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Student petition UW-Madison to label Abraham Lincoln as a “murderer” fails

School officials at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have denied a student request to label Abraham Lincoln as a murderer of Native Americans. According to the school newspaper The Daily Cardinal, a number of students from the Associated Students of Madison had petitioned the chancellor to attach a plaque to a statue of Lincoln on the […]

University dumps its mascot because it’s “associated with violence and destruction”

A private Christian liberal arts university in Idaho has announced that it will change its mascot after critics argued that – like most school mascots – it was once “associated with violence and destruction.” After much discussion, Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) dropped its original mascot, the Crusaders, in favor of a more politically correct one: the […]

Florida Governor declares state of emergency ahead of Spencer campus visit

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) declared a state of emergency Monday ahead of white nationalist Richard Spencer’s scheduled speech at the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville. “BREAKING: Hurricane Ricardo expected to hit Gainesville this Thursday,” Spencer tweeted Monday night. Scott warned in his executive order that “threat of a potential emergency is imminent” in […]

OSU magazine: Your Halloween costumes are only offensive if you’re white

A student magazine at the Ohio State University has published a guide for students to determine if their Halloween costume may be racist or offensive to other students. According to the October edition of 1870 Magazine, three categories of costumes that require special consideration are “A Meme,” “Something Sexy,” and “Politically Charged.” Despite claiming that their […]

Dartmouth shutters its Gender Research Institute

The Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth (GRID) is closing its doors. Established in 2013, the GRID’s original goal was to seek a clearer understanding on the topic of gender. According to The Dartmouth student newspaper, the program is on hold due to financial issues. GRID was founded with a four-year grant, which has since lapsed. […]

University of Mississippi to rebuild Confederate statue despite student protest

The University of Mississippi is replacing a Confederate statue on campus which was damaged by a pickup truck last month. Now, students are outraged after learning that the Confederate statue on the Oxford campus will be rebuilt. Ole Miss student groups are coming together to protest the forthcoming restoration. The University of Mississippi NAACP chapter […]

Georgetown’s student newspaper begins documenting “bias incidents”

The official school newspaper of Georgetown University is teaming up with ProPublica to begin documenting and reporting incidents of “bias” on the school’s campus. According to The Hoya, the official Georgetown University student newspaper, hate crimes on college campuses have dramatically increased within the past year, and Georgetown has also experienced a number of hate […]

Students aren’t sure if First Amendment protects hate speech: Poll

A majority of students on college campuses do not know that the First Amendment protects hate speech, according to a new report published by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). Only 46 percent of students are aware that the First Amendment protects hate speech, FIRE reports. 48 percent believe that hate speech should […]

UF professor: “I know some people probably want to punch the conservative”

In a Facebook post, University of Florida student Emily Washler described an exchange between her and her liberal professor in which he sympathized with students who might want to punch her. During a class discussion about party identification, Washler, a senior political science major, explained that she identifies more as a conservative than as a […]

Activists lambasted for “coming out” as conservative on National Coming Out Day

As LGBTQ advocates around the nation celebrated “National Coming Out Day” on Wednesday, a group of students at Texas State University decided to celebrate in a different way by “Coming Out as a Conservative.” The Young Conservatives of Texas – Texas State Chapter tabled on The Quad to express to the student body their difficulties […]

CSUF student council condemns Milo Yiannopoulos invite, plans counter-protest

The Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) College Republicans are set to host Milo Yiannopoulos for a campus-wide event on Halloween night, however, the CSUF Student Council is determined to stop them. The Cal State Fullerton Student Council, which is supported by public school tuition dollars, released a resolution “denouncing Milo Yiannopoulos’ Appearance at CSU Fullerton” on October […]

UF President “shocked” to learn that he must uphold the First Amendment [VIDEO]

After flip-flopping on whether or not white nationalist Richard Spencer can speak at the University of Florida, University President Kent Fuchs has now told students that he is “shocked” that he must uphold the First Amendment. Originally, Fuchs stood by free speech, citing a university regulation which states that non-university groups, organizations, and persons may […]

“Wear a Hijab Day” takes over University of Illinois

A student organization at the University of Illinois is hosting a week-long group of festivities on the Urbana-Champaign campus in order for students to learn about Islam. Each day, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) will observe its own theme that, according to the group’s Facebook page, is intended for “helping our fellow students on campus […]

Protesters interrupt Virginia Tech President, chanting “Nazis get off our campus”

Virginia Tech President Timothy Sands could barely finish his State of the University speech last week, as vexed students interrupted the President to yell about his alleged support of racism on the Blacksburg campus. Students protesters did their absolute best to shut President Sands’s speech at VT’s Moss Center for the Arts auditorium, as well […]

Public universities gave 40,000 students’ personal information to Virginia Democrats

A group of Virginia Democrats is testing the limits of the Freedom of Information Act or FOIA. The group, NextGen Virginia, is a left-wing organization of young people advocating for climate change, immigrant rights, affordable health care, and equality. The progressive group is campaigning for Virginia Democrats for state House seats around the Commonwealth. According […]

Actual law school courses: “Social Justice Lawyering” and “First Amendment Fundamentalism”

University of Miami (UM) School of Law is teaching future lawyers how to advocate for social justice, amongst other left-wing causes. One course, Social Justice Lawyering, “explores the role of lawyers in work for social change.” According to its online course description, students learn of the histories of social justice lawyering while also examining modern […]

Head of Air Force Academy delivers powerful speech on racism [VIDEO]

The Air Force Academy Superintendent has two words for racist cadets at his institution, “Get out.” Following an incident at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School where someone wrote racial slurs on the message board outside the dorm room of five African American cadet candidates, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria addressed the 5,000 cadets during an assembly to […]

VIDEO: Angry liberal steals student’s MAGA hat, threatens his life

A nine-minute video that is now going viral shows a leftist student stealing another student’s Make America Great Again hat and verbally accosting the College Republican student in the Student Life Office at the University of California-Riverside. The video starts off with Matthew Vitale, the External Vice President of the UC-Riverside College Republicans, saying, “You […]

Pro-Trump Student Senator trolls OSU government, won’t put gender pronoun on name tag

Nick Davis is becoming a thorn in the side of the Ohio State University student government by not participating in the organization’s practice of putting his preferred gender pronoun on his name tag. Davis, who started OSU’s chapter of Students for Trump, is a member of the Undergraduate Student Government’s General Assembly. Every student senator […]

University bans football players from kneeling during the anthem

Colorado Christian Univesity announced on Tuesday that it’s banning its student-athletes from participating in kneeling protests during the national anthem. A spokesperson from the private, interdenominational Christian liberal arts university told TMZ Sports that “all athletes must stand for the National Anthem and prayer before a game or sporting event.” According to the Division II school […]