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Tyler Herrmann

Tyler Herrmann is a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Law.

Articles From Tyler

How the Supreme Court just tipped its hand on trans school bathrooms

Bathrooms have been a hot topic of conversation recently. More specifically — which one to use. President Obama joined the conversation by making an unprecedented decree that students at public schools should be able to use whichever bathroom they prefer or the school’s federal funding could be pulled. This overreach has understandably caused quite a […]

White student with dreadlocks accused of cultural appropriation [VIDEO]

The term “PC police” just got real. Earlier this week, a white student at San Francisco State University was stopped by a black student and accused of cultural appropriation. His crime? Wearing dreadlocks. Previous reports indicated that the PC aggressor was a university employee, but SF State has since clarified that the altercation was between […]

Professor calls 911: Campus ROTC drill “terrorized” me

Many people look at the trend of trigger warnings and PC culture on college campuses and wonder what is wrong with today’s youth. Well, it seems that it may be, at least in part, learned behavior. Kids go to college in order to grow as individuals and expand their minds, and professors are trusted to […]

Bernie Sanders sues Ohio: “An outrage” 17-year-olds can’t vote

Bernie Sanders has sued Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted over ballot access, seeking to allow 17-year-olds to vote in the state’s March 15 primary. “The secretary of state has decided to disenfranchise people who are 17 but will be 18 by the day of the general election,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver told reporters. Under […]

Trump campaign surges forward: Rallies Ohio supporters on Super Tuesday

Donald Trump made a quick stop in Columbus, Ohio on Super Tuesday, looking ahead to the March 15 swing state. Hours before the scheduled rally, hundreds of supporters were gathered at the Port Columbus International Airport while hundreds more waited outside in hopes of gaining entrance. Trump arrived with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in tow. […]

Before colleges ‘divest’ away from fossil fuels, remember the jobs it could kill

The divestment trend is spreading among America’s college campuses like a cancer. Divestment is not a new idea, but has recently come back into fashion in a powerful way. What is divestment? Simply put, it is the opposite of investment. In the university context, it is an attempt to effectuate change in a given area […]

Student loan forgiveness = Big tax bill

Congratulations! You did it. It took four long years of studying and hard work, but the day has finally come and you have earned your degree. Sure, you had to take out some student loans along the way, but it’s no big deal — you’re a college graduate! You’ll be making plenty of money. Except, […]

Hypocrites: Bernie supporters destroy Trump piñata, reject ‘tolerance’

Ask any group of liberals what they think about Donald Trump and you will receive fairly uniform answers: hateful, divisive, bigoted, racist, and intolerant. The irony is that if you ask them to go into greater detail, you can be certain that they will describe Donald Trump using nothing short of hateful, divisive, and intolerant […]

If Hillary gets Berned in Iowa, will she offer more ‘free’ proposals?

The 2016 primary process begins today with the Iowa Caucus. While the Republican field remains deep and competitive, the Democrats have only two realistic choices: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The candidates have been working hard to secure as many voting blocs as possible, including the ever-elusive youth vote. The Sanders and Clinton camps have […]

Married millennials hit with student loan tax penalty

It is no secret that student loan debt in the United States is reaching critically dangerous levels. Currently, Americans owe more than $1.2 trillion in student loan debt. Compare that to the $712 billion in credit card debt owed by Americans, and it becomes clear that student loans pose a unique threat to the national […]