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Ryan Foley

Ryan Foley is a 2017 graduate of Rhode Island College. He wrote for the school newspaper in both high school and college. He is a native of Elmira, New York and currently resides in Westerly, Rhode Island.

Articles From Ryan

Lauren Southern speech highlights the perils of socialism

Canadian right-wing commentator Lauren Southern gave a speech last week at the University of Minnesota titled “The Problems with Socialism.” She began her speech by pointing out that socialism’s popularity is on the rise in America as shown by a poll showing four in ten Americans would support a socialist system over a capitalist system. […]

Professors start “Campus Antifacist Network,” despite Antifa being labeled domestic terrorists

As college students across the country head back to school, some of them may have the opportunity to join a new protest group created by supporters of the so-called “Resistance.” David Palumbo-Liu and Bill Mullen, professors at Stanford University and Purdue University respectively, have assembled the “Campus Antifascist Network.” The group’s invitation letter pledges to […]

Stock market FOMO: Are millennials finally investing?

While the mainstream media would like you to believe that the world is in utter chaos with Trump at the helm of the free world, there is plenty of good news to talk about, particularly when it comes to the economy. The Dow Jones industrial average crossed the 22,000 milestone this past week. Trading ended […]

So much for liberals opposing fat-shaming: Trump attacked for his weight

For months, the American press and left-wing celebrities have been questioning the President’s fitness for office.  They have previously limited their attacks to his mental health.  Most notably, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski once said that “He’s such a narcissist, it’s possible that he is mentally ill in a way.”  Now, some people have begun to […]

Twitter censors pro-life group again, doesn’t impose restrictions on Planned Parenthood

“I am not a potential human, I am a human with potential.” Controversial? Hardly, but Twitter seems to thinks so. The simple social media post is from the pro-life group Live Action and features an ultrasound of an unborn baby. Appearing on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Live Action’s President and Founder Lila Rose explained […]

High school blocks creation of pro-life club, allows LGBT club

A group of pro-life students, led by senior Liz Castro and junior Grace Schairer, wanted to start a chapter of Students for Life at Parkland High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania, which they would call “Trojans for Life.”   However, their proposal was rejected by the school’s administration because they felt it was too “political” and […]

JFK 100: “Ask not” would be shunned by today’s entitled liberals

Many have written about how this week marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of former President John F. Kennedy. His most memorable quote is, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” How times have changed. President Kennedy’s statement would sound blasphemous to today’s liberals, many of whom […]