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Scott McClallen

Scott McClallen is a senior at Hillsdale College studying economics. He is an assistant sports editor of the Hillsdale Collegian, and works for three newspapers in Southern Illinois.
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Articles From Scott

Trump signs bill expanding college access for veterans

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed into law a bill expanding college assistance for veterans. The “Forever GI Act” removed a 15-year limit on using educational benefits, increased financial services for those serving in the National Guard and Reserves, and expanded program eligibility. It also restores credits lost to veterans who enrolled in for-profit colleges […]

Tech companies to Supreme Court: Warrantless phone tracking is unconstitutional

14 major U.S tech companies filed an amicus legal brief Augu 14 asking the U.S Supreme Court to heighten cell phone data protections from government officials. The companies filed a 44-page brief concerning Carpenter v. United States, which disputes whether government agencies can acquire cell phone location information without a warrant. Google, Facebook, Verizon Wireless, and others argued for stronger […]

Farmer fined $1 million for plowing his own field

A California farmer agreed Tuesday to pay $1.1 million for plowing federally protected wetlands on his wheat field, according to the Department of Justice. This ends a five-year legal battle over the reach of the Clean Water Act. His crime for bringing the fine? Plowing his own field without the permission of the U.S Army […]

Students complain a picture of ‘oppressor’ Mike Pence makes them feel ‘unsafe’

Scripps College students said they feel “unsafe” after another student posted a picture with Vice President Mike Pence on Facebook. The reason behind these complaints is that Pence “has shown himself so willing to commit institutional violence.” McKenzie Deutsch, a rising junior at the women’s branch of the five-school Claremont Consortium, spent this summer interning […]

Viral and fake: Reporter tweets photoshopped image of Trump posing with white supremacist

A fake photograph showing President Donald Trump with an alt-right leader known as “Millennial Matt” went viral on Friday after it was tweeted by a Telegraph reporter. “Millennial Matt” is a leader of the “Proud Boys,” a far-right men’s rights group founded by Gavin McInnes. He attended the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that resulted in […]

95% of lawmakers who support $15 minimum wage don’t pay their interns: Study

The majority of lawmakers supporting raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, in fact, pay their interns $0 an hour, according to a new study by the Employment Policy Institute (EPI). The Congressional Progressive Caucus introduced their Raise The Wage Act in May, which would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by […]

The death of ‘Fight For $15’: Protests drop by 90%

The “Fight For $15” movement blazed its way across America and in headlines, calling for a $15 minimum wage. However, these protests appear to be burning out in 2017, according to a new report. The movement, which was largely funded and supported by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), held protests in only 30 cities […]

NYC study: Charter schools boost performance of nearby public schools

Opponents of school choice often argue that expanding school options is detrimental to public schools. However, a new study on New York City Public Schools found that close proximity charter schools are increasing public school students’ test scores. The peer-reviewed analysis done by Templeton professor Sarah Cordes found that charter schools within a mile of public schools […]

Nevada report: Civil asset forfeiture targets low-income minorities

Most property seized in 2016 by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department through civil forfeiture is concentrated in low-income and minority neighborhoods. A report by the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI), a conservative think tank, found that the LVMPD seized $1.9 million in asset revenue in 2016. Two-thirds of these were concentrated in 12 ZIP codes […]

No human interaction: Pizza chain creates self-serve pizza machines, will be nationwide in 2018

Want pizza without direct human interaction? Little Caesars Pizza just made it a reality. On Monday, the pizza chain unveiled the Pizza Portal, the first heated, self-service pizza station that allows customers to skip the line, grab their pizza, and leave within seconds. Customers just place their order and pay through Little Caesars’ mobile app that […]

Family’s 4th Amendment legal battle: SWAT raid of home leads to tomato plants

At 7:30 A.M, Bob Harte walked downstairs to answer “clamorous pounding” on his front door of his home in Leawood, Kansas. He opened his door to a group of officers clad in SWAT gear brandishing Glock 9mm pistols and an AR-15 rifle, preparing to breach his front door with a battering ram. The officers rushed […]

Seattle’s #FightFor15 looks to eliminate law allowing the disabled to work and earn a paycheck

Seattle announced a proposal on Wednesday that will eliminate special certificates allowing companies to pay beneath the $15 minimum wage. These certificates, used to hire people with disabilities, will be voted on before the end of the year. City council woman Lisa Herbold said that subminimum wages “inherently devalue the employee receiving them.” Since 1938, people with […]

Those who believe in climate change won’t change their lifestyles to help climate: Poll

A YouGov poll released Monday found that although most climate change believers think the Earth has less than 300 habitable years for humans left, most haven’t changed their diet or use of fossil fuels. The poll found that “13% of climate change believers said they’ve greatly reduced their consumption of red meat, and 17% said […]

Here come the retail robots: St. Louis-based grocer to use robots in stores

Meet Tally: A slender robot that will be roaming aisles of select St. Louis Schnucks stores on July 31 to ensure products are never out of stock. The 38-inch tall robot has two eyes, no arms, and can extend to scan tall shelves for out-of-stock items and ensure products are placed and priced correctly. Each […]

Emails: Seattle mayor colluded with liberal professor to create one-sided minimum wage study

Newly-discovered emails between Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s office and researchers at the University of California-Berkeley show an intimate level of coordination in planning the release and press coverage of a minimum wage study. The study they released found Seattle’s minimum wage raised wages for workers without raising unemployment. Berkeley released their study on June 20, […]

“Boom-mates”: Millennials, it’s time to move in with baby boomers

The largest generation of Americans is flooding into large cities to find work, but instead, have discovered the exorbitant housing costs. How high is rent? Apparently, it’s high enough that some millennials live in vans and tents, which is much more affordable in terms of housing (defined as 30 percent of their income). A New […]

Report: Bernie Sanders is stealing his neighbor’s newspaper in D.C.

Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been apparently stealing his Washington D.C. neighbor’s Sunday Washington Post subscription. WMAL radio host Chris Plante began discussing the possibility of Bernie Sanders running for president in 2020 to lead into a story about Sanders’ weekly habits: Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane when they are in Washington DC, […]

Labor Secretary Acosta targets occupational licensing

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta urged lawmakers on Friday to reform occupational licensing laws that restrict work opportunities at the state level. Occupational licensing requires workers in certain professions meet a standard of training or certification set by competitors. Acosta said that state licensing has become “a hindrance to the American workforce.” Acosta urged the American […]

Video: Woman violently arrested for selling flowers without a permit

Video of a Perris, California flower vendor wrestled to the ground by a police officer simply for selling flowers and Hawaiian leis without a license ignited controversy as it spread on social media in earlier this month. 15 vendors were “contacted, warned, and cited” for selling items without a permit to people stuck in traffic […]

“Uhhmm…”: Millennials love socialism, but can’t define it [VIDEO]

Millennials rushed to the polls to vote for Bernie Sanders running as a Democratic socialist last election season. However, did they fall in love with socialism or just want free college and healthcare? A new video suggests they have no idea what socialism is. Campus Reform interviewed George Washington University students and asked them two […]