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Ryan Girdusky

Ryan Girdusky


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Ryan loves books about farming, but has never worked on one and is a staunch supporter of gun rights, but has never shot one.

Ryan James Girdusky is a born and raised New Yorker. He has been politically active since his teens, and worked on many campaigns including Congressman Bob Turner, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and for Liberty for All Super PAC supporting Congressman Thomas Massie.

Articles From Ryan

Bill Murray crashes the White House, makes press briefings great again [VIDEO]


The White House press corp got the star treatment on Friday when Bill Murray crashed the briefing room. Murray ran to the podium to give a brief rundown of the nation’s most important issue, namely if the Chicago Cubs can win the World Series. “I feel very confident that Clayton Kershaw is a great pitcher, […]

Democrat doesn’t know the difference between Wikipedia and Wikileaks [VIDEO]

(Associated Press)

Poor Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas). She has a habit of on-air mistakes almost every time she opens her mouth in front of a camera. In the past she’s been caught on camera condemning Republicans for not raising the debt ceiling because “Obama’s black,” stated that there was a North and South Vietnam, used testimony from […]

YouTube joins Facebook and Twitter, censors conservative videos


YouTube has joined Facebook and Twitter by becoming the latest social media platform to censor conservative speech. Right-wing radio show host Dennis Prager’s educational videos on YouTube come with a trigger warning sign saying it’s “potentially objectionable” material, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Prager has released 175 videos since 2010 under the Prager U. channel, […]

A love letter to the Clintons’ least favorite Democrat


The 2016 election has been bad for politics. Americans, especially millennials, don’t trust either of the major party’s candidates, the establishment of either party or the mainstream media. Very few politicians rose above the fray and put principles above partisanship; Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) is one of them. Gabbard has become the voice of disenfranchised […]

Bless Lincoln Chafee’s heart: Metric system support cost me the presidency

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Poor Lincoln Chafee — more than a year after his failed bid for the White House, the Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat from the small state of Rhode Island can’t figure out why he failed to gain traction. In an interview with Esquire magazine on October 12th, the former governor finally admitted that his biggest political setback was when […]

Everyone loved Chris Wallace as a moderator — even Gary Johnson

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

People supporting Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and neither can all agree on one thing: Fox News’ Chris Wallace was by far the best debate moderator in this presidential election. More than half the debate came and past and both candidates were forced to stick to the issues that will affect Americans. It wasn’t the he-said, […]

What happens when a woman wears a wedding dress to a Tinder date? [VIDEO]


A lot has been made by millennial hookup culture, Tinder has made sex readily available and delays any need for marriage. Laura Bubble from the U.K. decided to create a social experiment to raise money for cancer research by wearing a wedding dress on Tinder dates. Viewers, who found it funny, were asked to give […]

Dear NY Times: Stop trying to effeminize our sons

(Image via Flickr)

The New York Times is on the forefront in the war on masculinity. The only acceptable men, according to the paper of record, are the polished, politically correct, feminized males who occupy their time apologizing for their gender. Towson University professor Andrew Reiner wrote one of the more mind-numbing New York Times op-eds since they published “27 Ways […]

No, ‘Rock the Vote’: Trump isn’t losing millennials by 50%

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

As this election winds down to the last few weeks, politicos and television personalities have become obsessed with polls. Some have been conducted accurately, some inaccurately — but none have been worse and more far off than the USA Today/Rock the Vote survey of millennial voters. Polls don’t exist in isolation; most serious political analysts […]

Student video: Public school teacher says ‘to be white is to be racist’


Conservatives have long been skeptical about how public schools have indoctrinated children into believing a liberal agenda. Thanks to camera phones, students now have a method to record their teachers and fight back against biased opinions in the classroom. A student in Norman, Oklahoma did just that when her teacher gave an anti-white lesson plan. […]

Future wars will not be televised. They’ll be on Facebook Live with emojis.


The future of war and news for that matter is here, and it won’t be televised — it’ll be on social media. A major world event occurred on Monday; Kurdish forces invaded the ISIS-held city of Mosul in Northern Iraq and live streamed it on social media. The city fell to the Islamic State back […]

24-year old refugee pleads guilty for trying to help ISIS in America

(Bob Levey / AP)

Liberals have smeared Donald Trump supporters as xenophobic for their fear of bringing in too many refugees without properly vetting them. Well, another Iraqi refugee has pleaded guilty on Monday for trying to assist ISIS. Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan came to the U.S. in 2009 from Iraq as a refugee, but it didn’t take long to […]

‘Black Men for Bernie’ leader hosts “All-American Rally for Trump”


Hillary Clinton was counting on Bernie Sanders supporters to join her coalition, but some high-profile activists who supported the Vermont Senator are refusing to follow the former First Lady’s campaign. Bruce Carter, one of the leaders of a group called “Black Men for Bernie Sanders,” organized a diversity rally with white, Asian, Haitians, and Muslim […]

After Amy Schumer makes fun of Trump, hundreds walk out of show [VIDEO]

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

When discussing what’s appropriate in entertainment, liberals love to say ‘if you don’t like something, change the channel.’ That’s just what hundreds of people did to Amy Schumer when she decided to attack Donald Trump during her standup act. Schumer’s routine at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida on Sunday night had her usual jokes […]

Angry old man to undecided voters: ‘You’re stupid’ [VIDEO]


America fell in love with Ken Bone almost from the moment they saw him; he represented something peculiar, sincere, and humorous about politics today. Liberals, however, saw everything that they hate: a white guy who cared about policy and refused to just pick the lesser of two evils, who in their opinion is Hillary Clinton. […]

Police officer’s post about encounter with black teen goes viral


This year has seen far too many stories of police officers shooting young black men. Regardless of whether the cop was in the right or wrong, the situation has created a more hostile national environment, and some law enforcement agents are tired of it. Officer Tim McMillan, who identifies himself as a police officer in Georgia, […]

#ClownLivesMatter cancels march after death threats, #BlackLivesMatter celebrates

(AP Photo/Andres Kudacki, File)

Black Lives Matter activists have no chill. A rally called Clown Lives Matter set to take place in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday was cancelled abruptly last minute because of the organizers received a series of death threats. Clown enthusiasts organized the rally as a reaction to the creepy clown movement that has been terrorizing people across […]

Want a culture that respects women? Turn off The Real Housewives.


When Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tape leaked to the media over a week ago, commentators and public figures took to their moral high ground to denounce the Republican nominee and declare that his presidency would legitimatize the disrespect of women. Yet long before Trump’s comments surfaced, the media already embraced and glorified the disrespecting and mistreatment of women […]

Lil Wayne’s inspiring interaction with a white cop morphed his view on racism [VIDEO]


Rapper Lil’ Wayne received a wave of criticism last month for saying on Skip Bayless’ show “Undisputed” that he didn’t know what racism was and had never experienced it in his life. “God knows I have been nothing but blessed. My whole path, these 33 years have been nothing but a blessing. I have never […]

Petition to let Ken Bone moderate the next presidential debate


Americans are in a tough position; a majority don’t trust the media or either major party’s candidate to tell the truth. The Wikileaks file dump over the last week has shown the mainstream media’s collusion with Hillary Clinton’s campaign and debates have boiled down to an endless series of “he said, she said.” There’s only […]