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Tomi Lahren is a (complicated) feminist. She’s here to stay

Tomi Lahren has a voice that everyone, conservative or not, hears rather often. The platform Ms. Lahren holds has not been misused, as she has promoted her ideas on her show ‘Tomi’ at The Blaze and on her social media platforms, although many of these ideas are quite controversial. Despite her hot takes and mistakes, […]

Where’s the feminist outrage? Bow Wow’s sexist tweet about Melania Trump

Strangely enough, there is a bit of a feud between two rappers who were popular 20 years ago and President Donald Trump. This oddity began when Snoop Dogg released a video for his remix of the song ‘Lavender,’ which was originally a track from the band BadBadNotGood. Trump condemned the video in which a clown named […]

Why is anti-Semitism so popular on liberal college campuses?

Anti-semitism is everywhere. It’s not always pretty to look at, but it is an undeniable fact that it’s alive and well. It is an often overlooked form of racism. Of course, most of the time it’s written off as inappropriate, but socially acceptable, form of insult comedy. Despite there being known stereotypes, jokes, and tropes, […]

The importance of Kellyanne Conway to modern feminism

Kellyanne Conway is an interesting figure in the eyes of feminism. Even though she essentially fits all of the qualifications it takes in order or to be considered an idol in the movement, she is not applauded. Rather, she is ignored and condemned. Conway has an extensive list of accomplishments, from being an Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) […]

Liberal feminists’ reaction to media slut-shaming Melania? Silence.

Emily Ratajkowski, an American model, took to Twitter on February 13th, 2017 to express her distaste for the comments made by a New York Times reporter while at New York Fashion Week. This reporter, who we now know to be Jacob Bernstein, called First Lady Melania Trump a ‘hooker.’. Berstein is the son of Carl Bernstein, a […]