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Sydney Hutchison

Sydney Hutchison was born and raised in the great state of Louisiana. She is a political enthusiast and business lover. She currently contributes to Future Female Leaders and Campus Reform. Sydney loves going on political rants on Twitter, so if you ever need her, check there.

Articles From Sydney

“White girl, take off your hoops”: Yes, hoop earrings are now racist

A group of Latino women spray painted “White girl, take off your hoops!!!” on a dorm wall at Pitzer College. The wall at the California college campus is devoted to free speech, per their website. Their “free wall” is the most visible thing for students to partake in outside of the classroom.  “If you ever want […]

MTV is now WTV…

The once popular Music Television is temporarily switching over to Women’s Television. On March 8th, MTV is participating in International Women’s Day by flipping their logo in support of women worldwide. International Women’s Day is a day for “women and our allies will act together for equity, justice and the human rights of women and all […]

Liberal anti-Trump group forced to apologize for calling women “females”

March for Science, an anti-Trump organization, is facing backlash from its own over a tweet calling women “females.” Yes, people are insulted by the word ‘female’ (which IS one of the two genders, by the way). When the left-leaning social justice organization tweeted in February, they caught the eye of many females who claimed it was […]

Trump threatens to pull funding from UC-Berkeley over anti-Milo riots

President Donald Trump threatened to remove federal funding from the University of Berkeley in the aftermath of the #MiloatCal protests. Trump took to Twitter early this morning to show his frustration after the protests happening at the California university. “If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different […]

How liberals paved the way for “robosexuals”

Men. Women. Cisgender. Agender. Bigender. Polysexual. And now Robosexual. Yes, you read that right. The liberals have paved the way for a futuristic romance between humans and robots. Lilly, a French woman, is ready to marry the man of her dreams. Except in Lilly’s dreams she’s emotionally and physically attached to a robot named Inmmovator. […]

“Fashionable Fascism”: Bitter liberals try to destroy Ivanka Trump’s brand

Liberals everywhere, who are still furious over the outcome of the election and the significant loss suffered by their party, have decided to punish Ivanka Trump by rating her fashion and accessory items online with just one-star. Ivanka’s business has been ambushed the past few months by liberals and feminists alike targeting major retailers to […]

Sanders: Republicans are a ‘threat to American democracy’

Bernie Sanders is at it again — this time claiming Republicans are “a threat to American democracy.” The Vermont senator blasted the GOP on Monday when he said, “For many Republican leaders, ‘democracy’ means billionaires buying elections and poor and working people being disenfranchised.” He went on to add, “Too many Americans have fought and died to […]

Fashion designer refuses to dress future FLOTUS Melania Trump

Designer Sophie Theallet, who has dressed Michelle Obama on multiple occasions over the past eight years, wants no part in the next first lady’s fashion choices. For a number of years, fashion designers have sought out First Ladies to model their clothing during public appearances due to the high volume of sales that usually follows. This is definitely […]

Proof of Facebook bias: Employees are funding Dems’ campaigns

The mainstream media outlets are not the only ones unafraid to show their bias. Facebook was found to be purposely filtering and removing conservative news from our timelines, and now a recent study shows Facebook employees gave 6 times more money to Democrats than Republicans. With only days remaining this election cycle, Republicans have received $115,000 from Facebook employees […]

Bud Light forced to drop liberal ads (because millennials weren’t buying)

The “Bud Light Party” has ended earlier than expected. The ad campaign featuring liberal comedian Amy Schumer, who has endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and liberal actor Seth Rogen, was cut by Anheuser-Busch InBev after a decrease in third-quarter sales. The political parody ad launched in January 2016, pushing a liberal agenda on the “wage gap” and […]

15 crazy things college grads would do for student debt forgiveness

2016 has been a crazy year. You may think you have seen it all this year, but this survey just about takes the cake. Student Loan Report surveyed 500 graduated student borrowers to find out what crazy things graduates would do to free themselves from the weight of student debt. It’s no secret that student loans weigh heavily […]

Donald Jr. tried to justify his dad’s behavior — but it’s not good enough for this woman

In an interview with Seattle-based conservative talk radio host Dori Monson on Friday, Donald Trump Jr. said that conversations like the one in which his father described his penchant for groping and kissing women without their consent are “a fact of life.” “Obviously, he’s not happy about that,” Trump Jr. said of his father’s language […]

#GiantMeteor2016: Millions of millennials would choose death over voting for Clinton or Trump

Nearly a quarter of Americans ages 18 to 35 would rather see a giant meteor strike the Earth than see either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the White House, according to the new UMass Lowell/Odyssey millennial poll released today. Yes, you read that right. The poll asked millennials to choose their preference between Clinton, Trump, […]

‘Cocks Not Glocks’ college group comes to White House, disrespects Roosevelt Room

The women behind the “Cocks Not Glocks” protest at the University of Texas Austin, which was intended to protest Texas’ campus carry law by flailing around dildos, were invited to the White House to discuss their views on gun violence. The group was invited by to join gun control advocates to talk to senior officials […]

Sarah Jessica Parker: Trump fans may “shoot us” Hollywood liberals

Sarah Jessica Parker, a high-profile Hollywood liberal, says if Donald Trump is elected she fears that her husband, Matthew Broderick, and herself will be attacked and killed. SJP, whose new show Divorce begins this Sunday, told Time Out New York, “The thing I keep saying is that even if — please, God — Trump is […]