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Students to protest ‘sexist’ Trump by taking photos in their panties

A sorority at the University of Michigan plans to protest incoming President Donald Trump after his Friday inauguration. Their plan? The group intends to take photos of themselves in their panties while ‘marching for women,’ and posting the photos to Instagram. In an email to all members of their club, obtained by the Young America’s […]

DeVos vs. Sanders on free college: “Nothing in life is really free” [VIDEO]

Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos arrives with former senator Joe Lieberman (right) and Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., before testifying Tuesday on Capitol Hill at her confirmation hearing.

Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Education, had… let’s say ‘lively’ questions from Senate Democrats at Tuesday’s confirmation hearings. One of the most interesting moments came during Senator Bernie Sanders’ questions. Sanders, an admitted socialist and proponent of tuition-free college, challenged DeVos, saying, “some of us believe we should make […]

Students: Our liberal colleges made us more conservative


A sizable number of college professors and high school teachers have a mission to indoctrinate as many students to become far-left liberal activists. The education system has almost become a factory that assemblies social justice warriors to take over their campus and eventually the country. That plan backfires sometimes and actually makes some students far-right conservatives […]

Everything you need to know about Trump’s Secretary of Education pick

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Betsy DeVos, picked to serve as Trump’s Secretary of Education, will face a tough Senate confirmation hearing on January 17th. She is not a household name (yet), but DeVos will shape the nation’s education policy for the next four years. Here’s what every young American should know about Betsy DeVos ahead of her confirmation hearing: […]

Professor: If I could, I’d carry a concealed gun on campus

More and more states are beginning to allow guns on college campuses. Is this a model that can be replicated throughout the country? (Photo via AP)

After the Ohio State University attack in November 2016, state legislatures around the country are debating whether or not to allow guns on campus. Texas started the concealed carry movement on campuses and it’s been going better than any liberal could have imagined. Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a bill into law in December that would […]

University president rejects student demands for sanctuary campus

Southern Illinois University

Randy Dunn, the president of Southern Illinois University (SIU), has rejected a resolution from the University’s Student Government that would have designated SIU’s Carbondale campus as a “sanctuary campus” for illegal immigrants. Back in December, members of the campus community issued a petition demanding that SIU be designated as a “sanctuary campus” for “undocumented immigrants, […]

Letter: Berkeley won’t budge on bogus $6,300 ‘security’ fee for Milo event


Following a letter sent by the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) to UC Berkeley’s Chancellor disputing the $6,372 security fees the school had imposed upon the group to host popular conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos, the school issued a scolding response to the group, calling their claims “baseless.” The letter sent by BCR to administrators earlier this […]

Proposed law: “Student satisfaction” is the goal of college, not education

Educators are putting student satisfaction as a priority, and they're getting burned for it. (Photo via The Daily Tar Heel)

Should colleges and educators strive to satisfy their students rather than ensure they receive a good education? That is what’s discussed about the proposed reforms to higher education, which put “student satisfaction” as the primary objective of educators. The reform proposal, The Higher Education and Research Bill, would establish a new ranking system whereby universities would […]

NYT says GOP threatens campus free speech more than liberals. Is that a joke?

Valentina Petrova/AP

Free speech has become a boiling issue on American college campuses this election cycle, as academic administrations responded to the loose-tongued President-Elect by doubling down on language restrictions, while conservative think tanks faught for continued free-thinking. Generally speaking, Republicans have been known for their vocal stance on protecting speech, but New York Times contributor Donald […]

Family protests college band marching at “racist” Trump inauguration, returns college degrees

Talladega College Marching Band (AP)

The three sons of a deceased couple who graduated from Talladega College are now returning their parents’ degrees because the Talladega marching band will partake in the upcoming presidential inauguration. In a school-wide announcement Thursday, the marching band of the historically black college said it has accepted an invitation to perform at President-Elect Donald Trump’s […]

Eyeing 2020, NY Governor proposes free college: Progressives aren’t buying it

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

The 2020 presidential election won’t occur for another 1,399 more days, and yet Democrats are already trying to beef up their progressive credentials for the party’s primary. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced a plan on Tuesday morning with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) offering free two-year community college to New York families with […]

Gay biracial professor confesses: I’m scared of social justice warriors

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Social justice warriors share a lot in common with the rebels during the French Revolution. They live and breathe through propaganda. They are committed to overthrowing established order. And, lastly, but certainly not least, they’ll readily eat their own. A progressive hero can become an enemy in minutes if they dare walk away from group […]

Professor bans phrase ‘illegal immigrant,’ threatens students who exposed her

Flicker/ Alberto G

Most professors across the country censor themselves for fear that they’ll trigger liberal students. However, one professor at the University of Southern California is asking his pupils to avoid using certain offensive phrases. Campus Reform reported on Monday that USC Prof. Alicia Chavez’s teaching assistant, Julia Chea, e-mailed students to refrain from using the words […]

University punishes professor for not being politically correct [EXCLUSIVE]


Political correctness has run wild on college campuses, and armies of social justice warriors are willing to purge any professors or administrators unwilling to conform to their standards. Administrators at Johns Hopkins University placed adjunct economics professor Trent Bertrand on paid leave for the rest of the semester due to his unwillingness to comply with […]

School bans ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ because of racism

A school in Virginia says students will no longer be able to read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' (Screenshot)

Social justice warriors can claim victory at a public school in Virginia after they demanded two classic American novels be pulled from the classroom and library. NBC New York reported on Thursday that Accomack County Public Schools have temporarily removed To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Their reason for removal is that both books […]

Yuge: U.S. to forgive $108 billion in student loan debt

Millennials got some good news from the GAO and hopefully President-elect Trump can carry the torch regarding the student debt crisis. (Photo via AP)

Millennials don’t want a handout from the government. However, when it comes to student loans, they need all the help they can get. According to a new report released by the Government Accountability Office on Wednesday, the federal government is on track to forgive at least $108 billion in student debt in the coming years. […]

Hope for Gen-Z? Capitalism Camp for ages 5-18

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Liberal politicians have benefited from the education system that has taught millennials about the evils of capitalism and the humanitarian shortfalls of the free market. Well, right-wingers intend to make sure Generation Z doesn’t fall for the same collective belief system. For $495 a week, parents can send their children between the ages of 5 […]

New college professor ‘watchlist’ exposes liberal bias

Ever been abused by a college professor for your conservative views? Now you can put them on a watchlist to warn your fellow students. (Photo via screenshot)

Ever want to rate your college professor for their Leftist agenda like you rate a restaurant on Yelp for serving chicken that’s undercooked? Now you can after the organization Turning Point USA launched a new website called “Professor Watchlist.” Its purpose “is to expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist […]

“Suck it Up, Buttercup” bill: Force public colleges to stop coddling sad students

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Donald Trump took the presidency a week ago and the reaction of universities was exactly what any informed voter would have expected. Liberal millennials pulled out their picket signs, cried, and began protesting the election of a candidate they didn’t like. Universities responded by coddling them, offering counseling for the traumatic event of losing a […]

LinkedIn CEO: Americans care too much about college degrees

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Is college worth it? While most experts say yes, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner believes that it’s overpriced and overvalued. At Recode’s Code Enterprise conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, the professional social media network CEO said that Americans are putting too much emphasis on a college education and not enough on skills and vocational training. […]