This pays for 40 percent of […]

Federalism: Trump rescinds Obama’s transgender bathroom overreach

Many critics view Trump's revocation of transgender guidelines as discrimination, others view it as a rollback of government overreach. (Photo via AP)

In a stunning new move on Wednesday, the Trump administration revoked federal guidelines, which up until this point allowed transgender students the right to use the bathroom in school that matches their gender identity. President Trump’s intention is to leave the decision to the states. In 2016, North Carolina was the center of controversy when then-Governor […]

College director: Gender and race doesn’t exist

In this Thursday, May 12, 2016 file photo, signage is seen outside a restroom at 21c Museum Hotel in Durham, N.C. Ten states sued the federal government Friday, July 8, 2016 over rules requiring public schools to allow transgender students to use restrooms conforming to their gender identity, joining a dozen other states in the latest fight over LGBT rights. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome, File)

The University of Washington-Tacoma Writing Center is promising students that they’ll stop perpetuating oppressive and socially unjust practices, according to a new statement from the Writing Center. The “Statement on Antiracist and Social Justice Work in the Writing Center” was drafted up by the professional staff, tutors, and the Director of the Center. The statement […]

Farage: Millennials screaming the word ‘fascist’ have become fascists [VIDEO]


Former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage spoke at Hillsdale College on Tuesday and slammed the far-left millennial activists who claim to be opposing fascism on their college campus. “What I see is something very frightening happening with many of our younger people,” Farage said. “Our education establishments through school, college, and university have been […]

Opposition to DeVos is a fight for future Democrat voters

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The opposition directed toward Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is a political ploy to retain Democrat voters. Charter schools’ capability to function outside Teacher’s Unions poses a potential weakness towards Democrat influence in urban city areas. But making party loyalty a priority over child education is rather disquieting. stated, “Neither charter school teachers nor parents […]

Teaching students to obey the law is now controversial

In a special Constitution Day naturalization ceremony at Turner Field, 500 candidates from 93 countries become U.S citizens, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015 in Atlanta. (Brant Sanderlin/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

How politically correct of a culture have we become that we cannot even talk about enforcing immigration law? Evidently, bending over backwards so to not offend anyone has essentially destroyed our educational backbone. According to a school district in Washington state, a teacher talking about reporting illegal immigrants goes too far. Even as we see […]

Scott Walker’s new budget a win-win for non-liberal students

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In a win-win for students of the University of Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker’s new state budget will cut the price of tuition. Also, it will enable students to opt out of paying for programs or services that may not agree with them. In addition to lowering the price of tuition by 5 percent for in-state […]

Jesse Watters to anti-Trump prof: It’s not a cult, it’s a classroom [VIDEO]


It’s nothing new that liberal professors on college campuses are using their role as educators to indoctrinate their students with a far-left wing agenda. However, since Trump got elected, they’ve seemed to elevate the anger in their discourse. David Parry, a communications professor at St. Joseph’s University, told his students they do not need to […]