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Criminal Justice Reform

Dream of Califor-incarceration? Housing a prisoner costs more than Harvard tuition

It costs more to send a kid through prison than through Harvard — and that cost comes at taxpayer expense. According to the Los Angeles Times, the cost of housing a prisoner in California is expected to reach $75,560 in the next year, which is much more than it costs to attend Harvard University, including […]

Edward Snowden: ‘Every American should’ oppose James Comey’s firing

Edward Snowden tweeted Tuesday that “every American should condemn” President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. “Set aside politics: every American should condemn such political interference in the Bureau’s work,” Snowden tweeted. Comey confirmed in March that the FBI is investigating whether members of the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia against the Democratic Party […]

Police ‘bias’? Study claims LGBTs three times more likely to be jailed

A study at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) finds lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth are significantly more likely than heterosexual youth to face incarceration. They are also more likely to spend a longer time in jail. The report, conducted at UCLA’s Williams Institute and published in January, finds LGBT youth are incarcerated […]

Kendall Jenner ripped over tone-deaf Pepsi ad [VIDEO]

Criminal justice reform and police brutality aren’t subjects that should be taken lightly, unless you’re Kendall Jenner and Pepsi. In a new ad from Pepsi, the reality TV star is seen posing for a photoshoot between images of protesters holding signs with the peace symbol and billboards reading “join the conversation.” The ad also includes an […]

Millennials need police to stop millennials

Today, buried amidst the usual Trump shenanigans, Pew Research released a new study. It posits concerning statistics. As a result of high-profile incidents involving police officers and black citizens, 93 percent of police officers are increasingly concerned about their safety. 75 percent of officers say that interactions between police and blacks have become tenser. And 72 […]

Former Chicago top cop blames Black Lives Matter for crime wave

If any city in America could claim that 2016 was a bad year, it’s Chicago. The third largest city in America had a terrible crime wave including 762 homicides — more than New York and Los Angeles combined. Many are looking for someone to blame, but according to the city’s former Superintendent of Police Garry […]

U.S. prison population drops to 20-year low (as violent crime spikes)

Criminal justice reform advocates had reason to celebrate in 2016 as the U.S. prison population dropped to its lowest level in nearly 20 years. However, will the release of thousands of people lead to a rise in crime? Reuters reported on Friday that the prison population decreased to 1.53 million people in 2015, which was […]

Bridging divides, not hiding in corners: Justice reform for all Americans

Criminal justice reform is an issue that conservatives and liberals can work on together. Many millennials feel that the justice system is unfair, too costly, and broken. Recent police shootings — both of officers and by officers — should challenge us to restore trust between our police departments and our communities. We should use this […]

#BlackLivesMatter demands the NYPD be abolished

Black Lives Matter protesters are occupying a park near New York Hall and demanding the abolition of the city’s police department. For the second day in a row, a group named Million March NYC, made up of various left-wing and Black Lives Matter activists, have taken to City Hall Park demanding immediate the resignation of […]

Black Liberty Matters: This speech will make you rethink your views of Rick Perry

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry gave a speech on Wednesday where he talked about the ways he believes can improve life for African Americans in the United States. His speech, “Black Lives Matter — And So Does Black Liberty,” explains how Democrats have failed to improve the problems and what Republicans can and should do to […]

Police shoot black caretaker helping autistic man get out of the street [VIDEO]

Even when a person obeys police orders and places their hands above their head, they can still get shot. In southern Florida, police shot an unarmed black man who tried to help an autistic patient blocking traffic after he wandered from an assisted living facility, according to The Washington Post. The man, Charles Kinsey, is […]

Open carry in Texas, 6 months in: No major incidents

Texas legalized open carry for handguns six months ago, and the fears of blood in the streets and chaos haven’t materialized: police haven’t noticed an uptick in crime or death. Texas has had open carry for rifles legal for decades, and with handguns in the same legal standing, it “hasn’t spawned any major incidents,” according […]

Berkeley/NYU: Police officers need ‘sensitivity training’

A new study suggests that police undergo “sensitivity and bias training” after finding racial disparities in the use of police force. Professors from the University of California, Berkeley and New York University conducted a study that was released last week by the Center for Police Equity that looked into data from 12 police departments across the United […]

Here’s why millennials don’t (and shouldn’t) support the death penalty

Over the past few years, criminal justice reform has become a hotly debated topic in conservative and libertarian circles, and repealing the death penalty has become an important issue – especially among millennials. A recent poll by YouGov found that of all the age groups, those under 30 are least supportive of the death penalty, with […]

Could medical marijuana end the painkiller addiction epidemic? Study says…

Medical marijuana has become a direct threat to pharmaceutical companies — and an unexpected method of combating deaths from prescription narcotic overdoses. A study in Health Affairs that analyzed the effects states experienced after legalizing medical marijuana “found that the use of prescription drugs for which marijuana could serve as a clinical alternative fell significantly, […]

GOP platform is too anti-gay for millennials

Donald Trump’s one-man effort to bring LGBT Americans into the Republican Party has been totally undermined by the creation of the vehemently anti-gay GOP Platform, which alienates not only gay Americans but also millennials. Social conservatives pushed the party’s platform to sound like it was coming from a different era. According to The New York Times, […]

NBER Study: No racial bias in police shootings

A new study found that there is no racial bias in police shootings, despite the current public perception that African Americans are often targeted by police officers. The study, conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, examined more than a thousand shootings in 10 major police departments, in Texas, Florida, and California. The study found that black […]

Protect blue lives and civil rights: Stop putting police in harm’s way

To prevent violent interactions between civilians and the police, better policing strategy should reduce unnecessary physical interactions between the two. Changing police protocol could go a long way toward keeping police officers safe and enhancing public safety, Conor Friedersdorf wrote for The Atlantic. “There is no need for a cop to approach a motorist’s window […]

Black Americans deserve equal protection of their 2nd Amendment rights

Black Americans do not have the same Second Amendment protections as their white counterparts, and it threatens their personal safety. The failure to protect the equal rights of black Americans has a long history, and with guns, the recent cases of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile have shown the police to sometimes react to black […]

Federal Judge: “Absolutely no value” in studying Constitution

A federal judge has said he believes studying the Constitution has “absolutely no value,” despite having a job where he makes rulings based on constitutionality. Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner, who is also a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, wrote for Slate about his reasoning for why people — even judges — shouldn’t study the Constitution. […]