Richard Raps

Richard Raps is the Executive Director of the Florida State University College Republicans and was formerly the North Florida Youth for Trump Coordinator, working on the 2016 campaign to energize and activate young activists. Richard was previously the President of the Florida Gulf Coast University College Republicans and a Republican Leadership Initiative Fellow with the Republican Party of Florida.

Articles From Richard

Drudge suggests US government attacked his site: Attkisson explains why

Matt Drudge tweeted from his verified account about DDoS attacks on Drudge Report last night. According to another tweet from Drudge, the attack was coming from thousands of sources, none of which could be traced to Fort Meade, where NSA headquarters is located. Drudge Report tweeted that the attack lasted 90 minutes and was linked to […]

Religious ignorance: Liberals think the RNC called Trump our “New King”

Reince Priebus and Co-Chair Sharon Day released a statement celebrating Christmas. Now, liberals on Twitter are freaking out. They think the GOP compared Donald J. Trump to Jesus Christ — or declared him as America’s new King. Buzzfeed jumped all over the story immediately, even reaching out to Sean Spicer for comment. The part of […]

Montel Williams told me I was “guilty of sedition” for working for Trump

Last week, I took a stroll on the Left side of Twitter, the liberal side of Twitter. I decided to follow Montel Williams. I was a bit shocked to immediately get a response from him, “why, I’m literally curious?” Let’s stop right here. First, I believe in diversity of thought. I don’t always agree with […]

Trump’s flag-burning ban is about reviving America’s patriotism (not about policy)

If President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign theme can be summarized into one word, it’s patriotism. Of all the Democrats and liberals I’ve converted to conservatives over my life, they all had one thing in common – they were patriotic. The Republican Party is the party of patriots, which should be an extremely attractive selling point to […]