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Scott McClallen

Scott McClallen is a senior at Hillsdale College studying economics. He is an assistant sports editor of the Hillsdale Collegian, and works for three newspapers in Southern Illinois.
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Articles From Scott

“Boom-mates”: Millennials, it’s time to move in with baby boomers

The largest generation of Americans are flooding into large cities to find work, but have discovered the exorbitant housing costs instead. How high is rent? Apparently, it’s high enough that some millennials live in vans and tents, which is much more affordable in terms of housing (defined as 30 percent of their income). A New […]

Report: Bernie Sanders is stealing his neighbor’s newspaper in D.C.

Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been apparently stealing his Washington D.C. neighbor’s Sunday Washington Post subscription. WMAL radio host Chris Plante began discussing the possibility of Bernie Sanders running for president in 2020 to lead into a story about Sanders’ weekly habits: Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane when they are in Washington DC, […]

Secretary Acosta takes on the sexiest issue in politics: Ending occupational licensing

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta urged lawmakers on Friday to reform occupational licensing laws that restrict work opportunities at the state level. Occupational licensing requires workers in certain professions meet a standard of training or certification set by competitors. Acosta said that state licensing has become “a hindrance to the American workforce.” Acosta urged the American […]

Video: Woman violently arrested for selling flowers without a permit

Video of a Perris, California flower vendor wrestled to the ground by a police officer simply for selling flowers and Hawaiian leis without a license ignited controversy as it spread on social media in earlier this month. 15 vendors were “contacted, warned, and cited” for selling items without a permit to people stuck in traffic […]

“Uhhmm…”: Millennials love socialism, but can’t define it [VIDEO]

Millennials rushed to the polls to vote for Bernie Sanders running as a Democratic socialist last election season. However, did they fall in love with socialism or just want free college and healthcare? A new video suggests they have no idea what socialism is. Campus Reform interviewed George Washington University students and asked them two […]

The IRS raided their store and sold their stuff within hours. Now they’re fighting back

An elderly Thai couple was left penniless after their life savings were seized and auctioned off from inside their own 34-year-old store. The couple filed a $2 million lawsuit against the federal government for improperly seizing and selling assets almost immediately. In March of 2015, the IRS shut down Mii’s Bridal and Tuxedo in Garland, […]

Applebees franchisee: We have 1,000 fewer servers because of New York’s minimum wage hike

The New York food industry is slowing as the minimum wage rises, and one CEO explains how businesses are responding. Fox News’ Stuart Varney interviewed Zane Tankel, CEO of Applebees’ franchises in New York, who said that his restaurants had to fire 1,000 servers in the past year because of the higher minimum wage. “If something becomes […]

Feel the Bern: Bernie Sanders 2020 could be happening

On Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) said that although it is too early to decide, he is not ruling out a 2020 presidential campaign.. “No, I am not taking it off the table. I just have not made any decisions,” Sanders said in an interview with SiriusXM radio host Mark Thompson. “And I think it’s […]

Report: 23 government policies that drive up food costs and “hurt the poor”

Many turn to large government programs to improve economic opportunities in America, however, a new report suggests the opposite may be a better approach. The Heritage Foundation’s new report titled “Trump Administration Should Address Federal Policies That Limit Opportunity and Hurt the Poor” exposes several federal programs that limit opportunities and drive up costs for […]

New Report: Income-share agreements are a real alternative to student debt

With the class of 2016 graduating with an average $37,172 in student debt, college may seem like a bad deal. But the Income-Sharing Agreement (ISA) may provide an opportunity to earn a degree without selling one’s soul. Instead, one would sell “shares” in future labor. ISAs provide an alternative to repaying federal or private loans […]

A dog stopped in front of a police officer, wagged his tail, and was brutally shot

A Minnesota family is facing at least $7,000 of veterinary bills after a Minneapolis police officer jumped a family’s fence responding to a burglary alarm and shot their two emotional-support dogs. Jennifer LeMay, the dogs’ owner, released security footage of the shooting. The video shows an officer climbing over a seven-foot tall fence and entering […]

Look out, Fight for 15: Here come the robot waitresses

A robot waitress is drawing crowds and national attention to a pizza place in Multan, Pakistan, and to the future of the automated service industry. Osama Jafri, the robot’s engineer, said that their business has doubled since the robot’ ‘was hired’ in February. The kitchen staff just places food on the waitress and keys in […]

Study shows Republicans tip more than Democrats. A lot more

Republican men from the Northeast may be the best tippers in America, according to a survey. Men, Republicans, Northeasterners, Baby boomers, and credit/debit card users tip a median of 20 percent. Women tip an average 16 percent, while Southerners, Democrats, and cash-users, average at 15 percent. “When it comes to generous tipping, Republicans definitely […]

Study: If you follow these 3 steps, you have a 97% chance of reaching the middle class

Millennials may face crushing student loans and a bad job market, but if they follow the “success sequence” — high school degree, full-time work, and marriage before having children– they are more likely to prosper financially. A study from the American Enterprise Institute and Institute for Family Studies found that 97 percent of millennials who followed this sequence […]

Trump’s student loan reform: Lower college costs, more jobs, and less national debt

President Donald Trump has delivered on several campaign promises already, and he plans to help the 44 million Americans holding $1.4 trillion in student loan debt next. Trump’s budget plans to revise income-driven repayment plans to cap monthly payments at 12.5 percent of discretionary income, and forgive undergraduate loans after 15 years and graduate loans after 30 […]

A loss for #FightFor15, a win for workers: St. Louis’ minimum wage to be lowered

While many government leaders ignore the ever-increasing data against a higher minimum wage, one governor fought to save his city from a similar outcome. Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens announced on Friday he will allow a bill to become law forcing cities to adhere to state minimum wage laws. The bill will revert St. Louis’ $10 minimum wage law enacted in […]

28 times more coverage: Networks cover Trump tweets, ignore passage of Kate’s Law

The media’s job is simple: cover news and legislation that will affect consumers’ daily lives and future. Despite the House passing two new immigration laws Thursday, the liberal media chose to cover President Donald Trump’s twitter feed instead. Media Research Center (MRC) found that networks dedicated 28 times more coverage to Trump’s tweets than to the passage of two […]

Two school choice studies made liberals celebrate. Not so fast

Studies from Indiana and Louisiana found that the longer students stay in a private school through a voucher program, the more likely they are to catch up with their old public school classmates. The Louisiana study found that voucher students showed no significant difference in math and English scores after three years. This report shows progress for […]

Not fake news: CNN interviews Elmo about immigration

CNN interviewed Sesame Street character Elmo on Monday about his “wonderful” experience visiting a refugee camp in Jordan, and talked about how the kids were “just like us.” “They like to play and learn just like Elmo and all his friends at Sesame Street,” Elmo said via Facebook Live. “Elmo thinks it’s important to know that […]

It’s not just millennials. Half of Americans spend more than they earn

Millennials are not the only generation struggling to build up savings, according to a new study. The Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) found that 57 percent of American adults are struggling financially, and 43 percent struggle to pay bills and credit card payments. Nearly half said their expenses are equal to or greater than their incomes […]