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Tyler Cochran

Tyler is originally from Nixa, Missouri and is a 2nd Year Political Science major at MSU. He is a YAL Media Ambassador, Campus Reform Campus Correspondent, Students for Liberty Campus Coordinator, and volunteer with the children’s ministry at his church.

Articles From Tyler

Marxist student handcuffed after stabbing a ‘free speech ball’

At student at the University of California – San Diego stabbed a free speech ball four times at a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) free speech event last Friday. The student has been apprehended and questioned by the police. The event, which was co-hosted by YAL and the Leadership Institute, was part of a campaign […]

Students pass campus carry bill at Capital University — but then it got vetoed

Last week, the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio proposed a bill advocating for the University to recognize the rights of concealed carry license holders to carry on campus. The bill, No More Victims, passed in the Student Senate 12 to 6 but was vetoed the next morning by […]