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Milo and the lie of teenage ‘consent’ to sex with adults

Milo should be speaking to a therapist, not publishers and CPAC. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

By Richard Mills, Washington Examiner I’ve never considered myself to be a fan of Milo Yiannopoulos. But as a gay conservative trying to find his place in a sometimes-unaccepting society, I was partial to the notorious provocateur. I disagree with him on a number of subjects but respect his right to communicate them. When the […]

Rand Paul rips John McCain for anti-Trump comments [VIDEO]

(Photo via AP)

By Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on Sunday warned against taking seriously comments his Senate colleague John McCain of Arizona made on Saturday, in which the Arizona lawmaker compared President Trump‘s actions toward the press to “how dictators get started.” “The thing is, I don’t agree with his analysis and applying that […]

It’s February. Jill Stein is still keeping 2016 recount fight alive

(AP Photo)

Jill Stein hasn’t quite given up the recount fight, more than three months after the Nov. 8th election. Her first recount push, which hedged on suspicion of electronic voting machine hacking that was never proven, was blocked in December by Eastern District of Pennsylvania Judge Paul Diamond, whose opinion said any suspicion of a hacked […]

The new American Girl doll is not a girl

Logan Everett will serve quite literally as an accessory to one of the company's new female characters. (Screengrab/American Girl)

In an effort to placate increasing demands for diversity, American Girl announced Tuesday that the latest addition to its lineup of dolls is actually a boy named Logan Everett who will serve quite literally as an accessory to one of the company’s new female characters. According to CNN, “Logan’s character plays drums for Tenney Grant, […]

Millennials stuck: No spouse, no kids, no house, no moving

(AP Photo)

By PAUL BEDARD (@SECRETSBEDARD), Washington Examiner They are the freest generation ever, untethered by family or mortgages, but millennials appear stuck in place and not following others in a mass, job-seeking migration around the country, according to a new survey. Pew Research Center on Monday revealed that the most-talked-about generation since the Baby Boomers are […]

Singer wears pro-Trump #MAGA dress to the Grammy’s

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 7.20.13 PM

Singer Joy Villa grabbed attention on the Grammy’s red carpet Sunday with a gown that read “Make America Great Again.” The back of the red, white and blue dress had “TRUMP” bedazzled on the train. Singer and songwriter Joy Villa makes a statement in a "Make America Great Again" dress #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/n4yr3n6o5j— AFP Entertainment (@AFPceleb) […]

Opinion: Libertarian ticket cost Trump the popular vote

. (AP Photo/Scott Morgan)

By TOM ROSS, Originally published in the Washington Examiner  I had the pleasure of hosting British financier James Arnold at our presidential Inauguration. Mr. Arnold, a keen observer of American politics, has been rightly concerned for the last several years about the chill in our two nation’s Special Relationship. After enjoying the inauguration and our nation’s peaceful […]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘Fake news’ is ‘the equivalent of the N-word’

"'Fake News' is the worst thing that you could call a journalist," Cuomo said. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

By Eddie Scarry, Washington Examiner CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said Thursday that when President Trump refers to his network as “fake news,” it’s the same thing for reporters as the N-word is for black people. “I see being called ‘fake news’ as the equivalent of the N-word for journalists, the equivalent of calling an Italian […]

Read Gorsuch’s hilarious dissent in child burping case

(AP Photo)

Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump‘s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, has developed a reputation for being a very skilled writer during his time on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Gorsuch displayed this talent last year, when he disagreed with a ruling in favor of an officer who arrested and sent […]

Chelsea Handler won’t interview Melania Trump: She ‘can barely speak English’ [VIDEO]

(via Screenshot)

By CAITLIN YILEK Talk show host and comedian Chelsea Handler doesn’t ever plan on interviewing first lady Melania Trump because “she can barely speak English.” After Handler said in an interview with Variety at Sundance Film Festival that she’d never sit down with President Trump, she was asked if she would have the first lady […]

Trump’s gay presidency

(AP Photo)

By EDDIE SCARRY (@ESCARRY) On gay-related issues, the news media couldn’t have picked a Republican president more in sync with their views than Donald Trump. But the country isn’t dealing with a rational press right now. The GOP was stuck on gay stuff until a New Yorker came along and cleared the field for them […]

College students handing out Constitutions get arrested

(AP Photo)

In a lawsuit filed in federal court on Wednesday, students at Kellogg Community College, a small public college located in Battle Creek, Mich., claim their constitutional rights were violated when they were arrested and forced to spend a night in county jail for refusing to stop handing out pocket Constitutions on school grounds in September […]

Occupational licensing is blocking ex-convicts from a second chance

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

By DAVID BARNES, Washington Examiner With the holidays behind us, many are putting their energy and efforts into New Year’s resolutions. For many, this means going to the gym to drop a few holiday pounds or finally finishing that home improvement project they put off all year. But for the more than 600,000 individuals leaving the […]

Obamacare still struggling to sign up millennials

It isn't surprising that Obamacare would be less popular among those with the lowest medical costs. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

By Philip Klein, Washington Examiner Hoping to blunt the momentum of Obamacare repeal, officials are spending the closing days of the Obama administration trying to push the idea that the president’s signature healthcare law is a success. But a new administration report touted for showing growing enrollment on the law’s exchanges also contained bad news: […]

Trump calls CNN ‘fake news’ during crazy press conference [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 12.41.08 PM

President-elect Trump hit back at CNN, telling one of the network’s correspondents that he disseminates “fake news.” “You’re fake news,” Trump said to CNN correspondent Jim Acosta during a press conference Wendesday in New York. Acosta had tried to shout out a quesiton to Trump, who was railing against CNN for publishing a story the […]

Donald Trump and Rand Paul: Unlikely allies


By W. JAMES ANTLE III (@JIMANTLE) Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has a secret weapon in his war on the Republican establishment. The weapon’s name is Donald Trump. Paul ended the week by saying he had spoken with Trump and he agreed with the Kentucky Republican about repealing and replacing Obamacare simultaneously. Trump said as much […]

California Democrats legalize child prostitution

(AP Photo)

By TRAVIS ALLEN Beginning on Jan. 1, prostitution by minors will be legal in California. Yes, you read that right. SB 1322 bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with the intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) […]

Charlie Sheen hopes Trump is next celebrity to die in 2016

Image via Screengrab

By CAITLIN YILEK Actor Charlie Sheen appeared to ask God to take President-elect Trump’s life next. “Dear God,” Sheen tweeted Wednesday, “Trump next, please.” The latter part of the tweet was repeated a handful of times, ending with an emoji giving the middle finger. Dear God;Trump next, please!Trump next, please!Trump next, please!Trump next, please!Trump next, […]

Meet Oliver, the Capitol Hill canine [VIDEO]


By Jamie McIntyre & Jacqueline Klimas Harry Truman once said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog,” and the staff in the office of Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Okla., listened. Oliver, a cocker spaniel who goes to work every day in the Cannon House Office Building, belongs to communications director Sheryl Kaufman and […]

Clinton makes GQ’s list of least influential people

Image via AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

By CAITLIN YILEK Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton made GQ magazine’s list of 2016’s least influential people. Drew Magary, who complied the “anger-fueled list of everyone who ruined our year,” said he had no choice but to put Clinton on it. “When you lose an election to Donald Trump, you belong on this list. How […]