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Ryan Girdusky

Ryan Girdusky


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Ryan loves books about farming, but has never worked on one and is a staunch supporter of gun rights, but has never shot one.

Ryan James Girdusky is a born and raised New Yorker. He has been politically active since his teens, and worked on many campaigns including Congressman Bob Turner, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and for Liberty for All Super PAC supporting Congressman Thomas Massie.

Articles From Ryan

Martin Shkreli will let you punch him in the face – for a price

(Susan Walsh / AP)

Martin Shkreli may be the most hated man on the internet. The hedge fund manager, who became infamous for raising the price of live saving AIDS and cancer medicine, is now trying to turn pain into profit. In a Twitter post on Monday, Shkreli said that he was offering to raise money for his friend […]

Add Dunkin Donuts to list of things liberals say are “racist”

Associated Press

Social justice warriors have a new target, and it’s breakfast for millions of Americans. Buzzfeed reported on Monday that The Egyptian Dunkin’ Donuts posted an image on Instagram showing two donuts, one with white powder and the other with a chocolate glaze. “If darkness is half beauty, then whiteness is full beauty,” read the Instagram post. […]

We need new debate moderators — not from NYC or DC

(Joe Raedle/Pool via AP)

Lester Holt was supposed to ask questions to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that Americans were talking about at their kitchen table across the country. Instead we got a journalist who spoke more for establishment politicos than for the average citizen. Americans tuning in to watch Clinton and Trump go head-to-head didn’t hear many new policy […]

Media is failing the public by focusing on Adele’s imaginary balls

(Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP, File)

Pop singer Adele closed her string of concerts in New York City on Monday, but not without making some headlines. The songstress made a joke about men spreading their legs open in public places, like the bus, at her third concert on September 22nd. “The last year that I did it (rode the bus), I’d […]

Red Alert’s 2016 ‘Debate Drinking Game’


The first presidential debate is upon us and it’s expected to be the most watched and most negative in American history, so, naturally, millennials need to make a drinking game to endure. Here are the rules, first you don’t need to drink alcohol if you’re against it for a religious or health reason, but it […]

Alt-right LSU professor hurts liberals’ feelings, dismantles campus censorship [VIDEO] – Exclusive

Image via Screenshot

Academia may be considered a liberal bastion full of safe spaces and trigger warnings, but at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, one professor’s dedication to free speech and thought is fighting against political correctness. Professor Benjamin Acosta is in his second year of teaching political science at LSU, and has adopted a totally unorthodox […]

Milo Yiannopoulos dressed in drag: “Fat shaming works” [VIDEO] – Exclusive

Image via Facebook

Milo Yiannopoulos has been called of many things, boring is not one of them. His new college tour, “The Dangerous Faggot 2.0 Tour” is scheduled to hit 44 college campuses and is the greatest show on Earth. Yiannopoulos delivers like no conservative before; part standup, part lecture, and mixed with a little drag makes his speech one […]

Hillary’s lead with millennials shrinks by 66% since August

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

A new poll released on Monday showed that Hillary Clinton hasn’t stopped the bleeding from her support since early in September. Bloomberg Politics reported that Donald Trump now leads Clinton by two points nationally, with Gary Johnson and Jill Stein falling further behind in the polls. The Republican nominee had 43 percent, the Democrat had 41 […]

If you can’t beat him… Ted Cruz endorses Trump

Image via Screenshot

Ted Cruz searched his conscience and it told him to vote for Donald Trump. After spending months attacking the billionaire during the Republican primaries for being a former Democrat with “New York values” and refusing to endorse him during the Republican National Convention, Cruz has announced his plans to vote for Trump. In a Facebook […]

Gary Johnson: Don’t worry about global warming, world is doomed anyway [VIDEO]

Image via Screenshot

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson has taken a lot of heat for his ever changing position on how to combat climate change. Well, he’s flip-flopped again on the issue — claiming it’s the end of the world as we know it and he feels fine. Johnson was speaking at the National Press Club on Thursday and […]

Hillary supporter cries sexism when cop tells her to stop cursing at Trump voters [VIDEO]

Image via Screenshot

Social justice warriors understand the constitution the same way Bill Clinton understood Juanita Broaddrick’s personal boundaries. A Hillary supporting social justice warrior became enraged when a police officer told her that stopping by Trump voters’ houses to curse at them is not what the Founding Fathers meant by freedom of speech. In a viral video […]

Obama had way better celebrities in his ads than Hillary [VIDEO]

Image via Screenshot

Liberals supporting Hillary Clinton are becoming increasingly worried that millennials are not going to vote in this election. A pro-Democrat Super Pac unveiled a new campaign ad on Wednesday entitled “Save The Day” featuring a few big name celebrities including Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, James Franco, and Don Cheadle. In a hopeless effort to win over […]

High school students threatened for dressing up as Trump’s wall

Image via Screenshot

A couple of teenage girls in Palatka, Florida thought it be fun to dress up like Republican nominee Donald Trump and his proposed border wall for their homecoming week, but social justice warriors and liberals were outraged and responded by threatening the pair. According to Orlando News 6, police officers were called to Palatka High School on […]

Why??? Liberals freak that millennials are voting for Johnson

(AP Photo/Scott Morgan, File)

Liberals are beginning to hit the panic button on the 2016 election, fearing that Gary Johnson is siphoning off millennials and Bernie Sanders supporters from Hillary Clinton. ThinkProgress came out with an article calling Johnson’s moderate and liberal positions a myth and claimed he was undeserving of these young voters. The column claims that Johnson is […]

Millennials are wrong: Hillary is more war-prone than Trump

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Millennials are a divided generation; those over 30 remember the world before the war on terror, while younger millennials have a hard time remembering when the nation was not at war. Generation Y is typically anti-war, and these voters gravitate towards candidates who run against a hawkish foreign policy — from Ron Paul to Barack Obama — but 2016 […]

Jill Stein: Hillary is more dangerous than Trump

(AP Photo/Tae-Gyun Kim)

Green Party candidate Jill Stein isn’t giving into the idea that she’s a spoiler candidate. She’d much rather fight for a political revolution that ends binary elections in the U.S., and she isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it. During a Politico Podcast she called the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, “death by […]

Black millennials don’t support Hillary nearly as much as older generations


Red Alert Politics was reporting on Hillary Clinton’s struggle with millennials for months before it became mainstream news, but we may not have emphasized that the Democratic nominee is disliked by all groups of Generation Y — even traditional party loyalists and young black voters. Farai Chideya of FiveThirtyEight reported that thousands of young black voters are willing to defy […]

Shock poll: Trump beating Clinton with millennials in Illinois

(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Hillary Clinton’s inability to attract millennials is causing her to lose ground in swing states — and even safe Democratic states like Illinois. A Loras College Public Opinion Survey released on Monday showed Donald Trump beat Clinton among millennials in Obama’s home state. While the former first lady led the billionaire by 14 percent overall, she lost […]

Poll: Conspiracy theories more believable than Hillary Clinton

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Millennials are more prone to believe in conspiracy theories than older Americans. Blame it on young people’s need to challenge the establishment, or just being on the internet too much. In fact, Gen Y trusts conspiracy theories more than they trust Hillary Clinton. Only 30 percent of millennials find the Democratic nominee to be honest […]

Liberals call Harambe memes ‘racist’… so here are 9 of the best

Image via Twitter

Liberal social justice warriors are upset again. This time, it’s over Harambe memes — because they’re racist and show how Americans are using an African name to mock black people by talking about a gorilla. Apparently. Charles Pulliam-Moore wrote in Fusion on Wednesday that tweets about the deceased gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo are being used […]