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Toni Airaksinen

Toni Airaksinen is a Junior at Barnard College in NYC. She also writes for Campus Reform, The College Fix, and Quillette Magazine. She tweets @Toni_Airaksinen.

Articles From Toni

Lawsuit filed to liberate 150,000+ students from “free speech zones”

Kevin Shaw, a student at Pierce College in California, has filed a lawsuit against his college with the hopes of liberating more than 150,000 students from being forced to use unconstitutional free speech zones. The lawsuit, which challenges Pierce College and its community college system, came after Shaw was merely exercising his free speech rights […]

Planned Parenthood executive can’t answer one simple question [VIDEO]

The Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood, Dawn Laguens, refused to answer Tucker Carlson’s question regarding whether abortion kills a human life earlier this week during an interview. Fox News played host to the exchange, in which Laguens repeatedly subverted Carson’s questions. “If you can hear the fetal heartbeat, and then it’s extinguished, what do […]

Students caught faking disability to have ‘therapy’ dogs

Some students at Gonzaga University in Spokane have been caught with “unneeded” emotional support ‘therapy’ animals. According to The Gonzaga Bulletin, ongoing reports of misuse of Emotional Support Animals, or ESAs, has caused the school’s Residential Life Office to take added precautions surrounding permissions for therapy animals. “We have received reports that people have abused […]

“Abortion is cool”: Group encourages students to “shout your abortion”

The Columbia University campus has been peppered with dozens of small flyers that encourage students to speak up proudly about their abortion. The group “Shout Your Abortion Brooklyn (SYA BK)” is credited with creating the flyers as part of the national Shout Your Abortion movement. “We are looking for art and writing about abortion experiences,” the […]

Feminist filmmaker debuts first film on men’s rights

When Cassie Jaye, a feminist filmmaker from California, learned about the Men’s Rights Movement, she wanted to make a film to expose their inner-workings. “I decided to make a film about them, thinking that they were a misogynistic hate group and it would ‘make for good TV’ as they say,” Jaye told Red Alert. However, […]

Anti-rape fundraiser cancelled for “transphobia” at Ivy League college

Every year, students at the Columbia sorority Alpha Chi Omega hold an event called “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” — a fundraiser designed to raise awareness of sexual violence by having men walk through campus wearing high heels. The Columbia fundraiser has been held for the past three years as part of the international movement […]

School district cancels classes for women’s march strike

Students in the Chapel City-Carrboro school district are in for a field day on March 8th — as district officials have made cancelled class due to a high level of expected teachers absences. The district expected to have a lack of teachers, bus drivers, and cafeteria staff, local news source WRAL reported. “Chapel Hill-Carrboro City […]

Sad? Public library offers “Adulting 101” course to millennials

When I started college, I taught myself how to negotiate with landlords, file my own taxes, and write my own resume. With the help of the internet, you can teach yourself anything. But if you’re a millennial who still can’t figure out how to ‘adult’ yet — the North Bend Public Library has you covered. […]

“High fashion trend”: Has feminism become just a business?

According to Slate executive assistant and writer Cleo Levin, feminism is now a “high-fashion trend,” based on her selective observations from New York Fashion Week. Clothes emblazoned with “We Should All Be Feminists,” “Feminist AF” and “The Future is Female” were all seen during fashion week. Levin called these new politically conscious designs “woke couture.” […]

2017’s 10 worst colleges for free speech

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Higher Education (FIRE) has just released a list of what they consider to be the top ten worst schools in the nation for students’ free speech. “There isn’t a week that goes by without a campus free speech controversy reaching the headlines,” wrote Greg Lukianoff, the President of FIRE. […]

College director: Gender and race doesn’t exist

The University of Washington-Tacoma Writing Center is promising students that they’ll stop perpetuating oppressive and socially unjust practices, according to a new statement from the Writing Center. The “Statement on Antiracist and Social Justice Work in the Writing Center” was drafted up by the professional staff, tutors, and the Director of the Center. The statement […]

Milo loses book deal after underage sex comments

Milo Yiannopoulos came out as a victim of child sexual abuse in a Facebook post yesterday, saying, “My own experiences as a victim led me to believe I could say anything I wanted to on this subject [of sexual abuse], no matter how outrageous.”  Yiannopoulos released that statement in response to allegations that he supports child […]

Trump keeps Obama’s top LGBT rights advocate in office

Randy Berry, one of the top advocates of gay rights from the Obama administration, will be kept on the State Department by the Trump administration, Foreign Policy reports. He became the first person to hold the position of the State Department’s Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons, when he was awarded the […]

Teen Vogue tries to normalize abortion for teens

When I was in middle-school, I started reading Teen Vogue. Many of my friends did too. Our local library had them in the “young adult section,” frequently pursued by kids as young as ten or twelve. Usually, we just flipped the pages looking at the glossy images of fashion models. But occasionally, we read some […]

‘Safe space,’ ‘microaggression’ added to Merriam Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster has just added over 1,000 new words to their dictionary, according to an announcement they released earlier this week. The announcement lists a number of words the dictionary now recognizes: ‘binge-watch,’ to ‘throw shade,” and ‘train wreck’ all make the list. The new additions also include a number of words commonly used and abused […]

Students accuse women’s college of paying women less

Female students at Barnard College, a women’s college in New York City, are claiming that their female professors get paid less than male professors. Flyers that say “Barnard has always paid women less” have cropped up over campus in what appears to be a student campaign of support for the Barnard College contingent/adjunct faculty union. […]

Feminist blog: College due dates are ‘microaggressions’

“Microaggressions are small, subtle forms of discrimination — but they’re not too small to matter,” write the editors at Everyday Feminism  — the same people who created the course on Healing From Toxic Whiteness. The editors contend that “marginalized people are affected by microaggressions every day,” and that these microaggressions “ can make college difficult […]

Campus liberals try to censor event on free speech

In a stroke of sheer irony, an event focusing on freedom of speech is coming under attack by — you guessed it — people who want to censor it. Christina Hoff Sommers, Dave Rubin, and Peter Boghossian are scheduled to speak at a Portland State University event titled “The New Campus Thought Police: Controversial Authors […]

Student is upset she has to shake a man’s hand at graduation

Joelle Milman is a senior at Barnard College of Columbia University, a women’s college that prides itself on female empowerment — and she is not happy she has to shake a man’s hand during her graduation ceremony. Milman expressed her displeasure in the Columbia school newspaper earlier this week. “This coming May, assuming I pass […]

Millennials thrilled with Trump’s pro-life executive order

One of president Trump’s first actions in office was to sign an executive order banning federal funding from supporting foreign pro-abortion groups such as International Planned Parenthood. This order reinstated the Mexico City Policy, which requires “foreign NGOs to certify that they will not ‘perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning’ […]