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Scott Walker’s new budget a win-win for non-liberal students

In a win-win for students of the University of Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker’s new state budget will cut the price of tuition. Also, it will enable students to opt out of paying for programs or services that may not agree with them. In addition to lowering the price of tuition by 5 percent for in-state […]

Jesse Watters to anti-Trump prof: It’s not a cult, it’s a classroom [VIDEO]


It’s nothing new that liberal professors on college campuses are using their role as educators to indoctrinate their students with a far-left wing agenda. However, since Trump got elected, they’ve seemed to elevate the anger in their discourse. David Parry, a communications professor at St. Joseph’s University, told his students they do not need to […]

Too “politically incorrect”: Students want Dalai Lama banned from campus

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Social justice warriors can find a way to be offended by anything. Even the Dalai Lama’s words are too controversial for their delicate ears. Students at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are protesting their school’s announcement that the Dalai Lama will speak at their commencement ceremony in June. Chinese students studying at the […]

Student group wants free tuition for black students

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Slavery may have ended more than 150 years ago, but millennials at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are claiming that its legacy is responsible for low African-American enrollment. Fox News reported on Friday that the Associated Students of Madison wrote a resolution that the white population from the suburbs were overrepresented in the student body. Furthermore, they […]

Liberals demand NYU ban college Republicans after McGinnis speech

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New York University College Republicans are under attack from campus liberals. College liberals are demanding that the administration shut them down after they brought conservative personality Gavin McInnes to their campus on February 2nd. Kouross Esmaeli wrote an op-ed in NYU’s independent newspaper The Washington Square News on Thursday stating that the school’s administration should […]

Nation bans teaching gender as a “social construct”

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Feminists, liberals, and social justice warriors suffered a massive blow in Australia on Wednesday when the country’s most populous state banned high school teachers from teaching the concept that gender is a social construct. The Australian reported that an independent review into the New South Wales’ sex and health education resources found that the state schools […]

Rep. Massie proposes bill to abolish Department of Education


Less than an hour before Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the new Secretary of Education, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) proposed a bill to abolish the whole department. On Tuesday, Massie introduced H.R. 899, to abolish the federal Department of Education on December 31, 2018. “Neither Congress nor the President, through his appointees, has the constitutional […]

University group starts ‘Leftists Fight Club’ to attack conservatives


Liberals are so determined to attack Trump supporters that they’ve started a leftist fight club to teach progressives how to brawl with right-wingers. A group at the University of Central Florida called the “Knights for Socialism” held a workshop on Sunday, as reported by Campus Reform. The event was open to everyone, except Republicans. Their […]

War on men: Judge won’t let student defend sexual assault accusation


Back in June of 2015, a male student at Amherst College was expelled for sexual assault even though there was evidence that suggested he never attacked anyone. In fact, evidence showed he was a victim of rape. Reason reported on Tuesday that a judge blocked the accused student’s efforts to bring the case back to […]

Vermont school changes it’s nickname to make students feel “safe”


The school board in South Burlington, Vermont voted on Wednesday to have their nickname “The Rebels” changed. They argued the moniker wasn’t inclusive enough and it made students feel unsafe. Social justice warriors, the NAACP, and liberal activists have been complaining about the name for years, as reported by the Burlington Free Press. “It has become crystal […]

Do conservative students receive trigger warnings? We asked 3 professors

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Trigger warnings are a hot topic on college campuses. Sensitive students demand that they are warned before receiving information that they could be considered offensive or damaging to them. This new trend is mostly attributed to liberal students who can find the hidden institutional racism and sexism in nearly every walk of life. But do […]

University of California system to resist Trump’s executive orders

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In a letter to the University of California community, UC President Janet Napolitano instructed all international students covered by President Donald Trump’s Order Affecting Visa Processes and Entry into the United States to stay in the country for now and contact the UC office for “additional guidance” in the meantime. “At this time, we recommend […]

Reed’s REDUCE act: College endowments must benefit students, not fund managers

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Throughout the 2016 election, liberal politicians made free college a cornerstone of their campaign promises. Ignoring for a moment that this would be a colossal economic disaster, we have seen little effort from Republicans since Election Day to offer a viable alternative. The Trump Administration has made its priorities for the first 100 days clear, […]

A liberal state cut funding to colleges. Professors are calling cuts ‘structural racism’

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The California Faculty Association (CFA) is fighting for more pay raises and is now playing the race card to get them. In 2016, the faculty union threatened to strike during its so-called “Fight for Five,” during which time they demanded a five percent General Salary Increase (GSI) for all faculty. The demand wasn’t entirely outrageous, […]

My old college is finally getting sued for discriminating against conservatives


CUNY Queens College, a public university that functions on taxpayer dollars, is being sued for discriminating against pro-life students. Having attended the school more than a decade ago, I can say it’s no friend to anyone without a liberal ideology. Life News reported on Wednesday that attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom filed a federal […]

Rutgers President asks students to lobby for illegal immigrants

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Many colleges across the country have been labeling themselves “sanctuary campuses” as a way to protect unauthorized immigrants from the Trump administration. However, Rutgers University’s president is taking his activism a step further by asking his students to lobby Congress to protect DREAMers. Save Jersey reported on Wednesday that Rutgers President Robert Barchi sent an […]

Students to protest ‘sexist’ Trump by taking photos in their panties

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A sorority at the University of Michigan plans to protest incoming President Donald Trump after his Friday inauguration. Their plan? The group intends to take photos of themselves in their panties while ‘marching for women,’ and posting the photos to Instagram. In an email to all members of their club, obtained by the Young America’s […]

DeVos vs. Sanders on free college: “Nothing in life is really free” [VIDEO]

Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos arrives with former senator Joe Lieberman (right) and Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., before testifying Tuesday on Capitol Hill at her confirmation hearing.

Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Education, had… let’s say ‘lively’ questions from Senate Democrats at Tuesday’s confirmation hearings. One of the most interesting moments came during Senator Bernie Sanders’ questions. Sanders, an admitted socialist and proponent of tuition-free college, challenged DeVos, saying, “some of us believe we should make […]

Students: Our liberal colleges made us more conservative


A sizable number of college professors and high school teachers have a mission to indoctrinate as many students to become far-left liberal activists. The education system has almost become a factory that assemblies social justice warriors to take over their campus and eventually the country. That plan backfires sometimes and actually makes some students far-right conservatives […]

Everything you need to know about Trump’s Secretary of Education pick

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Betsy DeVos, picked to serve as Trump’s Secretary of Education, will face a tough Senate confirmation hearing on January 17th. She is not a household name (yet), but DeVos will shape the nation’s education policy for the next four years. Here’s what every young American should know about Betsy DeVos ahead of her confirmation hearing: […]