Tim Wass Jr.


Tim Wass Jr. is the CEO of Round Table Advising. He is an Anarcho-Capitalist objectivist Christian and a Libertarian-wing registered Kansas Republican who loves Israel because it is an excellent oasis for liberty in the Middle East. He is a public speaking consultant. He received both his Bachelor’s degree in History and Master’s Degree in Communication from Pittsburg State University where he was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He was a speaking delegate for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul at the Southeast Kansas GOP caucus in 2008 and has volunteered his services for organizations that respect the Constitution like Young Americans For Liberty and Campaign For Liberty. He grew up on his family cattle ranch near Parsons, Kansas where his family has owned a small blue collar machine shop business since 1996.

Articles From Tim

Freedom Caucus strikes compromise, endorses a revised Obamacare bill

(Associated Press)

The House Freedom Caucus on announced it will now support the President Trump’s healthcare plan because of the addition of the MacArther-Meadows Amendment. The new addition will allow states to use their Tenth Amendment rights under the Constitution to voluntarily nullify crucial ObamaCare rules. The House Freedom Caucus consists of almost 30 constitutional conservative Republicans who have […]

Red Bull CEO to create a new conservative publication, supports Trump

Image via Red Bull TV

Billionaire and Red Bull CEO Dietrich Mateschitz has just announced he will create a right-wing news organization that will have an international scope. In the interview for an Austrian newspaper Klein Zeutung, he criticized both Austria and Germany’s  lackluster rules on refugees, railed against political correctness like forced multiculturalism, and expressed his support for President Donald Trump. His […]

Campaign promise: It’s time for Trump to audit the Federal Reserve

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) knows why AHCA failed, and a lot of the blame falls on the House GOP. (Photo via AP)

One of the most important campaign promises made by President Donald Trump was to finally audit the Federal Reserve. 74 percent of American citizens want to audit the Fed, according to the latest poll from Rasmussen. “Bringing back the gold standard would be very hard to do, but, boy, would it be wonderful,” Trump said back […]

Libertarian swing-voter: I don’t regret my vote for Trump

(AP Photo)

President Donald Trump will enjoy 100 days in office on April 29th. Since taking his oath to protect and defend our Constitution, he has made bold promises and has delivered a bittersweet assortment of accomplishments. The last time I wrote for Red Alert Politics was the week before the 2016 election. I explained, “Why I just […]

Why I just switched my vote from Gary Johnson to Donald Trump

(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci, file)

I have been a lifelong pro-Israel registered Kansas Republican since turning 18 years old in 2002. I became disenfranchised with the GOP in 2006 because of neocon George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s wasteful Iraq War quagmire that created the unprecedented power vacuum which gave us the plethora of radical ISIS terrorists we face now in the […]