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Scarlet Fox

Scarlet Fox is Director of Corporate Relations and Chief Analyst for a wealth management and venture capital group. She has a bachelor of science in Intelligence Management and is a certified Health Coach. In her spare time, she is pursuing a masters in Homeland Security and writing a book on temperament and online dating. For updates, follow her on Twitter @ScarletF0x or

Articles From Scarlet

A generational divide: Why millennials and Baby Boomers can’t communicate

Frustratingly dismissed, irritatingly misunderstood, and inefficiently overlooked, Millennials in the workforce are running into communication issues. The dogmatic tactics of Baby Boomers are just not translating. Often perceived as ineffective, how can Millennials deliver their ideas successfully? The relationship between Baby Boomers (1946-1964) and Millennials (1981-2000) is morphing from a dependent status to a professional […]