Teacher forced to pull conservative summer reading list

A teacher at Spanish Fort High School in Alabama is under fire after giving kids a summer reading list by conservative authors for their class on government and economics. The authors include Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan, and Michael Savage. Gene Ponder, a former candidate for Alabama lieutenant governor turned high school […]

Liberal college professor: Whites should die

Another college professor has been outed for being an anti-white racist after he went on a tirade on social media Sunday, saying that all whites are inhumane and demanding should die. John Eric Williams, a sociology professor at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, said that it was time for racially oppressed minorities to do what […]

Bill de Blasio’s opposition to charter schools hurts the most vulnerable

In the waning days of the New York State legislative session, Republican lawmakers are discussing the extension of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s control of public schools in exchange for lifting the cap on charter schools. This has emerged as a major issue for two reasons: if de Blasio isn’t granted an extension, […]

Meet the 26-year-old conservative lesbian suing UC Berkeley, Nancy Pelosi, and George Soros

The University of California at Berkeley has become ground zero for the fight over free speech at American universities after conservative speakers like Ann Coulter and David Horowitz were canceled, and Milo Yiannopoulos was forced off campus by violent Antifa protesters. Kiara Robles is one Yiannopoulos supporter who won’t take the suppression of free speech […]

Harvard kicks out 10 students for ‘offensive’ memes in private Facebook group message

Digital free speech is under fire after Harvard University rescinded acceptance offers from 10 prospective students from the incoming freshman class of 2021. According to the Harvard Crimson, at least 10 prospective students had their acceptances withdrawn after sharing offensive jokes and memes in a private group chat. Some of the conversation topics included mocking sexual assault, the […]

Survey: Many 2017 grads expect student loan forgiveness

With the commencement season now in progress, many graduates are feeling as carefree and stress-free as ever, despite facing the crushing weight of student debt. This is probably because more than a quarter still think the government is going to make it magically go away. According to the Student Loan Report’s Student Debt Survey, 27.5 […]

Popular Republican backs free college for low-income students in Boston

The movement towards free public college received another boost on Tuesday when Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) and Boston’s Mayor Martin Walsh (D) unveiled a state- and city-sponsored pilot program to provide free community college to working class families. According to The Boston Globe, the program will pay for all the tuition and fees not covered by […]

Learning from Black Lives Matter, illegal immigrants begin making “demands” on campus

A group of students in the U.S. illegally have learned from the Black Lives Matter protesters that occupied colleges across the country last year. Now, they’re demanding that Columbia University make concessions including free healthcare and sensitivity training. Undocumented Students Initiative (UndoCU) released a list of demands on Wednesday to Columbia University. “Our daily lived […]

College professor arrested for assaulting Trump supporters with a bike lock

Colleges have become ground zero for liberal intolerance where conservative students are often silenced, lambasted, and even attacked. One does not have to go any further than the administrators and professors to see how things have gotten so bad. Berkelyside reported that a former Diablo Valley College professor named Eric Clanton was arrested on Wednesday for attacking […]

Historically Black College leader: Trump is more responsive than Obama

Black Americans overwhelmingly opposed Donald Trump in the election, especially black women, fearing the media narrative that he’s racist and sexist. After four months, however, some leaders of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) are praising him as better than Obama. The Los Angeles Times reported on Friday that Trump’s commitment to HBCUs had outpaced […]

Lack of diversity in science prompts $200k study on microaggressions

Even though Barack Obama is no longer president, government agencies are still doing his bidding by doubling down on identity politics and social justice. This week, the University of Georgia announced that one of their science and math professors, Mary Atwater, was given a $229,061 Early-Concept Grant for Exploratory Research to study microaggressions from the National Science Foundation. […]

Notre Dame students plan to protest Mike Pence’s commencement speech

Most college students would be honored to have the Vice President speak at their college graduation, but not the liberal students who attend the University of Norte Dame who plan to protest his commencement speech. Indy Star reported on Thursday that between 50 and 100 students plan on protesting Mike Pence’s commencement address by staging […]

Yale dean preaches tolerance except for ‘white trash’

Social justice warriors shouldn’t throw stones while standing in their own glass houses. This is especially true if they’re a dean at Yale University who championed diversity and cultural sensitivity. June Chu, a dean of Yale’s Pierson College, had to apologize on Saturday after students exposed screenshots of her making race-based insults towards white people […]

DePaul University cancels Gavin McInnes speech for being too dangerous

Gavin McInnes, the founder of Proud Boys and Vice, was disinvited by DePaul University where he was set to give a speech on May 30th. The school’s President Rev. Dennis Holtschneider sent an e-mail notifying students of the cancellation and stated that the provocateur was just too dangerous. In the e-mail sent out on Tuesday, […]

Boys with skirts: Principal changes uniform, tells students gender not “binary”

A British private school will allow male students to wear skirts. First off, a quick note. In Britain, public and private schools both refer to private schools. ‘State’ schools are the UK equivalent of US public schools. But for reasons of simplicity, I will apply the US distinction between public vs. private schools. Onwards… London, […]

University opens segregated “Social Justice” dorms for liberal students

College students are increasingly coming out for segregation, demanding separation in graduation ceremonies, classroom discussions, and living spaces to protect them from anyone who might think differently than them. The University of Colorado at Boulder has decided to transform one of their dorms into a “Social Justice Living Environment,” reported Campus Reform. Hallett Hall on campus will be […]

Republicans pass “free” community college in Tennessee

Progressives like Bernie Sanders have created the narrative that only the left-wing of the Democratic Party care about providing free education, but it has become more of a mainstream position. Republican lawmakers in Tennessee passed legislation on Wednesday approving free community college for all adults, reported CNN. Gov. Bill Haslam (R- Tenn.) championed the project during […]

No class: Betsy DeVos booed, protested at HBCU graduation [VIDEO]

We should’ve expected to see a wave of anti-Trump protests at college graduations this year, but not this bad. On Wednesday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has a cold reception when she attempted to deliver the commencement address at the historically black university. The graduating class turned their backs on DeVos while many others booed and heckled. It […]

The end of inclusion? Harvard to host racially segregated graduation event

In a mere two generations, the left has moved from demanding racial inclusion and an end to discrimination to the desire for a safe space free of anyone who has a different political philosophy, opinions, or race. Even an elite school like Harvard University has fallen victim to the demands of social justice warriors, who […]

British university defends inviting the UK’s Ann Coulter

The level of hypocrisy at American universities speaks volumes that they don’t value either the American constitution or vigorous intellectual debate. While there’s been a closing of the student’s minds at the U.S. campuses as schools silence conservative speakers like Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos, across the Atlantic in the U.K., university professors are defending controversial right-wing speakers. […]