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T.J. Mayes

T.J. Mayes is a veteran of multiple political campaigns and has served as general counsel for pro-free market PACs and nonprofits. He is currently a regulatory and legislative affairs consultant, helping rural electric cooperatives and utilities navigate federal and state bureaucracies. T.J. is married to his high school sweetheart and lives in San Antonio. You can follow him on Twitter @ThomasMayesJr.

Articles From T.J.

By over regulating Uber bureaucrats are impeding progress for future generations

Creative disruption is constantly dismantling the establishment. Innovation has improved the quality of life for humans since the begging of civilization and will continue to do so.

We’ve seen audiotapes replaced by CDs, which were replaced by mp3s. We’ve watched the internet boom and bust and boom again, making a billionaire out of a 23-year-old college dropout. We can connect with each other today in ways that were unfathomable ten years ago. Smartphones and their applications have made life infinitely more convenient.

Businesses live and die by their ability to adapt to a dynamic marketplace. The only real impediment to the progress of business has been government.

The Brothers Castro – And Why They are Not to be Underestimated

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro will deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention tonight. Largely unknown outside of South Texas, Mayor Castro and his twin brother Joaquin (current State Representative and likely the next congressman from Texas’ 20th district) have become the faces of the Texas Democratic Party and field generals in the battle for Texas Latino voters, the great battleground and holy grail of American national politics over the next decade.

The DNC’s decision to pick Castro as the keynote speaker was unsurprising and an obvious attempt to appeal to Hispanic voters and highlight the president’s advantage among the demographic group. We’ve heard ad nauseam that a Convention keynote address is the place to jumpstart an already-rising political career. However, those in the San Antonio chattering class don’t see Castro as having Obama’s rhetorical abilities, and Chicago won’t allow the mayor to steal the president’s thunder.

New Obama Education Attack Ad Targets Young Voters, Ignores Higher Education Costs

The notable lack of enthusiasm among college-aged voters, the same demographic that propelled President Obama past then-Sen. Clinton (D-NY) in Iowa and to the White House, has presumably been troubling the President’s campaign. And in true Obama campaign fashion, they have issued another misleading ad about Mitt Romney in an attempt to shore up the youth vote.

In an effort to mobilize college voters, it looks like Chicago is playing an age-old American political trick: going after an opponent on its own weakness. In a new ad entitled “Get Real,” the Obama campaign falsely accuses Gov. Romney of advocating policies that will make college less affordable. It’s not unusual for a negative political ad: long on innuendo and short on facts.