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Professor: F*ck ANYONE who voted for Donald Trump

A professor at Bridgewater State University has come under fire for a Facebook post, made last November, telling Trump supporting students to “take your well-meaning concern trolling and shove it up your ass. Fuck Donald Trump.” College Republicans at Bridgewater State University are not taking kindly to Garrett W. Nichols’ recently uncovered feelings and have […]

Suicide by cop? Antifa attacks police, torch car after Georgia Tech student shot

Riots broke out at Georgia Tech on Monday night after police killed a campus Pride leader over the weekend when 21-year-old Scout Shultz refused to put down a knife upon the officer’s command. According to reports, Schultz had left behind three suicide notes in their dorm room and had called 911 to report himself. Schultz warned […]

Study exposes college students don’t understand the First Amendment

As college students continue to debate over free speech, a new study finds that a majority of them don’t believe or don’t know if the First Amendment protects hate speech. In the study conducted by the Brookings Institution, 60 percent of students across all party affiliations don’t believe or don’t know if hate speech is […]

UVA caves to Black Student Alliance’s demands, removes confederate plaques on campus

The University of Virginia is meeting the demands set by the Black Student Alliance organization to remove plaques honoring the Confederacy. Last week, the school passed new resolutions to meet three of the ten demands made by the BSA. The group demanded that the school remove the plaques on campus that honor Confederate soldiers. In […]

Ben Shapiro aftermath: Free speech now costs $600,000

After weeks of anticipation and lead up to an event some have heralded as “the free speech moment of the 21st century,” conservative commentator Ben Shapiro successfully spoke at UC Berkeley without extreme rioting or violence. The cost, however, was approximately $600,000 in security fees. Concrete barriers lined the campus. Police were dressed in riot […]

Harvard: Honoring Chelsea Manning was a “mistake,” withdraws title

Harvard University’s Institute of Politics has withdrawn the title of “Visiting Fellow” from convicted Wikileaks leaker Chelsea Manning, calling it a “mistake.” “I now think that designating Chelsea Manning as a Visiting Fellow was a mistake, for which I accept responsibility,” Douglas Elmendorf, the dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government, wrote in a […]

U.S. News ranks UC Berkeley #1 public school after their shutdown of free speech

On Monday, UC Berkeley was named the number one public school in the U.S News & World Report’s esteemed national rankings of colleges and universities. The controversial school, which has been the home of the free speech debate, nabbed the number one spot in a tie with another UC school, the University of California Los […]

Remember when Trump predicted the Left would target Thomas Jefferson? [VIDEO]

A group of students on Tuesday night protesting under the banner of Black Lives Matter stormed the Thomas Jefferson statue on the campus of the University of Virginia with a new list of demands and saying the Founding Father is a racist, rapist, and a white supremacist. Just four weeks prior to this protest, President […]

University of Virginia president condemns anti-Jefferson protests

By Sean Langille, Washington Examiner University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan on Wednesday rebuked protesters who covered a statue of the the university’s founder, Thomas Jefferson, with a black tarp with placards that called him a “racist and rapist.” “They shrouded the Jefferson statue, desecrating ground that many of us consider sacred,” Sullivan said in […]

Black Lives Matter defaces Jefferson Memorial in Charlottesville, has a list of new demands

On Tuesday evening, a group of about 100 Black Lives Matter protesters gathered at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va. to deface the Thomas Jefferson Memorial on campus, according to local reports. The protesters covered the statue with a black tarp and put a sign on the nation’s founding father that read “TJ is […]

Virginia Military Institute to keep Confederate statues

The statue of Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson stands in front of the barracks on the Virginia Military Institute campus in Lexington, Va., Sunday, Sept. 3, 2017. The VMI Board said on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017, that they would keep its Confederate statues and consider adding more historical context in the wake of last month’s […]

Democrat university president defends inviting Betsy DeVos to speak, despite student protests

Early this week, students at the University of Baltimore protested the school’s announcement that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will deliver the school’s fall commencement address. However, University President Kurt Schmoke is sticking by his decision to invite DeVos despite growing student criticism. In an e-mail to students and faculty, Schmoke said that he expected […]

UC Berkeley police seize street vendor’s cash, internet raises $50,000+ for him

After UC-Berkeley cited a street vendor selling food and refreshments and then subsequently seized the cash in his wallet, the internet sprung into action raising over $50,000 for him. On Saturday outside the Cal-Weber State game, a campus police officer was captured on cell phone video issuing a citation to a street vendor, identified only […]

‘Uncle Steve’ Bannon to speak at Milo’s ‘Free Speech Week’ at UC-Berkeley

Following his exit from the White House, former Chief Strategist and current Executive Chairman of Breitbart News Steve Bannon will visit the University of California – Berkeley during its scheduled “Free Speech Week.” According to a press release, Bannon will attend the four-day speech event hosted by former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos. Not only is […]

Charles Murray: Harvard shows how it should be done on campus free speech

By CHARLES MURRAY, Weekly Standard I was apprehensive as I flew to Boston on Wednesday. Protests were being organized for the lecture I was to give at Harvard that evening, and the intel made me think that another Middlebury might be in the works. Many of Harvard’s undergraduates are infected by the same virus that’s been going around elsewhere […]

Betsy DeVos announces new approach to Title IX investigations: “The era of ‘rule by letter’ is over”

By Emily Jashinsky, Washington Examiner, In a highly-anticipated speech delivered Thursday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced the department is shifting its approach to Title IX enforcement away from that of the Obama administration, implementing a notice-and-comment process to develop an improved strategy based on feedback from the public. The address, given before students and faculty […]

College offers monetary grants to fund student protests and “social justice work”

Kalamazoo College in Michigan is taking the fight for social justice to the next level by offering students up to $1,500 grants to protest and get politically active. According to the school’s website, the Social Justice Leadership Fund will provide anywhere from $50 to $1,500 to support “capacity-building experiences,” such as conferences (to attend or […]

Take that, Bernie: Private college will offer free tuition

Now that more states are offering free college tuition, private schools are feeling the pressure. On average, in-state tuition for public universities is almost $23,000 cheaper than private schools. Even students who go out of state save nearly $9,000 when choosing a public school over a private university. Now that some states are offering free […]

American University president rejects call to become a ‘sanctuary campus’

By Sean Langille, The Washington Examiner The president of American University on Tuesday rejected calls to become a “sanctuary” campus, but offered her support to students who could be affected by the Trump administration’s decision to rescind President Obama’s immigration initiative known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. “While some presidents have declared their campuses […]

Virginia Tech president demands review of all campus building names

Virginia Tech President Tim Sands wants to order a review of all the building names on campus to ensure that they’re not named after Confederate leaders and generals. According to the Collegiate Times, Sands has initiated an effort to examine and review the legacy of Confederates on Virginia Tech’s campus. In their report, Tracy Vosburgh, senior […]