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College Republicans called “c*nts” by campus vandal

Vandals at University of North Carolina-Wilmington (UNCW) refuse to let the UNCW College Republicans advertise for their upcoming event with Mike Adams, titled, “Three Threats to Campus Liberty.” Last Tuesday, the UNCW CRs started hanging up flyers around campus to advertise their event but they were torn down within a day. Since then, chapter president […]

Unsettling trend: Another free speech ball stabbed in California

Another day, another assault on free speech. This time the offense took place at California State University-Fresno, when a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter was celebrating Free Speech Week by rolling a giant beach ball around campus and inviting students to write on it as an exercise in free speech. The event was cut […]

GOP Senators don’t show up for free speech hearing, Dems blame Trump for campus violence

It wasn’t a good showing for Senate Republicans last week. A congressional hearing that addressed free speech on college campuses failed young conservatives, as only three Republican senators attended to make remarks on the issue. Eight GOP committee members on the committee did not show up and Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) didn’t stay long enough […]

Don’t like guns? Your opinion is not my problem

People in this country have a constitutional right to “keep and bear arms” and if you don’t like people owning guns, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s time that people understand the simple concept that constitutional rights will always outweigh personal feelings. When I attended the University of Delaware and ran Students for […]

College professor under investigation for “Female or Shemale” quiz

A sociology professor at New York College at Geneseo has been accused of being transphobic because he had his students participate in a “Female or Shemale” quiz during class. David Sorbello asked his students to differentiate among pictures of women, some of whom are transgender. The projection encompasses four individuals who, for the most part, […]

Students: Halloween has “been killed by the Left”

Students at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana were warned of the danger of Halloween, that is, cultural appropriation, in an all-student email sent on October 24 by a staff assistant in the political science, sociology, and justice education departments. “Halloween, which originated with people dressed in costume to ward off evil spirits, has morphed into […]

University of Oregon chooses undocumented immigrant to chair politics institute

University of Oregon’s Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics has appointed Jose Antonio Vargas, an undocumented immigrant and award-winning journalist and filmmaker, to serve as chair for the 2017-2018 school year. As such, Vargas will steer the center’s conversations around “Borders, Migration and Belonging” for the school year. Vargas became a prominent figure for […]

NYC Anti-Fascist group targets Columbia University College Republicans

A New York City Antifa group is campaigning to “expose” the College Republicans at Columbia University (CUCR) as “entitled rich kids, padding their resumés for future jobs at hedge funds.” On Friday, October 20th, fliers identifying executive board members of CUCR were posted around Columbia’s campus. The fliers, which blanketed the campus, had each club […]

Georgetown University to defund student group for believing in Catholic doctrine

The Student Activities Commission (SAC) at Georgetown University is holding a hearing on whether to remove recognition and funding from the conservative student group Love Saxa, for allegedly violating the university’s policy against fostering intolerance. Those petitioning to ban Love Saxa are basing their accusations solely on the fact that the group espouses the Catholic doctrine […]

PETA unhinged: Protesters crash Yale president’s speech, stalk researcher

Protesters from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, are up in arms over possible inhumane experiments of sparrows taking place at Yale University. They allege that experiments by Postdoctoral Associate Christine Lattin have left 250 sparrows dead, since 2008, at both Tufts and Yale University. Earlier this month, PETA […]

Pro-choice vandals destroy pro-life display at NKU

Pro-choice vandals destroyed a Right to Life display at Northern Kentucky University over the weekend. Images of the display obtained by Red Alert show the before and after. Dozens of crosses, each representing the ten children lost to abortion each day, can be seen uprooted and discarded on the ground. A sign, which accompanied the […]

Professor forces students to watch video about microaggressions [VIDEO]

An adjunct professor at Queens College has students in her experimental psychology lab learning about microagressions. Students watched an 18-minute video entitled “Microaggressions in the Classroom” which also comes with a resource guide titled, “Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions.” The video defines a microaggression as “something that someone says to someone else without knowing that it may be […]

UC President: Silencing conservatives is similar to silencing civil rights leaders

Janet Napolitano, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under Barack Obama and current president of the University of California system, said on Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that “we have to do a much better job” at teaching young people about what the First Amendment means, particularly when it comes to free speech. […]

Harvard set to award CAIR founder next month

Harvard University is hosting Nihad Awad – the creator of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) who has endorsed the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas – to give a guest lecture and receive an award during the first weekend of November. Awad will give a lecture and be honored with the Phillips Brooks House Association’s Robert […]

Professor under fire for challenging transgender narrative

A tenured Boise State University professor is facing overwhelming pressure from campus activists after publishing articles critical of the transgender movement. Dr. Scott Yenor, a political science professor at the Idaho university and a former visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, argued in an August article for The Daily Signal that the transgender agenda is threatening the […]

Crazed protesters scream over Richard Spencer ruining any chance of civil discourse

Students at the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville yelled and chanted for around two hours on Thursday as White Supremacist and National Policy Institute President Richard Spencer tried to speak over the crowd. Many chanted anti-American slogans and attacked the First Amendment, which allowed Spencer the right to speak at the public institution. Red […]

Richard Spencer greeted by massive backlash at UF

White supremacist Richard Spencer was met by thousands of protesters Thursday afternoon at the University of Florida. This is his first planned campus visit since the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August. Students and community members chanted “We don’t want your Nazi hate” and “Nazi scum off our streets” as police lined […]

Free Speech Week is more important on campus than ever before

By Alexander Staudt, Washington Examiner Education, like other facets of our society, is constantly changing to adapt to advancements in technology, thought, and policy. However, not every change is necessarily positive. Issues of free speech have made national headlines — whether it’s an op-ed in The Daily Princetonian or a news piece in Campus Reform documenting violent responses to […]

Leftists attempt to compare Second Lady Karen Pence to white nationalist Richard Spencer

On Wednesday, Second Lady Karen Pence spoke at Florida State University (FSU) to unveil her new initiative on art therapy. On Thursday, white nationalist Richard Spencer spoke at the University of Florida (UF) about his views on nationalism and race. Despite the two talks being completely unrelated and Pence’s appearance being planned since summer and […]

Second Lady Karen Pence protested during her visit to FSU for… art therapy

Second Lady Karen Pence visited Florida State University (FSU) on Wednesday to unveil her new art therapy initiative. Despite the charitable (and non-political) nature of the event, students protested outside of the announcement. The event, titled “Art Therapy: Healing with the HeART” took place at FSU because the university has led the way in the […]