Yes feminists, Karen Handel’s victory is a victory for all women

On Tuesday evening, Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff with 53 percent of the vote in a special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. After a particularly competitive and media-obsessed race, Handel shattered another glass ceiling, becoming the first Republican woman to represent the Peach State in Congress. For whatever reason, Democrats seemed to be shocked […]

Report: Scalise shooter had an “assassination list” of Republicans

Following Wednesday’s shooting in Alexandria, VA where James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on Congressional Republicans at baseball practice injuring House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, an aide, and two Capitol Police officers, investigators are trying to learn about the shooter’s motives. Given what we already know, Hodgkinson, who was shot and killed during the exchange of […]

Why is it sexist when men interrupt Kamala Harris, but not Betsy DeVos?

After Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., was interrupted not once, but twice, by male colleagues in a short succession of days, liberals leapt at the opportunity to champion her #persistence in the face of alleged sexism. Even the mainstream media slyly hopped on the bandwagon, subtly betraying an unspoken sympathy. “Once again, senators cut off Harris […]

Left-wing violence is increasing: Blame the “political revolution”?

After James T. Hodgkinson, age 66, opened fire on Congressional Republicans practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball game on Wednesday morning, injuring House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, an aide, and two officers, questions are swirling as to what motivated the attack. Hogkinson, who died from his injuries when Capitol Police officers returned fire, was a […]

Man targets GOP House members, shoots Rep. Scalise and 3 others during baseball practice

This story will be updated as more information is released. Congressional members practicing for an annual charity baseball game were under attack on Wednesday morning after a man opened fire on Republican members with a rifle at Simpson Park in Alexandria, Virginia. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), an aide, and two Capitol police officers […]

Liberals bitterly disappointed from Comey hearing [VIDEO]

Former FBI Director James Comey testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday had the feel and intrigue of the United States playing in a World Cup soccer match. Bars around Washington, D.C. opened early in the morning to accommodate political junkies as they were about to witness one of the most important hearings conducted that could […]

Twitter troll wishes painful death on Sen. Orrin Hatch. Hatch’s response will live forever

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File) The number one rule on the internet for any public figure is to never, ever feed the trolls. However, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) lives life by a different code. In response to a user on Twitter who wished a painful death for the most senior Republican member of the Senate, Hatch (or his […]

Georgia student group wants House GOP to be ‘guillotined’

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) It’s common knowledge that Congress has a pathetically low approval rating. And while certain members of Congress have proposed term limits to stop political gridlock, one student group in Georgia has another solution. Kill them all. In a story that’s somehow slipped through the cracks from May, the Young Democratic Socialists (YDS) […]

Without entitlement reform, Trump’s budget will screw over millennials

While President Donald Trump proposed slashing $3.6 trillion of government spending, his 2018 budget proposal barely tackles any serious entitlement reform, with $610 billion in Medicaid cuts over a decade. From the campaign trail to the Oval Office, Trump has refused to acknowledge the urgent need for entitlement reform, especially for Social Security and Medicare. […]

No, Trump’s budget is not anti-millennial

President Trump’s first budget is far from perfect. But it’s not a disaster. Others disagree. One such malcontent is Linette Lopez. Writing for Business Insider, Ms. Lopez described Trump’s budget as one that “does not address millennials’ needs, and… doesn’t reflect millennials’ values.” Lopez’s argument has three key claims. First, that Trump’s student loan reforms […]

Recesses, feel-good bills, and delays: Ryan and McConnell are stalling Trump’s agenda

The President’s agenda is under assault, but it’s not from the media, Democrats, or deep state agitators. No, Trump’s biggest problem is that Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are leading a ‘do-nothing Congress.’ Since May 1st, the House have voted on just 21 bills including eight resolutions and two journal approvals, and […]

Sen. Tillis collapsed and was given CPR. Dems call it ‘karma’

On Wednesday morning, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) collapsed during a 5K charity race in Washington, D.C. He was reportedly administered CPR and taken away in an ambulance. Fortunately, Tillis was revived after being unconscious, and reported to be breathing. At today's ACLI race, 3 men saved the life of Senator Thom Tillis of NC #bravery […]

Democrat Congressman tries to help Trump drain the swamp

Part of Donald Trump’s success was his dynamic ability at branding both his own ideas and his political opponents. His most popular phrases are “Crooked Hillary,” “Build the Wall,” and “Drain the Swamp.” Delivering on his promises has become a Herculean effort with both establishment Republicans and the Democratic Party totally opposed to his brand […]

AHCA passes: Democrats abandon young Americans, demand we pay more

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi and those who voted against the American Health Care Act (AHCA) luckily failed in their attempts to force vulnerable young Americans to pay more for health insurance coverage. The House passed the bill today 217-to-212, relying only on Republican votes. Under Obamacare, the government forced insurance companies to raise premiums […]

Rand Paul rips GOP on budget deal: ‘President Hillary would be proud’

In a scathing new op-ed, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is questioning whether Republicans are even running Congress anymore. Paul’s op-ed, appearing in Breitbart, goes after congressional Republicans for proposing a budget plan that will increase the federal deficit calling the new Omnibus spending bill as “the Status Quo Protection Act.” “President Hillary Clinton would have been […]

The budget bill is a steaming pile of crap for America First voters

The Democratic Party is a broken-down car. No one is driving, the motherboard doesn’t have a clear destination, and the passengers inside are screaming at one another about who’s really in charge. Still, they are able to run over the feckless Republicans in Congress with this recent spending bill. On Friday, Congress voted 382-30 for […]

2 Senators want to ban a chemical that may be on your face right now

Two senators are on a crusade to ban a chemical that might be on your face right now. Senators Chuck Schumer and Kristin Gillibrand (D-NY) are finally working for transparency…in body product ingredient labels. They’re concerned about a chemical called 1,4-dioxane, which is found in products like body wash, shampoo, sunscreen, and moisturizer, which may […]

Marco Rubio retweets teen seeking free year of Wendy’s chicken nuggets

By Caitlin Yilek, Washington Examiner Florida Sen. Marco Rubio retweeted a Nevada teen who is seeking 18 million retweets in exchange for a year’s supply of chicken nuggets from Wendy’s. Last Wednesday, Carter Wilkerson asked Wendy’s on Twitter how many retweets he would need for a year of free chicken nuggets. HELP ME PLEASE. A […]

Democrat bluntly questions Trump’s ‘hazy’ stance on Kush

President Trump is being questioned by a Democratic lawmaker over his stance on marijuana all because of Donald’s relationship with Kush. Jared Kushner, that is. In an interview with The Commercial Appeal, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) said he was trying to sort out the president’s “hazy” position on enforcing federal laws on marijuana use and […]

Dems want Rep. Tulsi Gabbard ‘out of office’ for opposing war in Syria

It’s amazing what 59 Tomahawk missiles can do to your politics, separating the war hawks from the peace doves. For Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), she’s experiencing firsthand what happens when you don’t tow the Democratic party line. After President Trump ordered an airstrike targeting an airfield in Syria following the use of chemical weapons in […]