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Stephanie Sanchez

Stephanie is a freshman at the University of Florida, and is majoring in Economics and Psychology. She is involved with Policy Debate and writes for the Catholic Gators blog.

Articles From Stephanie

The decline of Comedy Central: Their new left-wing TV shows all suck

The network that brought the world South Park and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is slowly moving from becoming Comedy Central to Comedy Left. Comedy Central has in the past displayed shows that were unafraid to show diverse opinions and test the limits of what society would deem “offensive.” Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, […]

‘Day Without Immigrants’ protest backfires for workers, students

Campuses and businesses nationwide participated in “A Day Without Immigrants,” where foreign-born workers protested recent immigration policy and deportations by not going to school, work, or contributing to the US economy. More than 100 immigrant workers across the country lost their jobs following the strike. Some workers were fired for ditching work to participate in […]

Liberals thrash Piers Morgan for debunking hysteria on Trump’s ban

Ultra-liberal Piers Morgan is receiving heat for defending Donald Trump’s immigration moratorium and criticizing liberals’ paranoia over Trump’s presidency. Piers Morgan, a former CNN anchor, joined the Trump Train early on in the election, stating he was mocked constantly for admitting former Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton should be afraid of Trump. Morgan won the […]

Netflix to run series stereotyping white people

Netflix has released the first trailer of its new series debuting this year titled “Dear White People” based on the 2014 Sundance Film Festival winner with the same name. The first season is ten half-hour episodes long and takes place in a fictionalized predominantly white Ivy League college called Winchester University. The 30-second teaser trailer […]

NYC issues first non-binary gender birth certificate

The state that fines employers, landlords, and businesses for refusing to call someone by their preferred pronouns has now issued the United States’ first non-binary gender birth certificate. New York has modified Sara Keenan’s birth certificate to read “intersex” in the gender field line. California had previously recognized Keenan as a “non-binary” resident, so now […]

One college bucks trend, embraces free speech and the American Flag

The place where Barack Obama spent the first two years of his college career was the place where a 9/11 memorial was vandalized mid-September of last year. Occidental College is now responding by implementing programs and events intended to educate students on freedom of speech and the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The school has released […]