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Ryan Girdusky

Ryan Girdusky


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Ryan loves books about farming, but has never worked on one and is a staunch supporter of gun rights, but has never shot one.

Ryan James Girdusky is a born and raised New Yorker. He has been politically active since his teens, and worked on many campaigns including Congressman Bob Turner, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and for Liberty for All Super PAC supporting Congressman Thomas Massie.

Articles From Ryan

Meet the pothead for Trump [VIDEO]

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There’s a stereotype that potheads are lazy burnouts who support Bernie Sanders and dream of fighting the system. While most of that might be true, one marijuana enthusiast said that the real rebel fighting the system isn’t the Vermont senator —  it’s Donald Trump. The Swog Blog interviewed potheads and hippies at Hash Bash 2016 where […]

BuzzFeed censors rape victim because of political correctness

(AP Photo/D. Ross Cameron)

Everyone can agree that sexual assault and rape are some of the most traumatic experiences anyone could suffer. Liberals take pride in stating how they’re on the victim’s side — that is, unless it transgresses political correctness. Heather Marlowe was a victim twice when she was raped by a stranger in San Francisco and when […]

Poll: American millennials support Brexit, 37% support Texas secession

(AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

British millennials were overwhelmingly disappointed by the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union, but their American counterparts felt much differently. A Public Policy Polling report released on Thursday showed that a plurality of American millennials supported Brexit over remaining in the EU, 42 percent to 17 percent. Gen Y was the most supportive […]

Poll: Millennials are more pro-gun than you think

(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli,file)

The terrorist attack in Orlando has all Americans divided over issues of gun control and terrorism, but millennials are especially torn over how to react in the aftermath. A Fox News poll released late Wednesday revealed that a majority of millennials believed that carrying a firearm makes Americans safer and had someone at the Pulse nightclub […]

Ben Shapiro destroys Sally Kohn on the myths of institutionalized racism [VIDEO]

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There’s a reason why social justice warriors like CNN’s Sally Kohn demand safe spaces, because their arguments crumble when they come across the inconvenient facts that don’t care about their feelings. Kohn debated conservative Ben Shapiro at Politicon on Sunday in Pasadena, California, and the CNN contributor’s arguments were destroyed when she brought up the […]

Caitlyn Jenner: Trump would be better on women’s issues [VIDEO]

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Glamour Magazine honored Caitlyn Jenner as woman of the year in 2015, so who better to know what candidate is better on women’s issues? In an interview with Stat magazine, Jenner said that Trump would be hands down the better candidate on women’s issues that any current Democrat, including the would be first woman president […]

Report: Gay YouTube star fakes hate crime

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Social justice warriors have a narrative: whites are privileged, men are oppressive, jihadists are peaceful, Western civilization is repulsive, and systematic oppression keeps minorities down. They blame hatred, racism, or homophobia on actions in the same way that a village idiot blames gravity for airplane crashes. When the world doesn’t confirm those beliefs they resort to […]

New poll: 48% of millennials are #NeverHillary

(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Yet another poll shows that the Obama coalition is broken and young people are not moving to Hillary Clinton. A Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday showed Clinton barely leading Donald Trump, 42 percent to 40 percent. If you add Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, the former first lady drops […]

It’s #HeterosexualPrideDay. Liberals are losing their minds.

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Social justice warriors saw that #HeterosexualPrideDay was trending on Twitter and lost their minds. Having absolutely no chill and lacking the ability to realize that they’re being trolled, liberals freaked out at the prospect that straight people were celebrating being straight, saying that they were taking more privilege. Who knew that privilege was a commodity […]

Unlikely allies: Sanders, Trump, and Ron Paul rail against NAFTA

Associated Press

Donald Trump gave a press conference Tuesday where he excoriated Hillary and Bill Clinton’s support for the North American Free Trade Agreement, stating it has created billion-dollar trade imbalances and hurt American workers. Oddly enough, the likely Republican nominee found support from libertarian and socialist icons Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders. In his speech, Trump said that […]

Court rules: Philly school discriminated against whites, $2.3 million in damages

Associated Press

Social justice warriors insist that racism against white people can’t exist because they created the system. However, a Pennsylvania court ruled otherwise. The Philadelphia public school system was forced to pay $2.3 million in damages for discriminating against businesses owned by white people, the Daily Caller reported. Security and Data Technologies, Inc. was hired by the […]

Millennial Bernie supporter confesses: I’m voting for Trump [VIDEO]


A different kind of Trump girl broke the internet on Sunday when Cassandra Fairbanks announced that she voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, but now supports the Republican frontrunner in the general election. And she’s not sorry. Fairbanks posted that she’s been attacked by many people on the left for announcing her support […]

Nigel Farage delivers an epic post-Brexit speech to the EU [VIDEO]

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Nigel Farage will soon be unemployed, after becoming famous for his viral videos where he ranted about the European Union, the leader of UKIP will lose his job when the UK officially leave the EU but not before delivering an epic speech to the members of European Parliament. “Isn’t it funny, you know when I came here 17 […]

Good guys with guns stop shooting in Maine

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Another mass shooting nearly ended the lives of scores of people — but two good guys, armed with legal handguns, stepped in and saved the day. At a Walmart in Augusta, Maine on Sunday, two cars carrying four occupants parked and began to exchange gunfire. When the gunmen ceased fire, one of the suspected shooters exited the automobile […]

Daily Show on abortion: “Celebrate the #SCOTUS ruling! Go knock someone up”

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The Supreme Court ruling on abortion has divided America between those who are pro-life and pro-choice. Thankfully, The Daily Show is here to bring the country together in absolute horror and disgust. Comedy Central’s long running news parody show tweeted that people should celebrate the Supreme Court ruling by impregnating a girl from Texas, so she can […]

23- year-old rapper & peace advocate gunned down in Baltimore

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Anti-gun violence activists who claim that they’re trying to help people in the inner city often get a bad reputation for being too partisan, racial, or self-serving. On Sunday, one of the few bright spots trying to save lives in Baltimore from gun violence without trying to advance his own career was shot and killed. […]

NFL great Herschel Walker: Backing Trump cost me paid speaking gigs

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Supporting Donald Trump comes with risks. For some supporters, that means risking attack at his rallies; for celebrities, it means losing your income. NFL great Herschel Walker, who endorsed the Republican frontrunner and appeared on season two of Celebrity Apprentice, told the gossip website TMZ that several of his paid speaking engagements had been canceled because organizers feared anti-Trump […]

Justin Timberlake apologizes to #BlackLivesMatter for saying “we’re all the same”

Associated Press

Social justice warriors targeted Justin Timberlake for culturally appropriating black music and won. After he initially defended himself and said all humans are the same, he quickly backpedaled and apologized. Timberlake said he was inspired by the actor Jesse Williams’ speech at the BET awards where he went on a social justice warrior rant, attacking “whiteness” […]

7 stupidest things Democrats about gun control during the sit-in

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Democrats’ 24-hour occupation of the House floor demanding for a vote on gun control legislation is over, but not before a series of several elected officials made fools of themselves. Elected officials made claims that rights didn’t matter and that they were better than average citizens, and used hyperbole to claim they would fight on for days. None […]

Thanks liberal media: Trump raised $11 million in 48 hours

. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Donald Trump’s supporters gave the Republican nominee 11 million reasons to smile and it’s all thanks to the liberal media. After nonstop negative coverage about Trump’s measly $1.3 million cash on hand for the presidential race, the billionaire sent out his first fundraising email. Supporters then opened their wallets in droves, reported CNN. The fundraising […]